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12 Kitchen Design with Breakfast Bar Ideas

The breakfast bar in your kitchen is frequently the room’s focal point. Not only does it serve as the highlight of the entire space, but it’s also the place where you and your loved ones gather for meals and get-togethers. If you have room in your kitchen for a breakfast bar and the “social kitchen” concept is something that interests you, there is a significant probability that you will implement it. Even if your kitchen is on the smaller side, there is certainly room for a breakfast bar with seating for two.

Cooking in a spacious kitchen with a decent kitchen bar is everyone’s dream. Unfortunately, some people cannot get this privilege due to the limited budget or lack of space. Therefore, they have to forget this idea.

Do not give up hope of carving out a cozy kitchen with a breakfast nook. We have summed up these 12 kitchen designs with breakfast bar ideas just for you. As always, Simphome presents you with the countdown.

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12. Sleek and Bold

If the space in your kitchen is premium, you can make the island do double duty by expanding one side of it. This way, you will get a protruding side that can be a decent breakfast nook.

This small kitchen, for example, tames the limited space well. The kitchen set comes in black with lacquered countertop and breakfast bar, contrasting with the white walls nicely.

Although the space is limited and the ceiling is relatively low, you can tackle it by painting the entire walls white.

It would be great if your kitchen had large windows. Instead of installing windows in the wall, this kitchen has skylights that allow natural light to illuminate the space.

The great thing about this kitchen is the black, lacquered breakfast bar that creates a typical sleek modern interior look. The natural, minimalist wood stools round out this modern kitchen immensely.

11. A Free-Standing Breakfast Bar

Are you fancy a separate breakfast bar? You can try making one yourself.

This breakfast bar is easy to make. You only need two upper cabinets and a plywood board for the top. Stain or paint it to your liking, and that’s it!

The good thing about this breakfast bar is it offers additional storage solutions for your small kitchen. You can store canned foods, spices, or anything you want in your pantry.

Besides, you can use it as a nice workspace. This way, you can do your job while baking a cake.

10. How to Add a Breakfast Bar to the Kitchen Island

The best way to get a breakfast bar without the hassle is by extending the top of your kitchen island. What if you do not have this? You can install this add-on to your existing island.

To make this extension bar, you only need to screw a board or metal to the island. You can support it with L brackets or even corbels. The latter will be your top-notch choice if you are into a classic look and want to add a bit of it to your kitchen.

9. A Flip-Down Breakfast Bar Idea

You have limitless options for including a breakfast bar in your kitchen. If adding an extension to your kitchen island does not turn out well, you can opt for a flip-down breakfast bar.

This kind of breakfast bar is extremely versatile. It packs a lot of possibilities that can optimize your kitchen space. You can unlock the tabletop and let it mount when you have breakfast. Then, shove it back against the wall to free up the space.

It would be best if you first built the table wall frame to make this brilliant flip-down table. Then, add the table after sanding and painting it.

Use the piano hinge to install the table to its frame. You will also need to install a support chain on either side of the frame. The chains will hold the table when you use it.

Then, install a lock on top of the frame. This lock will help you secure the table in place when not used.

8. A Pull Out the Breakfast Bar Idea

12-02-10-ALE 002

This one is another brilliant solution for those who cook in a small kitchen yet long for a nice breakfast bar. Instead of extending the island permanently, which may take up more space, you can try hiding the extension inside the island.

This bespoke island, for example, looks like a standard kitchen when you see it at a glance. However, it has a hidden board that you can pull out when you want to enjoy your breakfast conveniently. You can also use it when you need more space to prepare meals.

If you are not into the sleek look of modern style or want something you can DIY, try this roll-out extension. Unlike the previous one, it features wheeled legs that allow it to roll out from the island. Despite the different designs, both of these extensions serve the same purposes.

7. A Multipurpose Breakfast Bar Idea

Are you seeking a way to add more counter space and storage? This multipurpose breakfast will be your safe bet.

This breakfast bar can do more than just be a comfortable place to have a meal. It can be a handy kitchen island that offers more counter space. The good thing is you can move it wherever you want so you will not cram your kitchen.

The drop-leaf extension offers ample space to have breakfast for two people. You can also find built-in shelves that you can use to house spices and condiments on both sides of this island.

6. Use the Corner of Your Kitchen

If you still have space in your kitchen, try working with a spare corner to carve out a dedicated breakfast nook.

To create a breakfast nook, you will need to build benches for the seat. Also, investing in ready-made seats that fit in with the spare corner will do in a pinch.

Then, add a table to round out the breakfast nook and enable you to set down your pancake and juice. Although the choice is absolutely yours, selecting a circular table with one leg in the middle would be your greatest bet since it allows multiple users to enjoy the meal comfortably.

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With that said, let’s continue our countdown with

5. Extend the Countertop

Have you ever thought of extending your countertop? You can get more counter space to prepare meals and create a decent breakfast bar.

This butcher-block countertop runs along the wall under the window. You can only find one cabinet and some open shelves supporting both ends of the countertop, leaving a void in the middle to shove one or two stools when you do not use them.

Having breakfast on this countertop would be great because you can enjoy your meal while looking at your backyard landscaping.

4. A Staggered Kitchen Island

This one is another way to extend your kitchen island. However, this idea would only turn out well in a spacious kitchen.

Instead of mounting an extension at the front of the existing island to create a breakfast bar, you can install a wooden board on one side. This way, you will make the island longer.

It would also be great to separate the breakfast and prep zones. You can do this by using different materials and varying the height.

This kitchen island, for example, comes in a sleek black countertop that lends an elegant touch to the space. Next to the island is the low-profile breakfast bar made of butcher block.

Since they do not share the same materials, you can recognize each zone clearly, although they are located in the same spot.

3. Return to the Classic

This breakfast bar will be suitable for big families. You only need to build a bench along your L-shaped island. Then, place a round claw-foot table to allow your veritable army to enjoy their breakfast comfortably. Besides, the particular design of the table will accentuate the classic ambiance in your kitchen.

2. Carve out the Eclectic Style

That is okay if you only have a compact kitchen without any islands. You can still carve out a comfortable breakfast bar.

You only need to install a wall at the end of your countertop. Then, top it with a wooden board. Remember to install L-brackets to support the panel.

After that, get two golden bar stools with burnt orange cushions to add a whimsical feel of an eclectic style.

1. The DIY Kitchen island with breakfast bar

To begin, Take some leftover 24 boards and construct two large rectangles with pocket holes (you may also use screws if you choose). We can’t give exact measurements because it depends on your counter and cabinets, but here you want the support inset from the countertop’s outer edge by a few inches. To achieve this, measure from the cabinet’s back to where the countertop would end on the stool side and deduct the gap you want for the overall width of your rectangles. The height you need has to conform to your existing cabinetry.

The next step is to make a second identical 2×4 rectangle and set it next to the first. This is optional, but it ensures that the support is roughly as thick as the bookshelf would be if you place it on its side. The following step is to screw the 2×4 rectangles into the cabinets from the inside.


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