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10 Small House Kitchen Essential Solutions

You don’t need plenty of kitchen utensils when you have unlimited Grubhub Credit, Doordash, or UberEats. However, unless someone lists your name in one of the one million richest men alive on earth today, reality dictates you cook or starve and then die. Suppose you want to avoid that gloomy perception appearing a minute inside your brain or more. In that case, your choice is to check one of the following lists and start listing all menus you can get your hands on, then collect the utilities, and then master the skill of organizing them to avoid nasty headaches later (or “also” die).

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Working in a tiny kitchen requires patience, as you might often bump yourself into things. But with some simple tricks, you can sort the problems out with one of these ten small house kitchen essential solutions we’ve gathered for you. These ideas are useful for a cramped kitchen owner struggling to find a better solution related to limited space problems. They will help you maximize space that wasn’t fully used and that you can take to make your kitchen looks neater, safer, and tidier.

As usual, completing previous small kitchen improvement ideas uploaded on the website, this list is also brought to you by Simphome.

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10. Tuck It Under the Counter

10. Tuck It Under the Counter by
Fruits and vegetables are two ingredients that can be considered to consume some considerable space in the kitchen. Giving them special storage will be a nice approach to solving space issues.
Make good use of your wooden crates as storage under the counter for fruits and vegetables.

This work shouldn’t be hard, even if you’re not a craftsman. It’s simple yet very convenient at the same time. Crates are household items that are affordable, recyclable, and reliable. They can also be easily made into storage for many different things and purposes, not just for the kitchen.

9. Hang Your Utensils on the wall

9. Hang Your Utensils by
Kitchen utensils are essential tools that help you prepare meals. They might be thin, but they are fairly long and need to be stored safely, or they will make your room look like a mess.
You can use a wall and install a hanging rail on it, and then hang them.

One recommended product you can buy to follow this idea is Wallniture Gourmet Kitchen Rail with 10 Hooks. You can get it for less than $20 and install it immediately and easily after you receive it from Amazon.

8. A Clever Kitchen Storage That You Can Slide In/Out

8. Clever Kitchen Storage by
This pull-out drawer idea is such a life savior. It lends you a unique storage solution with its clever mechanism. Best suited for pans and pots, you can avoid unnecessary chaos when opening the drawer to access them.

This design allows you to secure different pans and pots regardless of size and shape. This smart hack requires experience in woodworking service, and if you don’t have time to complete the learning curve, you can use a thumbtack to finish the job. Simply show him the photo.

And if you can’t wait, you should check out this Household Essentials C26512-1 Glidez Under Sink Sliding Organizer product. And you can watch the Video first too.

7. A Pull-Out Drawer Storage Idea

7. Pull Out Drawer Storage by
This is another handy pull-out drawer for your utensil. It can work for trash, but you can also use it for kitchen utensils and stuff by adding racks. It saves space as it can be tucked in, leaving nothing in sight.

Inside the drawer are kitchen essentials that are safely put in containers. They wouldn’t get mixed and scattered all over the place. It can also be modified into a specific design for saving other kitchen necessities if necessary.

6. Stainless Steel Rack Idea

6. Stainless Steel Rack by

When your cupboard is already in full capacity, and your kitchen’s walls are the only option for adding storage left. Mount a shelf or a rack on the wall to get a new storing space and organization solution like this in the picture.

Depending on your taste, you can install a wooden shelf or stainless steel rack. You can also hang things under the rack. The hooks work as additional storage that can help reduce the number of things piled in the corner of your kitchen.

5. A DIY Slanted Drawer Storage

5. DIY Slanted Drawer Storage by
When you want to store long items, but space can’t hold them, changing the angle can be the answer. You wouldn’t have thought you could build dividers inside a drawer and create slanted angles. Crafting dividers inside the drawer is proof of a good solution.

You can see from the picture how organized things inside the drawer should be.
Cut wooden pieces according to your drawer size. But first, be sure your utensils will fit in them. Assemble each part onto the desired angle with screws. You don’t have to glue the side panels to the drawer, so you can remove them when needed.

4. Add a Humble Wooden Rack

4. Add a Rack by
A rack isn’t only for storage; it can also be a nice decoration if designed with the right concept. The photo shows a kitchen with a lovely blue panel wall that matches the wooden rack and the striped carpet.

Here’s how to craft it:

  • Cut the side panels, shelves, supports, rods, and bottom panels.
  • Next, assemble each of the pieces with screws and glue them.
  • You can arrange the height according to the stuff you will put there.

3. A Pull-Out Trash Bin Idea

3. Pull Out Trash Bin by
The kitchen could be one of the many rooms that result in a huge amount of trash, and it’s only natural as you and your family need to consume food daily. Consequently, your trash bin becomes at full capacity in no time. Since your trash bin can take up space, take a new idea to conceal it.

Additionally, Use plastic to layer the trash bin that will allow you to manage your garbage easier without getting the bins dirty and leaving some pungent smell that could make you lose your appetite.

2. Optimize your kitchen cabinet with A Vertical storing system

2. Optimize your kitchen cabinet with this Vertical storing system by
This method of storing things will keep your small kitchen stay cluttered-free. Each item has its own space that fits nicely, and they wouldn’t likely fall and create a nightmare. The storage is suitable for keeping thin materials such as pan lids, trays, bowls, or magazines. The idea is self-explanatory; to start following it, you only need to provide some plywood, minor measurement, and cutting. It all depends on the dimension of your cabinet.

One thing, before you use the new storage system, make sure your kitchen utensils are already dried.

Lastly, Number 1. Craft This DIY Storage Solution By Repurposing A Ladder

1. DIY Storage Solution by
This standing rack can hold many different things at once. It’s not only convenient, but it also adds visual interest to the kitchen. It has five shelves that are slightly pointed at the end.

  • In short, cut two side panels, shelves, and support panels of the same length, or you can modify them with your own size.
  • Build the side panels, shelves, and support panels with nails or screws.
  • Sand it with sandpaper until it’s ready to be painted.
  • Choose whatever color you like and spray paint or paint it with a brush.

So we hope one of the ten small house kitchen essential solutions turns your space more manageable, lovelier, and prettier. Choose another one if it is not enough, and eventually, we hope everything you have experimented with will maximize your kitchen to its fullest potential.

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