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15 DIY Home projects and improvements that will increase your home value

The experience of owning a home is more than just an emotional one. It is also a decision that can pay off financially as you build up equity in your house and watch the value of your property rise over time. Numerous factors, like where your home is located, the local housing market, and the national economy, can affect how quickly your home’s value increases.

However, homeowners can affect the value of their property in the long run by making upgrades and changes that increase the house’s aesthetic value and provide a rationale for a higher asking price.

It doesn’t matter if you plan to sell your home soon or just want your property’s investment worth to continue to climb; you can do numerous things to increase its value. The following are six tried-and-true tactics that have the potential to be profitable when it comes to selling your business.

15 DIY Home projects and improvements that will increase your home value video

1. Cabinet Painting.

This is probably one of the easiest projects one can undertake in a home, but it simultaneously makes a lot of difference. Before you take on the project, you should first examine if the cabinetry can be resuscitated in the first place because even the highest quality of paint cannot revive cheap cabinetry.

Assuming everything is in top condition, one should go ahead and prep the surfaces well by sanding down or stripping, then invest in a high-quality primer for that smooth finish most importantly, you should consider hiring a spray painter because it makes little sense to buy the sprayer and having to store it after just one project.

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2. Formica foil tops.

These are inexpensive fixes on countertops that one is not ready to replace just yet, but in the long run, they make the spaces feel premium and new again and should be able to give you a ten-year service if well maintained.

The main advantage of using foil tops is that they adhere directly to your existing countertops and, at the same time, come in a variety of colors and designs, including faux marble, granite, gold, soapstone, and concrete. It is advisable to get extra rolls if it is your first time wrapping the countertops as it takes a little bit of practice to get the hang of it, although once you get used to the whole process, it becomes relatively easy to install.

3. Scraping Ceilings.

Popcorn ceilings blew up in the 1950s since they were an easy way to finish ceilings and hide imperfections. It can be quite a labor-intensive undertaking to scrap off the ceilings; therefore, it is advisable to do it in bits while also ensuring one has adequate protective gear like a respirator and gloves.

If the house was built before the 1970s, it is advisable to take precautions as it might contain the toxic compound Asbestos, but one can just scrap off a small portion and send it off for testing to ensure it is safe.

4. Baseboards and molding replacement.

If you have damaged areas of your baseboard and crown moldings, this gives your home a very dated feel, resulting in the property drastically lessening its value. The replacement is a relatively straightforward procedure that does not require as many specialized tools as one just needs to nick off the existing boards, sand the surfaces, and then use adhesive to lay down the wood.

5. Hardware, hinges, handles, and knob replacement.

The value of a property is affected by the small installments people tend to feel and see at first glance. A simple update on the various door handles, knobs, faucets, etc., helps make the house feel modern or rustic, depending on the look the owner is looking for.

They are an inexpensive fix that mostly requires a screwdriver to get over, and most of the components are readily available in most hardware stores.

6. Mulch in the garden.

Mulch is inexpensive, but the end product improves a home’s value tremendously. You can decide to make your mulch at home using fruit peelings, coffee grounds, eggshells, dry leaves, etc., or you can purchase the mulch ready-made. Mulch is great for moisture retention, suppressing weeds, and adding fertility to the soil, making lawns and flowerbeds thrive. A great garden is aesthetically pleasing and can increase the value since it’s one thing that gives the first impressions on a property.

7. Changing basic electricals.

These include switches and light fixtures in the home. Old and dated switches are not only a hazard but also make the house feel less cozy. Lights can be reimagined to give a space a calming atmosphere, with an example being the simple addition of dimmer lights or an easy bulb swap.

Another addition you can consider in your space is a simple electric fan which will add ventilation and reduce your electricity bill drastically since you will not have to run your AC all the time in the house. As mentioned earlier, the value of a property is largely affected by visual fixtures within a person’s view, so it is a wise decision to update the old fixtures.

8. Use of layered lighting

Simply put, layered lighting uses multiple types to create a well-lit, balanced space. LED accent lighting is currently preferred as it means one doesn’t have to struggle to get into tight crevices or change tiny bulbs, but most importantly, the energy saving on these is massive. In-cabinet lighting and cove lighting are some of the many effective ideas that give a home that dramatic effect and that diffused glow that provides a calming ambiance to any space inexpensively. The lights are also less intrusive, meaning the drywall’s damage is minimal.

9. Pressure Washing.

This is a much underrated DIY project that any person can embark on. Getting rid of streaks and smudges on walls goes a long way in making a property look professional and clean overall. Pressure washing increases curb appeal as most pavements will be filled with grime and debris, which can easily be fixed using a pressure washer. Bird droppings and algae build-up can promote pathogens that are harmful to our health. Power-washing can easily fix that problem and give the property a clean appeal, raising the value tremendously.

10. Wallpaper installation.

Wallpaper is a quick and easy fix to a wall that easily fixes and updates a space. These come in various designs and colors, including floral and block patterns. Wallpaper adds detail and texture to any space and can be easily used to revamp a boring wall and make it spring back to life. One advantage of wallpaper is its durability since it can serve you for over 15 years, making it a cost-efficient way to update a room. It is good to know that important, it is washable, so any mess made can easily be fixed by wiping.

11. Wall Painting.

Painting is the most effective way to refurbish any space. This also allows you to express yourself using different color pallets depending on taste and the general mood you want to give a certain space. Most people will go for neutral colors as it makes for a professional feel, which can add a lot of value to a property since most people will steer clear of bold colors as they give a space a somewhat busy feel. Paint can also be used to protect your home from elements such as moisture and sunlight but overall beautifies any space if applied correctly.

12. Large artwork

Another way you can evoke a mood in a room is by using large artwork. The artwork expresses your sense of identity and helps create a focal point in a room. Most artwork is a little steep in price, which increases the value of a home drastically based on the visual aspect of the artwork alone. You can also purchase a canvas and create personalized contemporary artwork to help express yourself further.

13. Soft furnishings.

These mostly include throw pillows and cushions. Soft furnishings increase the room’s tranquillity levels and add a bit of life to rather boring furniture. They can also be a cost-effective way to give a room a complete make-over since one can easily fabricate some according to your taste and preference but even buying them is relatively cheap. Large throw pillows allow a room to feel elegant and exclusive, thereby increasing a home’s value at first glance.

14. Furniture and Appliances.

One of the most effective ways to revamp a room is by updating furniture and appliances. Nowadays, stainless steel appliances and contemporary furniture increase the market value of a home instantaneously, and all it takes is just uninstalling the dated appliances with the new updated ones. Furniture, on the other hand, depends on tastes and preferences from individual to individual, but some designs are simply timeless and can be appealing to most people.

15. DE-cluttering

Most people overlook the importance of de-cluttering a home. Hoarding so many things makes any space look unappealing and gives a sense of disorganization from any perspective. A de-cluttered home enables you to discover lost treasures and also aids in reducing stress and anxiety as you can get what you require instantly.

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At the same time home with less junk is easy to clean and maintain overall. If the things you hoard have particular importance and relevance in your life, just make sure you store your belongings in smart storage to ensure your house doesn’t look abandoned.


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