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10 TV Cabinet Ideas and Mounting System Best for a Small Living Room

The number one faux pas people make when decorating their homes is purchasing furniture that is too large or too small for the space. Be strategic about the size of the TV and cabinet you put it in if you have a small living room since they will have a major impact on the design of the space.

TV is a focal point in the living room. The whole design of the furniture depends on it. When it comes to a small living room, it will get trickier to allocate space for a cabinet or TV unit. The ideal solution is to place your TV directly on the wall. By mounting your TV on it, you will free up space underneath so you can put anything in it. Then, a small room isn’t going to be a problem anymore.

The important thing is you must be sure of the safety and strength by getting the best mounting system for your specific TV. Ensure what wall material you will be mounting because most TVs are too heavy for the bare wall. The current TV mounting system features an articulating arm that tilts, swivels, and rotates for multiple viewing angles. No need to worry because many TV cabinet ideas and mounting systems today are available to make your media station sparkle. Here are the 10 of them! For more detail, track down the reference area.

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10. A Place for Your Entertainment Elements

10. A Place for Your Entertainment Elements by
Wall-mounted TVs look great when paired with open shelves, especially the extra-wide ones. It is a good idea because the storage compartments underneath are excellent for many things, including air purifiers. The shelves’ size, design, material, color, and style should sync with the living room’s set.

The storage will be the best space to organize your entertainment elements, such as Remote controls, DVDs, sound systems, and video games. The remote control and speakers that lie sprinkled here and there make a small living room look stuffy and disorganized.

9. A Wall-mounted TV with Books & Boxes

9. Wall mounted Book Boxes by
Another idea to work with shelves in the living room is by framing your mounted TV with wall-mounted boxes. Not only made of wood, but stainless steel is also fabulous material to make the boxes. They are ideal for displaying your book collection, DVDs, speakers, and other things you might need in a living room.

Framing your mounted TV with them can also be the spot of style you wish. They can be a place for decorations for all seasons and holidays. Place the boxes on the right and left side of the TV; if the height is possible, go above the TV. Try to loosen each box to have extra storage on top of the boxes.

8. The Floating Cabinet Idea

8. The Floating Cabinet by
People make the most ubiquitous interior design mistake by buying furniture out of scale with the room. If you have a small living room, be smart by selecting the right TV and cabinet size because it will dominate the room’s décor.

First, opt for a minimalistic design by choosing a floating TV cabinet for a clutter-free living room because a giant wall system eats up a lot of room and floor space. A modern floating cabinet can accommodate many things like a home theatre set, décor objects, and books without gobbling up any floor space. Even more, they come in various styles and shapes. Like the picture, for example, it is a retro TV cabinet with two small doors at the sides and two narrow open shelves.

7. Get a Working Desk under Your TV

7. Get a Working Desk under Your TV by
Why do you need another computer desk space if your mounted-TV spot can give you one? A mounted TV provides a lot of versatility because it opens up many possibilities to style the area around the TV. Instead of using it as displays or decorations, you can have a more functional space. You can get a bare table with a nice chair (or a gaming chair) and place them under your mounted TV.

Voila, that will be your new working table from now. In the picture, the white desk with a wood top contrasts with a black desk chair. The white bookshelves framing the TV are great for your working files or book collection.

6. Working with The Light

6. Working with Lighting by

Lighting plays a crucial role in manipulating the room looks in a house. Installing several light points in the right amount adds a cozy atmosphere to the room. For the TV room, having a dimmer system helps you manage the intensity and quantity of light.

For instance, when you turn on the TV, the light increases due to the harsh blue light that most LCD TVs have. Therefore, you should minimize it. Instead of installing ceiling lamps, you can try installing a string light on the TV screen to help illuminate the wall in a softer tone or hang lanterns on both sides of the TV. Find a suitable spot but not hamper the visibility of the television screen.

5. Hole in the Wall

5. Hole in the Wall by
Here is another mounted-TV idea you can do with a small living room. Place your TV unit within the wall. Of course, you have to make a TV-sized hole in your wall. Once your TV is mounted, be smart and creative with the wall hangings.

Opt for a cover-up for your TV using a painting or photo.
Like the one in the picture, you can open and close the portrait over the TV when desired. It is a terrific idea to stash away the TV when you don’t want to watch it. But remember not to use overbearing and distracting painting.

4. A Fabulous Corner

4. Fabulous Corner by
Height and distance are the elements you should consider when you want a proper TV placement. The TV height should be at your eye level from where you watch it, or if you’re going to go high, you should angle the screen down, so it’s still at eye level. As the TV is the main point in the living room or a bedroom without a window, its placement will significantly impact it.

You may find one in the corner if your space doesn’t directly accommodate a middle spot in the TV room. You’ll gain many benefits by mounting the TV in the corner. Corner-mounted TV gives you so much space for arranging the furniture. Besides the nice clean look, you will be able to adjust the angle of the TV.

3. In Between Shelves Idea

3. In Between Shelves by
It would be best to utilize the bare wall around your mounted TV by hanging shelves above and below. It will create an assumption that an entire wall is a TV unit. You can decorate it for the best look.

The top shelves will display photo frames, knick-knacks, books, and pieces of any kind, while the bottom will serve as a cupboard to put your entertainment elements. Our takeaway is to choose the same color as the furniture for the best result.

2. A Floating TV with A Fancy Built-in

2. Innovative Design by
Rather than using the entire wall as a TV unit. The modern set serves a unique and modern-minimalistic touch. Having unique asymmetrical shelves beside the mounted TV is an excellent idea. It is not only aesthetic to enhance the room but also functions as storage. You can make opened or closed shelves according to your needs.

Lastly, Number 1. The Wall Panel TV

1. In Place of Wall Panel by
Panel walls are a uniquely innovative way to highlight your living room. You can choose to embed your TV in a place in the middle of your wall panel. It is a charming and modern appeal that you can’t resist. Don’t be mistaken. The panel isn’t just a wall system for a TV; there is plenty of storage behind it. Decorate the area with only a single vase of flowers. The key is simplicity.


TV is the focal point of the living room where you wish you could design the placement in the best way, no matter how ample or limited the space is. Even in a small living room, you can accommodate your TV by mounting it to the wall using one of these ten ideas.

If you need more, however,
We have another twelve ideas here waiting for you. The younger list comes with more thorough research or writing process, and we completed it with a video with a much better voice-over quality. We pay more for the video compared to the one you can find on this page for you to enjoy your learning material longer. Now, it’s your turn to decide whether we have reached the goal or not yet.


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