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10 Living room Rug Ideas (DIY and styling)

The living room is a central focal point of any home. With the TV as one of the main focuses and a place to hang out with friends and family, it’s not difficult to see why. But let’s face it – there is only so much you can do to make your living room look great without spending a fortune on custom design and construction

That’s where furniture and accessories come in handy! One of these is a rug that can transform almost any space into something comfortable and inviting for everyone who enters it.
The biggest downside to rugs in living rooms and other cramped areas is that they aren’t meant to be walked on while sitting down. That’s why they have a lot of wiggle room. Maybe your rug isn’t worth a try, but some items can help make your living room look gorgeous without spending too much money.

Key Points:

  • The best rug you can choose is a soft and comfy texture.
  • Appearance: A rug should be a focal point in your living room since it’s the primary use of that room. So make sure it looks good enough to get a lot of attention and compliments.
  • Size: If you’re going to get a new rug, then choose one that’s big enough that there won’t be any more crowding on the floor.
  • Don’t forget that when you shop for a rug, you’ll also be buying a rug pad to help protect your floor.
  • Before cleaning your rug, make sure that it’s dry enough to handle being washed by the machine.
  • Be careful with the place where you will place your rug since it could affect its appearance or stain it easily.
  • When putting your rug in storage while cleaning/maintaining it: don’t roll up; fold it. Rolled rugs take more space and get wrinkles quickly. And if folded, items like shoes or stools can damage them.

What type of rug is suitable for the living room?

Answer: To answer the question, you need first to understand what rug is suitable for the living room. Rugs come in all shapes and sizes, materials and designs – so it’s really up to you to figure out what you want.

  • No 1. Elegant Rug
    A great place to get ideas on designing a rug for your living room is Pinterest or Instagram, where you can find thousands of different designs, patterns, and styles. You can use these images as references and inspiration when learning how to design a rug for your living room. Remember that not all rugs are created equal, and some rugs may not be suitable for your particular design.
    It is also essential to use the correct type of rug in your living room because each rug has its characteristics, and you can add new furniture to match those elements.
  • No 2. Etched Rug.
    This patterned carpet or carpet-like material is an excellent choice for your living room. The pattern variety can be subtle or bold, though you need to avoid getting into a design pattern overload. Beware, though; excessive patterns may also hurt balance in the room.
  • No 3. Rug Material.
    The best rugs for the living room are made of natural materials such as animals, plants, and minerals that are not too shiny or vibrant but still neutral. This choice will make your rug appear light and airy, and it won’t affect the interior design of your living room at all.
  • No 4. Unusual Shape Rugs.
    Shape rarely plays a role in your living room design, but some unique shapes may be perfect for your home’s interior. Polygonal and circular rugs can create a wonderful sense of space and unity and provide a surprising contrast with the rest of your furniture.
  • No 5. Soft Rugs.
    Cushioning softness to the floor area is essential for creating a harmonious interior design, but that doesn’t mean you have to go with plush carpeting as your rug. Look for rugs that are soft yet not too fluffy or puffy and/or not too firm or coarse in texture.
  • No 6. Rug Pad.
    Whatever kind of rug you choose, it’s always a good idea to use a rug pad underneath to protect your floor from scratching or damage and add a soft, fluffy feel to the flooring itself.
  • No 7. Rug Style.
    The last thing you want is for the rug you choose to affect the design of your entire house and beyond that because, in terms of design, your living room rug is just one of many elements – not the most important one at that! So make sure when designing your living room has elements to complement its interior design, such as walls, ceiling, and furniture.

Since centuries ago, carpeting the floor has been a way to decorate a house. With so many benefits you can get, it’s no wonder rugs become an alternative to giving your home a distinctive style and unique character.
Some even try to make their own rugs with a little bit of modification. It indeed can become a fun thing to do on one of the days when you are not racing against time. Without further ado, here are 10 living room rug ideas we’ve gathered for you. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

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10. A Circular Rug Idea

From adorning the floor to reducing the sound, applying a rug is still everybody’s favorite way to make their house feel warm and comfortable. They’re affordable, depending on what type of rug you get.

And also, they’re easy to apply, work like a charm, and of course, a variety of colors and patterns are available at the store. Having a sofa and an ottoman is an excellent reason to invest in a circular rug as it follows the curve. Therefore, this rug feels just right to lie down here. If a circular rug doesn’t suit you, you may choose a square or rectangular one with a circle pattern in the middle.

Another benefit of choosing a circular rug is you can easily play with your design by curling it up in the middle, and it also gives you more options on what to do with your legs. But sometimes, you might want something a little bolder without having to limit yourself.

You can choose a round carpeting and two round pillows. It’s simple to achieve but results in a modern-looking living room that matches the rest of the house furnishings.

9. A Natural Plant Fiber Rug

A plant-based rug is environmentally-friendly and gives a soothing view with its original color. It’s a type of rug that matches with neutral tone in your home. It looks natural and far from glamor or fancy, just as the way it is.

However, there are some disadvantages you may want to consider. As factory-made rugs would stay flat regardless of how long you will use them, natural fiber rugs would shrink or swirl through time. It doesn’t suit a place with high humidity, such as the kitchen or the bathroom since it’s prone to moisture.

Another challenge when opting for the idea is insects. For that reason, you may need to depend on the rug cleaner and vacuum more meticulously.

This simple idea uses only a round piece of natural fiber carpeting, matching pillows, and a flat magazine cover. This can be easily done by laying the cover on the floor with pillows to mimic faux grasses. Alternatively, you may just buy some plant-based rugs from a store or even use a bamboo mat as well.

8. Know their Characters before Choosing

Image: Pinterest

This living room sparks a navy-white tone. Thus, this rug is the bridge between the wooden floor and the white surrounding.
The rug makes the floor softer and warmer, which is one of its benefits. It also conceals dirt. Still, you have to do regular maintenance, such as vacuuming it.

There are tons of rug materials, so you should know their characters and prices.
Moreover, you need to also know if the rug will work with the existing or planned furniture in your living room. You should also consider the space in your room that you need to cover with a rug.

7. A Simple DIY Rope Mat Idea

Adorning a house does not have to be arduous. You can copy many DIY projects that can catch everybody’s eyes, including this mat.
Here are the guides if you wonder how to make it and feel like
having one.

First of all, grab leftover ropes in your home. You can purchase them at stores if you do not have any.

Then, cut the ropes slightly longer than the mat to create fray looks at the end. After that, glue the ropes onto the mat, and put something heavy on it while the glue is drying.
Next, unwind a rope, and then weave each end before fraying them to make it look nicer.

6. The DIY Circular Rope Idea

Look at how stunning this rope rug is! Find the right place for it, and there you’ll find the area looks much better with it.

The steps to create it wouldn’t be too hard to follow, but it takes some time, so be patient.
You’re going to need: a tarp, rope, liquid nails (strong glue), and scissors.

Decide the center to make a start on the tarp, and put some glue on it. Begin by making a small circle, and glue it layer by layer carefully until it makes a huge circle. Cut along the tarpaulin.
How big the rug is will depend on where you want to place it. Make sure the rope and glue are enough to cover that.

5. A Colorful DIY Rug Idea

This rug has vibrant colors with lovely motives. It gives positive energy when looking at it. You would be surprised that this one is a DIY product. This one only takes minutes to make it.
You will need upholstery fabric and rug mat, pins, scissors, sewing machine.

First, prepare the fabric, and a rug mat, then cut them to the same length. Fold over the pieces, and there you get your seam. Then, sew them. When reaching the end, modify the fold and continue sewing them.

4. A Clean Finish Rug with Simple Pattern Idea

Geometric is one of the many attractive patterns as it has lovely colors, available from simple to elaborate styles or motives. It brings a minimalist and modern appearance and a lot more.

It shows cleanliness and straightforward cut, and you can literally match it with the color of the living room. Before carpeting the floor, be sure you know how to clean it. It will make your rug stay long or durable as you properly maintain it.

Also, knowing the best to place the rug would give you many benefits as rugs come from different materials and durability.

3. Thick Rug and Things to Avoid

A thick rug has the impression of softness and comfort. However, this could be a place for dust to accumulate. It could also be a spot where pets love to lay down.
As a result, you need to vacuum this thoroughly. Remind kids not to chew or drink something near or on it as it would be hard for you to clean it as a thick rug is prone to dirt or stain.

Another concern you need to know is that it has less firmness. To save the rug from sliding, you may use a rug pad.

Other things to pay attention to and avoid when using the rug for your living room:

  • No 1. If you decide to use it in a spare room, it is generally easier to clean if you take the furniture out.
  • No 2. It is important not to get the rug wet and avoid that.
  • No 3. Avoid putting heavy objects on a rug as they may create deep indentations in the thin fiber, making it hard to make clean again.
    Also, leaving your shoes and socks on your rug after a muddy walk or similar event would make deep impressions that are hard to remove later.
  • No 4. If you clean it often, the cleaning job would be easier.
  • No 5. Be careful with the color while choosing your rug. If you use it as a backdrop, select a color that contrasts your furniture to stand out or similar to help blend those pieces.

2. The Old-Fashioned Rug with Aesthetic Beauty Idea

If you’re in love with a traditional design, this type of rug will suit you. With the not-so-colorful surface this rug offers, it will feel like history as time passes.
This rug contrasts with a modern rug with simple patterns with clean lines.
It makes the room feel warm but has an old-fashioned style. Kids and teenagers may not show interest in this kind of rug, but adults would have a different opinion on that.

Lastly, No 1. A Modern Rug for Modern Life

Modern pattern rugs go well with urban lives. Minimalist and simplicity are two main characteristics you will be likely to find in modern-inspired style. This living room has strong monochromatic vibes with no bright tone.

This rug embraces the room even more with its gray and dark surface.
When purchasing a rug, you should know its size, color, and purpose. This will help you guess whether it will look good or not on the floor.

Is an 8×10 rug good for the living room?

Answer: A rug of any size is suitable for your living room if it blends well with the interiors and adds a natural touch to it. There are no rules about the size of a living room rug as long as it blends with its surroundings.

Does the shape of a rug affect its design in the living room?

Answer: The shape or pattern on your rug can affect how you design your living room. You can choose from different designs, and knowing what would work best is not something you can learn overnight, so make sure to do more research regarding designs before making a decision.

However, even more, important than knowing which designs will suit your needs is learning how to make those designs look good on your living room rugs.

How do you use a rug as home decor?

Answer: A rug is a great home decor and can make a functional one. A rug is also great for warm winter days when you don’t want to walk barefoot, protect your floor or make it easy to clean up after feet.

How do you put a rug in a living room?

In detail, you need first to find a rug that you like and match it with the room’s decor. You can either go for a big size rug or a small one.

Decide on where the rug should go, whether you place it near the door, in front of the couch, or towards the corner. The last one is best if you want to block out noise from your kitchen. Also, decide on furniture placement, but keep in mind that there should be enough space between them so that your feet won’t touch them while sitting – which you don’t want.

Next, you will want to measure the rug and see if it fits in your room. Measure the length and width of your room, including chairs and tables you plan to place near the rug. Put the measurements on paper or in a computer file so you can refer back to them whenever you want. If your rug is too big, you are welcome to move the rug to another area, such as a hallway or bathroom.

You also need to decide whether you would like carpet underlayment or not – but only if you have already installed hardwood flooring. This provides a softer touch to the floor and makes it clean.

It would be best if you put carpet tack strips or heavy-duty double-sided tape on the edges of your floor to keep them from curling or bending due to gravity. Many people forget this and end up gluing the rug down in places where it doesn’t reach, which looks unprofessional.
If you want to add a rug pad underneath your rug, do so when you first unroll the carpet because once it’s there, it’s complicated to install if you end up not liking the pattern or color.

Should you put a rug under a coffee table?

The answer is no because the idea behind putting a rug under a coffee table is that there should be enough space for your feet to walk on freely when you get up from the couch – which means not having any obstacles in between. So, if you plan to put a rug under your coffee table, make sure it is small enough so that you can stand on it without it covering the entire room. This will also help if you plan to add a footstool as part of your living room’s design because then your guests will have something to step on as they move around.

You should consider the size of your living room rug and that of the furniture in your living room area before buying rugs for them. This is because you do not want it to be too small for your living room area. It is best to have a rug that completely covers the floor to feel more comfortable and safe as you sit on it.

When purchasing rugs, most people need to consider the colors used in the home’s interior design. For example, dark colors can make your living room look gloomy and lose its light and airy feel, while light colors can make your living room appear to be empty and cold. So when choosing colors for your living room rugs, it is best to blend them with other elements such as furniture or walls in your home so that they do not lose their aesthetic value.

Can the rug be smaller than the couch?

The answer is yes if you already have couches in the living room and are only planning to buy rugs as home decor. If you intend to put rugs on the floor, they should be big enough to cover the entire space and reach the chairs in your room. If a rug is not big enough, it will look uncoordinated and out of place.

Can you put a rug anywhere?

The answer is yes, as long as it does not irritate you or make noise when walked on. You can put rugs anywhere in your living room except for areas where children are expected to walk, such as next to fast food or near furniture or doors where dirt may spill over.

Is it better for a rug to be too big or too small?

The answer will depend on what you want your living room to look like. If you want one that completely covers the living room’s floor, it will be better for the rug to be big enough. However, if you plan to take up a part of it for conversation or activities such as playing board games, then an extra rug might just not be needed and will only serve as a distraction.

If you are going to have a small area rug in your living room and need something that is going to match the color of your wall, then having a large patterned one can work just fine but make sure that it is not too dark as it may make the interior look gloomy no matter how light your wall color is.

Is it vital to put carpet underlayment?

Yes, it is essential because people will feel a bump in the rug when they step on it without this. After all, the floor underneath is not that soft and can cause aching feet. Also, it helps to prevent rugs from moving or sliding around as you walk on them. Carpet underlayment makes your living room more comfortable as well.

How much should you spend on a living room rug?

You may want to consider how much you are willing to pay for your living room rug since there are various types of rugs and materials out there, each with its price range and design.

What comes first, rug or furniture?

The answer is that you need to have a living room rug first before putting it in your furniture.

Will you need a securing system?

It would be best to use a rug pad under the rug to ensure that the rug will not move around or slide on the floor when guests walk on it.

Are there any other benefits of using rugs rather than carpeting?

Many people think that carpeting is only for when setting up a home for furnishings, but you can also use it for interior decoration. A traditional way of setting up an area rug is to have it placed on top of a carpeted floor, but you can put the rug in front of the furniture and have them complement one another.

Many people also use rugs for doorways because it makes walking into a room more comfortable. You can also use the same for hallways and bathrooms. You can combine rugs by having them be different sizes or even make them look like they are overlapping each other so that they blend in well with your home’s interior design.

How do you know what size rug to get?

Answer: Measure the width of your couch. If your couch is too big to fit on a 4 x 8-foot rug, rather than buying a 5 x 8 foot one, go for the 4 x 8-foot rug.

How do you know what size rug to get?

Answer: Measure the width of your queen bed. If your queen bed is too big to fit on a 5 x 9-foot rug rather than buying a 6 x 9 foot one, then go for the 5 x 9-foot one instead.

Is a ruggable rug worth it?

Ruggable’s sales pitch focuses on the fact that you can easily clean its rugs. They are thin rugs made of A water-resistant polyurethane barrier with a removable pad, polyester filling, and a removable Upholstery Protector. And if you want to use the ruggable for more than one day, then this product is still worth it.

Living room rugs are used in many different ways. However, using them to protect your furniture from dirt and spills is not one of them. They will only mask the problem making it difficult to clean up any spills using the furniture cleaners that come with most carpet deodorizers.

The best way to clean carpet stains is by using a commercial floor cleaner such as Oxy Guard Carpet Stain Remover. It can remove oil-based stains and water spots without damaging the surface of your carpets at the same time.

Why should you go for a wool rug?

Wool rugs are warm and healthy because they are made from sheep’s wool. They absorb moisture well, and their fibers withstand high heat levels. They are also recommended by aestheticians, who use them to provide warmth in your living room area whenever it gets cold outside, especially during the winter season.

What size rug goes under the couch?

First, you need to measure the length of your couch so you can know if a 4×8 rug isn’t suitable for the couch or not. If it is too big, then go for a smaller size. The best rugs to put under beds are the ones that can absorb the moisture and allow it to be absorbed by the bed.

Think about your current living room flooring and think about how you want your living room area to look like in the future. Make sure that all elements go well together as you plan to be an ideal space for you and your family. The best way to accomplish this is by having a rug in the living room area of your home because it always adds elegance and beauty when appropriately placed. They also serve as a softener to wear away any hard and sharp edges on the floor that may make your children uncomfortable when playing or even sleeping on them.

How to clean stains on a black carpet?

A spray bottle with a mixture of 1/3 cup of bleach and 1/3 cup of water is needed to remove the stain from your black carpet. Mix them up in the spray bottle and clean the stain. Once you have done this, spray again with a diluted bleach solution to eliminate any stubborn stains that the first spraying may have missed. After that, rub out any remaining stain using a soft cloth.

Does a large rug make a room look bigger or smaller?

The answer is: it depends. Your living room may look smaller if a big rug is placed in it because of its size. This is where you need to use a rug that enhances your furniture’s decorations instead of covering them; the rug should complement the design of the furniture in your living room.

This means that if you have a couch or chairs with no backrests and designs on them, you can go for a large and quite heavy rug to place under them because it will make an impressive impact on the dimension of your living room.

How far should a rug extend beyond a couch?

Answer: The rug should not extend beyond 3 feet in front of the couch. Otherwise, it will end up making your couch look small because of its size.

How far should a rug extend beyond a chair?

Answer: The rug should not extend further than 2.5 feet in front of the chair. This will make the chair feel small, even though the chair is large enough to take the size of a rug.

What kind of rugs can I put on my window sill?

The rugs that are received by mail are usually made from wool, which is more durable than cotton because it has a natural tendency to resist wear and tear. The same thing goes for kiln-dried pine needles or cork with an applied finish on them.

How do you know if rugs are too hot for a living room?

If you have placed a thick and heavy rug in your living room, then the temperature level in your home will increase, which is something that you may want to avoid. Whenever you want to buy a rug for your living room, you should consider many considerations.


You may have to decide whether you want to get an old-fashioned or modern rug. The design of your room has to determine the type of rug you want. Also, the size, color, and material should be considered too.


5. Colorful DIY Rug

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