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12 DIY Projects for Better Wardrobe Organizations

Whether it’s sorting on a sliding shelf, hanging items from hooks, or using a decorative curtain rod to keep things off the floor, these projects are easy for anyone to do at home

When you enter your bedroom, everything looks clean and tidy. Now, let’s take a look at your wardrobe. What can you see there? Yes! You can find a lot of clothes mixed up and unorganized. What an eyesore! But don’t worry! We have brilliant solutions for you.
Meet our 12 DIY projects for better wardrobe organization. These ideas will help you keep the clutter at bay without costing you the earth. So, let’s get started! And as always, follow the Simphome source link to find more detail.

12 DIY Project For Better Wardrobe Organizations Poster via Simphome
12 DIY Project For Better Wardrobe Organizations Poster

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12. Get the unique, Beautiful IKEA Built-In Hack a try

You don’t need to make your wardrobe from scratch. Recreating an IKEA hack project can help you create the closet you want.

To make this wardrobe, you will need an IKEA Pax wardrobe, IKEA Komplement Organizers, baseboard, crown molding, ring doorknockers, and hardwood boards.

  • Begin with assembling the frames and doors.
  • If your ceiling is high, you need to make some boxes and place them on top of the Pax wardrobe. The additional storage has to be the same width as the frames to make it look like a built-in project.
  • Once you have nailed the boxes, you can build a frame that wraps around both sides of the wardrobe. Make sure that it closes any gap between the wardrobe and the wall.
  • Next, paint the frame the same color as the wardrobe and the wall.
  • Finish it off with baseboards and crown molding. Finally, add the ring doorknockers.

11. DIY Closet Organizer | The Built-In Storage Idea

You wish you had more closet space.
Think again! Is it really necessary? The truth is you can still have an organized closet despite the small space you have.

  • To renew the look, you have to remove everything in the closet, including the baseboards and carpet. This way, you can paint the walls to get a fresh look.
  • Next, you need to create the closet base by cutting 2×4 boards and screwing them to the wall.
  • After that, cut plywood to length to make the frame.
  • Sand the pieces down and paint them white to match the trim.
  • Then, attach them to the wall.
  • Once the frame is ready, add the shelving and drawers.
  • Do not forget to install drawer rails so that you can slide them easily.
  • To make the drawers look chic, you can add trim to the front. This way, they will look like shaker cabinets.
  • After that, install drawer pulls to complete the contemporary vibes.

10. DIY Trellis Clothes Racks

Do you not have more space to hang your clothes? Try this stylish trellis rack. Don’t worry! You can make it easily in a few hours, even if you are a complete novice. You just need to get some strip wood and wood glue.

Once you have assembled the strips, lean the trellis against a wall in your bedroom. You can also add some S hooks to hang your accessories. It’s just a piece of cake, isn’t it?

9. Adopt New Wardrobe Optimization from This DIY Product

Add the touch of an industrial look with this DIY open closet system. To make this shelving, you will need some hardwood boards, galvanized pipes, 90-degree elbow, tee fitting, floor flange, and casters.

  • First, you need to sand the boards down to make the staining or painting process easier.
  • You can either drill holes in some boards to make the shelving or leave them that way.
    If you prefer to go with the latter, you will need more flanges to connect one shelf with another.
  • Consider adding four flanges upside down on the bottom shelf. This way, you will get a level surface.
  • Once the shelves are ready, you can begin to make the drawers.
  • Install four casters onto each drawer at the bottom so that you can get them easily.
  • Adding a rolling ladder may be a good idea as it enables you to get easy access to the top shelf.

8. Add Cubes for More Storage

Expand the storage in your closet by adding a dresser to it. Even better, you can place one or two 6-cube organizers depending on the available space you have. Then, get a 2’x4′ aspen board, and cut it into 11 “x11″ pieces. After that, drill a hole at the top of each piece with a 1” Forstner bit.
Next, paint each piece the colors of your choice. Then, attach them to soft storage bins. Now, you’ve got your DIY drawers.

7. Take This DIY Walk-in Closet Plans to Action

This one is another industrial style that you can incorporate into your sleeping space. While the previous one is tacked down to the floor, this shelving unit offers you flexibility.
Instead of grounding the shelving to the floor with Flange fittings, you can just use the combination of 90-degree elbow fitting and flange fitting to secure it to the wall. This way, you can add or remove shelves more easily.

You might be wondering how to remove or add some shelves without tearing the shelving apart. It is easy. You just need to remove the 90-degree elbow at the bottom, and then you can either add or remove a shelf.

6. The Scandinavian Corner Open Wardrobe

If you sleep in a tiny room, you will always try to use every nook and cranny. To make your space more functional, try making an open closet system. You can make it by cutting some round wooden boards to size so that they can fit in snugly with the corner. Drill holes in each of them so that the pipes can go through them.

Next, get an adjustable curved shower rod and install it to the pipes to hang some clothes. Finally, add some hooks to host your purses or accessories.

5. Build Adult Version of This Montessori Wardrobe Cabinet

Why do you have to cram a lot of furniture in your small bedroom if you can just make a multipurpose one?
This wardrobe cabinet will save a lot of space. Just imagine it! You can have bookshelves and a wardrobe at once. You just need some boards, screws, wooden rods, and some creativity.

Next, you will need to make a frame with boards as dividers. After that, add a shelf to one side of the bookshelf. Install wooden rods to hold the books in place.
Later, you need to make some shelves and install a wooden rod to hang your clothes on the other side. Finally, consider investing in wicker baskets or soft storage bins to stash your socks and underwear away.

4. Complete Your Wardrobe with Hidden Jewellery Storage

Accessories like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings can make you look gorgeous. However, they are usually prone to clutter. If you stash them away in a jewelry box or a drawer, it will be hard for you to find what you want. Therefore, you should give this storage idea a try.
The idea is simple. You use the space behind the mirror to hang your jewelry. For this reason, you will need hinges that turn the mirror into a door and some hooks to hold necklaces and bracelets.

3. Reorganize Your Chaotic Wardrobe with The Open Concept

An open closet system is your greatest bet when it comes to a minute bedroom. You do not have to invest in a big, bulky wardrobe or cabinets. Instead, you will just have to purchase a dresser to store your folded clothes.
To maximize the storage space, try installing a shelf right under the ceiling.
You can use it to store less-used items like seasonal outfits.
To make it sturdier, you can install some L brackets for extra support.
Finally, install a wooden rod so that you can hang your dresses and coats.

2. Build Your First Capsule Wardrobe Rack If You Haven’t Done It Already

Why do you have to swim through more than 50 items to get ready for a date? It will take up your valuable time and make you stressed. Even worse, you do it every day when you are preparing for work.
If that is the issue, you should probably try a capsule wardrobe. Yep! You heard it right. So, what kind of wardrobe thingy is it?
A capsule wardrobe is like a “mini wardrobe” consisting of the items that you love.
You will spend some time planning what you are going to wear for a certain period of time.
It can be a month, two months, or even a season.
The ultimate goal of a capsule wardrobe is to assist you in using your time efficiently.

Doesn’t it sound great?
First off, you need to take out everything in your closet.
And then, select and keep 33 or 40 items that you like and are likely to wear.

Lastly, number 1. Experiment This Wall Mounted Hanger and Organizer Idea to Improve Your Wardrobe Organization

The piano coat rack is not only helpful but also chic. More importantly, you can DIY it.
There will be two types of pieces – the stationary ones and the moveable ones.

  • Therefore, you need to get two plywood boards and then cut them into sections.
  • The static parts will be 2″ while the moveable ones will be 1″.
  • After that, cut 45-degree angles on both ends of the moveable pieces.
  • Next, drill each strip for the dowel rod.
  • Finally, assemble the pieces.

Now, you know how to organize your closet well without wasting your money and time. These 12 DIY projects for better wardrobe organization will help you end the clutter issue in your bedroom.

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