10 Small Indoor Garden Ideas

Setting up an indoor garden adds appeal to your home. The options for it are never ending. But it often comes with new challenges when ones must deal with limited free indoor space.
Nevertheless, nurturing indoor plant is a fun hobby. Small indoor garden can bring the best out of the indoor space. For instance, just take a look at these next 10 small indoor garden ideas. It comes with unfamiliar names only small amount of people recognize and as always, the list is presented for you by
Let’s flourish your home with more greenery and let’s start the countdown.

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10. Hanging Terrarium Project Idea

10.Hanging Terrarium Project via

Hanging terrariums can be set up in any place in your home. It is a simple project to follow and instruction. First, you only need succulent, soil or pebbles, rope, and glass sphere. By hanging it, you can have a beautiful garden despite the minute space.
You need to consider whether you want an open terrarium or a sealed one. FYI, Open terrariums are suitable for plants that like dry environment and they require careful and regular watering because of their low humidity.
On the other hand, the sealed one has its own water cycle. The moisture from plants and soil condensed and return to the soil. Therefore, it requires less watering.
Recommended Plants:

You will also need to consider the right plants for your terrarium. Choose small plants which need less maintenance, such as Artillery fern, Aluminum plant, Polka Dot plant, Baby Tears, Croton, and Red-Veined Prayer Plant.

9. Indoor Garden for a Low-Light Room Project Idea

9.Indoor Garden for a Low Light Room inside bedroom via

Having a low – lit bedroom doesn’t mean you can’t have plants in it. Shady bedroom will look enchanted by bringing right ones. Monstera, Colocasia or Philodendron are ideal for a bedroom lacking light, while giving more oxygen to your room. The effect will be dramatic and turn you indoor more exotic.
9.Plant for Indoor Garden for a Low Light Room via
If you decide to add this garden into your low-lit bedroom, here are some tips for you. There are two types of plants to choose – the self heading and the climbing varieties. The self heading is put on the floor or table while the climbing one is often put in a hanging basket. Both types will grow best if you provide warmth, light, and moisture to their need.
Philodendrons grow best on above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. They don’t need much light, but like their environment humid. You can tell whether they get too much light by observing the leaves’ color. When the leaves turn into yellow at the same time, it means the plant received too much light.
They thrive well in rich-but-loose soil. So, it will drain water well but still retain enough nutrition for itself at the same time. Fertilize them regularly to make them healthier and produce larger leaves.

8. Hang Orchid and Succulent on the Floor

8.Hanging Orchid and Succulent on the Floor via

Are you bored with your corridor? This time, try to hang orchids and succulents on your floor. If your corridor is painted white, the contrast between the green plants and white wall would bring new captivating ambiance, making you want to stroll slowly along it.

Although they are easy to maintain, some orchids need extra care to bloom longer. If you put them in pot, water them once in three days or more, but carefully, because overwatering can rot their root. Put them in a mild, warm and humid environment because by doing so, they would bloom longer. Even for a few weeks extra.
When the bloom is over, cut the old flower spike near the base. Then begin routine care to keep them healthy and ready for the next bloom. Fertilize and move them in a low temperature area for a few nights to accelerate their bloom.

7. Small Pebble Garden Under the Stairs Project Idea

7.Small Pebble Garden Under the Stairs via

Under stair can be a good place to craft a new mini garden. It is quite a task to set up everything, but the result is absolutely worth talking about. This mini garden for instance. It looks natural with faux stone tiles on the wall and garden edge. It comes with fountain like flower bed in a corner as a vocal point. And few cute lamps here and there that turn the corner to become new attraction when main lights of the room are turned off. For this garden, suitable plants for them is ZZ plant.
Why ZZ Plants?

FYI, ZZ plants require little water and they can grow in any state of light – low or bright. The leaves have natural shine and they look glossy under minimum light.
If you want a slow growing one, Chinese money plant is a best choice. It thrives in low light environment and doesn’t need much watering too. It maintains a tidy size and it grows slowly.
On the other hand, Philodendron is fast growing one. It offers a glossy and heart shaped leaves that tends to grow into a big plant that could outrun any mini garden space quickly.
Lastly, Chinese Aglaonema is sturdy and happy in any environment. Their leaves have eye catching pattern and if you prefer to add your hand made hanging pots to the scene, climbing type is a best choice.

6. Try Living Wall

6.Try Living Wall in the center via

Vertical gardens can do a double duty in a house with limited space. They can make a great accent wall while providing a jaw-dropping indoor garden to the owner.

6.Try Living Wall with Blue window via


Once you decide where to create a living wall, screw in rows of 2in x 1in treated battens for about 38cm apart to fill the space. Make sure they are straight. Then attach planters by screwing them from the bottom wall.
Next, click and lock the planters into each other and then fill the planters with plants you choose. You can plant them directly to the planter, or place them directly with their pot in case you want to change their arrangement later. You don’t have to fill the entire wall with plants though. Just place enough plants at eye level and start crafting your plant oasis.
If it is your first time project, you can try some of these plants for your living wall : Adiantum (maidenhair fern), Fragaria ‘Mara des Bois’ (strawberry, Galanthus (snowdrop), Liriope muscari (lilyturf), Pachysandra terminalis (Japanese spurge), Pelargonium peltatum (ivy-leaved geranium), Saxifraga x urbium (London pride), Tiarella cordifolia (foam flower), or Vinca minor (lesser periwinkle)

5. Make the Most of the Awkward Space

5.Make the Most of the Awkward Space from IKEA via

Exploiting awkward space between windows as a new vertical garden is uncommon. This garden would look great in minimalist house and placing it near your reading table could turn your reading or working time more enjoyable and healthier.
The advantage of this garden project is you can change the planter arrangement, even change the flower, easily. The storage can act as humidity tray by adding pebbles below the pot and you can repaint it too if you want.
Instruction is pretty simple and straightforward too.
5.Make the Most of the Awkward Space Looking Window via
First, choose flowers that prefer constant light to thrive. Screw storage on the wall for keeping pots. And last, you can plant not only flowers but also herbs or vegetables.

4. Grow Onions Indoor

4.Grow Onions Indoor via

Something from the kitchen can also bring fresh look into your indoor room. The most popular vegetable for indoor gardening is onion. Its decorative and you will have an amply supply of onion greens.

It is quite simple to craft. First, Make some holes in a PET bottle. Fill the bottom with soil. Arrange the onions inside – top facing out the hole. Then fill again with soil. Do it gradually until you reach the top bottom. Cut the green near the base when it grows long enough. It will grow again after a while. Just remember to place it in sunny place and water it regularly.

3. Let Them Climb and Dangle

3.Let Them Climb and Dangle via

This is another way to make a new living wall for your interior. With right plants, you’ll find your back wall is gradually covered by green leaves. Complete with your favorite light bulbs, you’ll have a classic but modern wall garden worth sharing in social media.
The best plants to choose for the project is vines. Vines has natural instinct to latch into their surrounding and it can grow the way they want. Let them be themselves, keep them hydrated, groom them if necessary and continue with…

Number 2. Indoor Bamboo Garden Project Idea

2.Indoor Bamboo Garden By

Growing bamboo could be a new centerpiece for your home’s interior and it improves your privacy too.
However, bamboo needs tender care because it tends to stress in indoor environment. It needs plenty of water but can’t stay in soggy soil. Therefore, a good drainage system is essential for their survival. Make sure your draining soil able to hold moisture.
2.Indoor Bamboo Garden Picture via
Best Plants:

For this reason, mix your soil using loam, perlite, and compost, or use a standard potting soil. Make sure the top of the root ball is above the level to prevent them from rotting.
Return to watering the bamboo. So, before watering the bamboo, make sure that 2 to 3 inch of the upper ground is dry. Once the bamboo has established, prune the branches regularly to make it grow vertical.

Lastly number 1. Indoor Zen Garden Project Idea

1.Indoor Zen Garden Looking Outside via

Zen garden focus on rocks as its element. The design produces a Harmony of balance between rock, water, or plants and the project itself is quite easy to start and complete. First, start with different sized rocks, which are arranged naturally, and then covered them with moss. Make it look well balance and groomed. Use two or three kind of plants as a center point. Add some fern protruding between the rocks. Continue adding stone lamp and small water basin to gives more Japanese feeling and you’re good to go.
1.Indoor Zen Garden 2 Images via
So, which of this idea that captivate your interest the most? Choose your favorite and share your story if possible. Whichever you choose, you can always mix and match plants according to your environment and taste. Most of these projects are easy DIY project and family-friendly. And until we meet again later with new videos, Happy gardening!


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