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10 Small Living Room and Bedroom Combo

Combining a small living room and bedroom is a great way to maximize space in an apartment, condo, or townhouse. Here are ten small living and bedroom combo ideas

General ideas:

  • Start the transformation by removing the door and installing a wall. This will increase the size of the room.
  • Build up shelves on either side of the window and add a headboard and bed frame with storage containers for linens. You will have more space for quilts, pillows, and things you want in your bedroom.
  • Design a small living room around your fireplace with built-in bookshelves to store books. Adjust shelving to display family photos, plants, pictures, candles, small statues, and other decorative items. This can also be done in a small bedroom design with shelves instead of bookshelves to display pictures and decorative items.
  • Add a cabinet that you can use as an entertainment center and bedroom dresser. Use the space for a flat-screen TV, DVD player, and stereo. You can also add drawers for storage and shelves for storage boxes, books, knick-knacks, shoes, or other items if you want to.
  • If you have a small living room and bedroom combo with two entrances or some of your furniture is in the middle of the room, consider adding furniture pieces with doors on either side to maximize floor space.
  • Arrange your living room furniture in an L-shaped configuration to open up space on one side of the room.
  • Add a piece of furniture that has doors on all four sides. This will allow you to close it off and use the space for reading, studying knitting, or other tasks.
  • Install a Murphy bed to get more space for entertaining and activities during the day. You can also design an entertainment center with hidden storage compartments beneath it.
  • If your room is small enough, consider buying a loft bed that can be used as an extra sleeping area.
  • Smaller furniture is an option for smaller rooms. Consider using tables with drawers, glass-top coffee tables, low bookcases, and platform beds instead of conventional beds and dressers to open up floor space in your room.

Living in a spacious house would be awesome. Unfortunately, some people cannot make this idea tangible because they cannot afford a large home. For this reason, they have to get by with limited space and forgo some walls because they need to merge rooms.

Do not worry! Living in a tiny home is not the end of the world. If you harness your creativity, you will be able to create a cozy place to live. Are you wondering how to do it? Take a look at these 10 small living room and bedroom combo ideas. As always, Simphome presents you with the new compilations.

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List Entries:

10. A Loft Bed for More Floor Space Access

A good rule of thumb is that gaining more floor space is a terrific idea when dealing with a small house. Therefore, you may come up with a Murphy bed or futon that you can stow away when not used.

Instead of going for those conventional options, have you ever thought of suspending your bed from your ceiling?

However, not all types of houses can do this trick. You can use this design if your home has a high ceiling, just like this one. This bed suspends from the ceiling, right below the retractable skylight. This way, the bed seems to be floating. As a result, you can have more floor space for the living area.

Another advantage is sleeping while staring at the beautiful night sky and the exquisite glittering stars.

Relevant details:

  • Start building your loft bed by purchasing the kits that have the plans. Depending on the kit, it should cost between $60 and $120.
  • The kit usually comes with the necessary tools and parts, but they are not tools that you need to know how to use. You can easily find these kits in most building supply stores.
  • The kit takes at least five hours to build; this is the minimum time required if you heavily follow the instructions. You will only need two or three hours if you do some alterations, but be careful if you are new at this kind of work.
  • Most kits are built with off-the-shelf materials such as lumber and particle board; for your construction, you will need specialized raw materials that you can buy from any lumber dealer or manufacturer of building supplies in your area.
  • If you plan to build a loft bed, it is good to check whether your city or municipality has some building regulations regarding bed height and construction.
  • You can make the bed into a single bed or double bed; the only thing you need to do is add more parts and panels accordingly.

9. Define your Rooms with Rugs

One of the common problems living in a small apartment is the lack of space. Therefore, opting for an open floor plan would be your safe bet.

The open floor plan requires you to forgo some walls to merge the living room and bedroom. As a result, your house will appear to be more spacious. However, you have to compromise privacy and clarity because no clear border separates each room.

Do not worry! It is not a big deal. An area rug provides comfort for your bare feet and defines the functions of each room. Besides, it comes in a wide array of designs that can jazz up the space.

8. Optimize Storage with Shelves as a Room Divider

Since you opt for forgoing the wall separating the bedroom and living room, you may not get the privacy you want. Do not give up hope yet! You can still earn it by investing in a room divider.
You can find many kinds of room dividers in stores. Nevertheless, shelves would be a top-notch choice.

Shelves can be a great room divider that separates your bedroom from the living room. Besides, they can also do double duty by being practical storage that helps you organize your stuff and even displays your knick-knacks.

Relevant details:

  1. You can also build your room divider from wood. Many tutorials on the Internet can show you how to build your shelves.
  2. Once you have built your room divider, you can use different materials to customize it.
  3. Always choose materials that suit your style and budget. Depending on what appeals to you most, you can even use different woods, such as oak, pine, or any other material.
  4. The room divider is not a big deal if you combine it with a bedside table and dresser in the same style and color scheme as the shelves themselves.
  5. To simplify your job, you can also build a new room divider from scratch with plywood, according to the size of your living room.
  6. Go for a small room divider; divide it into two or three small shelves.

7. Asian-Inspired Living Room and Bedroom Combo

Do not let small space hinder you from carving out an exquisite and comfortable place to live.
This living room and bedroom combo show that limited space is not a big obstacle. In fact, it can awe people with Asian vibes.

To incorporate Asian vibes into your house, you can begin with investing in bamboo flooring. Then, consider purchasing or making a low-level platform bed. To round out the look, you can use shoji sliding or bi-fold doors for a room divider because it is the hallmark of the Japanese interior.

6. Incorporate Some Spark of Joy

You may have heard anything about the magic of white in a small room a lot. Apparently, it is not a total myth. No wonder many designers would suggest painting your entire walls white to open up the space.

Do not take it too seriously, though. Those designers only advise painting the whole room white, not forbidding you to incorporate more pops of colors. In fact, adding a few contrasts can perk up your interior immensely.

This living room and bedroom combo, for example, look more spacious with crisp white as the base. To make it look less dull, you can add some orange items because this is the color of joy and enthusiasm.

Relevant details you can experiment with and try:

  • Transform your dull interior with a few touches of some bright and lively color. For example, you can paint the ceiling and walls one color but add pops of any color on different elements such as cushions and rugs.
  • Find your measurement and then paint your room as a whole without touching specific areas.
  • Look for the bright and cheerful patterns on curtains or tassels to add a note of fun and cheerfulness to your home.
  • Brighten up the space with artistic mirrors that reflect light instead of absorbing it. You can also use decorative candles on your table to create an ambiance for evening gatherings.
  • Dabble in some decorative elements with a country or vintage look, including old plates or a ceramic vase, to update and freshen the space.

5. Use Ceiling-to-Floor Curtain

The biggest challenge of having a living room and bedroom combo is the lack of privacy. Luckily, you can overcome this problem by investing in a room divider.
If you want an easy-to-install room divider that can give you privacy in no time, you can opt for a ceiling-to-floor curtain.

A ceiling-to-floor curtain allows you to hide away your messy bedroom easily in a jiffy. This way, visitors will not notice the mess. When you want your bedroom to feel more open, you only need to draw the curtain.

Relevant details:

  • Prepare your measurement and then buy a pair of ceiling-to-floor curtains to install. You can also buy a protective curtain for your windows simultaneously.
  • Use your measuring tape on the wall where you want to hang your ceiling-to-floor curtain on. For example, measure from the floor and the ceiling if you want to hang it on the wall behind the couch.
  • Hang your curtains according to your measurement without cutting them because it will work better and looks so much better if you use their original size as is.
  • You can also find an ideal design for your bedroom.
  • You can also use the curtains to divide other rooms, such as the dining room from the kitchen or the dining room from the living room.
  • Choose materials that suit your style and budget depending on what appeals most. For example, you can choose silk curtains for a vintage feeling and cotton or linen for a rustic look or any other material that looks good on you.
  • Hang your curtains at night when you want privacy but still want to welcome guests into your home.
  • To securely hang your curtain, you can use cleats and hooks or even stronger methods such as curtain rods.
  • You can also use a clothesline and wooden clips to hang your curtains for a farmhouse look.
  • You can also hang your curtains in the daytime to keep your bedroom clean and tidy and expose the gorgeous view through your window.
  • If you are using curtains to get a more vintage look, you can also choose a patterned curtain set that matches the color of your woodwork. Or choose colors that complement one another – such as choosing a floral pattern on green walls while adding neutral colors like white or gray furnishings and wooden flooring.

4. Try Multipurpose Seat

Did you know you can have a living room and a bedroom in the same spot? It is absolutely a brilliant solution for those who live in a studio apartment.

You need to swap your standard couch for a daybed or Murphy bed to make it real.
Daybeds look like a couch but can do more than be a comfortable seat. They come with a mattress that you can use to sleep, which is a perfect choice if you want your living room to work harder.

Relevant instructions you can follow to acquire a more organized small bedroom and living room:

  • Step 1: Make some plans and measure your room before buying a bed.
  • Step 2: Draw the measurement of your bed on the paper and then measure the rest, such as height, width, depth, and length, to get an exact idea of the size. You can also use these exact measurements to buy other furniture, such as accent chairs or a coffee table.
  • Step 3: Buy various types of beds suitable for your room size. When you have a precise idea of the size of your room and the features or functions you want from your seating unit, it is easy to find out which kind of bed would be ideal for you.
  • Step 4: Convert your bed into a furniture piece and then decorate it with cushions and sofas following your taste.
  • Step 5: Get creative by adding an ottoman to make it look cozier or add a few pillows on the floor to make it look more comfortable.
  • Step 6: Install the bed according to the instruction. For example, if the instruction says to screw it, use three screws to fix the legs and place them on top of the frame. You can use a drill and a screwdriver to do this by yourself.

3. Embrace Natural Light

Enjoy Beautiful Living Room Models In Scandinavian Interior Design

Aside from using white as the color base for your interior, installing large windows is also worth considering.

Floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to come inside the room, making it more open. It would be better to combine it with crisp white walls and furniture.

Consider applying minimal window treatment since natural light is essential for a small living room and bedroom combo. Another option is you can forgo it altogether.

Other than natural light, it is never wrong to use LED light or any other kind of light that can brighten your interior. You can also add some classic lamps to make your room cozier.

Not to forget, you may need to choose the right color or better color selections.
Never overlook color for your interior since it adds identity, warmth, and mood to a room.

It is also a crucial element that makes you feel comfortable in your own home.

One of the biggest issues is finding the color scheme – or even one unique shade – that fits your personality and following color trends for the rest of your home interiors and decorating items such as furniture pieces, curtains, and other stuff.
White is currently a popular choice for small living rooms because it looks airy, stylish, and chic.

2. Bring in your favorite Plants

Plants have always been an incredible choice to embellish any room, including your living room and bedroom combo. Besides, some indoor plants can purify the air, making them an excellent addition to your home.

Here are some air-purifying plants for your small living room and bedroom combo:

  • Barberton daisy
  • English ivy
  • Snake plants
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Spider plant
  • Dragon tree
  • Weeping fig

Lastly, Number 1. Color Coordinate the Space

Matching colors has always been a good idea. This studio apartment has proven that you can create a cohesive look despite the small space by color coordinating the furniture.

As you can see, a TV stand separates the living room and bedroom nicely. Still, they look united, thanks to the soft beige couch that matches the TV stand and blanket. The cushions also fit the chairs in the dining area nicely.

Relevant details you can consider applying to optimize your valuable space:

  • No 1. You can use beige to create a coherent and unified look in your small living room and bedroom combo.
    Color is also an essential element for decorating a space, especially since it can add identity, warmth, and mood to a room. It is hard for you to pick one color for your small living room and bedroom combo because many color options are available. You might be tempted to pick something that doesn’t match or looks too loud.
    The best thing you can do is use neutral colors like beige that complement almost anything. It looks good on warm wood tones or white furniture.
  • No 2. You can use blue to give your small living room and bedroom combo a subtle look.
    It is one of the most popular colors for any interior design.
    You can use blue for your small living room and bedroom combo if you have a small space because it does not overpower the area. It also works well with warm wood tones or white furnishings, depending on the overall color theme of your interiors.
  • No 3. You can use yellow to match any color theme in your homes, such as pink, green, purple, or even orange tones.
    This idea is ideal if you want to bring out another aspect of your coloring scheme – such as a more feminine look – in your interior. If you are using yellow as an accent color, make sure it is not dominant but works harmoniously with the other colors to create an interesting picture.
  • No 4. You can use white if you have small rooms and want to brighten up the area.
    It is a good option for small areas because it does not overwhelm the space; instead, it makes a connection between all of your furniture pieces. If you decide to use white for your small living room and bedroom combo, make sure that you coordinate your color scheme well so that the look is unified.
  • No 5. You can mix various shades of gray or browns into a cohesive color scheme in your small living room and bedroom combo. Gray is an ideal choice for an elegant, sophisticated look. It works well with white interiors since it can hide imperfections and make your furniture pieces appear more attractive.
    Gray is neutral and goes with almost anything. You can match it with beige or any other cool shade or use another color to add more appeal to your room’s overall design.
  • No 6. You can use colorful accents in your small living room and bedroom combo that are not overwhelming but simply add accent points to your room.
    Using color as an accent in any interior design can help you add a different dimension to the space without making it look flashy or too busy. The best way to use this trick is to place accents on the walls and floors rather than furniture or fixtures.
    You shouldn’t use color in every nook of a small living room and bedroom combo because it may be overwhelming. Instead, you can add those colors in a limited number of places, such as the curtains, pillows, or furniture pieces.
  • No 7. You can use green as your primary color in your small living room and bedroom combo if you want a relaxing atmosphere.
    Green is one of the color choices that most people prefer for their bedrooms since it creates a serene atmosphere that makes them feel more comfortable when sleeping; it also adds some freshness to the space. You should use a light shade of green for your small living room and bedroom combo, such as mint or sage, that complements white furnishings well.
    The best color accent that you can use with green is beige, red, blue, orange, or any other neutral shades so that your space looks vibrant.
    Even if you have a small space, you should endeavor to make it look bigger by arranging your furniture pieces properly. If possible, get rid of the excess stuff in the room since they are cluttering up the open space and making everything look congested. By removing these items, you will be able to create more visual appeal in your small living room and bedroom combo.

Living in a small house is not always bad. In fact, it can be a blessing in disguise because you have the chance to explore your creativity. And these 10 small living room and bedroom combo ideas will assist you in carving out your dream house despite the limited space.



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