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Home Improvement Tips For Better Natural Light Distribution

Natural lighting is one of the most important factors when constructing your home and it is beneficial because of numerous things. Firstly, a well-lit house will give you an impression of a more comfortable and cozy environment, and it is healthier and warmer in comparison with homes that do not receive enough natural lighting. Light combined with some other designing tricks such as the color of the walls can make your space appear more comfortable and fresher, so light is not beneficial for your well-being, but for your space as well. Thus, here are some home improvements you can make so that you can receive more natural light.

Roof Blinds

Have you ever considered getting a glass roof? Well, this may not be a good idea if you live in a snowy area, but why not? There are several technologies that enable this concept; for example, have a look at Finland and Iceland. They install glass roofs with the purpose to receive more light during the polar day season and to see Aurora Borealis appear in the sky during the polar nights season. If you think that too much light might be a problem, you can solve this by simply installing roof blinds that will give you all control over the light that comes to your home. These blinds will not only control the amount of light going in but will help you maintain an optimal temperature in your home. Having glass walls and roofs in the specific parts of your home can be great for the days when you feel down, and we all know that light does wonders when we feel anxious.

Orientation and Interior Distribution

When buying or constructing your home, or even while designing, one of the most important things to consider is home orientation. It is important for your home to receive enough natural light and south-facing homes are usually the ones that get loads of light. Big windows and furniture not blocking the source of light will let enough light enter your home. Additionally, interior distribution plays an important role and makes sure that rooms such as the living room and kitchen are oriented towards the sun-exposed side.

Do not Cover Light Sources With Furniture

The physical position of the furniture can quite influence the light distribution in your home and therefore make sure that your furniture does not cover the sources of light. By bearing this in mind, make sure that none of your bulky pieces of furniture are placed in front of the windows and it is a much better option to position them near walls. Additionally, it is recommended not to overload your space and avoid exclusively dark colors, this will consequently make your space darker even though all the sources of light are available.

Bright Colors

Choose the colors that will enhance the light. It is common sense that white is the color that makes the space appear wider and that it reflects most of the light and that the scale decreases with some darker colors. So, if you are living in some smaller places or places with a limited amount of natural light, it is the best option to choose some brighter colors for your place decoration. You can use them on walls, ceilings, window frames, furniture, or some other decorations. However, this does not mean that you cannot use some darker colors. These colors are on the other hand perfect for some bigger spaces. Regardless of the choice, the most important part is to make the right color combination and that combination elevates the entire space.

Large Windows

Normally, the greater the windows, the more light will come in. One of the options is to expand already existing windows, or if you are in the process of construction, to build larger ones. This is of course the task for constructors, and there is a whole bunch of modern solutions regarding windows that will make space appear bigger and more exposed to the natural light.


Mirrors are an excellent option because they can multiply and reflect light, and if placed correctly in front of a source of natural light, they can disperse and reflect it to other areas. Mirrors are an amazing way to elevate the aesthetic appearance of your space and are more practical.

There are a couple of amazing hacks you can employ in order to make your space illuminated with natural light. Besides normal constructing procedures, such as bigger windows, there are some other simple tricks such as brighter colors in the room and mirrors.

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