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10 Very Small Bedroom Layout and Storage Solutions

A tiny bedroom is challenging, and more than dozens of people have to deal with this situation 24/7. However, the following list will offer you a new perspective on how to look up the challenges.

Every day, new ideas are popping up for us to help us improve our homes. One of these is designing a tiny bedroom. For many, this means living with a lot less space as an alternative to staying at a hotel or finding more real estate in your current home. It also means creating unique layouts and design options that other larger bedrooms cannot provide.

Alternative ideas on how to deal with a very small bedroom layout:

  • Re-utilize your limited bedroom space by creating built-in furniture and closets.
  • Hang some of your clothing around the room to save floor space.
  • Don’t overlook your dressers as a way to store extra clothing and linens.
  • Utilize every inch of floor space you can, even creating a makeshift closet in a hallway or laundry room.
  • Create an office or work area in your bedroom for convenience, adding storage as needed. Or opt for a new fold bed to utilize your wall area.
  • Consider your basement or garage for additional storage space or working room to have a cleaner sleeping area.
  • Hang up items you don’t regularly wear to save floor space, such as formal clothes.
  • Consider staying within the same theme throughout your bedroom decorating scheme.
  • Make use of vertical space by adding wall-mounted storage components and hanging items from the ceiling.
  • Use bed risers to help with under-bed storage.
  • Add a small desk or side table to create additional work or sitting areas in the room.
  • Create a small pantry for snacks and household necessities; you can place this in a closet, corner, or at the foot of the bed.

Your bedroom should be a place where you feel relaxed at home. But not all of us are fortunate enough to have a spacious room to rest in every night, and sometimes it can be almost impossible to fit everything you need into a small space.

The good news is that you can make even the smallest bedroom feel splendid without compromising your needs if you apply the right layout and storage. To help, we’ve come up with the following 10 very small bedroom layout and storage solutions for creating the best possible layout for whatever your needs are.

As usual, Simphome® presents you with the list.

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List Entries:

10. A King-sized Bedroom Layout initiative

This layout is superb for those who prioritize a large, comfortable bed. By placing the bed under a window, you can still have space for wardrobe doors.

In a small space, you have to ensure your bed doesn’t get in the way of the door, so check again if you have enough space on all sides of the bed to get in and out easily, especially if you’re a couple. For storage, place the dressing table on the wall closest to the wardrobe. You can also choose a bench at the end of the bed.

9. Limit your stress by lower the noise

Having a cramped bedroom is sometimes stressful. Therefore, you need to make everything comfortable in the best way possible, especially letting up the noise. To do that, you need to focus on the NSEW layout.

Following the above rule, you can place your bed in the corner with no headboard. This way, you will get one free side, which can be used as a desk or dressing table.

The other best way to avoid noise while sleeping at night is by placing the bed and the TV set on two opposite walls. If you do it that way, you won’t hear anyone’s voice or sound if the volume is low enough. Also, it will be easier for you and your lover to get up to watch TV before going to bed. Both of you will have better sleep as a result.

Eventually, you should pay attention to space efficiency and soundproofing when putting together a bedroom. Place your bed against a wall or your study desk near the door. Doing so will make noise more likely to disrupt your peace. Before moving your design plan or furniture, assess where they’ll be located to avoid noise.

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Related improvements:

  • For storing clothes, it is suggested that you should place them on the floor or hang them up. While for other belongings like CDs, equipment, etc., it would be more rational to put them on the floor because they take up less space than after putting them on the shelf.
  • One person with a full bed can also build a more flexible bedroom space by putting the bed in the corner against a single wall. This lets the large open cupboard and the desk function as a nightstand and gives more storage space.
  • Even if you have the choice to float the full bed, placing the bed in the corner against the wall is a great use for one person. Then you can use the opposite wall to place a desk, a cupboard, or anything that fits in your small room.
  • Never miss out on storage space
    Finding space to store things can be a problem in small rooms. To avoid that, try fitting a storage unit between the bed and the dressing table. This way, you can hide away all your belongings without worrying about cluttering up the room too much. This way, you will have a lot of space for both of your main furniture units: bed and dresser/dressing table!

8. A small bedroom with a Queen Size Bed, How to deal with it?

Queen beds are the perfect size for many small bedrooms. There are big enough to look fancy but not overpowering. This layout offers ample space to place the bed parallel to a wardrobe or decorative shelf.

In this layout, a small side table and a mini makeup dresser flank a bed. Depending on the size of your space, you might need to choose a smaller dresser, or you can go with a floating shelf as a nightstand. Use the farthest corner for a small table for a more functional space. Add area rugs for more comfort if needed.

7. The Two Twin Beds inside a small bedroom

Two twin beds can produce a cozy atmosphere in a small space in a guest or children’s room. In this layout, the two beds lean against each other with a small table in the middle.

Place each twin bed on the same wall. Leave room only on one side to enter and place a table or cupboard between the two. Additionally, depending on the size of your room, you may add an area rug between the beds. It offers the perfect extra play space, especially for your little’s room.

When organizing a room with two twin beds, the essential point is not to clutter the space with too much furniture.

Other alternative ideas to manage two twin beds inside a small bedroom:

  1. Place one at the center of the room and leave one side free.
  2. Place them along the wall. For example, choose twin beds that stick out instead of a single bed if you want to use two corner sides. It allows more space inside your bedroom and storage space under each bed.
  3. Place one in the center with a cupboard on the opposite wall. Besides that, you can place a floating shelf to store some items under the bed.
  4. You can use this layout for the children’s room. In this case, you may add a desk or study table between two beds and leave enough space for your children to play or study comfortably.
  5. In this case, some drawers are added below the bed, allowing enough storage space and more surface area to put decorative items like flowers or picture frames.
  6. Use two twin beds for two girls. This layout is suitable for a girls’ bedroom since it enhances the room’s coziness and provides more storage space below each bed.
  7. You can choose to place the two twin beds directly side by side on a wall. This layout can also work when you have a small hallway with one of either end left open. You may choose to put one in front of the door, leave one free at the back, and add some area rugs between them.
  8. Place one twin bed at the center of the room and leave one side free. If you have a small room, you can leave only one side free and use that for storage shelves for extra storage space.
  9. When two bunk beds are used to place in a small bedroom as a single unit. You need to install two hooks above each bunk bed so it can be properly suspended under the ceiling. Another option is to place a desk or table close to the wall on that side.
  10. You can also use one of those alternative ideas above when you have tall ceilings and want the bed at a lower level than most rooms.

6. How to manage a Lofted Bed in a small bedroom

The perfect loft bed for college students or those of you with twins, this layout presents a bunk bed on a table for a loft view. This not only allows for additional floor space but also keeps wall space open for more storage or less reading area.

While people usually arrange this specific layout with twin beds, you can choose a full loft bed which will offer more space in the desk area. Place chairs and tables under the loft bed for reading, study, or even work for those who work from home.

Other lofted bed management ideas you can try:

  • Place any shelves at the head of a bed above a headboard. You can use it to store books, blankets, or even some decorative items and add light from the top. This idea also uses vertical space if you have tall ceilings in your bedroom and opens up floor space for more walking paths to and from your bed.
  • Use hanging curtains on either side of the bed (like curtains behind or in front).
  • Hang artwork, shelves, or wall shelves on either side of the bed and use them for display. This adds light to the room and creates a pleasant atmosphere.

5. Hang a Rail

Having a small bedroom makes it more difficult for you to organize and keep your clothes neat and wrinkle-free. Since cabinets need too much space, why don’t you try to make your own simple rails?

Open storage is becoming popular nowadays. You may not have the floor space for a self-contained clothes rail that people often use as an option for a big cabinet in a small

Thus, you need to consider hanging rails because they don’t need the ground to stand.
Hang one from your ceiling to make some hanging closet space that wasn’t there before. Hanging it over your dresser is even better because clutter is the enemy of small spaces.

4. How to manage a Bookshelf around the bed inside a small bedroom

A bookshelf behind or at the end of your bed offers additional storage without taking up a lot of space.

A few extra inches at the head or foot of your bed will not give you too many headaches. On the contrary, it can be a solution where you need additional storage but can’t free up wall space for the bookshelf to lean on.

Storage on the headboard can be a valuable substitute for a bedside table if you don’t have the space, or if you feel your storage solution needs to be more involved, put a full bookcase behind your bed. The bottom shelf will be harder to reach. However, it makes it perfect for seasonal storage if you’re looking for a place to hide sheets and winter clothes.

Other ideas on how to manage a Bookshelf around the bed inside a small bedroom:

4.1. Choose the ideal location for your shelves
You’ll need a space at least 6″ wide and 14″ back from the wall to accommodate the width of your shelf. A closet is another useful place for dark boxes. In fact, you may even want one hung over each door in your bedroom.

4.2. Hang the shelves from within a closet or chest of drawers
A hanging bookcase mounted inside your bedroom closet can provide extra storage space where you need it most – over an existing bookcase – without taking up valuable floor space or blocking off a doorway.

4.3. Add a shelf to your chest of drawers or dresser
Not only can this save space and provide extra storage, but you can also integrate a permanent solution into an existing piece of furniture.

4.4. Add a hanging bookcase inside your closet by mounting it over built-in shelving
With the right small space and the right shelving, you could get creative with your clothes storage. Modern closets have plenty of space for shelves with just the right height and width to fit over them with just the right spacing to make a hanging bookcase.

4.5. Use the space above your waist height bed storage
If you have a loft bed, you will probably find enough space between your mattress and the ceiling to fit in a couple of long shelves to store books.

3. Trick your Bedside Space different way

While lockers with press machines and drawers do offer extra storage, people often avoid them, as a minimalist bedside table provides the illusion of more storage. However, you have free space under the table and no drawers to store your bedside items. What is the solution?

Take up space under your bedside table if you can, then add a cute storage box or basket. It will still look less awkward and more modern than a solid drawer, and if you opt for a pretty storage basket, you’ll earn style points for your room too.

2. Trick your Closet Door for more storage potential

With this over-the-door storage system positioned towards the wardrobe interior, you can create a storage solution that is accessible without making an over-the-top appearance in your room.

You can opt between the basket styles or this mesh shelf design to store your accessories or items. This idea works well in your bedroom and other home parts, mainly if you have limited space.

Other tricks to tweak your closet door for more storage options:

  • Start the utilization by measuring your door
  • Measure and mark where you want to drill or screw
  • Order the door organizer for your door
  • Then, install and use it!

Lastly, number 1. Jewelry Storage Rack

Don’t you hate it when your necklaces, rings, and bracelets get tangled? It must be yes. Even if you carefully place them in your jewelry boxes or hang them on latticework, they always find a way to wrap around each other, right?

You’ve probably never tried using an accessories rack like this to store your pretty accessories collections. What makes it more impressive is that it comes in various sizes, so you can get one that fits your jewelry collection.
Simply hang this on the back of your closet door or lean against the wall above your vanity.


So we hope we these ideas, you find more confident dealing with the fact that you have to sleep inside a very small bedroom for at least months to come. All in all, these are only a few ideas that you can expand yourself on after doing some experiments and errors. Care to follow relevant content under the same category, and good luck!



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