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Things to Know Before Mounting Your Television on the Wall

Technology is constantly changing. Numerous models of thinner TVs are introduced to the market each year. Today, the most popular TVs are wall-mounted in compact and spacious homes. Mounting your TV saves you space and also enhances how your room looks.

Other additional advantages include, makes your room look neater, and everyone in the room can easily watch the TV with no obstruction. You also protect your TV from damages, especially when you have pets and kids in your home. Have you decided to install your TV on your wall? There are many factors to consider to have a hassle-free process. These includes

1. Proper research for a qualified service provider

Mounting your TV is not a DIY job. This is because your TV is an expensive investment and very fragile to handle. Therefore, it can be damaged if not handled with care, which means losses. Hire qualified TV mounting experts in your area. First, ensure the potential service provider has,

  • Experience- The ideal TV mounting expert should have years of experience in this field.
  • Licensed- Ensure that you are getting your services from authentic service providers. This way, you are assured that they have professional training and are approved by the authority to provide the services.
  • Insurance-Your television is an expensive investment. But, on the other hand, Televisions are very fragile. If not handled with proper care, they can easily break. Find insured Experts from sites like You’ve assured compensation in case of any damages to your TV.
  • Equipment- Mounting TV on the walls requires specialized tools and equipment. Therefore, when evaluating the right experts, ensure they are equipped with the right skills and tools to perform this task effectively.

2. Location

You have to decide the location where you want the TV installed. Ensure it’s a strategic location where everyone in the room can easily have a good view without any obstruction. Find a perfect angle.

3. Height

Once you decide on the location, the next thing is the height of the wall where the mounting will be done. Again, several factors will determine this. This includes the size of your room, TV Size, and the distance between that wall and the sitting area. In most cases, TV mounting is done at the center of the wall; however, ensure that you can view the TV comfortably from where you sit.

4. Strength of your wall

This is an essential factor. Ensure your wall is steady enough to hold the weight of your television. If not, the wall bracket will fall off, and your TV will fall on the ground. This can cause damages to your TV. Avoid mounting your television on gypsum partitions. This is because the gypsum is not strong enough to support the weight of your TV. Experts like recommend mounting TV on walls made of brick.

This is because they are strong hence offer good support to your TV. Also, think about the concealed wires. Another advantage of mounting your TV is to enhance the looks of your room.

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