10 Bedroom Accessory Ideas

As a private space, a bedroom needs to bestow a balance of serenity and elegance upon the users.
It is also a place to soothe and boost your mind after rush days.
We agree! Well,
One of the most renowned paths to complete the job is by fetching some accessories.
Store-bough or DIY, as long as it fosters a positive atmosphere without costing financial nightmare, you’re good to go. More about that soon, next, I am presenting you with 10-bedroom accessories ideas to enhance your interior décor without wasting tons of money or time. All of these next ideas are DIY friendly, and as always, the list is brought to you by Simphome.

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10. A Colorful Monogram Décor idea for Teens

10.Colorful Monogram for Teens via
Let’s start with A Washi tape project idea, which is also significant to décor children’s rooms or décor birthdays.
Other supplies: You need wooden or cardboard letters and scissors.


Begin from the top, lay a piece of tape across.
Cut the excess and repeat it until you get to the bottom.
You may use other colors, too, if you desire.
Trim them; lay a piece of tape on each side, and Voila!
It is a handy way to get an exquisite finale right.

9. A Simple DIY Hanging Shelf Project Idea

9.Horizontal burkatron diy leather strap shelf via
For the most part, bedroom décor ideas for small rooms need to be both nifty and stylish. In general, you need to get them aptly.
9.Hanging Shelf burkatron diy leather strap shelf

For this project, you need to supply: 2 x 50″ leather straps, a leather hole-punch, length of wood, screw hooks, wall plugs, and a drill.


Make holes at the end of the strap. Ensure it is big enough for the hook. Drill them and then twist in your hooks. Take the straps and hang them. Slide the wood to finish it. You can put books, plants, and trinkets elegantly, plus leave your empty walls nicely—double duty and neat.

8. A Sliced Cake on the Wall Décor Project Idea

8.DIY Sliced Cake on the Wall Finished via
It is a one-off idea to snatch your guess attention. I choose the plan because I love its versatility that the idea leaves in the room.
8.DIY Sliced Cake on the Wall Project Idea via

Prepare wood round, a tape measure, a pencil, a jigsaw, safety glasses, sandpaper, acrylic paint, foam and detail paintbrushes, a paint tray, a clock mechanism, sawtooth picture hanging hardware, and 3m picture hanging strip.

Find the center of the wood round, draw a small wedge lightly.
Cut out the wedge slice and sand any hangouts.
Paint it with white acrylic; add a skin-toned acrylic cautiously to get a sliced yellow cake.
Next, Paint the wedge slice top and the main wood round body.
Add a darker color for the border.
Use acrylic paint to grab multi-colored sprinkles, add the clock and hang it.
Job is Done!
Tip: Use other colors for different tones.

7. How to turn Recycled Chopsticks into beautiful Honeycomb Shelving!

7.DIY Recycled Chopsticks Have Turned into Honeycomb Shelf via
If you love Asian food, this is a fantastic route to salvage your chopsticks. Follow these steps and turn them into shelves or tiles.

Supplies and Instructions:
Count your chopsticks; you need 300 pieces for each tile.
After you have enough, clean and dry them. Next, you need to compress, laminate, and sand them down.
There you are, a modern bedroom décor idea is in your hands.

7.Recycled Chopsticks Have Turned into Honeycomb Shelves via
If you don’t prefer honeycomb, you may go for other shapes. These handmade, fresh, hexagonal (or whatever you desire) wall shelves tiles pose a distinctive beat to any space. Follow the reference to find more intricate detail related to this specific project.

6. A DIY Fish-Scale Pendant Light Project Idea kara fishscale lamp via
I bet this kind of pendant lamps fit any style of bedroom and size as long as the owner had chosen the matching color and picked the right material.

To start the project, you need to prepare
#110 paper, a circle cutter, Rit Dye, paraffin wax, mineral oil, a crockpot, an extra bowl, a white paper lantern, and a glue gun.
6.DIY Kara Fish Scale Pendant Light via

First, create at least 200 circles using your cutter and 110# paper.
Get them into Rit Dye. Set a dual boiler with the extra bowl and crockpot, put the paraffin wax inside.
After it melts, add mineral oil to thin it. After it is dry, lay the circles on the white paper lantern until they cover it. Apply the lighting kit and done.

5. A Floral Headboard Décor Project Idea

5.Floral Headboard Project Idea via
Utilize paper flowers to obtain this dazzling floral headboard product. It fits more with a teenage-style bedroom.

Supplies and Instructions:
You need west elm Morocco headboard, West elm paper flowers, thin artist tape, thin floral wire, and wire snips.
Initially, follow the directions to install a headboard—wrap paper flowers with bendable wire stem through the openings from the front to the back. Secure them with tape.
Next, secure flowers on the branch stem with floral wire, keep them hidden. Take your tape and secure the headboard backside wire.

4. A Bedroom Décor Idea for Men hoop diy man cave ideas
There are particular styles that every person’s bedroom should embrace.
It does not matter whether you are a chic man or a minimalist guy. You need it to make a statement and burst your character.
I am talking about personal charm. Thus, begin with something which pictures you. The rest follows.
Favorite things or hobbies are an excellent point to start. Opt for masculine cave decors, for example, a basketball ring, and a framed cigar wrappers wall art or an office desk with ammo. The list goes on.
Nevertheless, you are free to alter them, just be a little creative.

3. A DIY Dream Catcher Décor Project Idea

3.DIY boho walldecor dream catchertutorial via
Boho style has long been known, producing astonishing interior decor. It is quite simple to follow, actually, like selecting the proper cushion or harmonizing accessories.
Today, let’s craft a dream catcher hanging to compliment your chamber.
First, you need diverse size and color ribbons, yarn, a 10-inch embroidery hoop, lace fabric, hot glue, and scissors.

Split the embroidery hoop rings, gather the yarn and ribbon to make the tassels.
Cut them into strips (1 yard). Join ten pieces of yarn then gather the group in the center.
Create a loop allowing the ends to hang down. Put it on one side of the embroidery hoop, secure the group of yarn. Next, assemble five pieces of varying widths ribbon and repeat the step.
Next, flip the wall hanging, cut a piece of lace fabric based on the embroidery hoop size.
Apply hot glue and secure the lace fabric to the back of the embroidery hoop.
Cut off the excess. Your Job is Done!

2. Intriguing Tree on the Wall Décor Idea

2.Intriguing Tree on the Wall process via
The idea teaches you how to catch a lovely button tree. It uses two 11×14″ canvas. First, pick a focal point and splotch the acrylic paint to begin your painting. Apply it to the sides of the canvas. Take your paintbrush, go around the light spot, and keep it bright.

2.Intriguing Tree on the Wall Done via
Paint a clear-cut tree then add some branches later. Keep their ends nice and thin. Get some butterflies then fold their wings to preserve a 3-D look. Now the major part, buttons! Use a glue gun and stick them. Finish, it’s time to climb the three with your admiration!

Lastly, Number 1. A Circle Chain Mirror Project Idea

1.Circle Chain Mirror Preparation via
Beyond decorative, it will expand the look of your interior, and firstly you need to prepare.

You need to prepare a Round pre-cut 15″ wood circles, Safety cup hooks, Gold hanging chain, Gold spray paint, A 12″ round mirror, epoxy glue, and a drill.

1.Circle Chain Mirror Finished via
Paint your wooden board edges—Mark two spots for the hooks.
Rotate the hooks, so the side that opens facing outward from the mirror.
Glue the mirror and let it set. Cut your chain and attach its ends to the hooks.
Hang your mirror. And you just completed your task.

So, whatever your style or character is, these bedroom accessories ideas would instigate deeper and dreamier rests. They are going to sway your guests, catch a new vibe (I hope), and find me again later for more home improvement ideas that you can take to upgrade your home’s curb appeal.



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