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10 Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen Cabinet Facelifts for Small Space

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Cabinets complete the interior element of any house. They can be in a bedroom, a bathroom, and a kitchen. Unfortunately, they will change in terms of appearance and durability as time passes by. When it happens, you know that it is time to give it a little makeover.
If you are looking for some ideas to give your storage a second life, check out these cabinet facelifts for small space. From Bedroom, Bathroom, and Kitchen, we believe there is always one thing for everyone on the list. For more detail, follow the link prepared for you inside the description area.

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10. New Skin and Accessories

10. New Skin and Accessories by simphome.comColor is one of the things you notice first when looking at the furniture. The picture shows the before and after of a makeover result. The left one looks old with its weathered-brown tone, and the drawer knobs in the middle seem worn.
The after result shows some changes that bring the wardrobe to life with new skin and accessories. It looks attractive in gray with larger and simpler door handles that denote modern flair. The drawers look different, thanks to the brass knobs installed on each side.

9. Add a Countertop

9. Add a Countertop by simphome.comTransforming your filing cabinets would also be an excellent way to get a furniture facelift. If you want to spray-paint them, you should clean them inside out. Removing the hardware before you start spray-painting is essential.
It will make you have thorough spray paint on them. You can alter the hardware if you feel like it. To finish the project, you can give your cabinets a countertop. By doing so, you will have some new space in your room.

8. Give Lines

8. Give Lines by simphome.comAfter painting your cabinet or wardrobe, you can try adding thin lines on the doors. They may look trivial, but they do change their appearance. It’s a simple touch that turns a plain cabinet into an appealing one.
You can use paint or duct tapes to create the lines. Other patterns are acceptable if you know how to make them. You may use a different platform before applying it on the door to see if it fits well. Just be creative!

7. Change the Look

7. Change the Look by simphome.comThe cabinet had a neutral tone and deep curve drawers that looked unattractive before transforming into this. You can compare before and after of this cabinet, and you’re going to love it.
The makeover was to sand it before applying new paint. And then, change the drawers by adding plywood to create a fabulous look.
Applying different handles gave a significant transformation too. Don’t forget to paint the top part with a clear coat to make it look aesthetically stunning.

6. Laminate Your Cabinet

6. Laminate Your Cabinet by

The kitchen is not different from any other room, and it needs a facelift too. A joyful atmosphere could boost people’s mood, and it’ll make them feel comfortable being there.
Remove the cabinet doors and drawers before resurfacing them. Begin with laminating the cabinet frames.
For the exterior look, you can give a second laminate veneer. New doors and drawers would make a significant facelift, including hardware such as hinges or drawer fronts if necessary. Those are some simple makeover to add to your cabinet.

5. Install Wheels

5. Install Wheels by simphome.comCleaning or sanding is an important job before you begin doing a facelift of a filing cabinet. This cabinet has a facelift with a lovely vintage look idea.
After cleaning, paint the metal to give it a solid look. Get the front part a nice makeover by cutting Balsa wood to the fixed cuts and give them an excellent cover with a stain.
Install vintage looking hardware to bring the vibe onto it. It leaves much impression with drawer label holders to help you easily identify which is which.
The next step is to out wheels. They help you move the cabinet because it’s heavy, and it will get much heavier when you put things or devices on top of it.

4. Redesign Your Cabinet

4. Redesign Your Cabinet by simphome.comThese kitchen cabinets were still in an acceptable state, but the owner decided to modify them. It’s a nice trick to drive boredom away from your house or kitchen.
They were having a facelift with some very creative ideas. The upper cabinets were removed and then got replaced with shelves, creating open storage. On top of the cabinets are frames that work to keep things like boxes or baskets.
You need to build frames and attach them to the cabinet and ceiling and secure them with screws. Making good use of space above the cabinet is a creative way to tidy up the room as it can function as simple storage.
Paint them with the same tone as the cabinet to create harmony, and the result speaks for itself.

3. Give Big Transformation

3. Give Big Transformation by simphome.com3. Give Big Transformation by .The kitchen cabinet looks fabulous with the upgrade done to not only the appearance but also the height. To get this look, you can sand down the cabinets and get them new laminates. Add toppers and fix them to the ceiling.
Then, apply crown molding to make it have an excellent finish. You can also give new knobs and cup pulls as well.
The island also has a little facelift here. It has a bookcase attached to the side. It’s a very convenient space for you to save some recipe books or magazines.

2. Fluted Facelift Cabinet

2. Fluted Facelift Cabinet by simphome.comLet’s take a look at this lovely small bathroom cabinet. Before the facelift, the cabinet doors were crooked, and there was a gap that didn’t make any good impression.
Here, the cabinet got the doors replaced with a fluted panel that gave you a beautiful look. Yes, the front part was rather dull with old doorknobs. Now, it looks very different with that new design in a shade of blue color.

Lastly, Number 1. Repaint It

1. Repaint It by simphome.comMany people do a facelift for their furniture because they want to keep it as part of their lives instead of switching it with a new one. A small change could affect a lot, although you still use the same material or thing.
Give the bedroom dresser a new color. If you don’t find anything wrong with it, you can simply repaint it. Get rid of the hardware, doors, and drawers before applying your preferred color, making it look like the first day you bought it. If repainting outer surfaces felt too demanding, you can refresh and improve the interior cabinet with washi tape.

Cabinet facelifts for small space ideas can cover some areas such as a bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen. It can offer you different activities during quarantine and, of course, much budget-friendly than replace it with another furniture or cabinet.



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