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10 Small Kitchen Interior Improvements

If you are lucky enough to have a small kitchen, we are sure it does not feel like the most luxurious space. The room constraints do not allow you to incorporate much storage, so you have to cram everything on any counter space. You might start by adding additional storage solutions like floating shelves which will help with the clutter. When that is under control, it is time for interest! Check out these ten limited kitchen interior styling ideas for lots of inspiration

The most common problem you probably encounter in a small kitchen is clutter. The constraints of room do not allow you to incorporate much storage. Therefore, you tend to cram everything on any counter space.

You can overcome this problem by building additional storage solutions like floating shelves. Then, once the clutter is under control, it is time for you to add some sort of interest to it with these 10 small kitchen interior improvements. Care to visit the following list to find the first and second parts of the title. So, let’s check them out. As always, you’ll need a Simphome link inside the description to collect more information and other essential details.

10 Small Kitchen Interior Improvement
10 Small Kitchen Interior Improvement Poster

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10. Make a bit of a Statement using a backsplash

Installing a backsplash is essential because it can cover and protect the wall from splash, grease, and stain. Besides, it can add a bit of style to your kitchen since it comes to various materials, textures, colors, shapes, and sizes to meet your requirements.

However, a full backsplash might overwhelm a compact kitchen. Therefore, consider installing the backsplash on a quarter of the wall’s portion. That way, you can make an appealing statement while still protecting the wall from stains.

This small kitchen, for example, shows an interesting contrast between the white wall and the monochromatic backsplash. It is a brilliant way to steal focus while creating a striking look.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. You can also install a backsplash on the ceiling. The dining table is perfect for highlighting the most valuable items in your kitchen, like your food.
  • No 2. The backsplash is not just for glass. You can also install it in tile or stone to create an even more dramatic look.
  • No 3. You can pair this kitchen with wooden cabinets if you want to keep the theme simple but elegant.
  • No 4. You can’t install 5-inch thick tile on a quarter-wall countertop unless you remove an entire wall panel.
  • No 5. 4-inch nails cannot pass through a 3/4″ board – it is thicker – if you want to nail through them, use 2-inch nails.
    No 6. The backsplash does not always have to cover the entire wall. For example, you can apply it to the lower 24″ portion of the wall to create a contrast with the white countertop.
  • No 7. Your backsplash is only as good as its grout. Therefore, make sure that you clean and seal it regularly for the best results.
  • No 8. If you want your backsplash to be more impactful, use tiling materials for 4-5 inch spaces, just like this kitchen uses stone tiles for that purpose.
  • No 9. A backsplash can be a great way to make a bold statement or celebrate a unique design style. However, since it will cover the wall, make sure that your choice works with your overall space design.
  • No 10. Generate a Sense of Warmth with the Lighting
    Lighting is an essential aspect of a small kitchen since you need it to brighten the room and make it feel spacious. However, you might be overwhelmed by too many choices in this matter, then fail to find just what you want.

9. Bring in More Interest with Colors and Shapes

When it comes to small spaces, many designers would advise you to paint the entire walls white. This color tends to make a small room appear bigger, airier, and more open. However, some people are not into the super hygienic look that makes it feel like a hospital.

Well, if an all-white kitchen is not your cup of tea, you can always add some pops of colors to make it more appealing and dynamic.
This kitchen, for example, has taken this idea to the next level by incorporating a distinctive cabinet. The clean lines and curves combined with various blue hues add a bit of a futuristic look. You can also find a red door pull that makes a bold statement among the blues.

Besides bright blues, attractive pastel colors like the pink backsplash and the mint ceiling also brighten up the space. This epic combination will surely boost your mood when cooking.

Other Relevant details:

No 1. Start with a clear and open plan
No 2. Use a neutral color palette and add pops of colors
No 3. Use the same tone on the cabinetry and other furniture
No 4. Focus on geometric shapes and patterns while using colors
No 5. Incorporate mirrors and curved cabinetry
No 6. Incorporate ceiling lights in the kitchen
Why We Like It: A simple yet chic design that’s pleasing to the eye.
No 7. Add white cabinets with different shades of wood tones
No 8. Use black-stained cabinets with metallic gold handles
No 9. Incorporate natural stone countertops for a more attractive look
No 10. Add fabric-covered shelving

8. Show Some Art

Just because the kitchen is not visible to your guests, it does not mean it is supposed to be dull. In fact, it deserves some touch of art.

Hanging your favorite painting or photograph in a kitchen is a terrific idea. You are not doing it for other people. You are doing it for yourself because you are likely to spend hours cooking and doing the dishes in the kitchen. Thus, you deserve something pretty.
Displaying art is not always about hanging a picture on the wall. You can also place a sculpture or a whimsical vase on the countertop or wall-mounted shelf.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. If you want to add a touch of art in your small kitchen but do not know where to start, start looking for a sculpture. There are plenty of excellent examples in this list.
    How to Choose the Right One? The first step would be considering your style and taste. You can also check the materials used in making it first.
  • No 2. If you are creative, you can also make one yourself. This step takes great patience and practice, but the beauty is that you will be the only one to enjoy it.
  • No 3. You may also consider purchasing ready-made or DIY kits at your favorite store for decorating kitchen pieces.
  • No 4. If you need something more permanent and cannot make it yourself, simply go to your local art museum, which may have numerous sculptures to choose from.
  • No 5. Above all, choose a piece that fits or complements your kitchen theme. If you want your kitchen to be comfy and pleasant for cooking and hanging out with the family, go for a fun sculpture like an artichoke bowl.
  • No 6. A nice touch is to frame the art piece, serving as an accessory to the kitchen design.
  • No 7. When choosing the right size or shape for hanging on your wall, pay attention that it complements your elements or presents a unified look of your kitchen.
  • No 8. You can also choose a template for drawing the artwork placement on your wall if you are not confident about creating something yourself.
  • No 9. If the painting or photograph is already framed, make sure it fits right on the wall. You can also choose to get it customized for your kitchen.
  • No 10. Lighting up the artwork is also a good idea to avoid dull and flat looks and add interest to your small kitchen.

7. Display the Dishes in Floating Cubes

The idea of swapping bulky cabinets for slimmer wall-mounted shelves is a common thing that you can apply to your petite kitchen. Still, have you ever tried to hang cubes in your kitchen rather than some wooden boards? If you have not, you should give it a try.

As you can see, this kitchen features a lot of cubes in various sizes instead of some wooden boards mounted to the wall. This design offers not only ample storage but also visual appeal.
You can also copy this look by making some boxes in various sizes. If you are reluctant to build them from scratch, try to get some wooden crates. Then, sand the boxes. After that, paint them the same color as the wall to make them look united.

A Closer look

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. Tip: Organize Utensils and other Small Items
    To replace open shelving for this storage idea, create a cabinet to fit under the oven. In this small space, stock items such as dry goods, baking supplies, dish towels, and rags.
  • No 2. Tip: Decorate with Fresh Flowers
    Don’t forget to display your favorite flowers. If you have small plates, use them to hold the flowers in place.
    The kitchen is one of the most stressful rooms in the house. With too little space to cook, organize, and eat, it can get overwhelming for anyone.
    ~ Still tired of chaotic kitchens?
    Then follow these tips on how to style your small kitchen.
    And for this reason, you need to make sure that your storage solutions are handy and stylish at the same time.
    ~ Those flowers, such as camellias, have an excellent color of pink and white, which can add some vibrancy to your kitchen.
    Lastly, you can display the flowers of fresh flowers on your kitchen table or your countertop.
  • No 3. Tip: Expand the Kitchen with a Bar Cart
    A bar cart is a perfect solution for small kitchens. It allows you to expand storage and add extra workspace.
    This small kitchen features a bar cart in white and blue details with a wire basket and an array of colorful glass bottles on the top.
    This option can save you some space because you do not need to add more cabinets or shelves.
    However, the bar cart is still functional due to the adjustable stand to store larger items underneath it. You can get one for your home by shopping through Amazon or checking out local flea markets or second-hand stores.
  • No 4. Tip: Add a Minimalist Cabinet
    This kitchen does not have a lot of storage, but it still looks organized due to the metal-trimmed cabinet. You can use this minimalistic cabinet to store dishes and pans.
    And because it is essential for every kitchen, you should keep your spices in a place that is easy to reach, should the need arise.
  • No 5. Tip: Create an Accent Wall
    If you have a lot of appliances in your small kitchen, you can use an accent wall to provide some visual space. This kitchen uses bold stripes to frame the cooktop and refrigerator while bringing in stainless steel appliances.
  • No 6. Tip: Add Storage with Sliding Shelves
    To do this, you need to install a sliding shelf along the wall to store small appliances. Also, if you have some cabinets above your stove, you can use this solution to store items that are not commonly used.
  • No 7. Tip: Open Shelving for Dishes
    Open shelving is the best option for many small kitchens because it offers enough storage space without taking up too much room. You can also display your favorite dishes or cookbooks so that everyone can see them off the countertops.
  • No 8. Tip: Use a Wall Magazine Rack
    If you want some extra storage and some style, you can add a wall magazine rack. This kitchen uses the shelves of the floating cabinets to display books. Meanwhile, the lower shelves are used to store kitchen utensils and small appliances such as blenders or juicers. Also, You can use the racks on either side of the window for newspapers and magazines to display your favorite kitchenware.
  • No 9. Tip: Add an Under-Cabinet Drawer
    If you have some space under your upper cabinets, you can use it to store items. This kitchen features a pull-out drawer that allows homeowners to keep coffee mugs, utensils, or dry goods. You can have one installed by hiring a cabinet company.
  • No 10. Tip: Add Shelves above the Sink
    If you lack space under your upper cabinets, try adding shelves above the sink instead. This alternative is not only functional but also offers a place to display some favorite dishes.
    In conclusion, if you have a small kitchen, you may not add bulky furniture and cabinets in there. Still, you can use these small kitchen styling ideas to organize and style your small kitchen without breaking the bank.

6. Incorporate Plants for Positive Vibes

Plants are always your go-to decorative elements for any room in your house, including the kitchen. They not only provide good air circulation but also make your cooking space look more intriguing.
You can find many houseplants that will be suitable for your kitchen. The first option will be English ivy, as it is renowned for reducing indoor air pollutants.

The White wines, Some Cute plants, and Your Future Kitchen 👍

If you are looking for an unfussy plant, try the aluminum plant. You can also incorporate a spider plant into the kitchen if you want to get rid of odor, pollutants, and fumes.
Instead of displaying decorative houseplants, you can opt for herbs. They are not only beautiful and refreshing, but they are also functional. It is always great to have fresh spices within your reach, right?

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. Incorporate Trellis Shaped Shelf for Cheerful Atmosphere
    A house can have nearly anything, but a kitchen can have nothing.
    The reason is that the kitchen is tiny, and the space there is rarely big enough to display anything significant. So, a countertop is all you have for decorative purposes.
    Well, you can do a lot with a countertop plus some simple ingenuity to create an entertaining atmosphere for your cooking area.
  • No 2. Incorporate Potted Topiaries for Inspiration
    Topiaries are a trendy decoration in garden centers and at home.
    Since ancient Greece, they have been known when old-time people used them to conceal the errant branches of trees that grew too high for other tree trunks.
    Creating pots of topiaries on your kitchen countertop is another way to make the most of kitchen shelves, even if you don’t know anything about gardening.
    All you need to do is maintain the plants regularly.
  • No 3. Add Colorful Trellis Panels for A Practical Artistic Touch
    The kitchen maybe a little too dark and dreary for your taste.
    So, you want to add some color.
    Or maybe, you just need a change from indigos and greys that have been trending for decades now.
    You can achieve both of these by just adding some colorful panels to the walls of your kitchen.
    These trellis panels will lend a pop of color to your kitchen and make a bold artistic statement with their uniqueness.
  • No 4. Incorporate Colorful Sinks and Faucets for A Refreshing Touch of Style
    It can be hard to get excited about a sink and a faucet.
    However, the two items deserve to be styled more than any other thing in your kitchen.
    They not only perform an important role, but they also consume a reasonable amount of time of your life every day. So, they deserve some special attention from you in terms of style or decoration.
    Using a colorful kitchen sink and faucet will make your kitchen look more lively.
    Before you go on, here are the different options you can consider for this slight improvement.
  • No 5. Incorporate Floating Shelf for Creative Deco
    If you are not comfortable with the clutter growing out of control in your kitchen, then it’s time to get creative about the storage solution. You can hide some cabinets by making some floating shelves on the wall above them. In addition, you can add a clear glass shelf to show off some of your favorite decorations and tools.
  • No 6. Incorporate Produce Organizer for Bulk Storage Solutions
    If you don’t like the way your kitchen looks, then it’s time to fix it right away. Start by taking out the things that clutter up the space and replacing them with more practical storage options like a vented shelf or a magnetic bar to organize ingredients and utensils.
  • No 7. Incorporate Media Storage for Music and Movie Lovers
    For music lovers, you can use this media storage unit to store your CDs and vinyl records. This choice is an excellent option as it will look stylish and provide you with more space to display your favorite items. The best part is that you don’t have to move anything into or out of it.
  • No 8. Incorporate A Wall Clock for Traditional Style
    If your kitchen is too small, you can try to add a wall clock in there. Of course, it will make the room less cluttered, and you will have a good view of the time at all times. If you are not comfortable with this idea because you are afraid people will think it’s too much of a clutter, we would suggest starting with decorative clocks instead. A microwave clock may be the best option for you.
  • No 9. Incorporate Curtain Closers for Space-Efficient Storage
    If you have many small items in your kitchen, you need to look for ways to maximize the space. You can opt for curtain closers because all you have to do is install them on the sidewalls of your countertop. Then, you can choose pretty decorative curtains to match your kitchen’s décor.
  • No 10. Incorporate Vertical Racks for Quality Storage
    The kitchen pantry is a significant part of any home as it is the one space where food items are stored. It’s a place where people can store snack foods, condiments, and other daily necessities. However, if your kitchen pantry is overcrowded with all of those items that you don’t need to use more often, then it’s time to get a vertical rack.

5. The Multipurpose Countertop

A small kitchen does not allow you to have a breakfast nook due to the limited space. It does not mean you can give up hope of bantering over the dining table during mealtime. You can try investing in this multipurpose countertop to make this idea tangible.

This countertop works much harder than it is supposed to do. It is a perfect room divider separating the living room from the kitchen. It also has an extended countertop that offers ample space to prepare the meal and enjoy it at the same time.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. A small kitchen requires a lot of storage space. You do not need a lot of stuff on your countertops. So, you can invest in some saucepans to store the food items on the upper shelf while you prepare the food on the lower shelf. You can also arrange some breakfast mugs or wine glasses on this countertop to add some interest to it.
  • No 2. Investing in some butcher block islands would be your best choice to complete this project. You can also use tile or wood slab for this idea. You can transfer the foodstuff to the upper shelf and leave the clean stuff on the lower shelf when you are done cooking.
  • No 3. After preparing some food, you can bring out your favorite wine glasses on top of the countertop. You can also choose to decorate with some plants or jewelry items on it as well.
  • No 4. If you do not have the space for an island, you can build one on top of your cabinets. Make sure it is large enough to prepare the meal on it. When you are done with the food preparation, just slide everything back into the cabinets to occupy less storage space.
  • No 5. You can put something heavy on top of this countertop, like some wine bottles or tools to act as a weight to stabilize this structure more using gravity.
  • No 6. The new Rack installation for More Storage options
    We all love to hang stuff like the pots, pans, and kitchen tools on the wall over the kitchen. The space is limited over the kitchen, so it is natural to hang them one above another. However, consider getting a storage rack instead if you find this process too time-consuming or running out of space over your countertops.
  • No 7. If you are one of the people who dislike the idea of playing around with stacks of plates and cups, then you can also try this option. You can hang them on the wall over your kitchen. Or, you can put them one by one in a hanger to save some space.
  • No 8. If your kitchen runs out of space for small kitchen styling ideas, then you can stack your food storage containers on top of each other.
  • No 9. If you are looking for an alternative way to store some of your kitchen tools, you can try installing this utensil hanger.
  • No 10. Putting your utensils on this holder is an ideal way to save some space. You do not have to sacrifice the aesthetic look of your kitchen by using ugly-looking utensil hangers with an exposed wireframe.

4. Grab the Attention with Light Fixture

Lighting will always be your priority because it helps you see things better by illuminating the space and making the room look more mesmerizing. Therefore, choosing a light fixture fastidiously can have a significant impact on your kitchen.

Try hanging beautiful chandeliers over your breakfast nook to add a romantic ambiance. Symmetrical copper or wrought iron sconces flanking the window by the kitchen sink will infuse both modern and traditional looks.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. Start with a Blank Slate:
    The best place to start in a small kitchen is with a blank slate,” explains Dawn Cook of Cook Works in New York. “Chose something that enhances the space for no other reason than its beauty and potential.”
    As such, Dawn advises choosing a fixture that complements the décor aesthetic of your space, like an open-backed chandelier with metal or glasswork. If you adore animal prints, go for a green glass lamp.
  • No 2. Go for Quality instead of Quantity:
    You can solve the problem of lighting with the help of one (or a maximum of two) quality light fixtures rather than multiple smaller lights. Besides, even if you can’t afford to buy a higher-end fixture, you could get a custom piece made just for you.
    A local artisan may have the skill to repurpose an existing fixture from another room in your house to fit the needs of your kitchen design plan.
    Alternatively, you can upload photos of your outdoor or indoor lighting plan to sites that offer custom light fixture work, like Lightify or Shades of Light.
    Although not free, these professional services can enhance the lighting in your kitchen by creating unique fixtures exclusively for you.
  • No 3. Add some Functionality:
    Speaking of uniqueness, go for LED lights if you want to add functionality to your kitchen lighting.
    These lights can save energy and last longer than standard bulbs.
    Moreover, they do not require special wiring and can be mounted almost anywhere.
    With the help of LED strips, you can add a futuristic vibe to your space.
    Or you can place under-cabinet lights for better visibility while cooking and working on the countertop.
    On top of that, you can use under-shelf lighting to create the right mood.
    For instance, this technique could be used to highlight the color or texture of your kitchen flooring.
  • No 4. Get Creative with Spotlights
    Spotlights are an excellent alternative to overhead lighting.
    Moreover, you can place them on the ceiling to create a focal point in your kitchen.
    Think of the space above your range as storage space,” says interior designer Megan Wilson of Wilson & Associates in Los Angeles. “This area is often empty and gives you the option of adding some personality by installing a light fixture worth more than the cost of the entire kitchen.”
  • No 5. Play with Geometry
    The most important part of designing a small kitchen is to keep the space simple,” says interior designer Eric McLean. “A clean and modern design makes the room feel larger and more spacious.”
    According to Eric, you can do that by simplifying your kitchen design plan with square countertops and square cabinets. Besides, square shapes make it easier for you to arrange your seating area in a precise manner.
    Try placing your seating area in the middle of the room instead of against one wall.
  • No 6. Countertop Lightings for Easy Comfort:
    Kitchen lighting can play a huge role in making sure that cooking and cleaning tasks in your space are easy,” says Michael Pietruszka, interior designer at David Weekley Home in Indianapolis, Indiana.
    Overhead recessed lights can be tricky to install and difficult to adjust.”
    On the contrary, you can use under-sink countertop lighting for ease of illumination.
  • No 7. Choose the Right Height:
    Choosing the right height for lighting can help you solve this problem.
    For instance, you can install an inexpensive recessed or track light that illuminates your entire space.
    And you can also install a chandelier in the center of your kitchen to display beautiful pendants.
    Yet, if you are limited by money, you can choose swing arm lights overhanging pendants in both width and color.
  • No 8. Create a Point of Interest
    In addition to increasing your kitchen’s size, hanging a chandelier may add a point of interest to your space. Besides, it can serve as a focal point in the room.
    Hanging a chandelier is not only an effective way to go from small to large, but it also adds light and interest,” says designer Megan Wilson. “You can make it from salvaged parts or something custom.”
  • No 9. Choose the Right Form:
    You can add a unique flair to your kitchen with the help of pendant light.
    On top of that, you can also use wall lights to create a focal point where you want.
    Or you can choose chifferobe lighting over a bar for a regal feel.
    You could use both at different locations in your kitchen plan.
  • No 10. Forget About the Bulb:
    Bulb type can play a significant role in your kitchen lighting.
    By choosing LED bulbs, you can control the ambiance and mood of your space.
    For instance, you could use dimmable lights for a more intimate setting or bright lights to create a more spirited atmosphere.
    In addition to adding charm to your home, a suitable lighting scheme can increase your energy efficiency.
    In short, making changes to your kitchen lighting plan requires finding a balance between functionality and aesthetics that’s personal to you.

3. Stencil the Floor to add more Patterns

If you think your kitchen is pretty dull, you can try adding patterns by stenciling the floor. The good thing about stencils is they come in various designs.
Besides, they are affordable, which will not cost you a fortune. You just need to grab some paint, a roller brush, and a bit of elbow grease to transfer the pattern onto the floor.

To get more impact, you can stencil various patterns in one room.
For example, you can design a border around the perimeter of the walls with smaller designs inside or mix different patterns altogether. However, this small kitchen idea is about creating an area with a focus on the floor. So, you will need to choose one pattern for the floor and incorporate it into the kitchen design.

Alternatively, if you do not want to commit to a pattern permanently, try decals instead. They are easy to apply and remove. All you need is a squeegee and some patience.

To get more creative with your kitchen design, you could even paint the floor with other colors. For example, you can add grays to create an illusion of space. Alternatively, if it is an eggshell color, you could paint the floor in shades of gray to not be so noticeable against the white walls.

However, never underestimate the power of stencils or decals to create something unique in your small kitchen design.

2. Hide the Mess with Skirt

Sometimes the area under the sink remains open because standard cabinet doors may not fit in with the opening. With this uncovered area, you can see what is stored underneath, which tends to be messy.
The messiness you find under the kitchen sink is likely to create an eyesore. Thus, you need to conceal it. If standard cabinet doors do not work for it, you can always use a short curtain as the skirting. Not only will it hide away the mess, but it will also add a more interesting pattern.

Alternatively, you can add a small table to the room. The table will be placed under the sink and will serve as a little extra storage. You can hide away the clutter by assembling a small hamper or a basket to stash it all in.

But, if that is not enough, raise the skirting and create an alcove between one wall and the dishwasher or sink cabinet. This little area hidden away under the sink will serve many purposes. First, you can use it to store some additional items like spices or pots and pans you do not use daily. Second, if the surface is large enough, you can install a pull-out trash bin or recycling container.

One tip that will help keep the space neat is to keep everything in containers. It does not matter how small it is. Just find one that will fit in nicely under the skirting.

Lastly, Number 1. Adopt new Style and extra Comfort with a Rug

You can spend hours standing by the kitchen sink to do the dishes or by the stove to cook breakfast. The icing floor in the morning will make your feet feel uncomfortable. For this reason, you may need to lay a runner rug.
Runner rugs come in a vast array of colors, textures, and patterns, which will make your kitchen look more outstanding. Just make sure you opt for a short-pile rug because the kitchen is prone to spill and stain.

The most affordable way to get a rug is by buying a large-sized one in the home improvement store. But for this small kitchen idea, you can use a runner from your bedroom. It will be perfect for the smaller space and will add charm to the room.

In addition, you need to make sure that your rug increases the comfort level of the kitchen. Therefore, if it is too thick or too thin, choose a thicker one or a thinner one, respectively.

You can also use the same color as your flooring to prevent the floor from looking dull.
For example, if you have hardwood oak flooring, opt for a similar color like burgundy or red to enhance the kitchen décor and create a focal point. Alternatively, you can opt for a natural fiber rug like jute to create a modern and clean kitchen look. To make it practical and durable, try to pick one with rubber backing. You can even use it as an area to lay your shoes before entering the house.


In summary, those are ten small kitchen styling ideas that can help you turn your mundane kitchen into a beautiful one. All you need is a bit of inspiration and creativity to make it happen. Need more? You can always watch some online tutorials to help you with the design. We hope this helps!

So, Although your cooking space is not an area that your guests may notice for the first time, you still need to make it look appealing. You do not do it to impress other people. You do it for yourself instead. At least for your sanity and creativity. And, these 10 small kitchen styling ideas will help you out with that.



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