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10 DIY Shoe Rack Project and Storage Ideas

A clean and tidy house has more value than a big but messy house. Who would love to live in a home that can’t handle scattered shoes and slippers all over the place?
The organization is a challenge of common family owners and the more family members you have, the more storage challenges you’ll have to handle.
In the list and video, specifically, we are going to discuss some of the most popular footwear organization troubles and the solutions. Solutions that can hold almost all footwears in your house when done correctly and how to initiate it. This is 10 DIY shoe rack projects and storage ideas by Simphome. Continue with the link inside the reference to know more.

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10. The PVC Pipe Shoe Rack Idea

This first idea requires a tiny amount of time and money. It’s a simple PVC pipe shoe rack that you can retouch with your creativity and imagination to go for another unique shape.
For starters, decide what type of material you would like to use and the size of the PVC itself. It should be wide enough to host your shoes.
First, cut the pipe to the decided length and glue them together. Second, you would need L brackets and bolts. Next, give some of the cuts an L bracket after you drill them in advance. Then, mount it on the wall.
You can paint it the color of your choice to make it look more appealing. If you opt for this finishing step, you had better do it before assembling the pieces.

9. The Shoe Peg Organization Idea

Organizing things isn’t that easy if you don’t know how to start and finish them. Shoes are one of the items that are prone to be scattered behind the doors. This hack organization would help you tidy them up effectively by simply installing some pegs with your trusty drill and nails.
After you finish the quick and cheap solutions, then diligently hang your shoes there. One thing, ensure that you give space for each line of the pegs so that they won’t overlap each other.
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8. The Inexpensive Shoe Rack Idea

Another life hack and solution you can consider to get a tidier shoe collection is this triangle-shaped shoe rack. You can use recycled wood, plywood, even cardboard.

The latter one fits for a small space owner, average joe, and is also lightweight.
In short, Choose cardboard that is thick enough to hold your footwear, draw your plan, and cut it. Fold the pieces in a triangle shape and tape the end and the joined part. Put a piece of long cardboard on each level and glue them. As simple as that!

7. The Shoe Cubby Shelf Idea

Look at this gigantic shoe storage! This one would be just right for a family with lots of shoe collections. Previously, it was a post office mail that was retired and repurposed. It contains 35 adjustable cubby shoe boxes that fit kids’ shoes and adults.
This idea is DIY friendly and you can repurpose old wood plank or new plywood and you can start it with the measurement you can find in the Simphome source link.
After that, adjust it according to your needs and you are good to go

6. The Clever Shoe Rack Idea

Who would have thought that you could make such a brilliant shoe holder from drum sticks? It looks fabulous in its original color, too.
To make this shoe holder, you need to drill holes in a long wood board. Glue and install those sticks in them. This shoe rack will fit in with a small room as it only holds some pairs of shoes.

5. The Skateboard Shoe Rack Idea

If you have many broken or unused skateboards at home, but you don’t want to throw them away, you can turn them into new shoe racks for your collection.
First, mark the wall with a chalkboard and then create holes.
After that, install L brackets and put the skateboards.
Finally, secure them with bolts. It’s a pretty simple and quick solution.
Besides, it can also work as your new open shelves.
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4. The Hexagonal Shoe Rack Idea

What pops into your mind when you look at this hexagonal rack? You might soon remember about the beehive, don’t you?
To start the project, you will only need to collect some boards and wood glue. It also requires you to cut the pieces at a certain angle to create ideal hexagons.
Although the design isn’t too intricate,  it would make a brand new and charming shoe rack that you can elaborate on later after you bored with your own customization.

3. The Classic Shoe Rack Idea

The Classic never goes wrong. This shoe rack, for example, is a simple and replicate-able storage idea that you can take to declutter the mess in your home. Because although shoes don’t leave a stain on the floor, seeing them pile in the doorway is still giving you and your guests an eyesore.

For the idea to be truly beneficial, you will need:
• 6 pieces of 1.5″x1.5″ wood strips cut to 9″ each
• 4 pieces of 1.5″x1.5″ wood strips cut to 20″ each
• 15 metal rods
• A drill
• A sanding block
• A wood stain or paint
Assemble the cuts. You will have two small ladders. Then, drill holes in which you will insert the metal roles. To finish, you can either stain or paint it with any color you like.

2. The Modern Shoe Rack Idea

If you are into modern vibes, you might want to bring this idea into your life. As you can see from the image, this shoe rack model isn’t too complicated to reproduce.
Even with traditional tools, you won’t find stressful problems in making and finishing them. The number of shelves you craft will depend on how many pairs of shoes you have or how wide space you have in your room or the customization style you desire.

First, determine the width between each shelf by measuring how high your shoes are. If you want, to modify it, you can add some greeneries or succulents. Alternatively, you can use a string light.
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Lastly, Number 1. The Ladder Shoe Rack

The last shoe storage project is among the simplest and if you don’t have a large shoe collection, you can fill the empty display area with your indoor plants.

To copy and complete the project, all you have to prepare is a ladder and basic woodworking. Next, your action plan is as simple as putting a piece of wood to connect two wooden ladders.
To screw or glue them is a choice. If you think you will never move it to a new place later, then you don’t have to do it. Otherwise, you can put it somewhere in the room or around the corner where nobody bumps into it and make your shoes fall.
So, These 10 DIY shoe rack projects and storage ideas are mostly simple and relatively affordable. Most of these projects will turn your space charmer without making you broke and you can tweak it to another level with your own preference and customization if you desire. So, have you decided on your first idea that you are going to experiment with?
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