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10 Instagrammable Living Room Upgrade Ideas

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From food to fashion, Instagram is full of ideas, and they are dazzling, at least on screen. Numerous influencers craft visions of dreamy life, although the reality is like chalk and cheese.

Speaking about Instagram, millennials want their home visually alluring, cozy, and hip. Sounds great? Luckily, aiming for it is not that difficult. If you are a millennial and want to embellish your home totally Insta-worthy, here are 10 Instagrammable living room upgrade ideas. For more details, you can always follow the link pasted inside the reference area.

10 Instagrammable Living Room Upgrade Ideas via Simphome.comFeatured
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10. The Comfy Furniture10. Comfy Furni by

Some say millennials are craving for two things; they are visual look and comfort. For the latter, you require focusing on coziness than others in an Instagrammable home.

It starts from your living room to your kitchen and everything in between. Enforce on comfy furniture, forget anything else. Look at those alluring sofas and recliners; for instance, they are both comfortable and astounding.

They are suitable for most spaces, and they don’t have to be expensive. You can start by recycling available wooden materials or garage sales. With the right piece of mind, consider these steps when you start off furnishing your home.

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9. Plants Feast9. Plants Feast by

Jungalow trends will never end. Try to find a living room without plants these days. It is pretty hard to do. Tuck trees and palms into corners. For the ceilings, you may hang some ferns

You know, plants deliver lush life, color to a room, even a new chance to love other organisms. They never fail to do it most of the time. For the table, place cute potted plants there. They are indispensable and will boost your mood too. For fewer bucks, you can get extra soothing ambiances, even healthy rituals.

Complete them with earthy stuff like wooden furniture. Put some classic pictures, a big artwork, or patterns. With these ideas, you have enough color to cheer up your photo.

8. It’s Rattan Time

8.Rattan Time via .jpgThis is living proof when rattan furniture goes inside the house. They are not exclusively staying outside anymore. With those things, you roll back time to the 70s. They are the seamless companion for the fluffy rug and grey floor. Adding some contrast will kick out the dreary ambiance.
Perfect it with vintage lights, and you go back to the good old days. If your living room has wide windows, take the entire curtain and let the light flow. Give a bit of matchless touch by hanging some pictures on the wall. It’s truly stunning.

7. The Metal Addict7. Metal Addict by

Make a statement with this metal accent. We love it as we can alter it with other types of décor accents. You are free to stick with one when you want a consistent tone, however.

I recommend adding some impressive light fixtures between the neutral tints in a tranquil and modern living room. For example, you may opt for brushed gold and brass; because they will deliver more color to your interior without overpowering it.

Carry on the trend by bringing a metal side or coffee table into play. Put a plant to neutralize the air. Wrap it up with a white rug.

6. Get The Wallpaper Talks6. Wallpaper Talks by

Tired of painting when you want to replace the old theme? This is your ultimate answer. Put those exhausting process behind you and use this to solve one of your life burdens.

Get customized wallpapers and turn your drab wall into an Insta-worthy look in an instant. Set an amazing background for a selfie, wefie, and group shots. If you need to change numerous backdrops, go for removable panels. You can switch them easily without constraining your arms from a paint-roller. Furthermore, place a table in the middle, then arrange some accessories to deliver innumerable swiftly looks.

5. Or Get The Hanging Diptych5. Hanging Diptych by

Well, a set of triptych or diptych on your feature wall will accentuate your room. Think again if you feel that it is something you can grab in less than ten minutes. Follow these steps after you got the desired artworks.

First, you will need to weigh up where you want to hang them. For paired artworks, please ensure there is no distraction. They need to be a focal point. Any clutter will wipe out their unique look.

Then, mark the height where you want to place them. It must be balanced and centralized. When you have them all, take your toolbox, and start working.

4. A Hardly Perfect Paradox4. Perfect Paradox by

It is a blend of modern and classic concepts in one package. Even it goes all-white, some elements successfully represent two diverse eras. For instance, the ceiling gives a historic and vintage European atmosphere. Then, a unique dark wood coffee table carries the space bluntly into the modern era.

Wooden flooring is just seamless to accompany the furniture. You can get a clear-cut and minimalist style while you still grab an old-time look. Put three stuff maximum on the table, and you’re all set.

3. The Bohemian Rocks3. Bohemian Rocks by

If you have a few gypsy spirits, you are going to love this room. The mantra of bohemian and those travelers is analogous. More patterns and colors are the keys.
The grey shade is counteracted immediately with some colorful comforters. Behind the sofa, there is a floating wooden shelf. Thanks to some antique items, they play down the tedious wall. Bold colors dominate the scene.
Then, a chic pattern rug exposes the table and the plant on it. One wooden stool at the corner encloses and balances the living area.

2. The Light Galore2. Light Galore by

The first thing that popped up is a spacious abode. Then, it goes to vivid light, which flows into the room. It offers natural lighting for perfect photo shoots. Next, it joins neutral walls and ceiling to bring a positive mood.

For the furnishing, consider a classy grey sofa. Together with black and white stripe rugs and several pillows, its chic design draws attention to our naked eyes.

Both walls have hanging pictures on it. The difference is, one has only two pieces, but another has plenty. Bear in mind; you need to arrange them tunefully to make a superb balance.

Lastly, Number 1. Savvy Space idea1. Savvy Space by

This is a model to follow if you want to make the most of your space. Try to manage your area cleverly; take a look at some examples from tiny houses.

They are best in occupying minute space. Then, mull over on how you can exercise the quarter around you. Spacious lofts with mezzanines or some compact campers are great starting points. Do you need cabinets? Install them under the stairs. Probably, you want a ladder for your story too. Well, Functionality does not mean you have to sacrifice the style.

See? Fabricating Instagrammable living rooms is pretty handy. Just go along with one of these ideas and grab some which suit you best. Unearth your dreams into reality and begin adoring your home more than ever. Good luck!



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