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10 Inspiring Bedroom Interior Transformation on a Budget

We all know how important sleep is for our health. The amount of sleep that you get each night affects your physical well-being, your mental health, and the quality of your life. This post is still a roundup of exciting yet inexpensive bedroom interior transformations with a budget of hopefully under $100

Bedroom interior transformation on a budget: Bedroom furniture or decorative accessories can completely alter the style and feel of your bedroom. Most importantly, they can help you to create the perfect place for you to fall asleep in. Here are some tips on how to create a beautiful, cozy bedroom without breaking the bank.

A bedroom can be an easy makeover to do. But how will you give your room a genuinely luxurious refresh on a budget? Relax! We have got all the solutions here.

Sometimes, you need fresh paint, a new window treatment, or a replacement pillow for a cheap bedroom transformation. Nothing will break the bank, but they will make your bedroom feel fresh and instantly more high-priced.
Have a read these 10 inspiring bedroom interior transformations on a budget to remodel your bedroom and give your bedroom a big makeover on a small budget next.

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List Entries:

10. Work with the Bed Linen

If you are trying to find something that will not cost you a fortune, let’s begin with pillows. They are the most flexible soft furnishings and are such an inexpensive idea to transform your bedroom.

Once you start to feel uninspired by your old space, try changing your pillows and bedding. Choosing different colors and patterns is worth trying since it can give a brand new feel and look.

For a luxurious hotel vibe, try filling your pillows. Do this by ordering an inside that’s a little too large or filling your pillows with two inserts. You can also do the chopping technique. This way, you can make them look fuller and luxurious.

Additional instructions and details:

  1. If you can’t find the exact pillow size, just slightly go larger than what you need.
  2. For the inside, choose an insert that’s one size smaller than your pillow cover. You can achieve this by cutting out extra fabric or ensuring that your full-sized insert fits into the cover.
  3. Place it towards the center of your pillow, so it doesn’t show outside of the case. If you want even more volume, try stuffing these inserts with additional batting scraps to create a softer look and feel for your pillows.
  4. If you are sewing, you can use the backstitch to secure your seams together. You should do this until your pillow cover is completely enclosed with the batting.
  5. Make sure that your seams are straight and flat once you are done sewing.
  6. Finally, stuff your pillow insert inside of the cover until it reaches total capacity.

9. An Easy DIY Headboard Project Idea You can complete under an hour

If your bedroom is small, you might think about ditching the headboard. Well, you do not need to do it if you opt for this curtain-style fabric headboard. It acts as an ornamental headboard behind the bed while creating an enthralling focus.

To make this headboard, simply fasten an attractive curtain rod to the wall above the bed. This way, you can hang a fabric headboard design.

Additional instructions and details:

  1. Choose a fabric that matches the color scheme of the bed.
  2. If you need assistance, you can tape or pin your fabric to the wall to get it straight before fastening it.
  3. Measure your curtain rod horizontally across the width of your bed. Then measure the length of your wall.
  4. Select an appropriate length for your curtains, making sure to account for the headboard’s height.
  5. Purchase a curtain rod that fits both measurements and fasten each end of the rod to the wall with anchors.
  6. Attach one end of the curtain into a grommet or hook on your headboard fabric’s hemline edge.
  7. Repeat this process by attaching another grommet or hook close to where you started with another side of your curtain fabric’s hemline edge, so you have enough room at either end to hang it without bumping into anything else in between!
  8. Attach the curtain rod to the fabric using its other end.
    Of course, you can skip making a headboard if you’re okay with open curtains all around your bed.

8. Add a Lively Lift with Greenery

You do not need to have a green thumb to incorporate natural beauty into your bedroom. Simple greenery like fiddle leaf figs hanging from the ceiling or bed canopy will work like a charm.

Houseplants can instantly add a lively lift, color, and texture to a bedroom, plus you can also choose small cute pots that add some decor. And if you think the maintenance can be too much trouble, remember that you can always select a fake one.

Detailed instructions on how to add an indoor garden inside your limited bedroom:

  • Step 1: Choose your plants
    The trick here is to choose plants that require less water to stay alive. That way, you can avoid overwatering or having to worry about them dying. This step will not only save you money but also give you more time for other things.
    Some of those plants are the following:
    – Holly
    This small plant produces small white flowers in the winter.
    – Fiddle leaf fig
    These plants are also called common fig trees and produce ivory-white flowers on top of their branches.
    – Wisteria Vine
    Its short vines climb through trellises that are tied to the façade of your bedroom.
  • Step 2: Find the plants with the most suitable place where they can live together in harmony
    Not all plants can coexist easily, so you have to pick plants that are compatible with each other carefully.
  • Step 3: Determine the size of your plants.
    Once you’ve chosen your plants, consider how big your bedroom is. For example, if you have a small bedroom but want to add some colorful greenery, hang plants with neutral green leaves. This kind of plant will look even livelier than green-leafed trees since it is more compact!
    If you have a larger room space, try putting in some bigger plants on individual pots or flowerpots so they can be seen easier.
  • Step 4: Choose where to place your plants.
    Most indoor gardeners go with hanging pots since they are easy to stack.
  • Step 5: Choose pots
    Look for pots that are made of terracotta or plastic. They are less likely to break apart once they are exposed to too much moisture. Moreover, they are lighter and will not be challenging to carry around.
  • Step 6: Water plants properly
    Try watering plants at least once a week, but avoid overwatering them as it can lead to root rot and mold growth.
  • Step 7: Make sure plants are healthy.
    Check the leaves in the morning and the evening for health. Healthy plants will show signs of color, while sick ones will be pale or yellow.
    You can also select pots that come with fertilizer strips inside. However, make sure the instructions say how long to leave them before using them. Otherwise, you may end up with plants that are too malnourished for their good.
  • Step 8: Use essential oils to bring life back into your indoor garden
    Some oils that can help your indoor plants include spearmint oil, rosemary oil, and lavender oil. These oils are known for their antiseptic and antioxidant properties.
  • Step 9: Be patient!
    Your indoor garden will not be perfect when you put the plants inside, so just give it some time to grow into its best form!

If possible, Make Your Own Abstract Wall Sculpture.
An artist living in an apartment may feel cramped, especially for large artworks or sculptures. Yet you can still beautify your living space by making your abstract wall sculptures using fabric, colorful yarns, paper, and other materials instead of paint.

7. Let the Paint Do Its Magic

Repainting is one of the most straightforward and most affordable ways to give your bedroom a new look. If bold colors are not your thing, simply apply a fresh coat of cream paint to instantly make the walls feel brighter and cleaner.

You can get so much cheap paint now you can redecorate, but what color to choose? We love the soft and subtle vibe of this bedroom. It would be better if you ordered a tester beforehand to see whether the color you choose will turn out well or not.

Detailed instructions:

  • No 1. Paint the Ceiling
    Prepare your bedroom and remove all furniture and accessories.
    Paint the ceiling and leave them dry if you like a glossy effect. If you prefer a matt finish, allow them to dry, then sand down with wet and dry paper.
  • No 2. Paint the Walls
    Remove all accessories, light fixtures, blinds, and even paint cans that have not been removed to avoid contamination of the walls. Clean everything with methylated spirits, methylated spirit solution, or cotton wool dipped in alcohol, then clean with water.
    ~ Start painting by painting one wall right now, so you’ll have it done before you begin to paint other walls according to the color scheme.
    ~ You can paint your walls in one go or any areas that need touching up and those that require more texture, such as the floorboard or molding.
    ~ Spray with an even layer of primer, allow it to dry for 12–24 hours before spraying on a top coat of paint matching your chosen color scheme – cream for a sleek look or bolder pastels if looking to give a vintage vibe.
  • No 3. Choose a Color Scheme
    Every room needs a color scheme that works well with it, and this is the trickiest step. You need to consider how important it is to have a specific color scheme, what color flowers your partner will want, and what colors you would love to see in a room. Keep an eye out for paint samples from local superstores or online!
  • No 4. Furnish the Room
    Place all furniture in position before the painting starts so the colors will still be visible once you start painting. If you’re not happy with the color scheme, simply remove your accessories and replace them with new items before painting the room.
  • No 5. Complete the Room
    Replace all accessories once they are dry, make sure everything’s still in place, and record everything on the plan you’ve made to make sure all of your accessories are back where they belong after the room is finished!

6. A Fabulous Drape as the Closet Door

One of the super cute cheap bedroom hacks is by covering your open closet with curtains. It will not only hide clutter but also carry color and pattern into the space. More importantly, you can replace it easily when you want to make a new look.

To create this closet door, you will need an adjustable curtain rail, curtain rings with clips, and any decorative fabric you like. You even don’t need to ask for an expert’s help.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Secure curtain ring with plastic hooks inside the curtain.
  2. Measure the length that you want your curtain to come down.
  3. Cut two different lengths of fabric for your pocket; each should be approximately the same length as the width of your door frame.
  4. Attach one fabric on each side of the door frame starting at the top and working down to the bottom.
    ~ Draw up about an inch or so around both sides of the door frame.
    ~ Then secure it in place by sliding a clip through each hole and clipping them in place with a clip from inside one side of your material.
    ~ And out through another side via a small slit in this side.
  5. Sew the two sides of your pocket together with a 1/2 inch seam.
  6. Turn under the edge of each seam so that when you turn it around, it will be about an inch in from both sides of the pocket
  7. Measure down 5 inches for the right and left sides of your curtain, leaving room for sewing to attach your curtain to the door frame, then cut down one third that size for two short bottoms – these are where you will sew over the top in place on each side of the door frame, in case they don’t sit in place comfortably when they are hung.
  8. Attach the rail to your door frame, mark where you will sew your curtain onto the door frame.
  9. Line up the side seams of the curtain with the side of your door, ensuring that it is even all around – do not worry if you have an inch or so of excess fabric; you are only sewing the top edge together. Therefore all you need to ensure is that they are even.
  10. Sew each side of the pocket together with a 1/2 inch seam.
    Then attach it to your door via sewing through all four corners where you have marked on both sides of your fabric.
  11. Turn under the edges of the top to create a finished look and then fold in under an inch to sew in place

How to get A Private Hotel Room in A Cheap Bedroom?
The way you decorate your room says something about you. If you want your bedroom to be relaxing, opt for neutral colors like white, grey, or black, perfect for creating a tranquil atmosphere.

If you want your bedroom to be an oasis of calm, then pick out furniture with smooth curves and soft fabrics. A wooden bed with green or gray sheets is always calming on the eye. You can also add pops of color with plants or throw cushions.

5. Anchor Your Bed with an Oversized Rug

You might be reluctant to leave your warm, cozy bed in the morning and step out onto a floor that is almost icing overnight. Besides, a comfortable big rug under the bed won’t only exclude timidity in the morning, but it will also help reduce loud sound on the floor and provide the space with an extra level of texture and color.

Area rugs can also conceal tons of sins like stained carpet, yellowed vinyl, tired-looking floorboards,
you name it. You will not see that eyesore anymore. Instead, you will find beauty and comfort lying right under your bed.

Area rugs look best if you place most of the furniture on them, plus this will also make your room appear bigger. If possible, add smaller ones on either side of the bed for extra texture and comfort.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Measure your room and decide on the size of your rug.
  2. Decide how far you want your bed from the window, and try to keep it centered if possible.
  3. Arrange furniture around the rug, then move it to a place that feels right.
  4. Layout a big rug or a series of smaller ones according to the above instructions, then adjust the position by sliding it around on your floor until you feel that it looks right – this is easier if you have some furniture out so that there is less clutter
  5. If possible, ask someone to help you as moving furniture back into position can be cumbersome with heavy things like sofas, etc.
  6. Place a mattress and cover it with a duvet or two, then add rugs to the floor around the bed and curtains over the windows.
  7. Use Ligature Window Decor
    Adding ligature to your windows is one of many simple solutions for an inexpensive makeover. You can get creative and super cute, or you can use your imagination and think outside the box! The best part is it does not cost you anything other than a few minutes to make this look fabulous!

This idea is another cheap bedroom hack using old items that you will recycle into something beautiful and functional:

  • Use a hammer and nail to hang small paintings in a grid or shape that you like. You can use the same frames to hang them in different places.
  • Add Colorful Throw Pillows to Your Bed
    These pillows will add color and texture, plus they will make your bed look like a statement piece.
  • Add A Nightstand to Your Bed
    Lamps, books, and other decorative items look great on nightstands. Keep in mind that nightstands should match the style of your bedside table; otherwise, it might look odd.

4. Add a Twist to Your Lighting

There are so many beautiful and affordable bedroom lighting options out there. It seems a waste not to finish with your standard beige lamp shape and add something that will make a real statement.

Replace the lampshade with something that adds texture and interest to your room, such as a rattan shade or industrial-style metal. If it’s just a direct trade-off, changing the shades is something you can do in no time. Always read the instructions thoroughly. If you are not sure, you can hire an electrician.

Detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: Start with your lamp. Unscrew the lamp, pull out the bulb and remove the shade, and then unscrew the socket with your screwdriver.
  • Step 2: Take the new socket and put it on; make sure it fits well with your bulb’s threading. Screw it back into place. Put everything back together if necessary (switch, etc.). Turn on the light just to be sure everything is working correctly.
  • Step 3: Remove your new lampshade by unscrewing or unclipping any hardware holding it in place. Do this for both sides of the shade so you can take both halves off of your lamp at once
  • Step 4: Put your new shade together. If you have a round lamp, this is easier than a square one. If you have a square lamp, don’t worry. It just takes longer. Usually, the top of the shade will twist off first; then, you can set that loose and set it aside.
  • Step 5: Next, take the bottom of your new lampshade and unscrew or unclip anything holding it together (you may need to do that for both sides). Then take both halves off of your lamp at once.
  • Step 6: Put the new shade together by attaching one half to the other with whatever hardware was holding them together before (screws or clips).

3. An Inexpensive Artwork Exhibition

Prints are an excellent, convenient, and cheap way to transform a bedroom and switch a dull, empty wall into something striking and exciting. Besides, you can change the artwork every few months for a quick makeover. Affordable art is available around you. You can even display postcards, wallpaper samples, or even wrapping paper in a frame. They will look cute!

Get things out of the magazines too. If you wish for a more relaxed atmosphere, you can go frameless, saving even extra money.

Detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: First, decide on the type of artwork you want to display. If you have a limited budget, find a book with a few pages to choose from. But if you want a radical transformation, you can look through a few art galleries and take your pick.
  • Step 2: Decide on how much space your new artwork needs. Then measure the area in question to be sure it will fit within this area. Of course, if you’re going frameless, it’s unnecessary to measure the space quite as much.
  • Step 3: Get some sturdy cardboard or poster board and an easy adhesive to work with. Mount your chosen art to this board with the adhesive.
  • Step 4: Find a clean, drywall in your bedroom to display your new artwork on. Make sure the surface is nice and smooth so that your new artwork will stay securely in place. Spray a little bit of spray adhesive on a scrap piece of cardboard and apply the bottom of the artwork to the wall.
  • Step 5: Let it dry for about 30 seconds or so, then carefully press all over where you have applied it with a soft, clean cloth. If done correctly, you should be able to hang up your new artwork in just a few minutes!

2. Be Creative with the nightstand

If you seek a cheap, or even free, transformation idea, this one is for you. It will not cost you any bucks if you shop around your house to set up your bedside table.

Clear your bedside table of unnecessary items and used mugs that you’ve gathered there. Take the time to make it look like a feature of the room. Add a cute lamp, a small stack of books you want to read, and some fresh flowers or houseplants that will make a difference.
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Detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: Clean up your bedside table
    Clean off the surface. Find out how much space you have to play with. Choose what you will place there and stick with it.
  • Step 2: Choose the right style
    You can place your bedside table on the wall or the floor, but if you prefer to do that, check for some wall anchors that will fit into your walls or ceiling at home depot or Walmart to hold it in place.
  • Step 3: Perfectionist’s choice
    If you want something that stands out more, choose some smaller items like some vases with fresh flowers. There is no need to buy new towels, pillows, and blankets when you can make them all by yourself. This step is the easy way to accomplish your bedroom makeover on a budget.
  • Step 4: Accessories
    As for accessories, you can place some cute figurines like animals, angels, Marvel characters or Disney, or even your favorite NFT characters. You may put your book there so that you don’t need to search for it in the library. You can also hang some of your items above the bedside table so they would be within reach when you need them most.

Lastly, Number 1. Upgrade Your Window Treatment

Curtains and drapes are one of the bedroom items you see every day that you won’t stop paying attention to them. It’s a good idea to switch out window treatments for something that will add to your space and make it feel more expensive.

Choose curtains from soft fabrics like linen and if your room lacks natural light, make sure the colors are light. Hang them from floor to ceiling, and even rise a few inches above your window to add height for a lovely elegant feel.

Detailed instructions:

  • Step 1: Shut out the light
    Cover your windows with your new curtains. The rod should be secured into the wall studs if possible. You don’t want a collapse!
  • Step 2: Choose something soft and elegant
    Remember, you want soft fabrics like linen or silk, and don’t forget about crisp white curtains to add height and make the room feel more spacious. The color should be soft pastels if it’s a small room without much natural light. For a large bedroom with plenty of light, go for bolder colors to make it seem more spacious and lively.
  • Step 3: Hang them high.
    If you want to add height, you can raise the curtains above your window. They should be at least 2 inches above the window frame. This change is good for making larger spaces look more spacious.
  • Step 4: Lovely lighting
    Lofty curtains can also help to soften more direct light. Use bedside lamps and small table lamps if you like. Keep them on dim and brighten them up with your choice of lampshades and shades.
  • Step 5: A little bit of drama
    You can add drama with some decorative pillows of any color or material or even some rugs on the floor to add texture and color. Use a decorative tray for your nightstand such as a coffee table, vanity, dresser, or credenza that will add little beauty touches to your room on a budget.
  • Step 6: The finishing touch
    A beautiful vanity chest or a beautiful dresser will add beauty to your bedroom and make it seem more luxurious and expensive than it is. The finishing touch can be a lovely wall sconce to highlight the beauty of the chest, dresser, vanity, or chest. If you want to go that extra mile, then you can buy some decorative bedside tables that will nicely hold your nightstands as well as lamps.

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Your takeaway:

Obey Basic Interior Design Principles for Your Bedroom

  1. In detail, you need to understand that your room’s existing style is an essential consideration before purchasing new bedside tables, lamps, and nightstands.
  2. Thus, the correct interior design principles you should know for a new bedroom makeover are:
  3. Focus on one particular style or theme in your bedroom. In this case, mostly room themes mean only one thing at a time. For example, if you want to make a rustic look in your bedroom, you should avoid other styles like country and western.
  4. Choose a suitable color scheme for your bedroom. It’s better to go with neutrals so that you can choose several accent colors to complement any theme in all seasons of the year.
  5. Decide on the furniture placement in your bedroom. You can decorate your bedside tables, nightstands, and lamps to match the theme of your bedroom. Choose your paint color wisely.
  6. Choose a neutral color for your bedroom walls, such as white, beige, and black. Choose the right furniture for your bedside tables, nightstands, and lamps according to the theme of your bedroom. Pay attention to the space available in your bedroom.
  7. Arrange the furniture in your bedroom according to the size of your bedroom. You can use large furniture in big areas for easy access, shelves on the corners, and paintings to make your room more beautiful.
  8. Create more storage space in your bedroom by building some cubbies on the walls or re-wiring them with pegboard or another option that further allows you to organize your shoes, bags, and clothes.
  9. Try to avoid overstuffed wall-to-wall carpets in your bedroom because it will make it feel too crowded; instead, go for accent rugs around the bedside tables or nightstands.
  10. Create an organized look by using some decorative bedside tables, nightstands, lamps with all the necessities in place. It will make your room look more sophisticated and stylish.
    Finally, beautify your bedroom with sophisticated, detailed beauty and quality nightstands and lamps to fulfill the sets of decorating principles above.

How to Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger?

If you want to make your bedroom appear larger with enough storage space, you need to fill it up with some highly functional accessories. For example, shelf or vanity tops are big content for storing extra items or additions. They can be placed on either side of the bedside table easily because most of them are adjustable. Here are some bedside table accessories you should not miss in your bedroom.

  1. Nightstands
    Bedside tables with shelves or drawers are great for storing anything, ranging from emergency items like flashlights, medicines to the most important things like cell phone chargers and alarm clocks. Get ones with locking mechanisms to make sure nothing can be stolen or removed without you noticing it.
  2. Drawers
    A drawer is another storage piece that most people ignore but just needs some extra attention to look perfect in your bedroom design. Put some decorative pillows for extra comfort and decoration on the top of the drawers to fill up the space between them and the bedside table with ease.
  3. Bedside lamps
    This item is another detail of your bedroom you should not forget to put at the top of your list because without these lamps; it would be hard to see anything in your bedroom at night. You do not have to purchase new lamps or bedside tables, but adjust their position in the room.

Bonus tip: Use adjustable bedside lamps for flexibility in lighting. Adjust them when you are watching TV, opening books for studying or reading articles on the internet. You can use some side tables with adjustable legs or even some corner shelves with adjustable heights so that you can expand the living space of your bedroom by placing them where needed most.

How to Design your bedroom for cheap and feel more personalized?

You can make your bedroom look beautiful, more inviting, and functional with a tiny budget.

Many people are confused about what to do with their bedrooms. You can create small spaces in an obnoxiously huge bedroom with some creativity and some extra money for some furniture.
There are so many ways to make your bedroom more functional and unique.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  1. Use more than one theme or color for your bedroom decoration. It is not harmful to have a colorful bedroom if you use different colors for different things. For example, you can have a colorful bedside lamp with darker shades on the nightstand or dresser.
  2. You can make your modern bedside table by using different-sized books and stacking them one on top of another in an artistic manner to make it look taller and unique. You can also fill up the open space at the bottom of this book stack with decorative vases or candles to make it more attractive from afar.
  3. Make a painting of a plant or a flower on your bedroom wall, which will add to your living space and give an illusion that your bedroom is more extensive than it is.
  4. Add some decorative accessories to maximize the aesthetics of your bedroom. You can use wall-hanging lamps, wall-mounted books, wall clocks with ample hands-on the bedside table, and indoor/outdoor accent planters with flowers arranged artistically.
  5. You do not have to spend a small amount of money on an ample space or too large for your needs. You can combine small pieces of furniture to make your bedroom appear double the size at first sight.
  6. Try to stay away from furniture pieces that are too bulky or heavy because they make it hard for you to access things at night, especially if you are using big dressers or wardrobes as their storage areas.
  7. You can also utilize your bedside table to place some decorative items in your room, like vases with fresh flowers or even plates with fruit cut in slices.
  8. You can make your bedroom look more spacious by placing large paintings on the wall with dark shades instead of using smaller framed pictures on your walls.
  9. Another way to enlarge your bedroom space is by installing some metal shelves with adjustable height in different areas of the room. It would give you extra storage space at all times without wasting too much space in crowded dresser drawers and wardrobes.
  10. Use your bedroom as a storage unit for extra stuff by storing some additional items in the stair space of the room, so they will not take up too much space in your room. It is also possible to use this area to place decorative items like vases or flower arrangements.
  11. Create an alternative look for your bedroom by using transparent ceiling panels above your bedside tables or nightstands with varying shades of white, black, and even metallic colors.
  12. If you want to make your bedroom appear larger with enough storage space, some highly functional accessories. For example, shelf or vanity tops are significant content for storing extra items or accessories like flashlights or medicine boxes.

If your bedroom looks outdated and boring, wake up in a new makeover with these 10 inspiring bedroom interior transformations on a budget that takes more imagination than cash. Did you enjoy it? Let us know.



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