10 Unique Bedroom Molding Ideas

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Just because you have already had your existing bedroom doesn’t mean you cannot redesign it, right? When it comes to interior home design, whether you are crafting a new room or redesigning the existing one, you need a brand-new idea to transform your bedroom into your desired one.
Thus, I come up with following 10 best selected bedroom molding ideas to help you find fresh inspirations on how to have an eye-catching and stylish bedroom. Regardless the size of it. As usual, this list is compiled for you by

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10. Trim the Beam

10.Trim the Beam via
Let’s start by trimming the beam. Look how inviting the bedroom interior is after the owner trimming the beam. The molding plays the role by framing the doorways and the walls’ base and top. It nicely matches the windows, door, and the baseboard. Believe it or not, trimming the beam makes your bedroom would looks more eye-catching too. Furthermore, the white color of the molding adds a sort of elegant look.

9. Vintage Molding with Medallion Project Idea

9.Vintage Molding with Medallion via
If you want to add the luxury look over your bedroom, I offer you a vintage molding project with medallion idea to try. Yeah, for homes with shabby chic design, this molding transformation project would be a favorite. See how the moldings play the space from ceiling to the walls. It’s classic and intriguing. The molding on the ceiling draw the eyes upward and make the space appear to be much larger and grander.

8. Install Board and Batten Wainscoting in your Bedroom

8.Board and Batten Wainscoting in the Bedroom via
Do you want to have a board and batten wainscoting in your bedroom? No wonder! Follow these simple steps in general:


• Start with the plan picturing and materials/tools for preparation.
• After you are done with these two starting steps, continue by removing the baseboard. This way, try not to get the drywall damaged.
• Then you could measure, cut and install the top, bottom and middle rails altogether.
• Once you finished installing the moldings, you will find your bedroom refreshed. It will transform your plain bedroom for view years to come, turn it more appealing, and you can keep your wall free from any wall decoration. Your guesses won’t mind with that.

7. Bold Bedroom with Wall Molding

7.Bold Bedroom with Wall Molding via
Try the bold bedroom with wall molding and get your new elegant bedroom transformation. You know, the monochrome colors add such bold effect to the room space that everybody will amaze and most of the time, installing this kind of molding is merely a breeze. In general, just follow the easy steps below:


• Count how many rectangles across you like. Count your spacing as well.
• Measure your nightstands’ heights.
• Cut the trim into pieces with the same length.
• When you are done with the size-cutting, start installing the molding from the top corners of the ceiling and from the wall, too.
• Line up both the top and the bottom of your rectangle tack one nail in where the mitred edges meet.
• After completing that step, it means that you are going to get to finishing step. So, caulk all the joints and done. Enjoy your new masterpiece.

6. Simple Baseboard Molding

6.Simple Baseboard Molding via

Want to have a simple baseboard molding, worry no more! Here are the four easy steps to follow:


• Find which wall is the longest to cut the scarf joint.
• Cut the corner joint especially the inside part.
• Create outside corners by cutting the miter joints.
• Find whether there are some gaps. If you find some, then you could fill them using the wood filler.

5. DIY Window Trim

5.DIY Window Trim via
You can craft your window trim as one of the best in the neighborhood. This is how you do it.


• Prepare the tools and materials.
• Firstly, you must remove the old stools and apron.
• Secondly, cut and directly install the new stool.
• Third, case the side.
• Forth, case the top.
• Fifth, installing the crown molding.
• Next, install the half round molding.
• Then, work on the apron.
• After that, could sand, fill and caulk.
Last, get the molding painted.
Isn’t it easy steps to follow? To have a beautiful home, you cannot always ask a home designer to upgrade whatever parts of your house. First, it is expensive and you probably don’t get what you wish for.

4. DIY Modern Window Trim Project Idea

4.DIY Modern Window Trim via
Believe it or not, molding with the clear-cut without adding any ornament could make your window more modern and more finished. To craft this DIY modern windrow trim, all you needed things are pine boards sizing 1 x 2 and 1 x 3, wood glue, braid nails 1.5 inch, wood putty, caulk, primer and the white semi-gloss paint. Make sure you make these things ready just before you start doing the modern window trim. For the instruction, follow link inside description area.

3. Closet with Molding Project Idea

3.Closet with Molding via
Have you ever thought to have a closet with molding like this in the picture? It is a popular interior transformation idea and to follow it, first, prepare the DAP plastic wood to fill the small gaps and molding paints to paint the molding. I repeat, simply, fill the tiny gaps of your close with wood filler and your jobs is done. Follow link inside description, if you can’t trust my words.

2. Frame your Light Switch

2.Frame the Light Switch via
In order to have a nice and neat look, you can also frame your light switch with this idea. if this framer decoration is not be available on the market, you can craft it yourself by picking up pieces of moldings and construct it to frame your light switch.
Not only decorative, the product also offers more safety. This is how you get not only the beauty aspect of your craft but also functionality of it.

Lastly number 1. Closet Door with Medallion Molding upgrade

1.Closet Door with Medallion Project Idea via
Now you can also have a closet door with medallion. It is terribly easy to install the medallion. First, make sure you have prepared all materials and tools needed.
Attach the medallion to the door, glue it down. Cut a piece of the door where you will install the medallion. Later, install the medallion well on its place. Finally, enjoy new masterpiece. They are not only upgrading your door but also give it new handles you’ve probably love to brag about.
Final Words
Now that I have shared you the 10 best selected bedroom molding ideas, have you been inspired to pick up one of the ideas and apply it soon? One thing to remember get your tools and materials prepared before the project is started and if necessary, print instruction material that you can find after following link inside description area.


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