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10 Petite Bedroom Transformations

If you struggle with a lack of space in your bedroom, it can be hard to fall asleep at night. But now, don’t go out and buy a new house or apartment yet. This post will show you how you can make the best of your small space with these 10 bedroom transformations that are all petite!

The first thing you need to do is start planning what items will stay in the room and which ones will need to be relocated to feel spacious again. The perfect solution is usually right under your nose, so break down everything that’s taking up too much space.

Stop complaining about lacking space, and start looking for solutions. These 10 petite bedroom transformations aren’t just pictures of a small room with beautiful decorations. But there are plenty of tips, ideas, and solutions that are certainly worth trying.

You can find them all here, from maximizing your room space to decorating the room with simple adornment. So, let’s dive into the following brilliant ideas that are relatively easy but work well for your current situation. As always, follow the Simphome link inside the reference for a more detailed explanation.

This is 10 Petite Bedroom Transformations Poster
10 Petite Bedroom Transformations Poster

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List Entries:

10. The Tiny Corner Bed

This room shows a tiny corner bed that only fits one person due to its size. It is the main idea to save some more room from limited space. With such a small bed, you can have your room filled with other things such as a cupboard, chair, or table.
However, you should consider some drawbacks when using that kind of tiny bed. It will limit your movement while sleeping, or you will fall off. A person with a big body would be out of the question to occupy it.

It might be uncomfortable if you are used to sleeping in a large bed. However, when you rent a flat and try to live alone apart from your parents, you should bear with it.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Start with adding a cupboard against the wall.
  • No 2. Instead of pillows, you will have to place them into your cupboard.
  • No 3. You can find a chair to decorate the room and use for seating.
  • No 4. Put a table and lamp near the bed to place your book, phone, and glasses on it if you want to read before sleeping at night.
  • No 5. Place large mirrors on your cupboard to provide you with more reflection.
  • No 6. Put some plants near the bed to create a more natural look and feel in the room.
  • No 7. You can place a pair of shoes in the corner of your room.
  • No 8. Instead of a shoe rack, you can place large drawers or bags inside it to store other things besides shoes.
  • No 9. A kotatsu or ottoman is suitable for those who live in warm countries because it helps you relax on the floor.
  • No 10. Keep the size and shape of the bed as tiny and compact as possible to save more space for other furniture in your room, such as shelves, drawers, cupboards, and mirrors, and so on.

9. Remove the Headboard

A bed can be enormous enough to take up so much space, let alone its headboard. When you think the headboard isn’t really necessary, consider removing it. By doing so, you can have some spare room for the bedroom.

It allows you to move around the bed freely. Another idea would be to move the bed against the wall if possible. You can also change the headboard by having an excellent wall background or hanging curtains.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. Begin the project with the minimum.
    Do you need a headboard?
    Setting up a bed and the headboard can be expensive. It is best to do some research before purchasing the item to know what will work for your space.
  • No 2. Plan carefully with your furniture arrangement.
    You can remove the bed headboard if there is no space for it or if you don’t have a suitable place to put it (for example, near the closet).
  • No 3. Use curtain rods and hang curtains to cover your bed area instead of accessories like lamps and other decorative items. This trick can be a quick and straightforward way to fill your small room.
  • No 4. Use bed skirts, bed covers, pillows, and other decorations to hide that there is no headboard in your small bedroom.
  • No 5. Use the bed itself as a headboard. With this option, you can use your imagination and do something unique to your taste.
  • No 6. Keep it simple with a small headboard. Try to find a simple (and cheap) headboard for your small bedroom. Some stores offer unique but straightforward and classic headboards.
  • No 7. Use a decor piece as your headboard.
    It will be beneficial if you have one piece in the room that can be a focal point and an anchor in the room.
    For example, a wall of color, art piece, or an area rug can be used as the focal point of your bedroom wall.
  • No 8. Paint it black to maximize space use in your small bedroom.
    One of the best and easiest things you can do to a headboard is to paint it black.
    This idea will make the piece less noticeable and allow the focus to be on other aspects of your room.
    The black color can also complement and enhance other aspects of your room, such as your wall color.
  • No 9. Decorate with different art pieces as a headboard for your room. Another option is to use art pieces, such as a painting, an abstract artwork with bright colors, or simple monochromatic colored paintings, as a headboard for your small bedroom. This way, you don’t need to bother finding or purchasing a new one.
  • No 10. DIY it. If you are not confident with your artistic skills, you can opt for a DIY headboard. Use pieces of wood and attach them to the wall or bed frames. Then paint them with the color of your choice, and add a texture to make them look more attractive.

If you want to try this out, there are plenty of headboard ideas on Pinterest that can help you start the project. However, make sure to check your bedroom’s measurements before making alterations, as a headboard will undoubtedly require some space to look good.
Also, know where to place it by ensuring that nothing else in your room will clash with it when placed there.

8. Stay Low

The attic usually offers a low ceiling. It is pointed in the middle and slopes down on two sides. Thus, keeping the bed low would be nice.
An attic room will appear smaller if you add more decorations because of the narrow space. Therefore, you need to make the room look natural with fewer accessories, and it’s better to stay that way.

It might also be good to give the headboard a little makeover since it looks like the ceiling.
This way, you can differentiate and create a clear boundary between the bed and the wooden wall and tell where the border is. Try painting it with any color that suits it best, like gray or blue.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. You need to install the ceiling fan in your attic room.
    It is necessary to have it because the ventilation is very limited in this room.
    The attic room with a low ceiling will feel hot most of the time, and it can be suffocating for you, especially when you sleep at night. A ceiling fan can make your life better.
    You can also add wall fans on both sides of the bed if small enough.
    To make it look better, you can paint a picture on the wall or simply hang a picture frame on the wall above the headboard and fill it in with images of yourself and your family members that are precious to you.
  • No 2. To get the most out of your ceiling, you will have to do some remodeling in your attic room.
    You can do that by rearranging the furniture and removing unnecessary things.
    At the very least, you will need to install the thick wooden beams already available in most attics and used to separate one room from another.
    You can also use corrugated metal sheets on both sides of your bed, especially if they have a low ceiling.
  • No 3. Install curtains at the bottom part of your bedroom window to create privacy from outside street lights or other sources of light, as well as from neighbors’ or strangers’ views.
  • No 4. You can also add a ceiling lamp. You can take advantage of the attic room’s natural light by adding a lamp that brings it into the bedroom.
    If you do not have enough space for this, consider installing a pendant lamp with a shade that will fit your bed’s headboard. Most of the arrangements were relatively simple, but they certainly gave excellent results.
  • No 5. This arrangement is straightforward to set up because it adds just one small piece of furniture on one side of the bed and, therefore, would not create any obstruction between your bed and the wall if you want to put that piece there as well.
  • No 6. Keep It Plain
    The dazzling beadboard and fancy patterns on the walls might make the room look smaller and closer than it is. You can paint the wall in a light color that adds to the natural look of your bedroom. An excellent idea would be a greyish tone, which looks like nature has painted it.
    If you want to add some posters, you can go on with a smaller one or two-colored pattern, but don’t get over yourself with details and colors because it will cause an overwhelming sensation in your room.
  • No 7. If you want to keep the look of your room light and simple, go for a white combination. A white bed with a simple headboard is enough.
  • No 8. Convert Your Attic into a Bathroom
    If you want to remodel your attic room into a bathroom, you will have to completely get rid of the bed and install a tub that can be used as an alternative shower.
    This idea will make cleaning easier and provide a fantastic view that fits the natural look of your attic room as well, thanks to the wooden beams.
  • No 9. Add Lighting
    Besides the ceiling fan that is already installed, you can also add another one if you want more ventilation during the night.
    Lighting is necessary because the room tends to get hot during the summer due to sunlight bathing it.
  • No 10. Add Storage Space
    An attic room is usually tiny, so if you want to make it look bigger and more spacious, you will have to add storage space above your bed.
    The most obvious way to increase your storage space is with a chest of drawers in your bedroom’s sitting area or even a wall-mounted cupboard that you will place in front of your bed. You can also simply add a small shelf on the wall or corner of the room to store your clothes and accessories.
  • No 11. You might want to invest in an adjustable bed that is quite popular these days. Not only will it give you more space and better sleep, but it will also look good in your bedroom and create a pleasant atmosphere for it. Thanks to this ingenious design, you can adjust your bed to fit in the room’s dimensions comfortably with no obstructions; moreover, you will also save some money on remodeling.

7. Make It Appear Larger with White

It is another example of a bed with no headboard and two small bedside tables. Lights can trick a petite bedroom and make it seem to be larger. You can also combine this trick with white tones. The white panel helps create the illusion and fix the room with its shiplap pattern.

If you want to free some more space, you can move the bed to the side and remove a bedside table. White is one of the most natural colors that easily blend with many other colors.
White is simple, and you can use it for almost any room in the house. Besides, it’s a color that you will find long-lasting.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. You can use white and natural finishes to treat your home décor.
    This practical solution allows you to use less color in your space. You can also bring a sense of warmth with warm tones, such as orange and yellow hues or brown furniture.
  • No 2. You can add the color white in small decorative items such as vases, glasses, pictures, or any tiny objects that you can find around the house.
    You can use different types of accessories and enjoy a neutral taste and furniture that is also simple in style.
  • No 3. White tones are perfect for all interiors, and they work well with both modern and traditional styles.
    If you prefer a more rustic feel, you can complement the white balance with wooden accessories or beech. You also have the choice to add a touch of color to your space, such as red, blue, or green.
    However, if you like modern ambiance, you can use white throughout your home décor. The white combination is easily matched with other colors and materials such as glass or marble for an extra stylish and elegant touch.
    Something about the bedroom calms us and helps us relax after a hard workday.
  • No 4. A white palette is perfect for an elegant bedroom, but you can easily change it to black and silver or any other color of your choice.
    The white room allows a relaxing atmosphere but still allows you to add bright decorative items or a pop of color.
  • No 5. If you want your bedroom to be as simple as possible, white is the best option because it easily matches different materials and furniture.
    It is also perfect for small spaces because it can create a spacious feeling and make the room look bigger. The bedroom may be the most intimate place in a home where you can rest and let yourself go.

6. Experiment with The new Bed position

Positioning the bed near the windows is worth the try. It can be an alternative to know whether morning has already come or not, just in case your alarm didn’t work well. It’s also interesting to look outside the windows while lying in bed.

The position of the bed becomes crucial regardless of the bedroom’s size. But it shouldn’t be difficult when dealing with a cramped space as you don’t have many choices or lots of furniture to arrange and match with.

Relevant details:

  1. You can set the bed on its side, which creates a much larger area that can be utilized as a sitting or reading area.
  2. If you’re lucky enough to have another bed or two, be creative and make one of them double-duty as a sofa.
  3. You can create a ladder by stacking up two or three end tables or side tables so that they are near the ceiling. (Go pro: with some creativity, you can use the ladder to reach higher shelves.)
    If your room is too small for your man cave but still big enough for an extra bedroom, this is what’s wrong with it: design is not optimized, and furniture arrangement has not been thought out well.
  4. Try placing the bed in a corner with a sofa. You can use the sofa as a footrest and read books on the side of your bed.
  5. Accessorize! Try out all kinds of lighting, lamps, and sconces to give your room that just-slept-in atmosphere.
  6. Arrange The Furniture to Relate to Each Other
    In other words, don’t let the floor plan of your bedroom look like a circus. Arranging furniture in a small bedroom is already challenging, let alone if it’s all over the place. That’s why it’s crucial to unify furniture arrangement in the space to look mature, attractive, and, more importantly, functional.

Room space is premium when you live in an apartment or condo. This situation can be a challenge, but don’t worry because there are many ways to get more stuff done with less space (and even make your home look more significant).
A corner unit is an excellent option for maximizing small spaces, even if you don’t have any corners to speak of.

5. Get Extra Hanging Storage

Hanging storage can be a substitute for a bedside table. You can put your phone there if there are not any tables. You can even create DIY hanging storage that fits your bedroom wall.
This hanging storage is impressive as it is small. Therefore, it doesn’t look too big for a petite bedroom. It doesn’t have legs, so it wouldn’t likely fall when you bump it accidentally. Moreover, it also looks pretty and attractive in terms of design.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. You need to measure the length and width of your wall before doing any DIY. Then, you can choose a design that fits your wall and storage that can work on the height and width.
  • No 2. A shelf made of metal is better if you have kids since it won’t be easily broken when you bump it by accident.
  • No 3. You should attach the screw hooks to the wall in advance so that you won’t have any trouble connecting them to the shelf when you have everything ready to put up on the wall.
  • No 4. Use a screw hook to attach the hanging storage to the wall easily.
  • No 5. The shelf is already ready to be hung, but you need to put your storage on the shelf. So, be careful when placing it on the shelf.
  • No 6. Now that you have everything prepared to hang the hanging storage, prepare a screwdriver and attach it to the screws and a hammer to quickly hammer them into the wall once they are connected (the screws and hook).
  • No 7. Attach a screwdriver to one end of the screw hooks, and hammer it into your wall. Then, attach another screw hook to another end by repeating what you have just done.
  • No 8. Attach a screw hook to the shelf and hammer it into the wall. Repeat the same for the other side of the shelf.
  • No 9. Install more hooks on both ends of the shelf so that you can hang more things from it.
  • No 10. Attach storage to your wall by linking one end of it to another metal hook with a screwdriver and hammer it in your wall by doing this until you cannot do any better in your left hand (the bolt should be resting comfortably on top of your head).

4. Light and Brightness

Natural lighting is crucial because you can’t always rely on electricity as it can cost you some amount of money. Having one or two windows for a bedroom sounds like a good idea, don’t you think?

If there’s only one window and you think it doesn’t supply enough sunlight to your bedroom, you may consider adding another window or replacing it with a bigger one.
Transforming a bedroom isn’t just a matter of making it look pretty but making it as comfy as possible.

Relevant details:

  • No 1. You should have at least one window in your room.
  • No 2. Make sure it’s big enough to let plenty of light in. If you don’t like the brightness of the natural light, maybe it’s time to consider installing some artificial lights or changing your bulb type.
  • No 3. You should have as many lighting spots as possible so that you can move them around depending on where you are in your bedroom and for what purpose: reading, working, etc.
  • No 4. You can also try installing a photo lighting system or turning on the lamps at night.
  • No 5. When it’s time for bed, you may want to dim the lights or turn off the ceiling light and your wall lamps. You can also consider playing some music to make your bedtime even more relaxing than it is without it.
  • No 6. The problem with a big window is that it’s either too bright or too dark. You may want to consider adding coloring filters to reduce the light or increasing the brightness of your room lighting.
  • No 7. In case you’re heading for a decorating project, here are some things you can try:
  • No 8. It would also be nice if you have more than just one lighting source to move it around depending on which spot of the room is best for what purpose: reading, working, etc.
  • No 9. A window to your bedroom is almost always going to be a big plus. You can also add shelves for things you’d want to keep on hand in the room: jewelry, makeup accessories, etc.
  • No 10. But if you’re not sure what to do with the unused space above your head, don’t despair and think by rearranging the furniture.

So, decorating is an art that is constantly evolving, and looking up-to-date doesn’t mean only featuring new designs or technologies.

3. Make It Simple and more Minimalist

Limiting your bedroom is the easiest thing to do for a tiny space since you may feel overcrowded with things that are not so worth displaying. Doesn’t it look nicer this way? Only keep the necessary one, and you won’t get disappointed.

Put only things that don’t consume space a lot, and they can still be tolerated even they do. Those pictures on the wall are a good example. They look pretty in this room, but they don’t bother you to ask for extra space.

The hanging table or shelf only takes up a few, but you can have a pretty plant on it. It looks simple yet gives you a stunning visual with its minimalist style.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Start with the bed
    Once your bedroom is already tiny, you’re not allowed to put a giant bed in it.
    It’s okay for adults to have a big-sized sleeping area, but it’s just like playing in their house for kids. Therefore, the first item on your list is the bed.
    Although you can have the queen or king-sized mattress if you want, it’s better to choose a twin size instead.
    It doesn’t matter that only two people are sleeping on it; find the optimal one for a small bedroom as possible.
    ~ For those with kids, bunk beds are such a great idea.
    Not only do they take up minimal space, but they make the kids feel like in a fun place.
    It’ll be so fun for them to sleep on those beds every night.
    However, if you prefer to give your kids a comfortable sleeping area without having to climb up and down the ladder every day, use a loft bed instead.
    Sometimes it can look more stylish than the ladder since it has built-ins underneath that can be used as storage or seats (if you want).
    Tip: If you don’t want to spend more cash on this project, you can still try many other ideas. You can paint the walls and install shelves to admire the room while they sleep. Also, get some wall stickers to be placed on it instead of those boring painted ones.
  • No 2. Making your bedroom more sophisticated
    Well, unless you decide to live without a bed, there’s no way you can get out of this project quickly. The next step is placing your bed and making it more sophisticated than before. When choosing the flooring material, use tiles instead of carpet or bare wooden floors. It will give a different look and make your bedroom look very classy.
  • No 3. Touch up the lighting
    If you don’t want to install a bedside lamp, then you can still use light switches to control the lights in this area. It may look odd, but it works perfectly well. Make sure that your ceiling doesn’t have too many fixtures or too high since they’ll be covered in some wall space.

Relevant instructions:
If you need something more decorative for your bedroom and get bored with ordinary light switches, consider using the Dimmer switch instead.

2. Put a Small Table

A small table is allowed when you have nowhere else to put your stuff. Books, as an instance, are required a table, rack, or shelf. You can place a small table in front of the bed in this case. Another option will be arranging it against the wall, depending on your preference.

Some curtains may shield excessive light, but they can be an excellent background. It happens when you don’t have a wall behind the bed, so you need to cover the bedroom when night comes.

Relevant instructions:

  • No 1. Small Tables for Bedroom
    The no.1 advantage of having a small table is that you can easily store it.
    The bed is usually by the wall, and thus, you may consider putting it on the bedside table. It will fit into a loft bed, which has a storage compartment also in this case.
  • No 2. Small Table: Put it at the Bedside
    Instead of placing it against a wall, you may put one on your bedside table itself.
    It’s an easier way for storing things like essentials like toothbrushes and pens, because of its smaller size. If you do not want to put your items directly below the lamp, you may use small shelving units instead of dividing bigger things from smaller stuff like books or cups.
  • No 3. How to Dress a Small Table?
    The answer is simple; you just need to prepare clothes to stuff the cabinet.
    You may cover it with a tablecloth or put pictures as visual aids on it. Belongings are also complementary for this purpose. You can take some of your favorite pillows and stuff them also; this is useful if you have a lot of pillows around.
    For the tabletops, you can use rugs – placed in strategic spaces – instead of glass tops that may look too shiny and crunched at some corners.
  • No 4. A Small Table idea with Black Lamp
    You can place a small table lamp next to your bedside dresser or nightstand for practical use and uplift their look at the same time.
    Choosing a suitable light isn’t easy, but it can indeed be solved if you imagine its function and appearance.
    You need to consider its shape, size, color, and applicable decorations.
    Its base should be flat and firm because it would otherwise topple over easily.
  • No 5. Stuff the Drawers
    Stuffing drawers is another way to make cabinets look more attractive.
    You may place your granola bar or cushion on the top drawer while some of your clothes are on the bottom one.
    It is also good to place some books on it because they are hard to burn up.
    The touches, as mentioned earlier, are just a few examples of how you can beautify your bedside table, including the lamp and drawers.
    You may add flowers or vases of different sizes, but be sure to arrange them in a well-thought-out manner so you won’t lose sight of what you’re trying to accomplish – bringing order into chaos, which can bring comfort as well.

Lastly, No 1. Use Empty Space for More Storage Access Point

A corner or a wall above the bed typically becomes a favorite place in particular as they can hold some furniture, let’s say a shelf. Having storage above the bed? Sure, why not?
It’s practical because you can reach other stuff while in bed, and the wall is primarily unoccupied unless for putting some pictures or lamps. Avoid storing something likely to fall easily, such as a vase or bottles.

Other relevant organization ideas on how to optimize your limited bedroom space:

  • No 1. You can create a hanging closet organizer with a hang-it high concept, which will help you organize your clothes.
  • No 2. Use your curtain to hold and store your favorite sheets, blankets, even a comforter. An old sheet will do the trick if you don’t have enough room to keep everything in the closet.
  • No 3. A minimalist bedroom doesn’t have to be boring. Use some drawers or boxes to hide all the mess under the bed and make your room look tidy.
  • No 4. You don’t need a lot of things to create a centerpiece for your bedroom. Just keep it simple with a white vase or even just a bowl.
  • No 5. Using wall-mounted shelves is one of the most popular ways to utilize small spaces, with virtually no limits on what you can store in them, as long as you don’t overload them, of course.
  • No 6. You can store all your jewelry in a simple jewelry box. Just put it on the table, dresser, or anywhere else you want.
  • No 7. You don’t need to throw away that old sewing machine under your bed just yet; simply turn it into a desk to keep everything in one place.
  • No 8. If you have an old armchair lying around the house, turn it into a minibar with a few wooden crates and lights.
  • No 9. A beautifully decorated wall with some lit candles will give you the additional charm you need in your bedroom!
  • No 10. Out-of-the-box storage ideas are highly efficient. If you feel that your room doesn’t have enough space to store every little thing you own, create hanging boxes or baskets to help you organize and store all your stuff.


So, Petite Bedroom Transformations do not always involve a considerable transformation. You may still have to combine with some other tricks, but using the above solutions will help you a lot.
Our 10 petite bedroom transformations might give you some clues or ideas that you haven’t thought about, and you wished you knew them earlier. So, are you ready to overhaul your sleeping space?



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