10 Beautiful Bedroom Mural Ideas

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As we all know, the bedroom is a private room that should give you comfort. It’s a place where you’re supposed to have a good rest at night after dealing with whatever stuff that needs to be done that day. Many of us would do anything to craft, to décor, and to upgrade our bedrooms as beautiful and as comfortable as it should be.
Continue with bedroom decorations, in this episode we are going to talk about bedroom wall’s mural.
Mural are beautiful piece of artwork that people take to craft astonishing looking wall for temporarily or permanently and in this list, we are going to talking about 10 of them.
This is 10 beautiful bedroom mural ideas that are worth looking and trying. As usual this list is compiled for you by


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An Amazing Yet Simple Mural Idea

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10. The “Paint Easy” Bedroom Mural Idea

10.Bedroom Mural Ideas Paint Easy via
As a kid, I wanted to help lots of people who are in need just like those heroes. Most kids are fond of superheroes and this first mural painting fits to represent the kids’ imagination. Not to mention it is quite simple enough to duplicate.


You can decide what to sketch first. The city background looks wonderful with heroes’ signals to call them out for a favor. To upgrade it, you can be more creative by adding clouds or the moon over the city or anything you can come up with.
Or you can ask what your kids would like to see on the wall. It could be symbols or signs with their initials so that they can pretend to be superheroes. Just like those signs in the cupboards.

9. A Simple Mural Paint Project Idea

A Simple Mural Paint Project IdeaSimphome
If a simple touch can be just anything you want, this minimalist idea of a floral mural would be perfect one for you. Also, you can choose different colors in order to match your taste. Even, you can create a different pattern if you want.


To begin with, start thinking about what kind of flowers you want to draw. It could be a flower that you might have a good memory of or anything else. Or it could be a flower that becomes a symbol of your town or someplace that will make you keep remembering about your birthplace.
Next, begin to apply a soft sketch on the wall. Decide how big you’re going to draw whether it’s in the middle or on the edges of the wall. Then, finish it by applying the second color. Give good lighting that works together to give the best highlight to the wall.

8. A DIY Abstract Flower Mural Project Idea

8.DIY Abstract Work By
Imaginations are wild and limitless. You can draw anything and there’s nothing that can stop you from creating your signature work. This mural project for instance shows an abstract work that looks simple but still meaningful and extravagant.
Only the painter knows what kind of story or meaning behind the painting he crafted on the wall. A lively color is centered in the middle and it really gives an energetic vibe to the bedroom and takes people’s attention who see it.


To create this artwork you’ll need:
• Paint in different colors such as golden yellow, green, white, dark gray, and deep teal
• A paintbrush, and small paint tray
• Some tapes

7. Hand-painted Bedroom Mural Ideas

7.Hand painted Bedroom Mural Ideas via
If your kids love the camp atmosphere, you can bring it home for them by painting mountains on the wall. The best thing about this idea is that it’s not complicated to replicate. You just need some paint colors and match the surrounding with them.
The teepee tent comes with matching colors to accentuate the mural and that’s turn the image worth noticing. It sets along with matching striped carpet and plain storage cabinet that probably remain untouched since received from the store. Return to the mural, all you need to prepare before the project started are some tapes, ruler, and favorite paints.

6. A Stunning Honey Comb Mural Project Idea

6.Stunning Honey Comb via

Honey bees are known as nature architects as they can create honeycombs with the exact same size although they work together with thousands of bees when building a beehive.
It’s not complicated project to copy, but still, the end results look pretty impressive and pleasing for the eyes. The choice of colors doesn’t feel exaggerating too. If you follow this project, to finish it, you can just add some non-painted furniture or cactus that I think would go along nicely with the mural regardless where you are living.

5. The Stunning DIY Floral Pattern Bedroom Mural Idea

5.DIY Floral Pattern Bedroom Mural Idea via
For you who love to challenge yourself, this delicate floral mural project would be your best bet to measure your creative potential and patient at the same time. This mural project here was done in 3 days. It completely makes sense looking from the detailed painting shown in the picture.
It was definitely worth to try!


First of all, you should find an image of floral mural, and draw it as it is. Here you need to paint the wall with a sharpie on a white wall as the background.
The artist required lots of time and energy to stay focus and to finish the project. And luckily, she had documented her struggle for you to enjoy and get inspired. Check link in reference area to find the video detail.

4. A Bold Geometric Touch Mural Project

4.Bold Geometric Touch via
A geometric touch is all you need to craft a simple decoration on the wall like this. Whether it’s difficult or not, it depends on how many shapes or lines you planned and are going to finish – the more angles you add, the more challenging it becomes.
The room brings joy with the choice of tones, and you can feel a sense of upbeat energy when you let sunlight pierce through the window.

3. The Lovely Branches Mural Project Idea

3.Lovely Branches via
Inspiration can come from everywhere or anything. Some even could be born from a simple shape or line. It is your improvisation that kick it up notch. This project for instance started from only a few colors, some branches, flowers and, oh, there is a couple of birds here and there.
The project is finished with some furniture, matching bedding, comforter and a picture that you can see in the video.

2. A DIY Tape Mural Bedroom Idea

2.DIY Tape Mural Bedroom Idea by
A tape painting is surely a fun activity to do. You can go with an abstract style or you may already have your own pattern ready. Either way, here is some guidance that would teach you how to make one.


Firstly, decide where you’re going to paint. Clean the wall, and tape the wall in order to create some patterns. Apply base color before you go with the main or outer color. And to finish it, Peel the tape once it gets dried.

Lastly number 1. A Floral Removable Wallpaper Idea with Murals

1.Floral Removable Wallpaper Mural via
There are always options you can choose when it comes to decorating the bedroom wall. If you want a simple way to adorn the wall, this removable wallpaper mural project will be your best alternative.
You don’t have to buy some paints and paintbrushes nor paint to embellish your wall. Just your time and little planning. To make sure whether or not your daughter like it, ask her to choose what kind of theme or color she wants.
1.Floral Removable Wallpaper Mural Zoom via


Now you know few sweet options how to decorate your bedroom walls nicely. I hope one of these 10-bedroom mural ideas would improve your bedroom curb appeal later. And until we meet again with new bedroom improvement ideas next week, stay safe.


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