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10 Inspiring Simple Bedroom Transformation for Small Rooms Layout

Whether you’re a bachelor or bachelorette, apartments or tiny, cramped homes, there’s just something about small spaces that makes them all the more meaningful. And let’s face it: for many of us, our bedrooms are not exactly masterpieces. This is why this list features ten inspiring simple bedroom transformations for small rooms layout!

After all these years, who said you must sacrifice comfort and design for small space? Here are some fun ideas that might turn your bedroom the envy of your friends’ bedrooms.

The best small bedroom ideas can transform a cramped space into a must-see retreat with easy storage solutions and pleasing interior design patterns.

Decorating small rooms can be challenging because you’re working with a tight space, but we have some brilliant tips on making the most of the space to help create the illusion of a larger room.

From storage solutions, color schemes, and multifunctional furniture, check out these 10 inspiring simple bedroom transformations for small room layouts before you start decorating. Completing previous bedroom ideas published on the website, Simphome presents you with the list.

10 Small bedroom transformation ideas via Simphome
10 Small bedroom transformation ideas for small area poster

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List Entries:

10. The Unordinary Bunk Bed

One of the trickiest things about organizing a small room is fitting all of your crucial furniture into one space. While bunk beds free up a lot of room, a standing desk might be too much if you’re dealing with a tight space.

We love how this bunk bed has a built-in small side table to give you enough space to work on your laptop. If you don’t have a built-in desk with your bed, you can always work around that and build some floating shelves and desk space into your bedside wall. Remember, the smaller, the better because you want to maximize the room as much as possible.

Relevant Instructions:

  • No 1. Start with a Bed Frame
    ~ Tuck the bedframe into the corner, do not place it directly against a wall.
    ~ Space the two pieces of the headboard as far apart as possible to ensure more space in between.
    ~ Your bed should extend no further than 1 inch beyond your dresser or nightstand.
    ~ Consider adding a shelf on each side of your bed frame for extra storage. This allows you to maximize square footage in your room while still having storage space around your bed.
    ~ For larger rooms, try adding a bench at the foot of your bed to maximize storage space further.
    ~ Also, ensure you have enough clearance when building in shelving around your bed so you can comfortably climb into bed.
    ~ Loft beds are an excellent option for maximizing space in small bedrooms and offer lots of fun opportunities for design!
  • No 2. Build Storage Into Your Bunk Bed
    To start, build a storage unit under the headboard. It doesn’t need to be huge, just as long as it will fit between the sides of your bed frame.
    ~ Put these neatly on top of your mattress to make climbing in and out more comfortable.
    ~ We also recommend building a small nightstand under the bunk bed so you don’t have to climb over other furniture.
    ~ Another great way to maximize open space is by adding built-in shelves on each side of your bed frame.
  • No 3. Line Up Your Furniture to Maximize Space
    Next, line up your furniture to ensure you get the most space out of the room. This can be difficult if your bed frame or mattress sits in the middle of the room, but having this setup properly saves you a lot of space later on.
    For instance, if your headboard is big or has an extensive design, place it against a wall. -Instead of placing your bed against a wall, put it nearby the headboard to maximize space.
    ~ You can also put the centerpiece of your bed against a wall, especially if you have a dresser or nightstand under your bed.
    ~ Striped gingham sheets are an excellent option for small bedrooms because they show off texture and color while still allowing you to see into the room.
    ~ Finish the look with simple white bedside tables and lamps to help keep the look minimal.
    ~ Foldable rugs are also an excellent option for small rooms because they can be easily tucked away when you want to save space.
    ~ Add some greenery around the outside of your loft bed to bring even more nature into your design and make everyone feel instantly relaxed.
  • No 4. Use Storage under the Mattress
    If you have a loft bed, it’s crucial to utilize every space available.
    One great way to do this is by constructing a series of drawers under your mattress and lining them with fitted sheets to keep everything in place.
    ~ For extra storage, add crates and bins underneath your bed.
    ~ Then, ensure you have enough space between your bed and floor to comfortably sit on your bed or walk around the room at night.
    ~ Line up the drawers for easy access and maximize the space under your bed.
    ~ Add a nearby night table to keep you from walking in the dark when looking for items.
    ~ Place all your pillows, blankets, and sheets neatly on your mattress. Or create cubby holes along the side or bottom of your bed frame.

9. The Wooden Panel Wall Idea

Decorating Small Bedrooms Dos Don’Ts – Beautiful Bedroom Pictures & Ideas

There are a vast array of different ways to design the interior. One can even choose from various materials that significantly affect the look of the whole space.

You’ve seen the use of exposed brick in bedrooms and other areas of the house. You’ve also seen how specific spaces look with murals and wallpaper.

This time, let us show you another group of wood interior wall treatments. Here, you can add wood to the interior of a room in different ways. It can be wood panels or tiles. You can arrange it in various creative ways.

Relevant Instructions:

  • No 1. Firstly, you will need three concrete panels and two wooden panels. Apply adhesive on the bare wall surface where the concrete panels are to be mounted. Make sure that you spread it evenly.
    ~ Then, stick two wooden panels on each concrete panel (the one at the bottom, of course).
    ~ Then, stick the sandpaper to a Stanley knife blade. Sand down all edges to give them a smooth finish. Cover any areas you missed with adhesive and hit them again with sandpaper.
  • No 2. Apply a thin layer of wood filler to any cracks and holes between the walls and wood panels. Let it dry and sand it if needed. After that, use a paint roller to apply the primer on all wall surfaces. Make sure you’re thorough enough when painting, as this is essential in creating a smooth surface for future coatings (primer coats, paint, or even paper).
  • No 3. Ensure no wall areas are left unpainted to avoid dirt and finger marks on the walls.
    Then coat them with several coats of paint. If you like pastels, try adding white and neutral colors too.
  • No 4. After painting, cover the walls in wallpaper or flooring, depending on your taste. For added effects, apply different textures and patterns to your walls. Choose ones that complement your minimalist theme.
  • No 5. You can also add pictures and posters of your favorite sports or nature scenes to your walls.
    Alternatively, you can even paint them out. Make sure to get the help of a professional decorator if you’re not that much into artistry so that everything turns out perfect.
  • No 6. Add a piece of furniture and curtains for a complete look and feel of the space, especially if you want to add a stylish contemporary touch to your room’s style.
    And most importantly, decorate the space with character and personality instead of following trendsetting tendencies that are all about repeating what other people do in their home.
  • No 7. Whichever you choose to mount the concrete panels, you must ensure the edges are clean and no visible nails can be seen.
    Don’t overdo it; apply a few coats.
    You must also get your hands on the sandpaper for your hand tool.
  • No 8. Get your hands on an electric plane. For a cleaner result, make sure you sand down the edges of the panels before you plane them.
    This job is tough without a tool like this, so it’s best to buy one if you don’t have one yet.
  • No 9. Getting the measurements right is very important when using this method in designing your room’s interior wall treatments.
    Wooden panels should be between 3mm to 5mm thick, while concrete panels are usually around 29mm thick.
  • No 10. Clean up the edges of the panels with a damp cloth to remove any dirt, dust, and debris from the concrete and wood surfaces.
    Then, use a compound (commonly used in sanding) to spread on the whole surface of the panels and let them dry. Afterward, sand off any unwanted surfaces.
  • No 11. Once you’re done, apply fresh coats of primer if you want to maintain the color or change it to another one, depending on your taste.

8. The Ottoman Bed Storage Idea

What a great way to bring extra storage to a smaller bedroom through items like the ottoman at the end of the bed, isn’t it?

When overhauling a small bedroom, ensure you free up the floor space because moving freely around the bedroom is vital. This way, you ensure you don’t bump your shins into a mess left on the floor. Think about investing in a storage bed. It can have either drawers or an ottoman lift, or if your budget prevents this, consider separate drawers on wheels that you can slide under your existing bed.

Alternative Ideas:

  • No 1. Buy a storage bed with drawers (e.g., for shoes, books, and clothing), so it frees the floor up and makes the room look bigger
  • No 2. Choose an ottoman that matches your bedroom furniture to store toys, clothes, or a blanket.
  • No 3. Purchase a storage bed with an ottoman that lifts to reveal storage drawers (to store items like bedding)
  • No 4. Place bedside tables on either side of the bed – it doubles your storage space
  • No 5. Craft a nightstand with an ottoman (to store books, toys, or games) that matches your bedroom furniture
  • No 6. Design a stand-alone bedside table to hold items you use day today (e.g., phone, iPad)
  • No 7. Use an ottoman as a drawer and place the things you use the most (mobile phones, glasses) on top of it
  • No 8. Use a bench underneath the bed to store items you don’t use every day (e.g., winter blankets, odd jackets)
  • No 9. Use a chest of drawers underneath the bed for toys or blankets
  • No 10. Makeover an old trunk by turning it into a bench at the end of your bed to store items

Closet Ideas for maximizing space:

  • No 1. Create cube storage from milk crates that are cleaned and painted white (or other bright colors)
  • No 2. Repurpose an old cabinet as a closet organizer by adding sliding doors on the front for clothing (or painting a regular cabinet)
  • No 3. Hang plastic storage bags on hooks over the door, inside your closet, to store undergarments like bras, panties, or socks
  • No 4. Use boxes with lids to hang bottles (careful of breakage)
  • No 5. Craft hanging storage for sweaters, blazers, and other bulky items by using a wooden hanger
  • No 6. Buy two-tiered shoe racks that you can open up to fit different-sized pairs of shoes inside
  • No 7. Clip hanging shoe bags on the inside of your closet doors to store small items like socks or underwear
  • No 8. Place a shelf under the door to store smaller items like socks, underwear, or tees
  • No 9. Hang plastic storage bags on hooks over the door on both sides of your closet so you can fit larger clothes by squeezing them side by side in the smallest space possible (e.g., pants and dresses)
  • No 10. Create bedroom storage with an additional chest of drawers on either side of your bed to store larger items like pajamas and sneakers

7. A Multi-Function Bed

One way to get the most out of a tiny bedroom is to place your hands on a bed that provides more than just one purpose. While comfort is essential for a good night’s sleep, finding a bed frame with choices for extra storage is an excellent find. However, this can be a bit of a challenge to find a bed that fits your style, budget, and bedroom space.

The tip is to look for your bed’s storage areas before purchasing it. You can do this by checking out its size, design, and other moving parts. After you have done this, go ahead and research the best brands of multi-purpose furniture on the market today.

Also, consider what items you want to store on the frame when shopping. After achieving these goals, you should start your search for a bed that can offer a pair of storage options. One example is a sofa with an ottoman or daybed built in underneath. This ottoman gives the owner space to hold extra linens, pillows, books, toys/games/sports gear like shoes or instruments.

The Honeycomb Loft Bed: If you have an unusual shape for your bedroom or need additional storage space under your mattress, this is the design for you. The honeycomb design will give you plenty of sleeping space while allowing flexibility in sleeping arrangements. This bed is great for teens looking for more privacy during sleepovers and other social events.

6. Measure up and max up precious space in your room

In this room, the bed and side table fit perfectly, taking up the entire area of ​​the wall.

To maximize your space in the interior design of your small bedroom, start by measuring the furniture before buying it and keeping your floor plan in mind, along with the wall measurements.

Ready-made furniture is always easier to buy. If you’re committed or can’t get rid of the furniture in your room, consider making it to order with as little space available.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. The Space
    If you’re in the market for a new bed, bedside table, or closet, determine what you’ll use them for. These items will make a room look more spacious and organized. You can still buy small furniture to finish your bedroom if that’s what you want.
  • No 2. The Window seat
    There are many solutions available shop window seats to be used as window treatments or cool accessories in your bedroom. A window seat is an excellent place to store your things, hang clothes and look out the window. Several options are available for these small spaces, so you can consider the factors that will impact your decision.
  • No 3. Fabrics
    Fabrics come in an endless variety of colors, patterns, and styles for all sorts of rooms, especially bedrooms. Fabrics are the way to go if you want a unique look or have a tight budget!
  • No 4. Tops to become bedside tables
    Most top chests or dressers can be made into a bedside table with just a bit of creativity and some woodworking skills. You can have a bedside table and storage for your things if you’re handy. If not, there are plenty of ready-made items to help you customize your space.
  • No 5. The Wall art
    Wall art adds color and personality to any room in the home, so why should bedrooms be different? Find meaningful artwork to you and reflects your tastes, so it will be fun to look at each morning. An easy way to remove a printed pattern is to attach adhesive strips above the headboard. It’s like a big sticker!
  • No 6. Hunt new accessories from Garage Sales
    If you have the room and the time, and patience to look through a bunch of old furniture, you may be able to find some pieces that can add new style and functionality to your bedroom. Once you’ve found something you like, check out the price. Plenty of great deals are available at garage sales on a special day.
  • No 7. A Vintage or hand-me-down furniture
    Who says only new furniture is trendy? Take a peek at your wardrobe or collectibles in your home. And see if you can reuse anything in your bedroom. Antiques are precious because they’re already a good investment. Even if you’re not looking to go this route, you can find some well-built vintage furniture in excellent condition and can be used to decorate your bedroom.
  • No 8. The Lights
    Lighting is one of the essential elements in any house room. From lamps to bedside tables and reading lights, you should have light on all sides to illuminate your bedroom at all times of the day and night. Whether you choose incandescent bulbs or compact fluorescent bulbs, do not forget about the light switches near your bed, so you do not have to get out of bed at night when you need them.
  • No 9. The Storage Element
    Storage is a crucial element. You need as much storage space as possible to have some orders in a small room. Use any available space for plenty of extra storage opportunities from the floor to the ceiling and under the bed. This can be difficult for people who live in small apartments or houses, but if you have a spare room or closet, by all means, use it!
  • No 10. The Color
    Color adds life and energy to any room or space – especially a bedroom. Add color to your walls and furniture with paint or other decorative materials such as carpets or curtains. This way, you can add color to your bedroom without changing the furnishings or the room’s theme.
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5. Keep Your Clutter Minimal

A minimalistic bedroom design requires you to keep everything as simple as possible. Decluttering your home might not be as easy as it seems, but it will make a massive difference in the look and feel of your room.

A minimalistic bedroom design requires you to keep everything as simple as possible. Decluttering your home might not be as easy as it seems, but it will make a massive difference in the look and feel of your room. The trick is to keep items that bring you joy and not take up unnecessary space. Another simple trick is to maximize your space by adding furniture that can serve more than one function.

Bed frames are bulky and take up excessive space in small rooms. If you’re moving into a tiny new apartment or just downsizing, we recommend removing your traditional bed frame and replacing it with a platform bed with storage drawers underneath (some great examples at West Elm). Done right, they offer a sleek, streamlined look that’s far more appealing than rigid metal or heavy wood frames. You’ll also be able to store your bedding, linens, jackets, or other items underneath the frame when it’s not being used as a sleeping surface.

  • Rule #1: Be intentional.
    Keeping clutter to a minimum isn’t just about throwing out the junk that doesn’t bring you joy; it’s about shedding stuff that isn’t important anymore or has become less valuable over time. Donate that old book you’ve been keeping on your bookshelf for five years (when you should toss out most books). Donate that college diploma you did nothing with and never looked at again since graduating (but keep the framed diploma just in case). This is your chance to live a simpler, clutter-free life by making smart decisions about what to keep and toss.
  • Rule #2: Give away those old magazines.
    Old fashion gardening, or cooking magazines lining the bottom of your nightstand don’t look good, and they don’t serve a purpose (it’s 2022 or maybe nearly 2099 when you find this article). Cut up your love pages and craft unique homemade art pieces over your walls. Or rent a storage unit (which you’ll visit) and purge every single one of them. Keeping one or two around won’t hurt anyone, but you’ll feel better once they’re out of sight. “Keep it simple” is the key to enjoying a neat, inviting environment.
  • Rule #3: Declutter under your bed.
    We’re not saying to take everything out of your bedside table drawers and open them up on your bed so you can clean them out as you do with an overcrowded closet. We’re saying that if there’s something in the stack of books, papers, and magazines that you haven’t used or read in months or years (if ever), pull it out, give it away, and add some breathing room into that drawer. If removing clutter under your bed is too much for today, bring some things back into the bedroom that makes sense. Start with one drawer, and work on it a couple of times weekly. Remember, slow progress is better than no progress at all.
  • Rule #4: Keep those photos simple.
    Photograph frames are the way to go if you’re looking for an easy way to update and modernize your bedroom decor. Instead of taking pictures and displaying them in frames around your bedroom, focus on just one photo or set of photos you love the most and upload them onto an iPad or laptop to display on your nightstand or around the room. Now that’s an updated look!
  • Rule #5: Color Selection
    Bright colors will help to brighten up your limited space and make the room look larger. Tidy up all the clutter and when you choose furniture, make sure you opt for a light color like oak or white gloss.
    In another way, clean floors and cabinetry surfaces will help create the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Rule #6: Think multifunctional furniture.
    If you’re going for a minimalistic bedroom, make your bed work to serve a multifunctional job. For example, turn your bed into a desk and put books and documents on the floor to look like it’s a storage shelf. You can also use the bed as storage space by storing small items in drawers under the mattress and using your nightstand as an entertainment center with electronics.
    There are lots of creative ideas that you can do with beds to create multifunctional furniture for small spaces like:
  • Rule #7: Create A Timeless Look
    Don’t go crazy with modern design elements because you have limited space in your bedroom. You want to keep the overall look simple, so it doesn’t look cluttered and over-organized. Instead, create a space that’s minimalistic and timeless. Choose a neutral color palette, add white accents and some rustic details like a blanket hung loosely on the wall, or display a favorite photo frame on top of your bedside table.
  • Rule #8: Mix antique with modern.
    Mixing old with new is the key to creating a timeless bedroom design that isn’t boring. Antique furniture can make your bedroom look warm and charming if combined with a fresh (modern) color palette in interior design details like window treatments, lamps, pillows, and throw pillows. Add some rustic touches like a mirror framed in dark wood panels or vases with dried flowers.
  • Rule #9: Go with a bright color palette if you haven’t decided yet.
    Your eyes will be drawn to the color of the flooring, and it will make your room look larger. Bright colors help create an atmosphere and complete an ordinary small room more inviting, warm, and memorable. To add brightness to your space, you can use white to brighten up your ceilings, walls, and windows; but don’t put too much white in one place because it might look empty and bland. Instead, use a light hue of green or blue on just one wall for a balanced, stylish look.
  • Rule #10: Choose a classic style to make your bedroom look spacious.
    In today’s world, classic styles are always in trend, and they will help you create the illusion of a bigger space. It is better to choose a classic piece like sofas or beds with clean lines and geometric shapes or choose a transitional style that takes past and present cues. Another thing you can do to make the space look bigger is to use a neutral color palette. Neutral colors are timeless and help create an elegant, balanced design that’s less cluttered.
  • Rule #11: Use mirrors to make the room look larger.
    Mirrors are great for small spaces because they make a room appear brighter and more spacious. You can use them in different ways; for example, you can use them as window dressings or hang big mirrors on the wall above your bed or sofa if you have limited space.
    Sometimes if a large mirror is too much, a simple round mirror will do the trick (but remember, you can only use it on one wall).
  • Rule #12: Decorate with a theme.
    If you want to bring a color theme into your bedroom, you can use that idea to inspire the rest of your decor. For example, if you love bright colors and green is your favorite color, choose green accessories that are on-trend now, like throw pillows or bedding in lime green or mint color. Or, if you’re feeling more romantic, choose a deep and neutral shade of blue for accent pieces.
  • Rule #13: Choose an art piece to hang over the bedside table.
    Art on the wall can be expensive, but there are great ways to get an art look without breaking the bank (or any rules). For example, you can display a favorite photograph or paint it on the wall above the bed. Or you can use a large mirror with just one side supporting it. Once again, you want to choose an on-trend art piece that reflects your personal style.
    Don’t worry if you’re not an artist because there are many affordable art print alternatives in stores like Cone of Shame and Z Gallerie. You can also search Etsy or Pinterest for cheap art prints (or even have them custom-made). Here are some examples of affordable art print alternatives:
    Handmade throw pillows are also a great way to personalize your bedroom decor, but they don’t have to cost a fortune.

4. Use Every Inch of Wall

You must be creative when looking for space to store or display your luggage. Meanwhile, clothes, bags, sports equipment, and knick-knacks must have a special place; books, art, photo, and plants are better displayed and within reach.

Like the one above this bed, a floating shelf is a lovely idea that showcases your interests while also using the often wasted space on bare walls. While open shelving is a good idea, ensure your area is not dust-prone. Also, you have to ensure you can clean it regularly.

Relevant instruction on how to max your limited wall’s space potential:

  • No 1: Use wainscoting
    Stripes, faux paneling, panels painted black and white – these trends bring the look of wainscoting back in a big way. And it’s a handy way to hide the mess behind and beneath the beds and walls that need a little freshening up.
  • No 2: Add a Dresser or new dressers
    Whether tuck away your clothes or display some of your favorite items, a dresser is an excellent way to make space. Whether you go for antique or contemporary style, it’s easy to find one which fits the rest of your bedroom decor. Where to put them? Make sure the top is at eye level – it’ll encourage you to look for and find what you want, making it more likely that you’ll end up using more of your bedroom space.
  • No 3: Use Swags and Canopy Beds
    A canopy bed offers more storage, looks great from the bed or a sitting area and is super easy to update your bedroom decorating.
    The canopy design has been around for centuries, but it’s getting new fashions and uses in the 21st century. The most popular canopy shape is the teardrop, which gives you extra storage below the bed while still looking modern.
  • No 4: Add a Storage Bench
    A storage bench at the foot of the bed can hold your bed’s blankets and pillows, freeing up some room on the mattress. The design above is also a perfect solution for end-of-bed clutter; try adding a storage bucket or basket, and you’ll be amazed at how much extra space you get.
  • No 5: Go Big on Wallpaper
    Wallpaper is making a big comeback in bedrooms. It offers the most potential for unique bedroom decorating because it’s easier to customize wallpaper than paint colors or wall coverings. Whether you prefer retro patterns or modern designs, walls painted with wallpaper can make any bedroom feel more significant than it is.
  • No 6: Add a Ladder Shelving
    Don’t take up floor space with a dresser? Storing clothes up high might be the solution you’re looking for. A ladder shelf can be full of storage while still allowing in light. You can create extra floor space by setting them on top of the built-in closet.
  • No 7: Install Recessed Lighting
    How do you maximize your bedroom’s lighting without taking up tons of space? By installing recessed lighting in the ceiling or walls. With this help, you can benefit from even lighting while also creating storage. You can also make the recessed light a feature by painting it or adding a design.
  • No 8: Use Hanging Curtains Instead of Blinds
    Curtains are a great way to add color, add depth, and give you more control over how much light comes into your bedroom. Choose patterns that match your bedding, and you’ll never have a space that feels like two different rooms.
  • No 9: Add Storage To the Ceiling
    Experiment with storage in the bedroom ceiling, like the area above this bed. Shelves in the ceiling not only look cool but also offer an easy way to organize things over your head and get them out of your way. Exercise a little control by having the shelves hang on metal tracks to prevent them from wobbling and swaying.
  • No 10: Add Storage Beneath the Bed
    (Yes, we repeat it)
    Bedside tables can become pawns for piles of everything from books to knick-knacks to extra pillows. To free up space at night, you must find a way to store those things during the day. A hanging shelf is an excellent option for those needing more storage space in their bedroom.
    The example above has three places for storing things in the bedroom: One underneath the bed, one on top, and one on the wall underneath.
  • No 11: Add a Wall-Mounted Bookshelf
    A wall-mounted bookshelf is a great way to organize a bedroom. Using this idea, you can store your books and magazines in an organized fashion while making them easier to reach than when they’re piled on the floor or your nightstand. Now, you can stop worrying about where to put things in your bedroom.

3. Make Use of the Awkward Corner

You might think nothing you could do with the awkward corner in your small bedroom. Well, are you sure about that? The truth is this so-called dead-end space might pack a lot of fun.

The awkward corner in your bedroom can make a perfect reading nook if you shove a cozy armchair against the wall. It would be nice if you placed it next to a large window. This way, you can enjoy your favorite book while getting plenty of natural light, not to mention the beautiful view you can see from it.
Next to the armchair is a large wicker basket that you can use to store cushions and throw.

Other alternative ideas to fill the corner of your bedroom’s space:

  • No 1. Make use of the existing furniture by moving it into a different position
  • No 2. Add a floating reading nook to your room
  • No 3. Re-arrange your closet so that you have more space
  • No 4. Create a bookcase from bookshelves
  • No 5. Add an ottoman to create extra seating
  • No 6. Add a striped rug or two small rugs as an accent color
  • No 7. Place some exciting candles on the bedside table and top of the nightstand; don’t forget about their respective lighting, too (some indirect downlights would be great)
  • No 8. Add a few simple potted plants
  • No 9. Place a small piano or a turntable in front of the armchair
  • No 10. Arrange some throw pillows on the armchair and for seating

2. The Storage Idea around the Bed

Overhead cabinets are great to add extra storage when you may not have room. The wardrobe in this bedroom sits directly across from the bed and provides a wonderful place to hide clothes and accessories.

If you are not good at carpentry, you can have the cabinets made. You can also include hidden desk space, meaning you have a workspace designated when you need it during the day, and then you can close it all off when you’re done.

Relevant Ideas:

  • No 1. Start with the Bed
    The bed is the focal point of the entire bedroom design. The bed should be considered a piece of furniture, not just a place to sleep. You can get creative with your bedroom design by adding elements around it, such as having a headboard and footboard or even having shelves on them — like an extra place to put pillows.
  • No 2. Storage Ideas
    You can use an overhead cabinet to add storage underneath the bed or next. This is ideal when you have limited space underneath the bed. This also works exceptionally well if you have bunk beds above the bed.
  • No 3. Use Low Chairs and Footstools
    If you have a small space, it might not be possible for you to add a full-sized armchair or sofa. One great way to deal with this is to install low-level chairs and footstools for seating. You can also go with a single larger chair instead of two small chairs — it just depends on the kind of look you want to go for.
  • No 4. Hanging Wall Shelves
    Using hanging wall shelves can be an excellent way to maximize storage in a bedroom with minimal space. You can use these shelves to put maximum pieces in limited floor space.
  • No 5. The Mirrored Chest
    Chests are ideal for adding extra storage, especially if you don’t have a lot of floor space. If you have a small bedroom, you can add a chest with drawers and use it as a dressing table.
  • No 6. Add Coffee Tables and End Tables
    A coffee table or end table is a multi-purpose piece of furniture that is great for designing small bedrooms with storage space. You can use coffee tables as end tables and end tables as a coffee tables. This allows you to have a lot of furniture without taking up much floor space.
  • No 7. The Bed Can be Part of the Storage Solution
    You don’t need a bed frame if you have extra storage space underneath it. You can use the area underneath your bed to add extra storage space and even hide away any unsightly items under there.
  • No 8. Add Shelves to Your Headboard
    Adding shelves on your headboard is one great way to add storage while staying in line with traditional bedroom design. This would give you an extra place to put your clothes, shoes and even books.
  • No 9. A Hidden Closet Organizer
    If your headboard is too high in your bedroom design, another great way to add extra storage is by putting a cabinet instead of a drawer. You can use this as an organizer for everything, like storing scarves and hats away from clothing items. To make it, you only need to add some hooks and a piece of wood on top, so it’s not that complicated.
  • No 10. Hanging Shelves
    Hanging shelves are another great option if you have too tall furniture to go in the available space in your bedroom design. Depending on what you use the space below your bed for, you can hide away things like makeup or even shoes inside the headboard. To build a new hanging shelf, you only need to find and decide the plan and then have a wooden board made to fit the opening.

Lastly, Number 1. Make Illusion Space with Smart Decoration

Paint is a fantastic solution to so many decorating problems. Not only can a splash of color instantly help refresh a space, making it feel more inviting, but it can also help combat broader aesthetic issues, such as making a small space feel larger.

Take, for example, this small bedroom paint idea. The color combinations help to create borders and make a replacement for walls. The dark blue Dulux color combination on the bottom and the broken white on the top helps to split the space into two parts and lengthen the walls.
This is such a great paint solution for dealing with small spaces.

Related Ideas:

  • No 1. Color + Texture + Wallpaper
    This is an excellent combination for a small bedroom. The colors each have their personality, from the green of the wallpaper to give it a coastal feel to the chocolate brown color on the wall. The texture also gives it an updated feel.
    This bedroom is perfect for small rooms because there’s enough space for these three elements to be displayed together without clashing. It’s great because it looks like you’re in a much bigger room without making it look too big and empty.
  • No 2. Mirror + Patterns
    Mixing a pattern onto a mirrored wall can be so beautiful. It creates that illusion of space and adds interest, especially if it’s in the corner of the room. To add more interest to this small space, you just need to hang some artwork on the wall or add a piece of artwork to your dresser.
  • No 3. Color + Wood + Geometric Pattern
    Another magical color combination for a small bedroom is the mix of black and white with a bit of yellow. This color combination can be a great way to update your space without significant changes. Plus, the geometric pattern creates that interest and creates an illusion of space.
  • No 4. Black bed + White Side Table
    If you have a white bed, then adding black side tables on each side will look so relaxed and elegant but at the same time modern. You can change the look by changing your bed sheets and adding black blankets and pillows. Depending on your preference, you can also pair it with white or black curtains to match the theme.
  • No 5. The Pink Accent Wall
    Another great idea for small bedrooms is to add colorful accents and make them pop with a wall of pink. This will help brighten up the room and make it look bigger. You can also add a few other accent pieces to help decorate your room.
  • No 6. A Mirrored Accent Wall
    This mirrored wall is stunning and provides almost an optical illusion of space within such a small area. The tall wall of art and mirror can span the length of the wall and bring in lots of natural light into this small bedroom which would otherwise be very dark without any windows or natural light.
  • No 7. Bedroom Color Combination
    Color is the way to go if you want to make your small space look bigger. Pick a color that makes your room feel long and narrow and use it to accent the room’s furniture, which will help create an illusion of space. To get the best color combination, consider the color of your walls and the rest of your room’s pieces.
  • No 8. The Bedroom Paint Color
    Painting a bedroom can add a lot of character to the space and make it unique, but also help create an illusion of space. If you use more than one color in your scheme, they should complement each other. The colors will appear richer when you use light and dark values within that scheme. If you’re unsure how to start, stick with a basic white or black on top with another accent color underneath.
  • No 9. Wallpaper + mirror + Bedside Table Set
    Putting a mirror behind your bed is an excellent way to start decorating your bedroom. You can hang matching artwork on the wall and place small lamps, books, and anything you want beside it. Putting the bedside table on each side of the bed will ensure that you have all your beauty products, reading materials, and other things you may need when you get up from your bed. It’ll make things much more convenient for you and add a lovely touch to the entire room.
  • No 10. Bedroom Windows Decorating
    When decorating a small bedroom, you first need to consider the size of your windows. If they’re big, you can easily adjust the furniture, but if they’re small or don’t have any windows, you have to use a different approach. Instead of furniture and bedside tables, use curtains or posters on your wall to break up the space and make it look much bigger.

This is an effective way of making a room appear larger than it is!

Would you use any of these 10 inspiring simple bedroom transformations for small rooms layout to decorate your limited space? Let us know.



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