Organizing a living place is so important, moreover, if you live in a small apartment.

1. Managing the space
To begin with, if you can handle the space management, it will result the same, as you will get satisfaction of having wider apartment. One of the easiest ways is by using over the door organizers. It applied for almost everything in your small apartment. You can use this arrangement for your shoes or even cleaning supplies. By doing this, you will not see to much stuff disturbing your view and feel inside your apartment. Source

2. Managing your pantry
When living in small apartment, the most common problem faced by many people is the limited space to put a pantry. If you have the same problem as well, here is a trick you can do. You can just outfit utilitarian shelving system. Make sure that the one you choose also has breathable baskets, which can round up anything. You can also choose wire basket, which equipped casters if you want to have more versatility. Source

3. Make use of the hook
Another important thing, which can make your small apartment looks wider, is by maximazing the use of hook. You can have more than one shower caddies placed on removable adhesive book. It will also be better if you can use one shower for multiple people. On the other hand, you can also make use of S-hook, which will also works well to be extra towel rack if you do not have one. Source

4. Utilizing the area under your stairway
If you dreamed to have wider apartment look, you should not waste the space under the stairway. This place actually holds tons of potential to store many things. Placing your stuff here will make other room look less stuffy. An architect named Tom Stringer even developed special drawers for a family, which has four members, to be placed on this place. The result is shockingly amazing to make the apartment look bigger. Source

5. Managing the counter space
The last top recommended trick to maximize the space in your small apartment is by managing the counter space. You can squeeze more counter space as well as storage into your kitchen by using chef’s chart. This way works differently from one kitchen to another. However, it might serve the best along the wall. For another option, you can also choose roll up drying rack, which sits over the sink, to save more counter space. Source