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12 Small Kitchen Renovation Ideas On-A-Budget

Kitchen renovations are tricky, not to mention if you’re working on a small space! You’ll have to maximize every available square inch– for effective organization, storage, and functionality. The kitchen is also one of the most expensive areas to remodel; just thinking of labor and material costs can make anyone dizzy! If you’re on a tight budget as well, we want you to know that a new kitchen remodel is still possible!

The key to budget-friendly kitchen remodeling is to make smart and intentional choices based on functionality. Here are a few tips to get you started:
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12. Go with a classic all-white color palette!

12. Go with a classic all white color palette by simphome.comIf you’re on an extremely tight budget, we would recommend going for the timeless style of an all-white kitchen! You wouldn’t believe what a new coat of white paint can do to instantly brighten up and make your space feel much larger. Having a classic white kitchen gives you the perfect canvas to bring out your creative side! One of the perks is that you can always choose to give your kitchen a new style by simply changing up your accents!

To save up on extra costs, use functional accents to introduce character and personality into the room. Your choice of kitchen appliances, cookware, and utensils can have a drastic effect on the overall aesthetic of an considerable effect of an all-white kitchen. From colorful and playful patterns to sleek and modern designs, practically anything under the sun will work in an all-white kitchen!

11. Or maybe a black-and-white color palette?

11. Or maybe a black and white color palette by simphome.comIf you’re looking for another timeless palette, top designers around the world have shown that a classic black and white kitchen never goes out of style. These two colors can be used for almost any design style–from sleek and modern to charming and chic. The black and white color scheme is a bold visual statement that instantly makes a room feel dramatic and sophisticated. This color scheme will seamlessly blend into the other areas of your home too.

You’ll also save up on frequent renovations and remodeling fees since this style is unlikely to go out of style in the coming years.

10. Instant warmth with a Butcher Block Countertop

10. Instant warmth with a Butcher Block Countertop by simphome.comIf there’s one thing you should be paying extra attention to, it’s your countertop! The countertop is arguably one of the most used areas in your kitchen. Choosing to splurge a little more on beautiful yet durable material is definitely a smart choice. When maintained regularly, a butcher block countertop is an affordable option that will instantly give your kitchen warmth and charm! Butcher block can also be made with practically any wood material, and varying construction styles–the possibilities for customization are endless!

A tight budget would mean making smart choices based on the type of wood, thickness, and grain construction. To save a few bucks, you can always choose to go DIY with butcher block. Wood is one of the easiest materials to cut and manipulate to fit perfectly in your kitchen.

9. When the perfect solution is right in front of you

9. When the perfect solution is right in front of you by simphome.comYou may have been putting off your kitchen makeover for some years, thinking you have to save up on remodel costs. The thing is, we find it hard sometimes to see that the perfect solution is already within our grasp! What if all you had to do was to declutter and organize your kitchen for the perfect makeover?

Keeping your kitchen simple and minimalist is the best way to address your low-budget remodel issue. Start by decluttering all your spare and seldomly used items. Then, think of how you utilize your kitchen space based on function and frequency–this can serve as your basis for designating specific areas for your kitchen tools and equipment.

On a tight budget with limited space, remember to use ALL available square footage. This includes vertical and horizontal space! Invest in shelving, adhesive hooks, and hanging baskets or boxes for a quick and affordable way to address storage issues. Using clear glass jars for storage also adds a charming and rustic feel to any kitchen.

8. It’s all about the lighting.

8. Its all about the lighting. by

Much like a professional photoshoot, proper lighting will set the tone of your room. If you’re working in an extremely tight space, the best choice may be to enlarge your windows. This can instantly make your room feel larger, brighter, and more open.

A sconce wall light is extremely convenient and adds character to your kitchen. Consider installing one over your counter or the kitchen sink. A lantern over the kitchen island can also add an elegant touch to your kitchen.

7. The Possibilities with Open shelving

7. The Possibilities with Open shelving by simphome.comA properly planned and organized open shelf will definitely make your small kitchen feel more open and inviting. Your careful choice of display items will add character and texture to the room. More importantly, open shelving in a small kitchen allows for greater flexibility in terms of storage and easier access. Easily maximize the additional space using pull-out compartments or stacking shelves. If you’ve got some available yet unusable space in your kitchen, such as tight corners and around the doorframe, consider adding some custom shelving to maximize your space. A DIY plank shelf is a quick and affordable option that adds a rustic and homey feel to the kitchen.

In such a small space, you can choose to go with one central striking design feature, such as a power backsplash, then use this to unite each side of the kitchen corner.

6. Things are looking up.

7. Things are looking up via Simphome.comWood is one of the cheapest and easiest materials to work with. Consider installing a wooden plank ceiling; this feature brings texture, depth, and character to a room. When choosing to go DIY, you can easily customize the pieces to fit your kitchen perfectly. The pieces can easily be cut to fit around light fixtures and tight corners.

Leave the wood unpainted for a more rustic and natural feel, or add a new coat of paint to add vibrance or a pop of color.

5. Hop on the Subway Tile Craze

5. Hop on the Subway Tile Craze by simphome.comMany homeowners have been wary of going with a subway tile backsplash. With its seemingly never-ending popularity, will the trend be considered outdated sometime soon?
Interior designers don’t think so. A classic subway tile is a versatile piece that adds an elegant backdrop that fits any design style, from modern to coastal to farmhouse. If you’ve decided to go with a subway tile, rest assured that you made a timeless and budget-friendly choice. You’ll save even more if you plan to go DIY.

For the novice DIY-er on a budget, there are many peel-and-stick faux tiles available on the market. This gives you the option to easily remove them if you want to change your kitchen in the future. These adhesive tiles are heat and moisture-resistant.

4. Working on Corner Kitchens

4. Working on Corner Kitchens by simphome.comWhen working on such a tiny space as a corner kitchen, it would be best to apply all the tricks up your sleeve to make the kitchen space feel larger and brighter–go with an all-white palette, use open shelving, and make use of all available vertical space!

Keeping closed cabinets in a corner kitchen will only make the room feel suffocating. Choose to go with open shelving to maximize storage space and make the room feel lighter and more welcoming. You can also opt to hang additional hooks and accessories beneath these shelves as extra storage.

3. Remodeling a Kitchen Galley with Floating Shelves

3. Remodeling a Kitchen Galley with Floating Shelves by simphome.comThe most important thing to remember when revamping your kitchen galley is lighting and shelving. Finding the right lighting to style your galley will also make the space feel more open and less restricting. Consider installing floating shelves–these are the best option since they don’t take up a lot of physical and visual space, ultimately making your kitchen feel larger and brighter.

2. Take Inspiration from this budget-conscious RV renovation.

2. Take Inspiration from this budget conscious RV renovation. by simphome.comLiving in an RV means learning to prioritize what is useful to you and letting go of all the clutter that weighs you down. The same should be true when you remodel your tiny kitchen.

Look for durable yet inexpensive materials for your remodel, such as faux wood vinyl planks. Carefully look around your home for any material that can still be salvaged and given new life after a touch-up, such as lighting fixtures, drawer knobs, and handles.

2. Another RV Kitchen Remodel you should try via

Lastly, Number 1. Functional decor idea

1.Functional decor idea via .pngTo avoid unnecessary extra costs, choose beautiful yet functional decor to accent, and add character to your kitchen.
Choose kitchen appliances, cookware, and utensils that compliment your design style, effectively serving the purpose of decor as well.

Choose to splurge on items that you’ll be using the most–like your stove, backsplash, fridge, microwave, sink, and countertop. Go for sleek and timeless options that do not take a lot of space.


We understand that kitchen remodeling can be a daunting endeavor! Working on a tight budget and a small space can make it seem even more impossible.

With these simple tips, you don’t need to worry about making smart decisions. Always make sure that each choice you make is intentional–keeping functionality, durability, and your overall design style in mind.

The goal is to ultimately make your small kitchen space feel brighter and more open. Focus on lighting, shelving, and investing in functional and timeless decor.



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