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10 Laundry Hidden in Kitchen Ideas (Small and Regular Size)

Let’s face it. It’s challenging to make a washer and dryer look good unless you have a room for a large, plush laundry room and the budget for some high-end appliances.
That clumsy, box-like machine in which you put your clothes all the time rarely looks excellent under any circumstances.

What’s the solution? Cover them as best as you can. Even if your kitchen has limited space, you can put these ideas into practice if you learn how to do it right. Here are 10 Laundry Hidden in Kitchen Ideas you may want to adopt to optimize every priceless space in your small kitchen.

Some tricks you can take to hide your washer and dryer too. As always, Simphome presents you with the list.

Awesome 10 Laundry Hidden in Kitchen Ideas
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10. A Single Inset Door Project Idea

A single inset door hides every contraption here, but note the planks along the floor showing a flat foot kick. You need to remove it to pull the washer or dryer in for service. If you decide to close your equipment, as in the picture, make sure your water lines (or natural gas lines) are within easy reach in the event of a leak. You can install the cutter in the laundry room sink base cabinet, too, if necessary.

9. The Bi-fold Doors

This sage green laundry room features a pair of folding doors. Bi-fold doors are great for small spaces like laundry rooms, closets, and pantries.
Although not providing maximum security, these accordion-style doors are still an excellent solution to hide typically messy spaces.

It comes with an unbroken and deep counter with the same deep style bar sink and counter material. The author doubled the solution down behind the wall-mounted faucet, so the knob is within reach.

If you follow the idea, consider adding extra depth for dead space behind the appliance (for water pipes, dryer vent hoses, or gas lines), or you’ll run out of room under your counter.

8. Fit your washer and dryer on a single space

With this idea, you will find that you can finish your laundry faster.

If you decide on this type of cabinet, make sure that the door is flush with the wall, so the solution doesn’t protrude too far out. The material for your cabinet should be durable enough to withstand the weight of a washing machine and dryer. You will also need to have an adjustable shelf on the inside of your cabinet to store cleaning supplies.

Remember to make the cabinets openings larger than the width of the washer and dryer, so you can remove them without removing the door.

7. A Large Cupboard with Extra Storages Idea

Now, this is a serious workhorse! The extra-deep cupboard hides more than a washer and a dryer nicely. They rest on drawers, making it easier for you to reach them when adding or removing laundry.


  • No 1: Build a simple wall on both sides of the cupboard to make it independent from the table or kitchen.
    Height from the top to the floor depends on your choice.
    Width: 3m
    Depth: 1m for table and 1.5m for washer and dryer (These measurements are adjustable).
  • No 2: Make a door with a shelf to put some laundry detergent, bleach, clothes spray, etc.

If these washers and dryers are stacked, there will be room to store a vacuum, pet food, or shelves for bulk paper products.

6. Hide Your Laundry Appliances with a Curtain

Well, if you can’t move things in any cupboard, corner, or cupboard, then you just need to work with them. Curtains are your life savior here. They are cheap enough to buy and easy enough to put on to hide. Best of all, you can choose any pattern or color you want. It is an easy project for those who want a quick concealing fix. You can also add a few decor accents to personalize the tiny space, such as plant and antique boxes that hold dryer sheets, a lampshade, and many more.

5. Hallway Cabinets Idea with a Laundry Storage

Who wouldn’t wish they had a wall full of secret compartments in their hallway? This incredible storage has a contemporary cabinet that hides various messy places, including a washer, dryer, and laundry area.

To make it, your requirements are:

  • No 1: A set of two-drawer or three upper-lower cabinets with a dark finish matching the size of your space
  • No 2: Wooden frame in the width of your cabinet
  • No 3: Plastic support for dry sweaters (Optional)
  • No 4: Bottom shelf with thick, width, and length according to your needs

In the end, you’ll get your washer and dryer accessible behind a snugly contemporary cabinet with a silky touch. With a sufficient amount of storage on the top side and two other sides

4. The Beautiful Orange Barn Door

Cabinets may be stylish and functional, but so are sliding doors! Barn doors, in particular, will bring an attractive look to your home if you can use them with a wardrobe or storage area large enough. Preparations you need are sliding barn door hardware kits and painted doors (orange in the context) with your favorite wood paint of your choice.

To determine if this installation will work for you, make sure there is sufficient wall space on one or both sides for the door so that you can fully open the barn door.

3. Hide Your Laundry pieces of equipment Behind Vintage Cabinet

If you’re working with a tight budget, adding vintage cabinets could be the most affordable way to keep your laundry equipment hidden. Copy from this idea; for example, you’ll get new laundry storage with blackboard doors that you can build from scraps.
Annie made the base of the desk from two old doors. She painted them to match the top and then added blackboard paint on

You can convert a few lower cabinets to give way to a room for your machines. When you do not use it, just close the cabinet doors. No one would notice unless they see the note written on the chalkboard.

2. Stash Your Appliances Away in a Bottom Part of a Cabinet

If you thought you only liked your laundry room, take a look at this one. Everything about this particular space is visually stunning.
Here, the cabinet is covered in decorative hooks and pegboard with hooks and tension rods (if you want). Clear glass doors extend out to provide an air of elegance (especially with the sparkling chicken wire mesh inside).
This space looks crisp and clean from all angles, but it has a surprising secret: there’s a laundry compartment under the cabinet, which contains various washing machines and dryers.

You can open the doors to see how insanely creative this was. No one would ever suspect these appliances are available inside your suffocating kitchen space

Lastly, number 1. Hide Your Laundry Machine inside a Closet

The most general solution to store machines is inside a semi-closet space.
To adopt the idea for your own benefit consider:

  • Number 1: There is 60% of the space left in the closet which can be used for the machine
  • Number 2: The door should have an opening of about 6 inches wide in order to allow easy loading and unloading. The door itself should not block the wall when opened all the way.
  • Number 3: Hooray! There is a light that will be on from both sides when opened (can’t have your back to dark while folding)
  • Number 4: The top of your machine can still be used as a hanging bar (just don’t forget to lower it after use). And yes, you’ll need a sturdy chair for sitting while folding.

We hope these 10 laundries hidden in kitchen ideas have inspired you to solve your laundry room (or lack of) problems. If you have a unique solution to place machines when space is limited, please share it with us.



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