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10 Bedroom Goals and Ideas You Can Brag on Instagram or TikTok

Are you tired of looking at that same boring bedroom? Well, don’t worry because we have got solutions for you! You can change it up by transforming it into something worth talking about.

There are indeed many ways to improve any room in your home and make it look new again, but how do you know which method goes best with the type of space you’re trying to enhance? And what if you want to save money on the process? You will find answers to these questions below as we share the experiences of making our old bedroom cool again (check the link inside the reference to find more details).

Why changing Boring bedroom is important

A lot has changed since our parents’ generation. People prefer going online to visiting physical stores nowadays. They shop from their homes instead of driving them miles away. This trend makes shopping easier, cheaper, faster, and saves time. It means people spend less on petrol/gasoline and the lucky some rip great deals through internet promo offers.

The good news is that it applies to bedrooms too. If you’ve been struggling to sell your property lately, it might just be your bedroom that’s holding things back.

The reason why most buyers love those trendy interiors (the ones with all-white colors) is due to the fact that these colors convey cleanliness and simplicity. In other words, they reflect a sense of order and balance. While this may work well for modern rooms, it doesn’t translate well when applied to traditional bedrooms where dark shades prevail.

So, if you haven’t already upgraded your bedroom yet, now would be a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the current market situation.

Here are several reasons why you should consider updating your boring bedroom before someone else does:

No 1. Your Bedroom serves an essential purpose
It plays a vital role in our lives. Not only does it give us to sleep (not to forget God), rest and comfort, but it also helps keep everything together, from clothes, books, bedding, etc., hence its importance. For instance, it keeps our stuff organized while protecting them from damage caused by water, heat, coldness, dust, dirt, etc.

Without such a protective barrier, our belongings could easily become damaged or destroyed. Therefore, having a safe place to store goods is crucial for maintaining peace of mind.

No 2. Changing a bedroom influences the value of a house’s price
People who buy properties usually use bedrooms as the main indicator for determining whether a particular residence is suitable for them or not. A higher number of bedrooms indicates greater demand for housing units. Hence, it gives owners a chance to increase selling prices accordingly.

No 3. Your bedroom affects the moods of others
When guests come over, they tend to feel relaxed, comfortable, and happy if they enter a neat bedroom. That’s why decorating and upgrading your bedroom often becomes a topic of conversation among family members. Plus, if you add personality to your bedroom design, visitors tend to stay longer and enjoy themselves even more.

No 4. Transforming the bedroom brings out natural light
With so much happening outside, people no longer appreciate being cooped up inside during the daytime. Having lots of windows lets sunshine flow freely throughout your day. Moreover, adding curtains helps block undesirable noises and reduce stress levels.

No 5. Upgrading the bedroom improves productivity
If you turn off the lights after dinner every night, you probably won’t notice how much energy was spent keeping the lamp lit. Similarly, having a bright bedroom enhances performance and creativity.

No 6. Turning a boring bedroom into a beautiful sanctuary for you
Most importantly, getting rid of distractions allows you to focus better and relax. With a peaceful environment, a peaceful sleep becomes easy. Additionally, taking turns using bathroom facilities prevents long queues and delays. Allowing yourself enough relaxation time between tasks ensures fresh starts each morning.

No 7. Expanding storage spaces is possible
Having a limited drawer space hinders your ability to organize contents efficiently. Adding shelves and cabinets provides ample places to store junk items without creating cluttered conditions. Doing so requires minimum investment and is affordable overall.

No 8. Making small changes yields big results
As mentioned earlier, bedrooms serve multiple purposes. Besides sheltering us, it also holds everything together. Thus, incorporating minor upgrades within budget constraints produces a noticeable impact. By doing so, we spend less on major renovations and give ourselves more flexibility.

No 9. Creating visual appeal boosts self-esteem
Updating your bedroom contributes to improving aesthetics. We all desire to look attractive and stylish, right? Then why not try dressing up your bedroom theme according to your taste?

No 10. An upgraded home adds value to your property
In addition to boosting self-confidence, refurbishing your bedroom helps create a positive outlook. When potential buyers see your updated bedroom, they assume you must have invested wisely in repairs. As a result, their perception regarding your home gets affected favorably.

No 11. Affordable DIY bedroom transformation
One of the biggest benefits of renovating your kitchen or living area is that you can perform the project independently. However, remodeling bedrooms isn’t as straightforward as cooking meals.

While designing and executing projects related to construction, plumbing, electricity, heating, ventilation, etc., involve experts. Otherwise, errors committed during execution could cause serious complications. Apart from hiring professionals, you can achieve similar results by following expert recommendations.

No 12. Transform your bedroom to fit your style
Since we spend half of our life asleep, it makes sense to choose a room that suits our lifestyle. There are plenty of options available today. Letting go of outdated habits and adopting new trends becomes easier when you learn how to match them properly.

No 13. Cheap DIY bedroom renovation
Nowadays, you can accomplish almost anything via smart devices. Likewise, you can transform your bedroom to suit your needs simply by investing little effort. Using products designed specifically for DIY jobs is another way to cut costs.

No 14. No need to hire professional cleaners
Before undertaking a major overhaul, it’s wise to talk to an expert first. Such advice can help you avoid mistakes that could cost extra expenses later on. On the contrary, cleaning specialists can guide you in selecting appropriate services based on your requirements.

No 15. Saving money on materials
You don’t always need to purchase expensive furniture and accessories when transforming a bedroom. Instead, you can utilize items lying unused in closets or drawers. Furthermore, buying secondhand beds, mattresses, pillows, and linens is quite practical.

No 16. Donate unwanted items
Donating used items helps reduce waste and encourages recycling efforts. Also, it increases your financial resources.

No 17. Improving the lighting system
Forget hanging chandeliers and fancy fixtures. An effective lighting system comprises lamps, bulbs, wall sconces, etc. To bring variety, mix different styles and types.

No 18. Maximize usage of space
To maximize functionalities, incorporate built-in features and modular designs. Ensure adequate airflow by adjusting window sills and installing vents. Install mirrors and skylights whenever possible.

No 19. Make your bedroom timeless
Endless possibilities are waiting for you to explore. Whether you go minimalistic or opt for bolder themes, choosing a patterned carpet and painting walls in neutral tones can complement classic and contemporary settings.

No 20. Going green
Making gradual improvements and gradually implementing eco-friendly practices generates maximum returns. Recycling cardboard boxes and newspapers for lining wardrobes and furniture contributes significantly to reducing environmental impacts.

No 21. Enhancing safety
Your bedroom shouldn’t be unsafe either. Adding grab bars, non-slip mats, rails, and handles ensure safety when moving around.

No 22. Incorporating the latest technologies
Adding high-tech gadgets and systems further streamlines operations. Smart technology can automatically control temperature, air conditioning, lighting, security, entertainment, and appliances.

No 23. Adds finishing touches to complete your vision
Apart from revamping décor and functionality, you can include aesthetic elements to beautify your bedroom. Use unique paintings, prints, frames, rugs, posters, etc., to showcase originality.

No 24. Installing a Wi-Fi hotspot
Installing a wireless router enables you to access the internet anywhere in your home. Including guest rooms and bathrooms, turning your entire household into a hub for connectivity is highly convenient.

No 25. Choosing soft drapes and comforters
Comfortable fabrics allow you to lie down comfortably regardless of weather conditions. Soft drapes and blankets protect floors from scratches and stains.

No 26. Giving your bedroom renewed vibrancy
Whether you plan to redecorate or update completely, injecting new life into your existing bedroom is achievable. Follow expert suggestions, pick affordable alternatives, and apply creative ideas to transform your space.

No 27. Bringing your dream home closer to reality
After completing the project, you’ll finally realize that your imagination runs wild. Now, let your creativity run free by exploring various possibilities.

No 28. Enjoying your transformed bedroom
Finally, enjoying your newly renovated or redesigned bedroom comes naturally. Simply put, happiness follows action!

No 29. Getting inspired for the next project
Once you finish your current project successfully, you can start planning for bigger and better things. After all, inspiration is contagious.

No 30. Taking care of future occupants
Last but definitely not least, think ahead and check that the finished product satisfies present and future residents. What’s more exciting is that.

Nowadays, instagrammable rooms are becoming a trend among many people.
Although the functionality and comfort of your space should be the top priority, the aesthetic qualities of a room also play an essential role in influencing your mood.

That’s why the way you beautify your room should reflect your personality and taste. Here we have 10 bedroom goals and ideas you can brag on Instagram or TikTok you can try.

10 Bedroom Goals and Ideas You Can Brag on Instagram or TikTok Poster

10 Bedroom Goals and Ideas You Can Brag on Social Media Video:

List Entries:

10. The Polaroid Photos

Do you have a lot of pictures? You can make it a Polaroid photo as room decor to make it more instagrammable!

The pictures capturing the moments with friends or family can decorate your room. Furthermore, they are also a reminder of those closest to you. To create an epic look, try arranging those photos thoroughly. You can try sticking them to the wall, hanging them on a rope, or pinning them to a mesh board.

Polaroid photos are a trend nowadays among young people. It helps make the room look more instagrammable for a photo spot.

9. Colorful Sticky Notes

We might find sticky notes as one of the tools that students, collegians, and even workers often use to record important things they need to remember. You know you cannot only use them for notes. Surprisingly, they can also make your room look more aesthetic.

To make this, you just need to attach colorful sticky notes on the side of an empty wall and form them into patterns you like, such as the heart-shaped pattern in this picture. By putting a variety of sticky note colors, your room will look more colorful and instagrammable.

8. Get Wall Stickers

Is your wall plain? Well, this idea is appropriate for those who are bored with the color of the bedroom walls but have a limited budget.

To make it more fabulous, stick colorful tape on the wall in any pattern you like. You can buy cheap wall stickers at online stores if you think it is an arduous task to do. This idea looks simple but can beautify your room with a minimalist touch. If you have no idea, try to look for inspiration on the internet first. Or you can take this picture as an example!

7. The Aesthetic Artwork Frame Idea

An excellent way to create a catchy focal point in your bedroom and on your Instagram page that your followers will fall in love with is to opt for a feature wall.

Yes! You can do this in some ways, such as the gallery trend, which isn’t going away soon. Frames are a simple and easy way to mark your personality in a space. It is the practice of using several photo frames for the decorated walls.

The key to choosing a piece of art is to know your overall aesthetic first and then select an artwork that suits your personality. You can place them in a geometric style, with different sizes and shapes across the wall to get an aesthetic look.

6. Invite Outdoor to Indoor

The most Instagrammable decor is the one that needs minimal sustenance but will also improve your air quality on its own. And the one that can do this is planting inside the room.

Plants add a touch of nature and a burst of color to any room. Moreover, they are the easiest way to make a room look stylish. Whether a tiny cactus on your windowsill or a hanging plant on the bedroom ceiling, a healthy plant is a must for any bedroom worthy of a worthy bedroom. Even a simple bed can look amazing when paired with plants and good lighting.

Before you panic about the potential of air filters, we’ll tell you some indoor plants to keep them alive. Some are snake plants, jade plants, rubber trees, and so on. This type of plant can be one of the lists to be planted indoors. Then you will have a green and beautiful bedroom, making the room look cool.

5. The Tapestry Wall

If you have a tapestry lying around and you’re not using it, you can still use them for room ornament.
To do this idea, opt for a fabric color or pattern that matches the theme of the space or what you want. Next, hang it on the wall of the room as you wish.

This inexpensive room decoration can still provide the aesthetic look of the room and is suitable for display on your Instagram page, you know.

4. Give your space a Decorative Lamp

Fairy lights are no longer for outdoor barbecues or Christmas trees. The bedroom is the best place for some twinkling lights to make you feel comfortable.

These fairy-light decorations require no explanation. As you can see, they add countless characters wherever you place them despite their simple design. Besides, they are beautiful during the day and handy for lighting at night.
The vintage industrial charm of the lamp, mixed with a hint of the leaf that aligns with the light, will no doubt add that magical circumstance to your room.

3. The Mesh Board

This mesh board is also much sought after as an aesthetic and instagrammable room decoration.
Aside from being an extraordinary decoration, the mesh board serves to place memos or sticky notes, so it doesn’t fall apart.

You can find mesh boards in a variety of colors and sizes. Here, you can also show your mini calendar, favorite Polaroid photos, sunglasses, and other knick-knacks. This mesh board will make your room tidier and still provide an aesthetic feel.

2. Plain Bed Sheet

This bedding style is worth trying because the design is up to date and very charming for your Instagram page.
Bed linens have always been a part of bedroom decorations. One of the most widely-used bed linen motifs is a small square or black and white checkerboard or vice versa.

The price of a set made of local cotton does not break the pocket, and you can purchase it through online stores.

Lastly, Number 1. Give your bedroom more touches of Nature

To make your bedroom more aesthetic, try to give a little touch of wood around your room. It can be from furniture, chairs, floors, room decorations, or wood panels on the walls.

Giving a touch of wood will not only provide an aesthetic touch to your room but will also make your room more comfortable.

Those are 10 bedroom goals and ideas you can brag on Instagram or TikTok for decorating rooms so that they are aesthetically accessible and affordable!

So, which ideas will you take to decorate your room? Hopefully, these 10 ideas can inspire you.



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