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12 Alternative Clothes Storage Ideas

Cleaning your wardrobe is a chore that takes a lot of time and effort. To help you get started, we have put together this post on some alternative clothes storage ideas. These ideas would give you a new perspective on cleaning your wardrobe and healthily using the space. Some of these ideas might be easier for some people than others, but the best advice we can give is to use what you have as often as possible to avoid buying more clothes.

Sometimes you promise yourself that you will not add any more clothes to the closet. Still, you could not resist buying those cute dresses you came across in the department store, could you? In the end, you just cram them untidily in the closet because you do not have enough space.
Keeping all the clothes you have in your closet without decluttering them is a classic problem. If you do not want to donate or sell them, consider these 12 alternative clothes storage ideas.
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12 Alternative clothes storage Ideas
12 Alternative clothes storage Poster

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12. Use a corner rack

You have a small bedroom and an overloaded closet. Now, that is a real bummer. You might think you need to invest in another wardrobe or dresser. However, it is not the best solution since it will take up more valuable space. So, what should you do? It is easy! You just need to make use of the corner.

Every corner counts when you deal with a small bedroom. Instead of cramming your new clothes in your closet, which might damage them, try investing in a corner rack like this one.
It is a perfect solution because it does not gobble up any floor space. Besides, it can use the most awkward spot – the corner. Its distinctive design makes it a perfect addition to your minimalist bedroom. It features a continuous steel loop affixed to the wall diagonally. Then, you can hang your clothes over the wooden rod.

11. Get New Space Saving Hangers for $15

An effective way to optimize your closet is by adding more rods. If it is not possible, you can invest in some space-saving hangers like this one.
This hanger is solid and durable because it is made of hardened stainless steel. More importantly, it can hang more clothes without letting them slip, thanks to the wavy slots that hold each item in place well.

This hanger can hold 12 clothes if you hang it horizontally. Surprisingly, you can also hang it vertically, allowing more storage space on the main rod. Just imagine how much space you can save and how many items you can store in your closet. Isn’t it amazing?

Additional details relevant to the idea:

  1. Use a shoe organizer to make small items visible
    If you have many small items, such as jewelry, belts, and scarves, keeping them can get disorganized. It is straightforward for you to misplace them if they are not in the right place. One way to solve this problem is by using a shoe organizer that can hold these items well. The slots will also allow these accessories to be easily accessible when you need them.
  2. Invest in a folding clothes rack
    Clothes can help store your clothes in an orderly manner. The best part is that you can fold it away when it is not in use, so the door of your closet will still be able to close correctly.
  3. Use the space under the drawers
    You may not want to use this storage space for your clothes because it is not as convenient as changing them. However, you may be surprised that you can still hang some things on the rods under your drawers. You can save up to 2 feet of floor space for other items in your closet if you do this.

10. A DIY industrial coat rack Idea

If the minimalist look is not your thing, maybe you want to try something rustic like this rack. It will add a touch of industrial style to your bedroom instantly. More importantly, you can make it yourself.

First, you need to get some pipes and spray paint them to create a more rustic look. Next, assemble them together and attach them to the wall. Do not forget to make sure the flanges that you will use to hold the board are level.
After that, get the board and place it on top of the flanges. Secure it in place using screws. If you want to create a more rustic look, sand and stain the board beforehand. Finally, add some S hooks to hang your clothes.

Additional details you need to know:

  • No 1. You can repeat these steps to create multiple hooks or, for example, make one large coat rack.
  • No 2. When you are spraying the pipes, you can use a primer first to even out the color.
  • No 3. If you want to create the board, you can choose any material, for example, wood board or corkboard, that is lightweight and easy to mount on the flanges.
  • No 4. You can use galvanized pipes or pipes painted white to create the hook.
  • No 5. S hooks are very inexpensive and easy to find.
  • No 6. You can get several pipe flanges at your local hardware store, for example, Home Depot.
  • No 7. If you want to repeat this tutorial, you can pick any of your favorite photographs of your favorite place and arrange the images accordingly on the board using image editing software like Photoshop by using basic shapes like squares and rectangles.
  • No 8. The hooks can be mounted on the walls or the ceiling with simple drywall hooks if desired.
  • No 9. Another great DIY idea for the coat rack is to create a soft wall using a corkboard. You can use these cork boards by taping them on the wall.

9. Take another pipe and then Treat your awkward space like a pro by Ba.Pla

Sleeping in the attic is not always atrocious. The good thing is you can enjoy the beautiful scenery from above. If you have a roof window, you can even stare at the stars while lying on your bed.
Unfortunately, an attic room tends to be small, resulting in a lack of storage space. Sometimes it does not allow you to add a closet or dresser to it due to the limited space.

If that is your problem, do not worry. You can always use this alternative clothes storage idea. This one is another fruitful idea using pipes. You just need to mount a wooden board to the wall to make a shelf. Use L-brackets to make it sturdier. Then, assemble some pipes and fittings so that they form an L-shape. You can also attach another pipe to the vertical piece so that you have more rods to hang your clothes.

8. Folded your garment differently by Makelifesimpler

Everybody loves to wear jeans. Who doesn’t? However, the worst thing comes when you have to store them. They tend to be stiff and heavy. They will be bulky when you try to fold them, which takes up more space in your closet.
Maybe you need to try some other ways to fold your jeans so that they keep nice and tidy without conquering your closet. First, begin with laying your jeans on a flat surface. Then, take the bottom hems of both openings and bring each of them halfway up, meeting the upper thigh portion of the jeans.
After that, fold both sides up again so that they meet the waistband.

Finally, simply fold the left side on top of the right side.
The second way is to fold your jeans in half. Then, tuck the crotch inside and fold the waistband so that it conceals the crotch. Bring one of the legs opening up to the folded waistband.
Next, fold the other opening up until it meets the waistband. Then, bring the folded waistband on top of the folded leg portion. After that, take the remaining leg opening on top and tuck it to secure the folding.

7. The relevant hidden compartment idea by Davidolundell

When you look at this nightstand, you might think that it is just an ordinary – or even a boring – piece of furniture. You can find it easily in a furniture store. However, you need to take a look at it closer so that it can surprise you with what it can do.
This small nightstand features a lot of hidden compartments that you can use to organize different kinds of things. When you pull out the drawer, you will see some space to stash away your books and magazines, which is obvious.

Then, lift the drawer upwards a bit, and you will see a smaller compartment underneath it.
Surprisingly, you can slide the tabletop, too. When you unlock the bottom of it, you will find another hidden compartment dropping down. That is not the end of the surprise. You will also see another compartment at the back of the nightstand.
Unfortunately, you might not find this nightstand in furniture stores. If you want it so badly, you can try to make it. It may be hard, though. You will need advanced carpentry skills and a lot of drawer slides. Still, it is not an impossible mission.

6. The Simple DIY tidy tights Idea

Is your closet so messy that you cannot find any space for your tights? Well, it seems you have to think out of the box.
Now, grab some wooden clothespins and glue them down on your closet door or the side of your closet. Finally, you can use them to hold your tights. It’s easy, isn’t it?

More details:
No 1. After gluing down the clothespins, you can hang your tights.
No 2. You can also use old shells or toys as decorations for the clothespins.
No 3. You can create more than one set of clothespins so that you can use them to hold different kinds of things. For example, if you prefer your socks to be neatly hanging in your closet, you can glue some clothespins on the wall above your dresser so that they are ready to put them in their place.
No 4. You need to use strong wood or plastic to be durable for a long time since they will be hanging above the closet door all day long.
No 5. If you prefer, you can glue the clothespins to the closet door to not be visible when your clothes are hanging above.
No 6. Do not forget to add some crafts and decorations so that they look more cozy and stylish.

5. The small bedroom redesigning wisdom by Krish

Sometimes alternative clothes storage is not always about making new racks or shelves. It can be as straightforward as doing some tricks to make your small bedroom look bigger.
You can try painting one wall a solid color to create a feature wall. Install cool white LED lamps behind the headboard and the ceiling to provide soothing light. Most importantly, do not overcrowd your bedroom with furniture. You only need to keep some essentials.
Or if your bedroom is smaller than that on the Krish video, then take the inspiration from Lessandra.

This tiny bedroom works well because of the innovative layout. If yours is as tiny as this one, try shoving your twin-sized bed against the wall opposite the door. It would be excellent if it were a day bed with storage. Then, you can make a floating desk that you can also use as a nightstand. Always remember to stick to white or other neutral colors.

More details relevant to the ideas:

  • No 1. If you are remodeling your room, try painting one wall in a solid color. It will create a focal point and make the room look larger. I would paint this wall cream or white or any other neutral color.
  • No 2. The lamps will help you read comfortably in bed at night, especially since the wall is painted black. Do not overcrowd your bedroom with furniture. You can use the space underneath the bed for storage too.
  • No 3. It looks like their office area is built-in, but it’s probably just a table with attached shelves on either side to double as nightstands/desks/storage areas.
  • No 4. It looks like it has a floating shelf with an attached desk area. If yours doesn’t, you can always make it like the one in the picture.
  • No 5. You can use it as a nightstand or a hidden storage unit for stuff you don’t want to put out every day. Try going for a contrast color if possible to keep it from looking too plain. Try going for a contrast color if possible to keep it from looking too plain.
  • No 7. Paint your walls white or cream or any other neutral tone that will make the space look larger and more open.
  • No 8. You can either go for a day bed in the corner or a full-size bed with its storage area underneath.
  • No 9. The flash of this picture makes it look like it’s a part of the white wall, but it’s just an ordinary deck with storage underneath.
  • No 10. A lovely nightstand with storage underneath can look decorative when sitting on it in bed, but the top of the nightstand also doubles as a desk when you want to use your laptop.
  • No 11. If yours is a small bedroom or a loft, you can’t use a floating shelf with a desk area underneath because your headboard will reach up to the ceiling, and you won’t have space for your bed. But, you can still do it with a small daybed that has its storage under it. Or just get yourself an ordinary desk that has storage underneath too.
  • No 12. You can also paint one side of your room contrasting colors to make the space look wider.

4. A Gas pipe storage solution Idea

This rack is another worth-trying project for those who want to incorporate additional storage space while carving out the rustic style. It is so simple that it will not take up much of your valuable time.

First, you need to gather some galvanized pipes, fittings, and boards. Begin with installing floor flanges so that you can build the rack from the bottom. Then, install the pipes and the boards that you have drilled and stained.
Continue assembling the pieces all the way up. Finally, secure the rack by installing two floor-flanges to the wall.

More instructions and details you need to know:

  • No 1. You need to find out the size of your closet before you jump to any conclusion and start working on the new clothes storage ideas. It knows how much space you have for stacking and hanging clothes.
    Use a carpenter’s square to figure out the area of your closet, which includes both height and width. You can use a calculator to determine the square footage that you want. Then, you can go shopping right away because you will display all the materials you need before your eyes once you get to the home improvement store.
  • No 2. As for galvanized pipes, they usually come in different lengths and diameters so that they fit perfectly into other spaces without filling too much or too little space in your closet.
  • No 3. You can run the piping either horizontally or vertically. The most important thing is to ensure that you check for any obstructions, such as water pipes and wires, before beginning your project.
  • No 4. You can hang clothes on the pipe racks no matter what type of cabinet they are made of. However, there are some things to take note of. For example, if your closet is made with solid wood, the piping will never interfere with its shelves and doors in any way.
  • No 5. If you can afford it, you should use holes and screws in the pipe and fittings to help them hold firmly on different surfaces in your closet space.
  • No 6. Also, you can attach the pipes to different surfaces in your room by measuring them in metric and reading the instructions printed on the package. Aside from that, simply use power drills or electric screw guns to install the brackets needed in each pipe to attach to the wall.
  • No 7. You should be aware of rusting pipes by purchasing galvanized ones without letting them deteriorate out before installing them for use.
  • No 8. Finally, make sure you get all of your hardware together before you do anything else because accessories like brackets and pressure meters will be necessary for installation.

3. A Simple Hanging copper pipe clothing rack DIY

This rack will complete the look of your mid-century modern bedroom. Besides, it is easy to make. You just need to grab some copper pipes, two elbow fittings, and two-floor flanges that you will attach to the ceiling.

Details instructions:

  1. Cut two copper pipes, then place them back-to-back.
  2. Use an angle grinder to cut the pipe’s end into a 90-degree angle.
  3. Attach the elbow fittings and flanges, then fix them on the pipes with screws and Nuts. Screw the right fittings first, then screw the left fittings onto it after so that you can adjust its height and angle according to your need.
  4. Attach the copper pipes to your bedroom ceiling with cable ties so that it can hang clothes from it instead of putting them on clothes hangers that take more space.
  5. Fix some hooks on the pipe to hang accessories.
  6. Fill the closet with clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  7. Hang your wardrobe organizer on the wall using nails or screws, then start using it to store your clothes.

2. Redo your closet the Goshflower do

To make your closet looks more organized, you do not need to buy a new dresser or shelves. Sometimes you just need to declutter and optimize what you already have. You can shove the shelves in the corner so that you have more space for hanging clothes. Besides, a fresh look can result in a good mood.

Basically, to copy the idea, you’ll only need to:
1. Remove the shelves
2. Add a hanging rod
3. Hang the clothes using the rod

Lastly, Number 1. Convince yourself to try a murphy bed if you haven’t done it already ~ Inspiring ideas by Xicara Davi Zinha and Jen Selter

Have you ever tried a murphy bed? If you haven’t, go give it a try. It is a smart way to add more invisible storage under your bed.
You can find this murphy bed easily in a furniture store. If you want to challenge your carpentry skills, you can make one from scratch.

Second idea,

Similarly, this idea would allow you to store your shoes without cramping the space with another cabinet. The basic idea is to have a new lever that will connect your mattress with the bed frame. The mechanism is effortless. A simple lever with a simple installation will work perfectly. Then, just secure the pivot in place using some bolt, nut, and wires.

In conclusion:

Getting your clothes more organized does not have to be a big deal. Simple hacks can make a big difference. Simple ideas are always the best ones.
If you happen to have a small closet, do not worry! These 12 alternative clothes storage ideas will offer you brilliant solutions for your problem. You just need to look around your bedroom, find some potential spots, the list video, and try to implement these storage solutions.

Another project you can also experiment with before leaving the post is

1. Put up baskets to store clothes, shoes, and accessories
2. Make an armoire out of plywood or old furniture
3. Buy a dresser with built-in closet space
4. Hang clothing on hangers
5. Install hooks for hanging clothes
6. Use shelves instead of drawers to store clothes, sheets, towels, etc.
7. Use cardboard boxes to store out-of-season clothing items or keep them in your bedroom closet where they are easier to access
8. Use baskets to separate clothing items or store them in the closet
9. Coat hangers are suitable for storing thick dresses, etc.
10. Use wall units to organize clothing, shoes, and accessories
11. Make a custom armoire or hamper to store clothes and accessories
12. Organize the closet with customized organization systems like this one (fully customizable)


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