Modern Home Design Ideas for More Functional House

Many houses are built in modern contemporary style, and for you who have this kind of house, you should try to use modern home design ideas for your interior design. This modern design will make your house look trendy and stylish thus;, it will be more suitable to support your lifestyle. A home with an excellent composition will be more comfortable to use since you will enjoy the design, and most items used in the design are also functional. We will give some ideas for you who need to have some ideas that you can apply in your house. Modern home design ideas with helpful functions for your rooms

1. Window blind

simphome window blind

As you know, modern houses usually have big size windows since you need to have as many natural lights coming inside your home. But with those big size windows, the problem comes when you want to get some privacy or limit the lights a little bit. To overcome this problem, you can try modern home design ideas by using extra large window blinds. It will cover your big windows perfectly but not make your room look crowded with the drape of cloth on the floor. That way, you can use them every time needed and roll them away when you do not use them. (via centoventesimo)

2. Mirror

simphome mirror

As you might already read on many modern home design ideas out there, they always suggest mirrors in modern design. However, you might not know there are many ways to use the mirror to be more helpful. One usage of mirror that you should apply is to use it in an awkward place around your house to make it less noticeable. So try to put a big mirror on the end of your hallway to make it less stuffy. You can also try to put a mirror in those awkward corners to make it less noticeable. Use the mirror as a way to make your room looks more prominent and more comfortable to see. (via mirrorlot)

3. Ghost furniture

simphome ghost coffee table

Some of you might not know what ghost furniture is. It refers to furniture made from glass, acrylic, or plastic with transparent color, which makes the ghost name. For modern home design ideas styling, you can try to use ghost furniture to avoid too much bulky furniture, which may cause the room to look too crowded. Try to use a ghost coffee table for your living room to make the area feels larger. Or you can also use a ghost chair for your dining room to make it less stuffy since there are a lot of chairs used in a small table. (via custommade)

4. Open shelf

simphome open shelf

Other best modern home design ideas that you should apply are by using open shelves system in your house. Often those shelves make your room look stuffy, especially when it fills the whole wall, thus making the room appear smaller. But by changing them into open shelves, you would not even feel there are shelves in the room since everything is out in the open. That is why you should try to use open shelves whenever needed, especially in the kitchen and your home office. It will make the items easier to reach since you can see everything. (via trendir)

5. Garden

simphome inside garden

Modern home design ideas and inspiration do not include plants since it is considered traditional accessories that will make the room look crowded. However, it would be best to try to use some plants in your modern design since it will relax you. Do not worry about making your room look crowded since if you know what to do, you can avoid making your room look stuffy with the plants on it. You can make a small garden area in the middle or side of your house and then separate it with a glass wall. This idea will add a relaxing ambiance to your room but still not make it stuffy. (via rgpowerdesign)

Tips in using modern style design for your house

When you want to have a modern look for your house, you should make sure everything looks clean and organized. Do not use too many modern home design ideas, which might make your room appear crowded. Instead, use some ideas that could help you organize your house better. Use items with the right size for each room to not overcrowd it; the limited number of big furniture will be enough instead of using a lot of smaller furniture.

If you want to use home décor, make sure that you only use them in moderation. Organize the accessories better so they will be spread evenly throughout the room but not in a random way. Please do not fill the entire wall with too much wall art or decoration since it will make the room look stuffy. You can choose one wall as an accent wall and use your decoration there.

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