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10 Small Kitchen Nook Ideas

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A small kitchen nook idea shares a causal and friendly kind of place, while a dining room offers a formal ambiance. A relaxed conversation would sound much better to listen to while you’re having a meal in an informal setting room.
A kitchen nook is a perfect spot for having a cup of coffee, breakfast, or lunch. It typically sits next to large windows that help you stay awake as it’s bright enough to remind you to open your eyes. Before we dive into our current topic, these are 10 small kitchen nook ideas by

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10. A Breakfast Nook for Two10. A Breakfast Nook for Two by

If you live with a small number of family members in a tight space, building a nook for two can be an ideal choice. It’s much easier to deal with, and it won’t likely take up so much space too.
Setting a storage bench and a circular table near a window should be enough. A woven rug with a neutral tone leaves warm nuance, adding a comfortable feeling.
The corner shows some artistic value by applying a picture, horn ornament, and decorative pendant light.

9. Get Intimate9. Get Intimate by

When a large sitting isn’t really mandatory, incorporating only a pair of chairs and a small round table will be perfect. This would even make your relationship intimate as you can really sit close next to each other at the table.
This idea would also be great for a corner area that lacks space.
Sitting near the windows with bright natural light will help you stay awake to enjoy your breakfast. It could be a good idea for night owls or a good spot to start the day while sipping a cup of tea or coffee before going to work.

8. Add a Vase8

A nook with a U-shaped bench is one of the many popular ideas. It covers a larger area with its design. However, it will be a bit awkward if you leave it bare without any decoration.
With blue and white as the background, the dark floor and table become the center of attention. As the round table has a white surface, adding a vase seems not to be a problem as the flowers turn the corner to have a much better look.

7. Match the Theme7. Match the Theme by

If you think that waking up early in the morning is hard to do, you may want to set a reason to get you out of bed naturally. If a delicious meal doesn’t strong enough to drag you out of your comfort zone, a charming kitchen nook idea could be an excuse for that.
Covering the chairs is a simple way to adorn them. Giving the window short curtains makes the corner look adorable because the colors go together with the chairs’ covers and pillows.
The classic lamp should be an object everyone couldn’t resist looking at here. Its retro design complements the theme well.

6. Have Breakfast before Work6. Have Breakfast before Work by

This table looks just like any other square table, but if you look carefully at it, you will know that it isn’t. It has a wide counter with one leg attached to the floor, which gives it a distinctive charm. Four wooden chairs with unique designs are set around the table to complement it.
It’s not only the meal that drives you to sit on the chair but also the pleasant atmosphere that makes you feel right being there. Having breakfast before going to work is an excellent habit you should start to get used to, although it may be hard at first.

5. Big Party Set5. Big Party Set by

When large seating is required, you can blend chairs and a bench at once. Since it’s going to take some space, be sure that your kitchen nook can hold that challenge. It would ruin the layout if the chairs are in the way, so there’s an option you can try.
Choose thin, lightweight chairs that make them easy to be pulled in once you finish using the table. You can either have colors that blend with the surrounding or a dark hue instead of creating contrast.

4. DIY Bench Nook Idea4. DIY Bench Nook Idea by

If you want a bench with the right size and materials, a DIY one would be your best bet. It’s because you cut piece by piece to fit the layout, unlike the bought-store one.
It can also be a positive activity that keeps you occupied during the pandemic, as you might not be able to go outside.

First, measure and cut pieces of wood. Start building the frame of the bench. Apply plywood to the sides with a drywall gun. Add supports to the front and back so that it can withstand heavy objects.
Cut storage doors and install hinges. The rest is to sand and paint the surface with any colors you like.

3. DIY Table Nook Idea

3. DIY Table Nook Idea by
A table wouldn’t be too much to ask as it doesn’t look as complicated as what you see in the picture. It wouldn’t be likely to require a high-skilled man to do the job. With little practice, you will be able to make one.
Use two pieces of plywood to start. Screw and glue them together to craft the table counter. Build the leg by cutting the same 4 sizes and assemble them with screw and glue. Finish the base and brackets of the table.
The base has to follow the same method as the table counter, but it’s in a smaller size. Attach the wooden brackets on it after it’s matched the leg’s wide.

Or attach your attention here for a while instead:
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2. DIY Bar Stools Idea2. DIY Bar Stools by

Bar stools have some benefits due to their size, weight, and they’re quite handy at once. They are a perfect element to complete a small kitchen nook space, depending on what kind of style you want.
This one is pretty simple to replicate, judging from its authentic look.

Cut four pieces of wood for the legs and eight supports to create the base stool. After that, cut another piece of plywood for the top. Assemble the base using wood screws and glue—pre-drill the top support to make it easier to drill through before attaching the top to it.

Lastly, Number 1. Use Rattan Chairs1. Use Rattan Chairs by

This nook looks striking with its stunning dark gray wall panel combined with a white table and lovely greenery. On the wall are some accessories with a map that may look not so significant, but they nonetheless leave a unique impression.
The rattan chairs also bring an exclusive view to the nook with their earthy tones and brown polka dot patterns, which are strangely satisfying to watch.

Small kitchen nook ideas can have various designs, colors, and anything you could add to. Of course, it should come with the thought that makes you feel excited to sit there.



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