10 Modern Cupboard Design for Cheap

The cupboard is a must-have piece of furniture for the bedroom. Some people even have it for the kitchen and living room too. However, it isn’t limited to the function to store clothes, food, or dishes only. The furniture is often used for showing off your taste of style.
Many kinds of designs are still infatuated with modern style and redecorate the room for an inbuilt. However, it won’t be easy if you are tight on budget. Instead, try one of these modern cupboard designs for cheap to transform your space. For more space room transformation ideas compiled from other bedroom makeover bloggers and enthusiasts, follow the link inside the reference space:

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10. Flanking the Window

10. Flanking the Window by simphome.comIf you own a small bedroom, these floor-to-ceiling cupboards can be a clever choice. They keep most of the walls free so that the room feels open. Besides, their narrow shape allows you to place them by the window without blocking the light.
The drawers in the middle, right under the window, become a perfect complement for the set of furniture. However, if you decide to adopt this modern cupboard design, consider providing open shelves to the cupboard for books and other decorations.

9. Clutter-free Pattern

9. Clutter free Pattern by simphome.comAnother way to turn your dull cupboard into a better modern design is by adding a simple detail. You can easily go with decorative laminate or paint it yourself for cheap. Don’t be too much, though. A little change like this will certainly make a big kick to the entire room atmosphere.
Look at how colors and patterns in this bedroom bring everything together for example. The repetitive gray and white shades from walls, ceiling to furniture make a cohesive interior. Meanwhile, the geometric patterns go all out in contrast color.

8. Knob-free Cupboard idea

8. Knob free Cupboard by simphome.comCupboards without knobs or grips always appear sophisticated. Together with glossy monochromatic doors, the furniture offers a sleek and stylish view. Therefore, to replace the essential part of the cupboard, you may opt for a totally invisible handle with a push-to-open system.
Another option is a mostly an invisible handle. It is where you can run your finger along the channel to open the door. This kind of design emphasizes simplicity. It also offers a cleaner look, allowing you to show off other features of the room.

7. DIY Open Closet

7. DIY Open Closet by simphome.comAn open closet displays clearly what is inside, so it will ease you to grab which clothes to pick. This is also perfect for kids’ bedrooms as you can prepare earlier the pairs they should use today. Although it looks like an unfinished cupboard, this is actually used widely when the room doesn’t fit for a perfect cupboard.
The main material for this furniture is plywood, so it costs much lower in price than hardwood. Like making another cupboard, you should start with measuring and cutting, then continue with assembling all the pieces. For the finishing, feel free to coat it with stain, even two-toned paint.

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6. Color Pop

6. Color Pop by

A modern design is far from clutter and messy pattern. That’s why neutral or monochromatic color is much preferred. Nevertheless, monotone color is indeed boring, especially in the room where you spend time the most. Instead, give your cupboard a pop of color that will stand it out from the surrounding.
This cupboard with a bright yellow, for instance, instantly draws attention once you see the darkroom. Moreover, the furniture features shiny doors, making it look classy.

Choosing a glossy laminate like this is a clever alternative when you feel uncomfortable with a mirror.

5. L-Cupboard

5. L Cupboard by simphome.comPlacing furniture on a corner may look awkward, but the L-shaped cupboard will make the most of it. The cupboard will sit perfectly in the most overlooked space, providing storage and changing the entire look of the room.
Putting aside the awkward space, the cupboard design in this bedroom is great to adopt. Besides offering a large room for storage, it also features multiple shelves on the side for smaller items.

However, it will be better to use sliding doors in a narrow space like in the picture.

4. Now You See Inside

4. Now You See Inside by simphome.comIf you are worried, the open closet or cupboard will invite dust easily. Opt for a glass door instead. However, it doesn’t mean you should use a real glass material since it is quite expensive and fragile. Instead, plexiglass comes as an alternative for its durability and lightness.
You can do this project on the existing cupboard. The very first step you’ll need is to take the door down and cut the center panel. Next, install the glass in the middle with the help of glue that looks like silicon. Last, add trim molding to secure the glass in place.

You may also add wallpaper on the back to add contrast in an all-white scheme.

3. Fit The Space

3. Fit The Space by simphome.comAre you dreaming of a built-in cupboard but don’t want to spend a fortune to get it? Then this is a brilliant solution for you. The first thing to note is that a cupboard does not have to be in a bedroom or kitchen. It can be built in an unexpected place like under the stairs.

Since the backside has already existed, you only need to make the rest side and add some shelves to transform the unused space into modern, quaint furniture totally. In case you make it a kitchen cupboard, consider adding a cart to ease you move the dishes.

2. Decorative Sliding Door

2. Decorative Sliding Door by simphome.comA sliding door cupboard is luxurious and stylish. It has everything that a modern design has to show off. Therefore, replacing your traditional cupboard door with a sliding door will take it to the next level. Not to mention it will save space. However, if you already own this kind of cupboard and want a little freshen up, simply layer it with pattern window film. In case you are using a wooden sliding door, consider adding LED light inside. It will certainly create a dramatic look when the door is open.

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Lastly Number 1. Modern Cupboard idea for Kids

1. Modern Cupboard idea for Kids by simphome.comKids barely complain about what you put in their room. However, most kids will be so happy if their furniture is rich in colors, especially in their favorite colors. Therefore, this idea deserves consideration regardless of its simple design.
If you are new to this, combining some neutral pastel colors like this in the picture is a clever way to try just in case your kids find it difficult to decide what’s best for their private space. Then, add some patterns to make the cupboard more playful for them.

So, after the 10 recommendations of modern cupboard design for cheap, have you decided which to execute? Basically, the cheapest way to get a modern cupboard is by giving a makeover to the existing one or taking anything that Amazon offers if you’re lucky. And if you have complete tools at home, it’s not impossible to DIY yours using repurposed materials.



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