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10 Modern House Façades

Not everyone has the time and the money to renovate the interior of their home, but they do have time to makeover its exterior. If you are planning on doing this, you should read these ten modern house facades. They will improve your curb appeal while adding a contemporary look!

Many people are too busy to overhaul the interior of their houses. They forget that the first thing that comes into sight is the exterior. Thus, it is essential to make the facades as appealing as possible.

If you plan to makeover the exterior or even build a new house, you had better check these 10 modern house facades. They will add a contemporary look while improving the curb appeal.
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10 Modern House Facades
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10. Flat and Asymmetry Roof Lines

An asymmetrical look entails balance, which can seem excellent and organized. However, you sometimes need to think out of the box and prefer an uncommon style, like asymmetrical rooflines.
One of the hallmarks of a modern style is the flat and asymmetrical rooflines.

They may not look balanced, yet they offer a better appearance with simple, smart, minimalist, and striking designs. Also, you will spend less on the installation compared to the traditional roof. Besides, a flat roof saves some space, allowing you to use the rooms for other purposes.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. The Rooftop Space
    Rooflines create both the color and shape of the building. That is why they are essential. Plus, you can compare them with walls’ curves, making you feel comfortable in your home. The roofline of a house also plays a vital role in defining the roof shape, especially when it has curved lines like the ones above.
    Enhancements to your roofs may require professionals, like if you want to install skylights to create more space for your family or if you want to install solar panels that charge your batteries at night. Thus, before starting any renovations on your roofline, make sure that it has sufficient insulation so that you can save some money for other things.
  • No 2. The Large Windows
    The large windows of this facade are the best feature you can see. They look so appealing and modern. Modern homes often have large window panes to let more light inside. But, there is more than beauty here. These glass frames keep the heat away from your home during summer and keep your rooms warm during winter.
    This choice is also an excellent option to give your home a contemporary appearance, even if it is located in an exciting part of town. This example has large windows facing the street.
    You should also consider the size of your windows to make sure they are big enough to make a good impression on people who can see them from outside but not too much because it may affect your energy bills.
  • No 3. The Matching Color and Texture
    The color and texture of the facade bring a different dimension to the building and make it appear more appealing. The use of materials like brick, brickwork, stone, glass block, tiles, wood, steel plate siding, colored glass block windows is all excellent options to use. You can also go for combinations to make your house unique.
    Also, you can check out the curtain rail option to improve the appearance of your house by transforming it into a stylish place. This suggestion is an excellent interior fashion accessory that accentuates your home’s design while adding both character and charm at the same time.
  • No 4. Curved versus Straight Lines
    One of the best examples of modern style is curved lines. This type of facade is working both. Functionally and innovatively, adding a lot to the overall look and feel of the house.
    It would be best if you took your time to compare different curvy lines and choose the one that looks more attractive to you. Although most architects would recommend curved lines, straight ones can also work perfectly well depending on your home’s location, neighborhood, budget, etc. Plus, they are modern-looking too.
  • No 5. Exterior Decorating Options
    Most people overlook that they do not have to stick with their choices once they are made because there are many exterior decorating options for them to choose from. You can always go for combinations to make your house better stand out from the crowd.
    A combination of brick and other materials may also be a good idea to bring a different look to your house. Plus, this makes it resistant to weather conditions and a variety of unfavorable situations that may affect the exterior of your home.
  • No 6. Unexpected Features
    The other important aspect you should think about before installing new windows, for example, is how much energy they will let in your home. That is why you should check how energy-efficient they are before deciding whether or not they are worth buying. One surprising feature of this facade is the attic window with a triangle frame.

9. Give your facade Cleaner Lines and Extra Curves

In a modern home, you will be likely to find clean lines and geometric shapes that offer both simplicity and boldness. This feature occurs in not only the roof but also the entire building.
You will not find ornate columns, window shutters, arches, or any other sophisticated shapes. All you can see are simple vertical and horizontal elements with intentional asymmetry, just like this house.

This house features a lot of clean lines that have conquered the entire space.
As you can see, the roofs tilt to one position, allowing the water to drain quickly after the rain.
Many people claim that a modern house’s simplicity can be a worth-trying solution for today’s lifestyle. The simple, sleek, and clean lines eradicate any complicated look, making the home more calming and welcoming at the same time.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. Start with the foundation before any other structural component.
  • No 2. Don’t skimp on the foundation for too long, or else you will regret it later.
  • No 3. Fix any problems on the foundation now. Otherwise, it may be tough to fix later on.
  • No 4. Check whether the foundations are sound enough to support all kinds of weight and forces applied upon them by someone living in the house.
  • No 5. Don’t underestimate the importance of open spaces within your home. They help bring great harmony to your area, uplift your moods, and enhance the ventilation system already designed into your home’s layout plan or topography of its site.
  • No 6. Use high-quality and durable building materials to make sure your home is built strong and protected from the damage of harsh weather conditions.
  • No 7. If you let an expert help you build your modern home, you will save a lot of time and effort and give yourself some peace of mind as you live in such a quiet, safe, and spacious space that is just perfect for your needs.
  • No 8. You can’t just rely on one person for the construction of your house because that would lead to mistakes and variations along the way. To avoid this dire scenario, hire several experts to divide the tasks and work on each one together with precision and efficiency, resulting in a better-finished product than you expected at first.
  • No 9. Even if you are living in an old house that is already cool and comfortable, you can improve your home’s entire layout plan. One of the simplest ways to do that is by adding a new roof design to your old house.
  • No 10. It wouldn’t hurt at all if you chose finely-designed floors for the interior part of your beloved home—or even for the whole building itself. The best thing about having floors like these is that they make your home look more spacious, clean, inviting, and modern at the same time!

8. Minimum to No Window Treatments

A modern house enjoys a lot of natural light. To make it happen, you can try installing large, unadorned glass windows. This way, nothing would hinder the sun from illuminating the entire house, making it more open and airier.

You can also play with sizes to enrich the look of your house facades. Try pairing large feature windows with smaller ones to create the appearance of intentional asymmetry. Still, you need to take down the window treatments to a minimum.

If banishing window treatments is not possible, or if you want to get some privacy, you can opt for sheer curtains. They will help to prevent your neighbors or passersby from watching you.
Avoid installing sophisticated drapes with a lot of ornamentation because it can ruin the minimalist look.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. Start with a strong foundation.
  • No 2. Takedown the window treatments
  • No 3. Large feature windows with small ones
  • No 4. Create intentional asymmetry
  • No 5. Go for sheer curtains

Other tips: Use single pane glass for maximum transparency and natural illumination, creatively place plants near large openable windows to enhance its appeal, don’t be afraid to use contrasting materials such as timber and concrete, use a lot of light colors on curtains and walls to create a sense of space.

7. Give your space more Neutral Color Palettes

The most convenient and straightforward way to carve out a modern house façade is by applying a neutral color palette to the exterior.

Neutral colors embody simplicity and minimalistic, which are the heart of a modern house.
Besides, they will help you accentuate the main features of the façade – the clean lines and curves.
Instead of painting the exterior vibrant orange or fiery red, you can opt for gray, white, smoky, ash, or even black. Even better, you can combine both light and dark hues to create a monochromatic look.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. Begin with a Clean & Clean Space
    Before deciding on a color for the façade, you should first consider the mood of your interior.
    Pick a color to match your furniture and accessories.
    The choice is not as crucial as it seems because your interior’s dominant tone will come to the forefront.
    But if you want to maximize the impact of your facade, you should pay attention to its color palette.
    For example, if black and white colors dominate the living room, opting for a dark gray exterior will be appropriate.
    On the other hand, if your interior looks like a gem – cinnabar red walls – then go for slate or even charcoal gray.
  • No 2. Paint the Facade In Light Tones
    Dark colors make a big impression on the façade. But you should take into account that they are heavy, depressing, and unattractive. That is why you should opt for light shades. For instance, gray tones are light and airy. Besides, they are perfect for complementing cozy interiors.
    Yellow tones are great for warm interiors. They will remind you of the first rays of the sun hitting the snowy surface. They also work well with lush green trees or blue accents inside your house to make it more vivid and fresh-looking
    Silver tones will cause an impression of chic sophistication and modernity.
  • No 3. Use a Variety of Light and Dark Shades
    Applying a neutral color palette to the exterior walls can add interest with light and dark paint strokes. These elements will add depth to the façade and make it more appealing.
    However, make sure that you use these colors sparingly. You should focus on larger areas such as the arches or window frames. This way, you will make them stand out without diverting attention from the rest of the house’s exterior.
  • No 4. Add Contrast with Accents in Different Colors
    Contrary to popular belief, modern houses do not have to be monochromatic. Adding a bit of contrast will bring energy and life to your exterior design. For example, you can add soft touches of red in the form of soft gray or white trim. This step will add warmth and depth to the design and make it more attractive.
    You can use bright accents such as bright red or yellow foliage for your house’s columns or arches. This decision will also add a distinctive look.
  • No 5. Create a Seamless Look with Pencil Lines & Grills
    Adding a modern facade to your house will help it appear stunning, elegant, sophisticated, and stylish at the same time. But even if you have spent a lot of money on this remodeling project, you should not overlook simple details that can significantly improve its appearance. Pencil lines and grill patterns are two simple strokes that will make a big difference. The former will overlay the house stone, while the latter will make a decorative line pattern. Consider them as a modern alternative to classical brick patterns.
  • No 6. Use Mouldings to Create a Seamless Look
    Modern houses do not have to be bare and simple. You can create a seamless look by adding molding details such as wood, metal, or stone molding.
    Besides, you can choose an ornate design instead of plain brick or stone patterns that will help enhance the house’s charm and appeal. Verdigris or ironstone moldings work particularly well with white walls.
  • No 7. Add Texture & Color to the Façade
    Adding detailing or texture to the façade will make it stand out in the crowd. No matter what kind of texture you choose, make sure that it matches your interior design. For instance, if your interior is dominated by matte finish furniture, opt for matte paint or concrete.
    A modern facade should be an extension of your interior design. As such, there are no limitations when it comes to adding textures to your façade. Wood, metal meshwork, stone details will all work well with different furniture and accessories inside your house.
  • No 8. Use Sufficient Window Treatments
    Modern architecture is about simplicity and minimalistic design. But even if you choose a minimalist exterior, you should not lose sight of the windows.
    On the contrary, you should opt for a generous number of window treatments to create a sophisticated and airy feel. You can use simple curtains or more intricate blinds to make a striking contrast.
  • No 9. Create a Seamless Wall with Patterned Brickwork
    Most often than not, homeowners do not pay attention to brick patterns. But they can have a big impact on how modern your house looks from the outside and inside. Aside from being decorative, patterned brick designs can create dynamic lines and give your home more depth and texture. Consider using brick patterns to create a seamless look. You can use brick patterns to create a window treatment or even a bold borderline for your house’s paving.
  • No 10. Add Colorful Accents to the Walls
    Invisible colors such as grays, beiges, and whites are prevalent in contemporary houses. But you should not forget about other colors that can add a bit of spice and energy. For instance, you can add colorful accents such as purple vines to the entrance walls or curtains with a leafy pattern.
    You can also opt for accent walls that have bold patterns and color splashes on them.

6. The Mixed Materials

The use of mixed materials is also another essential feature of a modern house façade. You might find the combinations of stone, wood, or exposed concrete coming in clean lines and geometric shapes.

The ultimate goal of concocting various materials is to marry the charm of the past and the simplicity of the future while making bold statements. Besides, those different materials can result in a unique and unified aesthetic rather than a haphazard look if designed thoroughly.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. Begin with a sketch. Based on the route of the house, the section you need to build is usually found from the facade. So, a sketch should be created in advance, especially if you are doing a lot of remodeling.
  • No 2. Work with a professional contractor. Having an experienced contractor handle your home improvement will make the end product appealing and unique to you and your family.
  • No 3. Keep it simple but not too simple. The structure of every good modern house exterior should keep it simple but not too simple, i.e., geometric shapes, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation to ensure that it reflects both modernism and classicism.
  • No 4. You may replace the existing door with a glass door. Although glass doors tend to be more pricey, they can bring a massive change to your house, especially if you live in a country that experiences a lot of rain.
  • No 5. Utilize the existing patio or decking. If you have an existing patio or decking, utilize it by turning it into a stunning modern terrace. In other words, use the space that you already have, then decorate it with wrought iron, glass tiles, and other decorative elements.
  • No 6. Think about your backyard and get ideas from other people’s backyards. Outdoor spaces usually get ignored by everyone during the planning stage of a house project, but they can be a huge asset for many people.
  • No 7. Use the natural weathering elements to make your house more appealing and appealing to nature. You can use rocks, water features, or even organic plant material to make your home look more crisp and natural.
  • No 8. Use brick as your building material. Use brick as a building material for a modern house exterior because it is durable, versatile, and affordable.
  • No 9. Keep the length of a room in mind to make a proper design for a modern exterior of a house.
  • No 10. Consider the signs on the interior of your home while choosing exterior materials like stone or wood to avoid unnecessary conflicts between indoor and outdoor space designs.

5. The protruding secondary roof

Some modern houses have unique features like a cantilevered section. It is a protruding platform on the second level, creating extended space for the living area.

This cantilevered extension will make your modern house façade conspicuously beautiful and elegant. Besides, it also provides an extra room that you can use for various purposes.

Other Relevant details you need to know:

  1. The roof design of the house with a cantilever is typically flat.
    It is a type of pitched roof with two parts:
    ~ The main section and a cantilevered portion.
    The main section of the roof is perpendicular to the cantilevered part, and it is left open on both sides.
    ~ The cantilever modern house facade is perfect for those who want an extra room but do not want to build an extension. It allows you to extend your living space without adding more rooms to your house.
  2. Meticulously positioned gutters and downpipes.
  3. The color palette of the house facade is usually neutral and subdued – ranging from white to grey to black.
  4. Materials used in building a modern house facade.
    Flexible metal materials, such as aluminum and steel, usually construct a cantilever modern house facade. Besides, glass is also used as the exterior wall material. The materials will play an essential role in making your modern house façade stand out.
  5. The material that makes up the outer layer of the cantilevered modern house facade should be smooth and flat. It must prevent water from causing damage to the inner structure of the building during heavy rainstorms.
    The external walls will also need to be kept clean to prevent damage caused by mold or mildew growths on the material’s surface over time.
  6. You must choose the color of the modern house façade carefully.
    You need to consider many factors when picking a color for a cantilever modern house facade, including sun exposure, the amount of rain, and wind resistance required.
    Colors with a high solar reflectance index – which means they have a surface reflecting light – are best for sunny environments. It will keep the interior of the house cool and prevent energy loss. On the other hand, colors with a low solar reflectance index will absorb more sunlight and require less heating in cold climates.
  7. The size of the modern house facade is usually significant to allow enough space for living areas on both levels of your home.
  8. Construction and design of the modern house façade.
    Building a cantilever modern house facade usually takes 5 to 15 days to finish the exterior work.
    However, you need to allow enough time for the material to cure appropriately after construction.
    As described, there are many different things that you need to consider when building a new modern house with a cantilevered section on its façade. The decisions you make will determine whether your home will have a bold and beautiful exterior or not.
  9. Features incorporated into the modern house facade include bay windows, protruding balconies with glass railings, and curved walls with large panoramic windows, revealing a beautiful view right from inside the house.
  10. The color of the windows used on the modern house façade should complement the color of the walls.
  11. A modern house facade’s interior design is usually simple due to the lack of space within the limited area.
  12. Materials used for building a modern house façade. Styrofoam, concrete, glass, metal, wood, and fabric are commonly used for modern houses with cantilever sections on their facades. Many people choose aluminum or steel due to their higher resistance to environmental factors. It is essential to check whether these elements are resistant to corrosion, especially if this area is exposed to water frequently.
  13. The ground of the modern house facade should be flat and stable.
  14. The cantilever sections on the modern house facade will be reinforced with metal supports or masonry wall blocks for additional strength.
  15. Making the cantilever sections of the modern house façade is often an exercise in creativity and practicality.
  16. Cleaning the exterior of the modern house with a cantilever is usually done with simple materials like tarpaulins or plastic sheets to cover, suspend, or protect the building exterior during windy weather conditions.
  17. The materials used to build a modern house with a cantilever usually differ from those used in the rest of the building.
  18. Other decorative elements, such as window boxes and planters, may be included on the exterior of a modern house with a cantilever section on its façade.

4. The Modern Minimalist Idea for the Facade

When improving the front yard landscaping, you have to remember this magic saying – “less is more.” It means you have to ditch any complexity that will cause you much trouble. You can stick to a low-maintenance garden instead.

To carve out minimalist landscaping, consider expanding the hardscape area. Large concrete blocks with some gravel would be much better than a lush green lawn. At least you do not need to water and mow them, right?

If you are an avid gardener and longing for some touch of natural beauty, you can try growing low-maintenance plants like Japanese boxwood, foxtail ferns, bamboos, and mountain laurel.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. The color of the house – the choice could be either white or light gray:
    The color can be a massive factor in improving curb appeal. The only rule is that it should be not too bright and not too dull. You can also add other colors like red, blue, green, and yellow if you want to add some personality to your home.
  • No 2. The Entryway – should be functional and should lead to various areas:
  • No 3. The Balcony – can be on the back or the front, depending on the location:
  • No 4. The Windows – should not be too bright, and they should be large enough to let in plenty of natural sunlight:
  • No 5. Awnings – are great for shade, but keep in mind that they shouldn’t obstruct the way into your house.

3. The Traditional and Modern Mixed up Idea

Some people might think that traditional brick walls do not belong to a modern house. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you design it fastidiously, you can get an epic façade, just like this one.
This house manages to bring in traditional charm and modern look at the same time without giving you an eyesore.

The success relies on the clean lines and curves that have always been the hallmark of a modern house. Therefore, although you can notice exposed brick walls in the exterior, you can still see the simplicity and minimalistic.

You can grow climbing plants on top of the flat roof and let it dangle to add a more dramatic look.

Other Important details:

  • No 1. As the house architects, they decided to use a big tree in the corner of the building complex. This tree, which is surrounded by the wall, gives the house an epic feel.
  • No 2. The white walls make sure that you can see more greenery inside your home instead of what was used for decoration. The green plants grow on top of it and adhere to its side, looking like draping down like green blood veins on white skin.
    ~ The color green is good for visibility and balance because it has a yellowish tint that provides energy to both people and plants; meanwhile, it has coolness which makes eyes relax after staring at electronic devices (TVs, computers, smartphones, etc.).
  • No 3. The brick walls with deep souls draw attention from afar. The house is set in a suburban area, which makes the white color the best ally of the exterior. It complements the green plants that grow on top of it and gives a natural touch to the structure.
  • No 4. People always love a good story, and this one is about three school children who noticed that their wall was not up to par with what they wanted. They had been staring at it for months when they decided to makeover their house’s exterior one day.
    They stopped looking at it, though, when you already finished it because they were desperately looking for their next adventure in life instead of focusing on something so dull as exterior design.
  • No 5. The white and gray color palette looks like a canvas. It is the perfect choice for any house because this neutral color suits any decoration, and it never hurts anybody’s eyes.
    The red wall draws attention because it stands out from this monotonous facade, while the plants bring some life and nature to the story.
  • No 6. The red wall serves as a background for the plants decorating the house. They can hang from it and match with its shade, so you get the idea that they grew naturally on top of it. Also, these plants add a natural touch to your home that only nature can provide since they grow naturally and help others grow simultaneously.
  • No 7. The white walls of the house complement the gray trees on it. This idea comes with a traditional design to beautify homes, though adding some more natural elements might be outstanding.
    ~ The red wall with green plants on top of it is used to bring more energy into the structure, while the green lawn connecting them completes this thing that looks like a living organism. With this background color, you get all the advantages of minimalism plus an epic touch.
  • No 8. The uneven ground adds a bit of an epic touch to the facade. It brings life on top of dead surfaces and gives people eye candy they can stare at for hours upon walking by your home’s structure on the street.
  • No 9. This house is full of green plants. The walls are white to complement this structure, which adds some more life to it.
  • No 10. The roof of this house is planted on top of the wall, giving a natural touch to the structure. This trick is one way to make your facade look more appealing.
  • No 11. This house brings in some modernity with its dark streaks on top of the white walls, which makes it look neutral and alive at the same time, thanks to all the flowers growing on the front space. The gray shades of the walls complete the looks. Like a living organism made out of bricks

2. Be Creative with Lighting

Lighting can add a bit of ambiance to the space while accentuating the style you are trying to carve out.

  • For a modern house, you need to pick simple lights and avoid any sophisticated ones. Instead of installing chandeliers or wrought-iron sconces to illuminate the porch, you can try recessed LED lights.
  • If the trip to the front door features several steps, consider installing recessed lights in each step. Not only will they better the curb appeal at night, but they will also help you and your guests to see the stair better, which can minimize the risk of slipping.

Other Relevant details:

  • No 1. Light Up the Front Door
    The uncluttered Front door is an essential element of a modern home, and it needs to be uniquely different from the rest of the exterior. Several of these doors use LED lights for more natural and gentle lighting.
    Simply install a light above the front door, and you will notice that many of your guests more frequently glance at this entrance. You can also add subtle lighting on its handle or on the ground near your front door to announce your arrival before you get to the house.
  • No 2. Lamps for Your Front Door
    You should protect your front door from strong winds, so you need several types of modern design lamps on it.
  • No 3. Light Up the Front Door from Inside
    In the front door, you should use planters to add some color and interest. As a result, your front door will be the primary source of light in your front yard.
  • No 4. Use a Decorative Garden Lamp
    With a modern-looking lamp for your front door, you can also use a decorative garden lamp on your porch for added decorative effect. You can place the lantern in a planter or under an archway to create mystery around it. You can also spraypaint it with green or white colors to achieve different effects for your backyard area.
  • No 5. Outdoor Recessed Lights
    Outdoor recessed LED lights come in different forms and styles, but they all serve the same purpose; that is, to provide ambient lighting for your patio or porch area. You can use them anywhere you wish to illuminate your outdoor places, such as your front door and porch, garden and backyard, and sides of the house and garage walls.

1. Modern House Façade with Tropical Vibes

Although a modern house tends to stick to low-maintenance landscaping, you can always personalize it as you please.
If you want to bring in the vacation vibes to your home, you can grow some tropical plants in the front yard. You can also add more wooden material to the exterior to accentuate the look.

Other Important details:

  1. To start giving your facade a tropical vibe, you should paint external walls in white.
  2. To separate the house from the street, you should install a porch or a gate.
  3. You should also consider installing an arbor to bring more greenery into your property.
  4. If you want a modern outdoor patio instead of a porch with elaborate decoration, you can use a simple flooring material to achieve it.
  5. You can also install a rain shower system to conserve water.
  6. Return to number 3, Plants that you can choose are
  • A. Sydney Phoenix Palms
  • B. Citrus
  • C. Syngoniums and Agapanthus
  • D. Carex and Salpiglossis
  • E. Lemons and Limes
  • F. Trees such as Alstonia, Avodirea, Hibiscus, Hibiscus rosa-Sinensis, Hibiscus mutabilis, and various kinds of Leucospatha.
  • G. Passion Flowers and Flowers such as Bougainvillea, Roconia, and various kinds of Alstroemeria.
  • H. Orchid species such as Phalaenopsis, Oncidium (Orchid species with colorful flower), etc.
  • I. Plants for the garden such as Cactus and Aloe Plant (for landscaping interior), Ficus (for landscaping interiors), and Vines such as Bougainvillea, Climber plants such as Ivy, and Plants for the garden such as Cactus and Aloe Plant (for landscaping interior), Ficus (for landscaping interiors), and Vines such as Bougainvillea, Climber plants such as Ivy, and  Heather.

Did you know you can use that stained glass to accentuate the look of modern houses? It is true because it has some features associated with modern designs, such as geometric shapes and vibrant colors, not to mention easy upkeep and low maintenance.


Those are 10 modern house facades that you can try to implement in your new or existing home. The key is to create a sleek look by combining various materials with clean lines and a neutral color palette. You can also try to personalize it by incorporating your favorite to kick it up a notch.



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