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10 Ideas on How to Turn Your Small Kitchen Cozier

You believe your next best recipe birth from this place, but you can’t afford enough funding to welcome their early existence. What you’ll do? Here, we will try to lend you some interesting perspectives on how to turn a bland-looking one into a more inspiring one. These ideas are not served behind paid-gate, and we hope those facts remain true once you have your turn accessing this page.

Small kitchens tend to make people feel uncomfortable. People can’t enjoy cooking or eating when they feel cramped and claustrophobic. A kitchen should be the place to have fun (even when there is no pantry). It is a place that should make us and our guests feel warm, welcomed, comfy, creative, and joyful.

Although you have limited space and décor area, you can warm your kitchen with minor changes. You don’t necessarily have to makeover the entire place. Try one of these ten ideas to turn your small kitchen cozier and see how much you will love spending your time in it.

As usual, present you with this list.

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10. Add some non-kitchen items

10. Add some non kitchen items by
You can live up your kitchen by adding things usually found in other rooms, such as artwork, books, or plants. They make the kitchen less cold and stark. They can lend some personality. Simple paintings such as pictures or decorative mirrors can cheer up the surrounding. Even you can express your creative expression through your kitchen window.

Displaying books of recipes or even novels will make your kitchen look homey. You can read them while enjoying breakfast or coffee. If you decide to try this idea, you should use open shelving instead of a cabinet. Open shelving can display your favorite dishes and collectibles better than bulky cabinets. It also gives you a feeling of openness, making the room seem larger.

9. Center Your Seating Area

9. Centered on Seating by
If your kitchen also serves as a dining area, comfortable seating is a must. It would be best if you had a nice spot to load off your groceries or to enjoy a cup of nice warm choco. Lack of space doesn’t mean you can’t have cozy seating. You can use an island or a small table as the center. Select chairs that will not take much of your space.

Choose an armchair, sofa, or something plush, cozy, and comfy. You can also put some cushions on the chair. That will make you more relaxed while sitting on it. Adding seating in your kitchen will make it a good spot for you and your family to have a chat while enjoying homemade cuisine.

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8. Bring in nature

8. Bring in the nature by
Plants bring freshness to your kitchen. Strategically place plants in the spot that will make your kitchen feel alive. Greenery makes small kitchens look happier and makes people like to linger.

When you decide to have some greenery in your kitchen, you should choose low-maintenance plants that won’t cost you much time. You can grow edible plants and herbs. They can both decorate your kitchen and provide something useful for your cooking. If you want a decorative one, hanging plants on the fridge or shelves is worth trying. In sum, try bringing nature to your kitchen and see how lovely it will be.

7. Start Decluttering

7. Start Decluttering by
The countertop tends to be a messy place. Knife blocks, pans, kettles, and other items can make it unappealing. Luckily, it is something that can be quickly taken care of.

  • First, organize the items on your counter. Put only the essential stuff you need.
  • Second, find ways to arrange your pots and pans. You can hang them overhead, use a pegboard, or hang them in the space between the cabinet and fridge.
  • Consider using a magnetic bar or slits on a countertop for knives.
  • Last, always put back your utensils or appliances after using them in their place.

It is no wonder how keeping the countertop clean and organized makes your kitchen look inviting.

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6. Opt for Flowing Color

6. Create Flowing Color by

Colors can affect your mood more than you know. It has the ability to make us feel energized and rejuvenated. So your productivity in the kitchen is increased. One way to make your kitchen look inviting is by painting it in a flowing color. Visual flow for a small kitchen will make a great difference.

When painting your kitchen in flowing colors, you must stick to two principles -contrast and balance. Use neutral colors with contrast. The best area to add contrast is cabinets, countertop, or even the backsplash. Paint most of your kitchen with the main color, choose where to accent color, and paint the rest with other shades for balance. You can include other decorations in the color scheme -chairs and appliances.

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5. Get a Rug

5. Add a Rug by
When you have tried everything and still feel that you need something for your kitchen, try to add a rug. It will warm the room with its pattern, texture, and rich color. If your kitchen is bright and bold, try neutral colors such as grey or beige. Even a subtle pattern can make you feel cozier in the kitchen.

There are three criteria for choosing a kitchen rug:

  • One, decide the size of the rug. For a small narrow kitchen, runners are the best choice.
  • Two, choose color and design. Pop color can add visual appeal to a neutral kitchen, and a patterned rug will add a touch of charm.
  • Three, you should consider rugs that are durable yet stylish. In this case, you can consider those crafted from PET or polypropylene, which are long-lasting and easy to clean.

4. Add Warm Glow Lamps

4. Add Warm Glow Lamps by
The effortless thing to make your kitchen cozier is adjusting the lighting. The right lamps will pour your kitchen with a warm glow. Moreover, proper lighting will allow you to easily move around your kitchen.

The lighting falls into three categories: ambient, task, and accent. For a small kitchen, use ambient lighting along the ceiling to dispel shadows in the corners. Combine it with task lighting above the working areas, such as the sink, worktop, or stove. Bulbs also affect the amount of light you get. Incandescent bulbs create warm light, whereas CFLs and LEDs give you cooler light.

3. Add More Engaging Style with Wallpaper

3. Add Style with Wallpaper by
You can try adding wallpaper if you want to change your already organized kitchen. Instead of covering an entire wall, you can put it above your cabinets or shelves to make an accent. You can choose a simple pattern with subtle colors to prevent it from being too overpowering.

The wallpaper can be the focal point of your kitchen. It is available in various colors and patterns that you can choose from. As a new custom, wipe-clean your wallpaper regularly to keep it stain-resistant. The removable one is perfect for you who like to redecorate your kitchen frequently. Or apply standard wallpaper that matches your kitchen style.

2. A Wooden and Rustic Kitchen Idea

2. Wooden and Rustic by
Wooden furniture always makes a room look sophisticated and homely. It has traditional and rustic vibes that increase the comfort of your kitchen. The material blends perfectly into any design. Cabinets, worktops, and flooring are the areas where wood can show its glam at its best. The harmony between these three elements will turn your kitchen look more impressive.

The chunky wooden table in the picture does warm up the layout. The illuminating lights above also make the shiny surface glow subtly. Lastly, the sturdy material allows you to focus on cooking for a  long period of time.

Lastly, Number 1. How to live with a Compact-sized Kitchen Situation?

1. Compact sized kitchen by
A small kitchen doesn’t have to be bare of practical stuff. You need to have the right size. Smaller appliances can save the space you need. They give you the freedom to move around while preparing meals. Moreover, it is easy to clean, store, and renew.

Although most compact kitchens are plain, you can add some things that show your personality – tiny tables and chairs, pictures or paintings on the wall, and even plants in the window. Don’t be worried if you have limited space for your kitchen. Make good use of every space available with smaller kitchen utensils.

The kitchen is not only for cooking or mending the broken hard with tears and hot tea. You can determine how it looks with simple changes. You can also turn your stark, boring kitchen into an enjoyable and comfortable place to contemplate while expressing your culinary processing skill. Transform it without complicated renovation or budget allocation. To minimize error, you can visit recommended links under the reference section.

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