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10 Kitchen Design with Breakfast Bar Ideas

When your kitchen lacks souls, you can invite those in need on the street or someone sitting next to you in the office cubicles or clubs. However, what if you can’t convince them with your invitation without spoiling your cooking masterpiece? Our alternative for you is one, appeal to them with a new large TV, two, hand them cash, or three, get one of the following ideas an actual practice.

‘Social kitchen’ is a kitchen interior design trend that has become increasingly popular lately. The heart of this interactive space is, of course, the breakfast bar. With the breakfast bar, the kitchen evolves from just a place to cook meals into a social setting to welcome family, friends, and new colleagues (unless it smells too bad to handle). It is a unique space where sometimes people argue about politics while the host is busy preparing the meals or meats.

Breakfast bars produce an informal dining spot in a kitchen without taking up extra space in the dining room. The ideas come in various designs and shapes suitable for almost any home style, cabinet design, and available space. Whether you have a small or spacious kitchen, the breakfast bar will “almost” always understand you.

Here are ten gorgeous kitchen designs with breakfast bar ideas to help you get inspiration to level up your kitchen. Following Ingenious small kitchen with No Pantry ideas here published a few days ago, this list is also presented for you by Simphome.

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10. A Trendy Wooden Breakfast Bar Idea

10. Trendy Wooden Breakfast Bar by
Woodblock is the most frequently used material for a trendy breakfast bar. It is easy to find various sizes and shapes suitable for your taste and needs. For example, the square wooden block is great for couples who want something intimate. The slim, longer block suits a big family or a party guy. Just add simple high chairs or bar stools to serve more people.
Use trendy bulb pendants to highlight the breakfast bar.

The different materials define the food preparation and dining area in the picture. A smooth, easy-to-clean surface for cooking and the textured-wooden bar for having meals undoubtedly produce the ultimate social space in your kitchen.

9. A Breakfast Bar Idea with Chiller

9. Breakfast Bar with Chiller by
The year 2020 has made people make all of their activities at home, no exception for hanging out. With this new definition of going out and a new kitchen chiller, socializing has become easier. This indulges not only adults but also children if you stuff all the space with soda and fruity juices.

Keeping all of your drinks in one easily accessible location is also fantastic. You may easily get hold of cold beverages to relieve boredom if you, your visitor, your kids, or your friends experience it.

8. Get Creative With A Curved Breakfast Bar

8. Creative Curved Breakfast Bar by
A breakfast bar is versatile. There are many choices of size, combination, and style to fit your size and purpose. As it is the central point in your kitchen, don’t limit yourself with the symmetrical rigid design and be creative. Opt for a curved breakfast bar instead, for example. Surely, this custom design demands extra work, but we bet it was worth your effort once you acquire it.

The curved bar, going around the corner of a room to connect the wall cabinets and the kitchen island, gives the host a closed space to prepare meals. It is multifunctional, and not to mention; you can use the outside area to serve other family members or guests to enjoy their meals.

7. Give Your Bar a Kitchen Island Extension

7. Kitchen Island Extension by
The breakfast bar can gather your family every morning for a few seconds before rushing out and brings together your entire family at night after a long tiring day. These days, many people are already trying the idea by experimenting with extending the kitchen counter or island.

Just add a simple wood plank to the kitchen island to create a table-like piece of kitchen furniture. You can play with the design, stretch the kitchen island, or make a T shape like the picture. This spot gives your double functions, a great party zone to host your guests, your herbs, or extra space for prepping meals for the family.

6. Or Dynamic Duo

6. Dynamic Duo by

Wood and stone are the perfect duos that always be the mainstay in the farmhouse kitchen. Get the rare elegant style and apply it to your kitchen. For the stone, go with the one striking feature by using just one type of stone. Fragmented natural stones are applied onto the wall, and one large wooden slab as a breakfast bar top.

Choose cabinets, bar stools, and kitchen islands that are made of wood. The general rule you must keep in mind is the darker the stone, the lighter the wood should be to produce a perfectly balanced color scheme. Also, Beautiful lighting will highlight your room’s elegance greatly.

5. The Timeless Black and White

5. The Timeless Black and White by
Black and white design are timeless. For the kitchen interior, it is impossible to be ignored. The edgy and versatile color combination allows any interesting elements to fit perfectly. The application of white is not only limited to the wall but also the tiles selection.

You can choose black-colored kitchen appliances or black-and-white cabinetry. The breakfast bar can be made from a traditional dark wooden board, which will be a unique pair for your cabinetry. To polish it, use the same colored-wooden stools and black chairs, then tuck them neatly under the breakfast bar.

4. Minimalist Apartment Breakfast Bar Idea

4. Minimalist Apartment Breakfast Bar by
If you want to install a breakfast bar in your house, you’ll come up with limitless choices. But what if you live in a small apartment and still have a plan to install one? However, there is always a solution to every problem.

  • First, you can attach a bar top to studs in a wall or a window. It is undoubtedly easy, rarely fails, and is a non-expensive alternative.
  • Next, ensure you have enough clear space around your kitchen windows to put the bar and stools.
  • Adjust the bar height by considering the height of standard stools; a 42-inch top will work.
  • Next, get all the materials and tools and install the bar from a window wall.

3. A Bar with A Glamourous Mirrored Glass

3. Glamour Mirrored Glass by
The modern kitchen style is outstanding, with three hanging geometric lamps over the breakfast bar. First, the owner completed it with all-white furniture from the open shelves, cabinet, and stools, which perfectly fit the white wall. The breakfast bar is made of white marble with a transparent glass top. Finally, you can find a bronze mirrored glass that adds an unexpected glam note to this breakfast bar.

2. Brighten Up with the Industrial Style

2. Brighten Up the Industrial Style by .
The industrial style is a big hit. Many restaurants or cafés use this design because it almost always looks great and is multi-functional. It’s also a versatile concept that can be modified to suit nearly any individual personal tastes. Thus, it could be effective to be applied to your kitchen too.

One signature of industrial style is the uncovered tubes and pendant light hanging over the breakfast bar. Usually, this style leaves the floor uncovered, whereas the cement floor receives only a glossy finish. But you can play a little bit by rolling out a quilted carpet.

The yellow wood panel on the breakfast bar and the yellow curtain perfectly match the carpet in the picture. It matches the splash of yellow color that brightens up the raw industrial elements. Last, you can see the geometric shelves that become an integral part of the room and the transparent cabinet that become an elegant addition to the design’s industrial chic.

Lastly, Number 1. A Nautical-themed Galley Kitchen & Bar

1. Nautical themed Galley Kitchen by
Nowadays, some people choose to leave their downtown condos to find new peace and stay inside a smaller house completed with a galley kitchen. A Galley kitchen or boat kitchen has now occupied more houses than ever. What makes this fun is the nautical style all over the place. A humble kind that you may look up to today.

First, the owner exclusively used the breakfast bar on the opposite side of the one-wall galley kitchen. The kitchen has a white-on-dark color scheme, butcher-block worktops, open shelving, and a beadboard ceiling complete the use of wood in the room. One signature element of nautical style is the porthole-shaped window; you can find it here too.

Last, The small door under the window even implies that you can go below decks. One feature that is nicely paired with the flap of the British flag.

A breakfast bar isn’t just a spot to have your meals but also has a social value that transforms your kitchen into a gathering room. It gives you valuable extra storage, allowing you to keep the kitchen more organized. It also provides extra work surface area for preparing large meals and serving party food. While on a quieter occasion, you can sit on your bar stool, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, and enjoy the silence!

However, adopting a new breakfast bar is not an easy feat.
You probably haven’t enough with the ten alternatives offered on the list. For that reason, we have twelve relevant ideas here. The countdown comes with fresher perspectives and a higher quality voice-over. You’ll find the content much more engaging if you feel more comfortable learning through a video format. Count on us!


10. Trendy Wooden Breakfast Bar
9. Breakfast Bar with Chiller
8. Creative Curved Breakfast Bar
7. Kitchen Island Extension
6. Dynamic Duo
5. The Timeless Black and White
4. Minimalist Apartment Breakfast Bar
3. Glamour Mirrored Glass
2. Brighten Up the Industrial Style
1. Nautical-themed Galley Kitchen

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