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Furniture placement ideas to make your kitchen look more spacious

Almost everyone likes to have a nice, open-spaced kitchen, where their family can gather to cook and spend quality time together. Still, not every family has a kitchen that’s spacious and it makes it difficult to organize the furniture placement in the kitchen.

If your kitchen is smaller, you are probably wondering how to make it look more spacious. This is the right article for you since we will provide you with the best furniture placement ideas to make your kitchen look more spacious.

Also, if you’ve been transferred to a new location, say from Birmingham to London, you’re likely to find yourself with a smaller kitchen. So, look around locally for things you might find less expensively in residential areas of Birmingham than in London, such as a smaller second-hand fridge or kitchen island. Then, let an area removal company, such as Birmingham Man and Van Service, deliver it to your new London address with all your other possessions. That way, everything’s ready to go on arrival, you’ve saved a bit of money, and you’ve had help with the heavy lifting

1. Buy a smaller fridge

A lot of people want to have a large double-winged fridge that is going to be the centerpiece of their kitchen. Still, if your kitchen is on the smaller side, and your family is not that large, there’s really no need for a refrigerator that big.

By having a small fridge, you will save up on space, and you’ll be able to use it for cabinets or countertops. The purpose will remain the same and you’ll still be able to fit in all your groceries. You can even buy a fridge with a freezer attached to even save more space.

2. Replace your island

If your kitchen is small, you might want to think about replacing your kitchen island or even removing it totally. You can hire kitchen remodeling contractors for this and also trade your island for a smaller one that you can just use for prepping food.

On the other hand, if you remove the island from the kitchen, you will save up a lot of space and you can switch it for a rolling kitchen cart. That way, you can only bring it in when you actually need it and use the space for something else.

It will help you to create a minimalist, decluttered home where you and your family can make long-lasting memories.

3. Switch to open shelves

When it comes to a small kitchen that you want to make more spacious, a great tip is to switch your upper cabinets for open shelves. The cabinets can be bulky and make the space seem way smaller than it actually is.

By using open shelves, the space will be open and it will have a more spacious look. You can make the shelves interesting by putting your favorite plates or cups on the display.

They will also be convenient for putting smaller kitchen appliances like a toaster or a Nespresso machine.

4. Use mirror backsplash

Mirrors create an optical illusion by reflecting light and color across the room. By using a mirror backsplash instead of a regular tile one, you can make your kitchen seem bigger and more open than it actually is.

Another great thing about mirror backsplash is that it will be easier to clean and maintain. They will also make the space seem brighter and more inviting.

5. Think about having a smaller sink

We all know that farm sinks look beautiful and that they provide us with a lot of space for washing the dishes. Still, the actual size of the sink can be an issue when you have a small kitchen. Instead of wasting so much space, you can just install a smaller, regular sink.

You will still be able to wash the dishes, but you will have more space for your countertops. Also, a smaller sink will make you wash the dishes more often so that they are not piling up in the kitchen. You will create more space while being more productive at the same time.

6. Think about a compact dishwasher and oven

Compact appliances, like a compact dishwasher or a compact oven, are perfect for smaller families with a tight kitchen. The bases are still the same and you can get everything done with the compact appliances the same way you can with the regular ones.

A perk is that they will help you save up on space and make your kitchen seem bigger and wider.

7. Change your lighting

Lighting can really change the overall appearance of a certain room and make it feel brighter and bigger. By changing your fixtures, you can easily achieve a more open-spaced look in your kitchen. Pendant lights are a great option for smaller kitchens.

You can also add more windows to make the natural light flow better, which will also help with making the space wider. Another good thing to incorporate with the lighting is painting the walls white. They are more reflective and they will give the space an open feeling.

Avoid any dark colors because they absorb light and make the space way smaller than it actually is.

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