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10 Long and Narrow Living Room Transformations

Many people have long living rooms to contend with these days, but that doesn’t mean it must be a struggle. If you want to design your living room in a way that appeals to you, then take advice from these ten long and narrow living room transformations so you can rejoice better living space.

Working with a small space can be difficult when it comes to interior design. It is true when your living room is long and narrow. It is difficult to avoid the display of tunnel effects that can negatively impact the openness of the place.

If you want to transform your long and narrow living room with a touch of comfort, here you can try these 10 long and narrow living room transformations to create a friendly atmosphere. As usual, Simphome presents you with the list.

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10. Create a Seating Area

An easy trick used to prevent the bowling alley effect is to make a cozy seating area in the middle of the space once you keep pieces of furniture away from the walls.

It is a recommended solution for anyone who wants to create a more comfortable and more welcoming atmosphere.

Keep in mind that you should be careful when making furniture preparations in a long and narrow living room. It’s important to maintain a sense of organization by maximizing the use of as much space as possible.

Do not forget to create a walkway for foot traffic. You just need to place your couch against the long wall. Then, add two chairs that face the sofa.
This way, you can maintain conversations without interrupting the foot traffic. You may also need to lay a large rug to anchor the seating area in place.

Other details you need to know are:

  1. The closer you place your couch to the LONG WALL, the more intimate your conversation will be.
  2. The Larger SPACE you create between your furniture and the long wall, the more it will look like a large dining room.
  3. As you make the couch closer to the walkway, keep in mind that you do not want it to appear as being “tacked” onto the long wall.
  4. Never position the couch too close to the window. It will create a tunnel effect.
  5. The most important consideration here is not using furniture that can’t be used as seating. For example, don’t use it as seating if you have an ottoman or a two-piece sofa. You will need to position chairs instead.
  6. Try to plan the seating area so that you don’t have to struggle with placement after the installation process is finished
  7. You can place the seating area by using your sofa as a centerpiece
  8. You can also use small pieces of furniture like tables, serving trolleys, bar stools, etc.
  9. For example, if you have a small coffee table, you can make use of it for seating purposes or even as a nook
  10. If you want to be more creative with your seating arrangement, try to line up the couch with the long wall at the end of the room.

9. Make Different Zones

A long and narrow living room tends to serve as an open-plan space. Besides, different zones in the same room can have an enlarged effect to make the entire area appear larger than it really is.
However, the absence of walls may blur the precise boundaries of the rooms in it.

Thus, you need to define them.
Defining a separate area might be a perfect method to create a harmonious decorating style involving a long and narrow living room.
You can even integrate a small office along with a conversation area as long as your room is spacious enough. Make sure you divide the different zones more clearly.
Try laying a rug under the seating area to define it. Installing different lighting or using different color schemes can also be an ingenious way to distinguish one room from the others.

Other improvement ideas you could also consider to experiment:
1. Install a mirrored wall to increase the impression of space
2. Consider an open floor plan
3. Install shelves to create an illusion of structure
4. Use the contrast of colors to create contrast zones within the room
5. If your room is too large for you, create an office, then transform it into another space by putting different furniture or accessories
6. Make use of furniture for multiple purposes
7. Create a conversation area on one side of the room
8. Accordingly, your lighting scheme should change as you enter a specific space
9. Make use of vertical space by adding different types of storage
10. Install a large mirror to reflect light from one side of the room
11. Use mirrored flooring to create an illusion of space
12. Create a separate zone for dining or cooking
13. Add different types of furniture from the same range
14. Install bookcases to increase the illusion
15. Consider a sofa bed in a separate zone

Also. Bring in a Few Natural Materials

To keep your long and narrow living room more livable, you may want to try a few ideas that allow it to breathe, such as bringing in natural materials for your furniture.
These include wood, stone, and bamboo.

Other tricks you can take to enrich your interior with more natural touches are:
1. Try a wooden bench
2. Lay a bamboo rug
3. Try a sofa made of stone
4. Use a wooden table with a stone top
5. You can easily integrate Light-colored furniture with natural elements
6. You can also use different textures such as leather, linen, etc. to balance design ideas
7. Color schemes should balance out with the environment
8. Do not mix materials if they are too dissimilar for your taste
Bonus idea:
There is nothing wrong with creating a cozy social atmosphere in your home when you have a long and narrow living room. However, if you want to maximize the space, try to add as many seats as possible.
Adding seats is the best way to make the most out of your living room when you have limited space available.

8. Use New Paint to Your Advantage

Small and narrow rooms can often make some architectural details more visible. For example, a steel-blue baseboard will stand out more in this type of living room. For this reason, paint can help you.
Maintaining a consistent look involves painting walls and baseboards of the same color.
The effect is a seamless blend of shades because the baseboard is well disguised.
A sudden contrast can create a bold effect in some areas, but this narrow space better uses a continuous and fluid display.

Other details and improvements you need to consider:

  1. Choose a base color that will work well with the rest of the interior
  2. The choice of a subdued hue will help draw attention to accent pieces in the room
  3. Make sure your paint is not only compatible but also complementary in terms of temperature and color
  4. The simplest way to create harmony in your decor is by using tones from the same family when you paint
  5. Paint should be applied in uniform strokes when working on baseboards
  6. You can also use a stencil or a mask to create a new pattern over the baseboard to tie the room together
  7. Use colors that will go well with your furniture
  8. Neutral colors can give your living room an airy and open feel
  9. If you want to achieve a more unified look, you can paint the entire area around the windows and doors you have in your home
  10. Highlight areas around doors and windows by using different shades of paint

7. Draw the Eye Upward

A long and narrow living room looks great when you maximize the unlimited potential of the vertical space. It has the visual effect of drawing the eyes upwards, resulting in a more pleasant look.

To use vertical space better, we recommend preparing some cabinets, bookshelves, and high gallery walls that can have the same effect.

Or, consider investing in a reliable wall storage system. Add some open cubbies and functional, fitting shelves to showcase your favorite items. While you need to work with some limitations, this is no reason to let the living room get boring.

Other suggestions you can consider or experiment with:

  1. Make use of a gallery wall
  2. Add shelves in pleasant colors like blue and brown to your room
  3. Try adding a large cabinet with doors to divide the area into two zones
  4. Use your artwork and antique collections to show off the design style you like the most
  5. Hang an over-the-door rack along one wall to add a bit of color and make use of the space above the door when possible
  6. You can also install wall hooks or clipboards for your keys so that you don’t need to throw them on the floor
  7. Consider adding some curtains to your window
  8. Hang different types of lamps so that you can change the mood by doing so
  9. Another idea is to hang a mirror, new posters, or string light wall decor over your space, which is another excellent way to reflect light or add contrast during the night
  10. If you want warmth, go for a rug in natural materials like wool or silk

6. Place Your Sofa Smartly

A large and comfortable sofa is an excellent addition to a long and cramped living room. You can try to choose a long sofa and place it along the wall to fit the style of the room.

Fighting this instinct to create a more attractive look and break up a long room is advisable.
Instead of a standard long sofa, going for an extensive set is a more brilliant option. The best compromise is to get a sofa with side seat extensions perpendicular to the room’s length if you want to have that big sofa.

It will make the living room feel more comfortable and reduce visual effects such as tunnels.

Other details you need to know are:
1. Try a stationary sofa without seat extensions so that you can have more space available
2. Use a wider sofa as a central focus of the living room
3. Place it near the focal point so that the majority of the room’s elements fit into its visual field
4. The best position for a stationary sofa is one that divides the space into symmetrical halves, which will also maximize your furniture space
5. You can place a long sofa along the wall and one side of the couch
6. Try a sofa that does not go under the armrest when in use
7. You can also use retractable or fully-tinted shades to reduce visual effects in your living room
8. If you need more space, you can place an ottoman in front of the sofa
9. Another option is to use benches instead of a sofa
10. A coffee table with storage space can be positioned in front of your sofa
11. Place the couch along the wall to make the room look bigger
12. If you want, you can also use two separate couches, one against each wall
13. Go for a couch with cushions that are not too bulky, so they do not take up unnecessary space
14. A leather sofa can give your living room a classy touch
15. A round-shaped sofa tends to have a greater visual effect
16. If you want to make the living room look bigger, do not focus on the furniture sides but instead use lighting effects
17. You can also choose a couch with multiple seat heights
18. Choose a couch with pedestals, which will give it an elegant look
19. You can also pick a skinny or a sofa with a low back
20. A long sofa is very versatile, so there are many ways you can use it
21. Choose a couch with slipcovers or fabric headrests so that you can change the color of the fabric to match your clothes
22. A long couch is excellent for creating an elegant and sophisticated look
23. A wooden sofa is an excellent option if you want an old-school vintage look
24. You can also pick a sofa that has a wide circle and tree-trunk structure
25. A couch with storage and a recliner function is perfect for small spaces
26. You can also use it as a side table
27. If you want to create an interesting effect, try mixing two different types of sofas
28. Experiment with different types of leathers and fabrics
29. Add storage space for your things by choosing a couch that has drawers or cubbies
30. Choose a couch with integrated storage
31. You can also opt for a light sofa if you want it to look like a piece of furniture
32. Two sofas placed along each side of the couch can make it feel fancier
33. A wooden sofa can give your living room an elegant country style
33. A white leather sofa makes the area look more modern and stylish
35. A modern corner sofa also works well in small spaces

5. Try Circular Furniture

When it involves adding pieces of furniture in a long, narrow living room, you have to focus more on the circular or oval ones. This way, you can avoid the look of that bowling alley.

Rounded edges are very welcome in this kind of room. On the other hand, straight lines seem to dominate.

An excellent example that you can try is a round coffee table usually positioned in the middle of the seating area. You can check out this circular section of Amazon. It can be beneficial for achieving a more pleasing aesthetic style in a narrow space. We also recommend side tables and round lights.

Other suggestions you probably need to consider trying:

1. An armchair is an excellent piece of furniture to add to your living room. An armchair is also perfect for creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere
2. You can place a rounded chair with armrests in front of the couch
3. Try placing a circular table in front of the couch
4. A sofa is usually placed along one side of the room, and an armchair under the window is also a good idea
5. You can use a small round side table with drawers to store items
6. A round-shaped coffee table is a significant element to use in the middle of the space because it gives you flexibility and also promotes interplay with other furniture
7. A lamp with a circular shade is an excellent alternative light source for the living room because it works well and avoids visual effects
8. Circular small tables are also great to place in front of the sofa
9. Tidy up your room by choosing furniture with drawers or shelves to hide your items
10. You can place a circular lamp on an end table or a side table
11. An armchair with storage space is perfect for this kind of space
12. A corner chair with storage is also a good option if you want to have more storage space

4. Go for an Essential Design

A long and narrow living room can benefit significantly from an asymmetrical look. It’s essential to keep the area as tidy as possible so you can avoid crowded shades.
Don’t overly accessorize because too many items can create an inefficient design resulting in an irregular place.

Each section should have its place in the living room because the clutter will be obvious in small and narrow spaces. You have to be careful when arranging and combining different pieces of furniture.

Even smaller ones can have a plus visual impact, so that’s why we recommend sticking to multi-purpose pieces like layered benches with storage inside.

Relevant suggestions:

1. A-side table with drawers is an excellent way to organize your room
2. You can also opt for a cabinet that also functions as a side table
3. Place a bench in front of the couch and add storage inside
4. A bench with storage can be handy in this kind of space because it is functional and essential
5. A bench with wheels and storage space is excellent for opening and cleaning the room more easily
6. Add an asymmetrical element like an ottoman in front of the couch
7. A long bench with drawers will maximize the available space
8. If you have a lot of books to store, choose a bookcase instead
9. Wheels on the furniture are an excellent idea so you can clean and move around other items easily
10. Choose a desk with drawers, so the desk also serves as a side table for the couch
11. Place a long bench along one wall and use it to display other decorative elements
12. A pop of color on an asymmetric piece of furniture can help bring attention to the space
13. A small table with storage space is another good option
14. You can also choose tables with drawers or self-storage spaces

Lastly, remember to use ColorWise.
A long and narrow living room has very little space for furnishing, so you must consider color coordination. You have to use subtle hues that will not be too colorful nor too boring.

3. Make a Straight Walkway

Creating lanes for foot traffic in a cramped room is tricky. By tweaking your settings, you will create an intimate atmosphere rather than a clumsy walkway in the middle of your furniture. Set a seat sketch on one side of the long wall of your living room.

By creating a tiny seating area, you have made a transparent path in front of the seats on the long walls of the other space. The effect is a well-thought-out sitting area that is not distracted by foot traffic.

Other alternatives you can try are:

1. Place a dining table along one side of the room
2. A small side table with stools looks sweet in this kind of space
3. A small bench with storage is a clever alternative for this kind of living room
4. Don’t forget to add lighting to get that cozy feeling
5. You can also add wall-mounted lights that will illuminate the area
6. A round coffee table fits perfectly in front of the sofa, and you can use it as a cocktail table too
7. An ottoman can also be helpful for this kind of apartment
8. A bench with storage is a smart way to add extra seating and storage
9. A spacious bench with storage under a window is also a good idea
10. A small, circular bench can serve as a seat while you keep your things on the other side
11. You can also opt for wall-mounted lights that will illuminate the living room
12. A circular table with drawers or a round coffee table can be useful
13. Place a small desk with storage space under the window so you can use it as a desk and a side table
14. A coffee table with storage is also great for this kind of space
15. Use Geometric Shapes
In a long and narrow room, open-plan furniture is essential to help you have an airy feel. The shape of your room will determine what kind of furniture works best for you, but we recommend going for sleek and clean forms that allow light to flow throughout the room.

Your takeaway:
This living room does not have much space for furnishing, so you must efficiently use the furniture. Creating an asymmetrical seating arrangement will make your space appear bigger than it actually is; it also helps save valuable areas, which is always good if you live in a small house.

2. Create a Curved Pathway

Break up a long space by creating a curved path through the room. Achieve this visual trick by using both long walls for your furniture and dividing your space into two separate seating zones.

You can quickly sketch this yourself or use a free room planning app so you can see curved paths on paper.

Other details you need to know:

1. The foot traffic should flow through the living room to allow light to flow through the space
2. If you want to keep the space clean, it’s essential that foot traffic is limited
3. A sofa set with storage works nicely in this kind of room
4. To access items on each side, don’t forget to place a small bench with storage under each of your long walls
5. On the other side, you can also place a small console or coffee table with storage
6. You can even group matching sets
7. You can also add rugs or wood flooring to help define the space
8. Add Lighting To Illuminate the Curved Pathway
A cozy living room is essential for this house, so you must use subtle lighting to define the spaces. It will help you create a distinct atmosphere where each area has its airy feel. This living room does not have much furniture, so your palette must be light and airy, with white tones dominating to create a smooth atmosphere.

Lastly, number 1. A Chic Narrow Living Room Idea

If you have been thinking of giving your living room a chic look, choosing a two-seater sofa and colorful fabric chairs would be a good idea. Go for a compact rectangular fabric to complete the look.

Add some modern table lamps in white and insert curtains on the windows. A small TV console in wood and a long wooden table on the side will give a comfortable and comfortable feeling to the entire room.

Other details:

1. Ensure the color palette of this room is light and airy, with white dominating
2. Use bold furniture colors to create a contrast that will bring focus to the space
3. Play with geometric shapes, choose furniture that has a modern look
4. Create subtle seating areas without losing sight of the long walls
5. Use a round coffee table in front of the sofa and add storage under it
6. A small dining table is suitable for this kind of space
7. A long and narrow living room needs foot traffic to gain a proper feel, so use a curved path to make walking through the room seamless
8. You can also make it entirely transitional by choosing a colorful rug on one side of the room
9. Just keep in mind to choose furniture with storage spaces on each side
10. You can use a large bookcase or a display cabinet for storage
11. A coffee table is also great for this kind of living room, and it can double as a dining table
12. A bench and storage beneath the window is always helpful to help you organize the space
13. You can create two seating areas by placing two benches on the ends of your long walls
14. Add light to make the space bright and airy
15. Try to use a small dining table with a bench on each side
Your takeaway: This living room has a clean, modern look since it doesn’t have much furniture. The colors chosen are neutral, but their hues are bold. You can also make it brighter by opening the windows and allowing natural light to illuminate the space. This living room is perfect for anyone who wants to give their living room a chic look.


Living rooms are a great way to activate the space and create a more intimate environment for a family.

Living rooms can be a little scary since you might not know where to start; however, with some creativity and some time, you’ll be able to create the perfect living room for your family. It will give your guests something to talk about, and it will make them feel at home as soon as they walk in. So, we hope these 10 long and narrow living room transformations have helped you update your space.



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