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To update your bedroom, you might want to paint one of the wall sides in your bedroom with another color. This time, you won’t need wall tape but only a side of the wall should be painted. Why is that? Well, I’ll share the answer later. This is 5 affordable bedroom decor ideas for 2018 and beyond.

1. Make Mason Jar Organizer

What you need to have is a dark wooden board, screws 4 clamps, 4 Mason jars, and picture hanging kits. If you don’t have Mason jars, you can use regular jars. To make this organizer, what you need to do first is to install the clamps on the board by using screws. Then, put the jar on the clamp and tighten it. Now your jar organizer can be used to put anything. Source

mason jar

2. Repaint the Drawers Side

To give more color to your bedroom, you can paint the sides of your drawers. To paint it, first of all you need to take the drawers off the carcass and make a pattern stencil. After you paint the drawer side, paint the stencil. Now your drawer side has color and pattern on it. Source


3. Make Terrarium

Terrariums are great decoration for updating your bedroom. It is fresh, calming, relaxing, and soothing. To make them you can use empty jar, empty glass vase, or unused aquarium as the container. First of all, add pebbles to the container. Then, add charcoal and soil after that. Lastly, add the greens inside and clean it with water. Now your terrariums are ready. Source


4. Rearrange the Positions

To give updated look to your house, the position of each furniture piece in the bedroom needs to be rearranged. For example, the bed faces north but now it faces west.


Even if the positions have changed, you still need to add ideas I already mentioned to improve the look of your bedroom so it can always be improved. You need to measure the length and width of the furniture and make sure it will fit perfectly in the room later. After measuring, you can start arranging. Source

5. Paint a Wall

To update your bedroom, you might want to paint one of the wall sides in your bedroom with another color. This time, you won’t need wall tape but only a side of the wall should be painted. It is cheaper and you save some paint.


What you need to do first is to cover areas you don’t want to paint. Then, grab your roller and start painting. Source

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