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10 Styling Kitchen Floating Shelves Ideas

Kitchen decor is not just about getting the perfect furniture and accessories. Your kitchen can also be a stylish place with just a few tweaks. Here are ten ideas for how to style up your kitchen floating shelves.

Key Point:

  • You can build your kitchen floating shelf by utilizing unused spaces. You don’t have to spend much to get extra workspace or a neat display area. The easiest material you can find for the project is wood.
  • You can create a unique kitchen floating shelf by giving unique accents to the shelves. You do not need to put the same things on each shelf. Give it a little twist with different materials or heights.
  • Kitchens are often crowded, so you can create a clutter-free look by using floating shelves to organize things at your convenience. The shelving unit gives a more organized look to your kitchen, but it also helps in providing storage and looks more modern and clean, and neat.
  • A beautiful kitchen is not just about functional features but also about how you style the area. If you have a special theme for your kitchen, then it is easy to create a look that complements the theme.
  • You can choose from the many benefits of a floating kitchen shelf that can efficiently organize and keep things in place while adding personality and style to the kitchen area.
  • You can use old furniture pieces like bookshelves, dressers, and cabinets as kitchen floating shelves. These items can double up as storage units while having their top half utilized for arranging things such as plates, bowls, cups, and other kitchen necessities that are best displayed at eye level. You will also have a pretty display area in your kitchen.
  • If you have money to spare, you can simply buy already-made kitchen floating shelves with specific materials for keeping your things organized and displayed neatly.
  • A large kitchen requires a tall floating kitchen shelf to display various items above eye level. The trestle base on a floating kitchen shelf is great for displaying favorite items up high and keeping the rest of the stuff below. Display cookbooks, ornaments, or other things that you want to display but do not want easily accessible.
  • A big kitchen may require several shelves to adequately organize everything. If your usual methods are not quite working out, you can try using floating shelves instead to make things easier and allow more space in your kitchen. Most floating shelves are very easy to install; they come with instructions that guide you through the process, so everything is done right without making mistakes.
  • If you are thinking of giving your kitchen a makeover, you might consider using floating shelves to help in this process. Floating shelves can be the easiest way to achieve a well-designed and better-organized kitchen.
  • One advantage of floating kitchen shelves is the ease at which these may then be removed if needed, for example, for redecorating or moving. They are also good for helping you organize things in your kitchen, especially when space is at a premium. By choosing the right design that suits your style, you can bring more beauty into your home and make things simpler to use and easier to find.

Traditional base and wall cabinets give a clean and classic look. However, open shelving provides a chance to add character to the space and display something that matters to you and your family.

So think about different ways to go with this look and find out which style will best suit your kitchen and how you can use it.

Get some inspiration with these 10 styling kitchen floating shelves ideas for some elegant storage.

10 Styling Kitchen Floating Shelves Poster from Simphome
10 Styling Kitchen Floating Shelves Poster

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List Entries:

10. Use a Copper Pipe

This savvy landlord has combined their kitchen shelves with bespoke lighting using a simple copper pipe.

Instead of hiding the fact that they have used pretty basic building materials to support their open shelving, they have embraced looks to create features, even finishing with a golden yellow touch.

You can attach wires to the light fixtures to enhance the look and create some wow factor on the walls. Even if you need an electrician to help with the lighting, making copper pipe racks is a top tip for an industrial-style kitchen.

9. Keep Dried Goods in the Open

If you are keen on baking and love nothing more than preparing a showstopper for family and friends, choose to store your cooking and baking ingredients in glass jars and tubes. Displaying these on an open shelf creates a stylish pantry kitchen idea.

They look so much more eye-catching than when they stayed in packaging, which means they are all easy on the hands when you need them. Furthermore, you can stay on top of what you might spend, so you are never short on mid-bake.

8. Glass and Gold

This glass shelf hangs above a mirrored panel, making the kitchen space look large.

Using only golden aluminum sticks to support each shelf provides a hassle-free look and allows the items on each shelf to speak.

Displaying most glassware is also a clever trick as more natural light can pass through, opening the kitchen and making it airier. Besides, using a simple but elegant cabinet enhances the modern feel.

7. Keep It Monochrome

Keeping a cohesive color palette is one way to ensure your kitchen stays stylish and does not look too cluttered.

With plain white walls, and white floating shelves for storing wooden cutting boards, mugs, and other accessories, this kitchen owner chose all of their utensils and storage cans in the same monochrome palette.

The plain black countertop with the patterned sink adds interest but does not get too pretentious as it is still in the same two colors and allows the brown wooden cutting board to pop against them.

6. The Japandi Style

Have you ever thought about combining Japanese and Scandinavian styles? Well, the Japandi trend is still ongoing in the interior scene now.

They have simple lines and shapes, plus they use intense black color. Choosing a smaller kitchen shelf makes the display of your most valuable or used items more noticeable.

Maximizing wall height over width is also a brilliant idea if you are short on room in your kitchen, and ribbed glass jars are an excellent fit for the Japandi style.

Relevant instructions:

  • Step 1: Layout the plan for your floating shelves.
    The ideal layout will have a large, central rectangle in the middle of the wall surrounded by more rectangles. If you have smaller rectangles on either side of the larger rectangle, your shelf will feel more balanced.
  • Step 2: Draw up a stencil for your shelves.
    You can make this as straightforward or as complicated as possible, but mine was very basic. First, you need to draw three squares on my wall with chalk and skip one in between each square, so it looks like a brick effect. If you want to do something artier, you could decorate them with circles or even get inspired by some wallpaper and draw abstract shapes around your rectangles instead.
  • Step 3: Make holes on the walls to which you can fix the shelves using screws.
  • Step 4: Insert wall supports into the holes and hang your shelves.
    The support you can use is usually made of metal or plastic. You can find this in hardware stores and supermarkets.
  • Step 5: Add hooks or other accessories to your shelves.
    One of the great things about using a floating shelf is finding loads of cheap accessories like hooks, jars, and boxes to decorate them.

5. Use a Floating Shelf to Trim Splashback

Attaching a floating shelf to the top of this honeycomb-patterned splashback has created a clean separation in a minimalist dressed kitchen along the kitchen wall.

The floating-style long shelf perfectly trims the splashback area and creates a place to display stacked artwork, plants, and cutlery neatly.

While there is room for another shelf above it, this kitchen owner has decided to keep things down to a minimum and let the simplicity of the design be a feature.

It also means you can hang a wall lamp, which will create a cozy glow over the kitchen counter at night.

4. Get Organized

Placing your cooking supplies into uncluttered matching jars brings satisfaction and makes them easy to spot if you run out of ingredients.

In addition to keeping your shelves neat, your dry goods will also remain airtight. This type of shelving does require a bit of dusting, but as we can see in the picture, the benefits of organizing it are well worth the extra effort.

3. Don’t Let Your Wall Empty

Take advantage of the entire wall’s width with bespoke shelves like this design in the picture to show off your decorative items and hide everyday clutter.

Additionally, with a bespoke design, you can easily coordinate it with the style of the room with small details like grooves or wood trim or help it blend into the walls using the same color scheme.

Don’t forget to re-use beautiful cans as utensils and old glass bottles as vases for buds.

2. Use the Corner Space

You should not overlook the corners in the kitchen. They provide hidden storage space and are great places to display cookbooks, enameled crockery, and kitchen furniture.

Take advantage of even the smallest spaces by installing shelves that fit between two walls. Open corner shelves are suitable for small kitchens. It is the perfect solution, appropriate for any kitchen design style.

They’re also a great, inexpensive idea for overhauling projects on a small budget. You can save time searching for items and increase kitchen storage space. Additionally, open corner shelves are versatile and elegant. They create lovely accents and enhance the effect of a friendly, modern, and welcoming kitchen design.

Lastly, Number 1. Use Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood is relatively easy to come by, plus you can get it very cheaply or even free if you have basic DIY skills.

These reclaimed wood floating shelves look like the best alternative to a sturdier entertainment center that all rooms usually have, including a kitchen. They are lightweight and wrap around corners beautifully to ensure a linear and continuous decor.

The beauty of reclaimed wood shelves is that they have a lot of character and can look attractive even if you leave them empty without placing or showing anything on them.

As you have seen in our 10 styling kitchen floating shelves, there are so many options or styles that you can choose.

The process of doing them is somewhat tricky, but in the end, you’ll be able to come up with something unique and tailored to your wants and needs.



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