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10 Open Concept Kitchen Renovation Ideas

The open concept kitchen is increasingly sought-after, especially in the case of contemporary and modern homes. It offers a fresher appearance, better functionality, and mobility. No wonder many homeowners are crazy about it.
If you have decided that an open concept kitchen will be your next choice to restyle your kitchen interior, congratulations!
In the next presentation, you are going to find 10 open concept kitchen renovation alternatives that you can take into considerations. You can mix and match it later with any customization you desire and as always, Simphome present you the list

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10. The Minimalist Open Concept Kitchen

10. Minimalist by simphome.comIf you want to simplify your kitchen style, this first suggestion is a perfect option. During the installation process, you will need to remove the walls, which also might force you to cut down on the furniture.
After that, even if you have plenty of space, you don’t want to crowd it with unnecessary items and equipment.
Next, remember to keep the tabletop clean. Minimize your dining space decoration and opt for light colors on the walls, countertops, or tiles, and natural finishes if you haven’t done it already.

9. The Open Shelving Concept

The idea of carving out an open kitchen concept is to give your cooking section more space for more mobility. With this idea, you’ll give your kitchen utensils more visibility, and you can grab them easier and faster.
To make it real, you’ll need to eliminate traditional elements like bulky cabinets and installing shelves as a replacement instead.
Shelves have been popular these days and it comes with a variety of style, from the onboard to mobile, hanging from the roof, and attach on the wall. Not only will it becomes an excellent place to display your spices but also your indoor succulents.

8. The Cozy Breakfast Nook Idea

8. Cozy Breakfast Nook by simphome.comA formal dining room usually becomes the norm in a home because it would be the place to host your guests for dinner. However, it can be a bit mundane to have breakfast in it. To handle it, you may need another cozy space that offers a more casual ambiance like a breakfast nook.

The breakfast nook has been popular lately because it is compatible well with any other kitchen style, whether it is minimalist, traditional, or contemporary.

You can place the breakfast nook anywhere in your kitchen. But the best position is by the window. This way, you can enjoy a spectacular view while enjoying your meal or coffee. To learn more choices related to this idea, learn 10 Small Kitchen Nook Ideas.

7. The Adjacent Dining Room Idea

7. Adjacent Dining Room by simphome.comOne of the most popular open kitchen design ideas is to place your dining room table directly opposite the kitchen. This way, the kitchen opens up to the dining area.
This arrangement produces a more casual quality, as the kitchen and dining area are closer together and it allows mom and dad to easily bring food to the table in just a few steps. Everyone can also serve themselves buffet-style breakfast or dinner by placing the dish on the kitchen table.

6. The Contemporary White Concept

6. Contemporary White by

One idea that always matching the open concept kitchen renovation is the contemporary white design. If you like high-end luxury, this design will help you create the look you want too.
In this contemporary white kitchen, you can see the white marble countertop and the white subway tile backsplash that produces a clean look and airy situation. It comes with a light-colored cabinet that also helps the room appear larger. It comes with a large frame that acts as the wall separator and cabinet center.

In the long run, this decision should give you more benefit compared to having a regular kitchen wall.
If you are into white as a background but can’t imagine the entire kitchen dominated with one color, for example, consider choosing a monochromatic color pallet. Or pair your white kitchen with other neutral paint colors or décor pieces.

5. The Beachfront Style

5. Beachfront Style by simphome.comA kitchen interior with the domination of whites is not only suitable for high-end interior but also perfect for a beachfront or Oceanside interior vibe.
To carve out this style, combine a white and bright background with a nautical or ocean element to characterize the style. Blue accents and a light wood texture for example can take the role well. As a result, you can get a simple but unique coastal-theme kitchen.

4. The Dramatic Lighting For the Open Kitchen

4. Dramatic Lighting by simphome.comJust like in any other room, the lighting plays a crucial role in producing a unique ambiance to a room. Thus, you need to consider the types of lamps you will use to illuminate and give a particular effect to your kitchen.

If you lack space, you might need to use the kitchen island double as a dining table. To trick as a formal dining table that you have longed for, you can hang pendant lights right above the kitchen island.
Additionally, you can also use different focal points in the dining room to differentiate the “dining” space from the food preparation section. For example, by using an ornate chandelier or quirky lighting fixture, even hanging succulents

3. The Colorful and Cozy Kitchen Idea

3. Dramatic Lighting by simphome.comThe open concept kitchen is often synonymous with modern interior design and the farmhouse style, which tends to be mostly occupied with white. But it does not mean you are not allowed to use other colors in fun and creative ways.
Colors and accessories can produce a cohesive look across large open areas when mixed right. However, it doesn’t mean you can overdo it with random and different color hues. Instead, stick with one kind of neutral palette that you can express to the rug, cushions, seating, tiles, and lighting fixtures.

2. Trick it with The Heavy Natural Light

2. Heavy Natural Light by simphome.comAnother great use of design in your open concept kitchen is to include as much natural light as possible.
The real advantage of an open concept kitchen is how it opens up space and draws the natural light to occupy the interior.
A simple step to take this idea to the extreme is by strategically positioning your open concept kitchen directly opposite the wide windows that open onto the backyard. It will maximize sunlight in the kitchen and minimize the use of electric consumption. It is better if you already converted your power grid with solar power.

Lastly Number 1, The Outdoor Appeal

1. Outdoor Appeal by simphome.comIf you love the idea of ​​having lots of natural light inside your home, consider going the extra mile by extending your open kitchen concept outdoors. As well as connecting your open kitchen to an indoor dining or living room.

If necessary, you can also design your kitchen so that it opens into outdoor dining or waiting area.
Also, take the covered veranda route, which protects the sun loungers from mosquitoes while letting the summer breezes and lovely natural scenery pass through.
With this unification of indoor and outdoor treatment, you can maintain the look and feel of a cohesive look of one space, rather than two different areas.
So, as you have seen in our 10 open concept kitchen renovation ideas, there is no shortage of inspiring options or ideas to help you create your new open concept kitchen property.

The process of doing an open concept kitchen renovation is indeed tricky, however, you’ll be able to come up with something extraordinary and tailored to your wants and needs in the end after starting from one of the ideas available in the list.


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