10 Renter Friendly Bathroom Décor Ideas

Living in a rented house may not give you much choice as the landlord does not allow you to make any permanent change. As a result, you have to put up with the dull walls and mundane interior designs. It does not mean you cannot do anything with it, though.
Although you cannot repaint the walls nor changing the flooring, you can still make the interior look more fabulous. If you are in your quest for some plans to refurbish a rented house, you have come to the right place. Check out these 10 renter-friendly bathroom décor ideas that are worth copying. For more worthy-following ideas related to our current topic, follow the link pasted inside the reference area.

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10. Add Colors and Patterns with Wallpaper

10. Add Colors and Patterns with Wallpaper by simphome.comChanging the colors of the walls can instantly alter the look of your bathroom. However, typical landlords do not allow the renters to paint them. If that is the case you are dealing with, try hanging a wallpaper.
Wallpapers come in a wide array of patterns and colors, adding a splash of visual appeal in no time. More importantly, they will not create any permanent change. It is a win-win solution, right?
Try opting for temporary wallpaper. You simply need to peel the plastic backing and stick it to the wall. It is as easy as ABC, isn’t it? When you are going to leave, you just have to pull it off. Don’t worry! It will not damage the wall. in most cases. To get your option, find 5 relevant ideas in Simphome or the following directory.

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9. Spruce It Up with Artwork

9. Spruce It Up with Artwork by simphome.comMany people think that the living room is the most appropriate place to display artwork. Well, maybe you need to consider your bathroom.
Although it is where you spend your time the least, it does not have to be mundane. You can carve out a striking impression without ruining the existing paint. All you need to do is just hanging a large picture or a photograph as the focal point.
It might be a mere picture. However, it can add a big impact on limited space. You may also need to consider installing a floating shelf to incorporate your current storage solutions.

8. Wrap up the Vanity

8. Wrap up the Vanity by simphome.comThe grooming area is the spot where you spend most of your time in the bathroom. You do a lot of things here, like putting on makeup, shaving, and brushing your teeth. No wonder you may wish to replace the tired vanity. Unfortunately, you cannot do that.
Well, you can have a brand new vanity without even buying one. You just need to grab a peel-and-stick vinyl wallpaper and wrap it around the vanity. You may also require to remove the hardware first, though.
Since you will use the wallpaper to wrap your vanity, consider getting the one that is resistant to moisture and condensation. More inspiration follows

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7. Vinyl Flooring

7. Vinyl Flooring by simphome.comYou might find the flooring in your bathroom is cracking or badly stained. You wish you could tear it apart and replaced it with something new. Don’t worry! You can still have fabulous flooring without removing the old one. Just lay vinyl peel-and-stick tiles, and you are good to go.
To get new flooring, you need to measure the space that you are going to cover first. Consider getting about 4 or 5 extra tiles in case you encounter mishaps.
Next, clean up the floor thoroughly. Ensure it is free of dust and stray particles. Wipe it with rubbing alcohol to help your peel-and-stick tiles get a better grip. Finally, remove the backing and adhere to them. For the main material, you can find some choices below.

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6. Storage that Serves Double Duty

6. Storage that Serves Double Duty by

The common plight that a small bathroom may encounter is the lack of storage. If you have this problem in your rented house, you do not need to worry anymore. You just need to hang some shelves.
However, hanging floating shelves is not as easy as it seems. You still need basic carpentry skills. Anyway, If you find it hard, you can opt for wicker baskets.
Wicker baskets have always been charming with their pattern and texture. They can infuse nautical and coastal themes in your bathroom in no time. Just hang them on the wall to craft floating cubbies. And that’s it!

5. Industrial Light Fixture Idea

5. Industrial Light Fixture by simphome.comAdding a little bit of industrial style without the hassle in your bathroom is not impossible. You will need 1×6 pine board, 3/8″ poplar boards, black weatherproof sockets, and Edison-style light bulbs to get this look. You may also require galvanized nipples, floor flanges, and reducing elbows.
First, use glue to adhere the poplar boards to the back of the pine board. Next, spray paint the screws. You can use a piece of scrap wood to make this process much easier. After that, you need to attach the sockets and wiring.
Once the glue is already dry, you can begin to stain the pine board. Next, drill holes for the lights. Attach the flanges to the board, wire the sockets, and hang the light fixture to the wall. Finally, screw on the light bulbs.
If you have a lack of interest in this design included in the post, follow the next link to get new or different inspirations.

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4. Get Modern Pendant Light

4. Modern Pendant Light by simphome.comThis is another idea of improving your bathroom lighting without costing you a fortune. To get this look, you need to flip a terrarium, drill a hole for the bulb socket, and screw the swag kit into its base.
Get an Edison bulb and install it in the socket. Screw two eyehooks on the ceiling. After that, wrap jute rope around the wire. Finally, hang the pendant light from the hooks.
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3. Or Simply Swap  your old Curtain

3. Swap the Curtain by simphome.comApparently, getting rid of boredom in your bathroom is as simple as replacing the existing shower curtain with a new one. This idea does not need any carpentry skills nor much effort.
You just need to find the best replacement curtain that suits your personality. Most importantly, this idea is reversible, meaning you can hang the old one back before leaving the house for good. For another selection of curtain ideas, check our next choices.
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2. Lay a Rug

2. Lay a Rug by simphome.comLaying a rug can be another effortless idea you should try to perk up your bathroom. The good news is rugs are available in hundreds of colors, patterns, and textures. Therefore, they can alter the look of any room almost instantly. If they can’t do the job you want, you can always make a new choice later by first visiting the link directory we are about to give you
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Lastly number 1. Freshen Up with Plants

1. Freshen Up with Plants by simphome.comPlants have almost never failed to bring in good vibes to any space, including the bathroom. Some of them can even purify the air, making them a top-notch decorative item.
However, not all plants can put up with the humidity and moisture level of a bathroom. For this concern, consider growing ZZ plants, Peace Lily, Snake Plants, or Lucky Bamboo as they thrive well in such conditions.
If you want to carve out a more dramatic look in your bathroom, try hanging golden photos, air plants, orchids, or Boston fern.
So, Some rented houses may be outdated. But, it does not mean you cannot do anything with them for the sake of your ultimate comfort. Try to implement one of these 10 renter-friendly bathroom décor ideas to infuse good vibes and good luck with that.



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