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10 Kitchen and Herb Garden Ideas

Some people have a green thumb and can grow anything, while others have a brown thumb, and everything they touch dies. No worries! You can still produce something in your kitchen or herb garden that will fill your space with lovely aromas and add some zest to your cooking!

Herbs aren’t just green plants in the garden. Herbs are a healthy alternative to medication. They can be eaten instead of taking drugs that you don’t like the smell of.
Herbs are also helpful for preventing illnesses, as they release their antibacterial properties into the environment. A wide variety of herbs can be grown or bought from local stores or grown inside your house. With some thoughtful planning, you can use your herbs to get a leg up in the food game!

More about that, here are 10 kitchen and herb garden ideas that you can try or experiment with before the current month’s end. As always, present you the list

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10. The Hanging Herb Idea

When you need more than just a mosaic wall in the kitchen, especially above the sink, this hanging herb idea should be your choice. It is pretty simple, and the project itself can be done in a short time.
This box planter has hooks on it, which you can hang on a tension rod. You can fill the box with rocks as the base to help your herbs get a good drainage system. It will stop them from drowning in too much water.

Next, add some soil. Make sure it is not too full because you will tilt it when you hang it. Then, put the herbs in it. As it’s hanging on the tension rod, consider the weight of the box.

9. Try Wire Frames

Since your kitchen might not be as spacious enough to plant herbs, this next idea will give you a clever way to deal with that. Choose blank walls in your kitchen, get some wire-frames, and fix them into the wall meticulously.
Pot your herbs, ensure their sturdiness, and hang them on the frame. Placing them near a window or place where the sunlight comes through will be ideal, but if you can’t, get Grow Lights to keep your herb happy and healthy. Either way, it will turn your kitchen interior nicer, don’t you think?

8. Simply Pots and Labels Them

Plants or herbs have their own unique characteristics regarding leaf, health value, smell, or size. However, some look-alike, which perplexes some people who have not got acquainted with them yet. As a result, they may pick up the wrong spices or the dangerous ones, even lethal.

If you’re not entirely sure about your collection, you can give each of them a label. It will help your family members to identify which is which.
This way, you will not ruin your soup taste anymore or give allergies to those who are not aware of what they eat later.

7. Set Them Inside Beautiful Jars

Limited space is one of the common reasons why people are reluctant to grow some plants indoors. However, since you are probably not one of those, take this idea a try or two.
All you need to prepare are some jars and basic planting necessities. Choose your spot, water them as necessary and watch their roots growing while thinking of your next best healthy menus.

Recreating the mason-jar garden itself is easy. Take some gravel and dirt, then fill those jars with them, respectively. After that, put your plants. Then, finally, attach them to the wall with some pieces of board and pipe clamps.

6. The Mini Garden in the Kitchen Island Project

Make your kitchen island do more than it can traditionally do. Eventually, it will help you prepare some delectable meals and help your herbs thrive well.
Just imagine! You do not need to make a run to your backyard to pick up some fresh basil anymore. Instead, you can just grab it from the opening section on your kitchen island.
Incorporating a mini garden into your kitchen island is quite simple. You just need to carve a small section so that your plants can grow in it. Do not forget to create a good drainage system and make sure your herbs get sufficient light. Artificial ones or through the glass roof windows

5. A garden in Shoe Pocket

Repurposing unused items is one of the best ways to save the earth and your budget. Besides, it is also another way to brush up on your creativity.
With this simple vertical herb garden idea, you give the unused items a second life and a second opportunity to serve your needs.
Simply hang shoe pockets on a wooden wall, and fulfill everything your herbs need to grow there include giving them proper roofing.
If not possible, take them inside the kitchen, optimize your awkward or blank space and love them as necessary.
You can exploit the other side of your storage rack shelves space as well for the project.

4. Craft a new vertical Panel

A garden doesn’t have to be on the ground because not everybody has spacious property. Alternatively, make a new panel or a frame to substitute your mini garden needs.

If you can build one like in the picture, that would be great. But if you can’t, a simple panel will do.
You can take bamboos or other material a try. As long as it can hold pots, jars, or bags of herbs, you’re good to go.
Choose any herbs you are fancy to have in your mini garden, arrange them, and then care for them as usual. Once you can harvest them periodically. You’ll probably be thinking of having your own grocery stores and monetize them.

3. Put them in Bottles

Plastic bottles are everywhere, and they have become a severe problem that we all have to deal with. By recycling them with this idea, you gain long-term environmental benefits and personal gain (or even financial ones). Again a simple wooden platform and frame are all you need.
Plastic Bottles are cheap, and if you need more, you can simply waiting the weekly shopping season or get them from the junkyards for free. With one liter-sized plastic bottle, at least you can get two new planters for your herbs.

2. Conveniently Pot and Hang Them

This easy DIY turns a few easy-to-find materials into a great indoor vertical herb garden planter that you can fit inside even the tiniest blank of spaces you have (kitchen, living room, or backyard).

You don’t need to buy an expensive indoor herb garden kit for the project. This easy DIY turns a few easy-to-find materials into a great indoor vertical herb garden planter.

This solution would also fill your cramped space with a new mini garden or herbs you can admire for years to come. It only requires some boards, zip ties, ropes, pots, and some drillings. The measurement will follow your condition. If the project is brand new to you, all you need to know is a simple woodworking technique you can find inside the source link

Lastly, number 1. The herb garden idea with raised planters

The raised planter looks so stunning, but that’s not the only thing it offers to you. It is a friendly gardening solution for people with back pain. No more bending or sitting on the ground to care your favorite plants.

To start the project, you’ll need a link that Simphome has provided. To upgrade it, you can equip it with a fan or glass roof even vents for air to enter in and out of the space easily.
So, If you want to spice up your kitchen or enjoy fresh herbs,
we hope these 10 ideas for kitchens and gardens will help.
Good luck with your first choice of action after watching the video and continue with the comment area if you want more video like this in the future

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