10 Small Living Room Storage and Cabinet

A living room is a place where you can gather with your family and host your guests. Just like any other room, it can be messy sometimes. But you don’t want other people to spot the clutter, do you?
So are you thinking of having the more-organized kinds of stuff in your living room?
Here are ten small living room storage and cabinet ideas to try. Considering that the more organized things mean, the better the place to look at, providing flexible storage is a must-do.

No matter how small the space you have, you can make or turn it look better or neater.
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10. A Built-in TV Cabinet Storage Idea

10.Built in TV Cabinet Makeover Ideas via
Just because you have a small space with lots of things, it doesn’t mean that you cannot make a good organization. Look at the picture and see how the built-in TV cabinet provides you with the excellent design of cabinetry to give lots of storage without running the living room space.
Though this built-in TV cabinet comes with a simple approach and even less artwork, it offers significant functionality for you to keep anything there. It is just like a camouflage when you are opening the door of the cabinet and see how many shelves are available. You cannot even imagine how many things you can keep in the storage space and let your small living room look neat as always.

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9. A Sofa Table with Cabinet Idea

9.Sofa Table with Cabinet via
Another way to make small space look bigger is by merging the rooms, such as the kitchen and living room. However, placing the couch in the middle does not seem right sometimes. It looks like it is awkward and floating. To anchor it and better the look, you can try investing in a sofa table.
9.Sofa Table with Simple Cabinet idea via
A sofa table is very much fantastic at which you can either optimize the organizer for a utility or separate your living room with the other part of your house. Hence, it serves three primary functions; a table, an organizer, and a room divider. The cabinetry is available to provide you with more spacers to store any of your favorite things like books, magazines, and even your children’s toys.

8. A Slim Table Idea Behind-the-Couch

8.Crafting Small Behind the Couch Table via
Now you can also pick up the idea of using a small behind-the-couch table that gives you more space to store wine glasses, phones, books, and even a TV remote.
8.Small Behind the Couch Table via

It’s just quick enough to craft this table. Start measuring the height and length of the section where you are going to locate it. Account the thickness of the top board and subtract it from your entire height measurement.
Cut the boards based on the size and secure them at a 90-degree angle. Take a section of the panels and saw to trim at a 45-degree angle. Next, pre-drill four holes to attach the pieces. Set it out and finish with Minwax PreStain Conditioner.
[amazon bestseller=”Minwax PreStain Conditioner” items=”2″] Finish doing it? Then you spend your own time there with a bottle of white wine and a glass to accompany you watching the favorite Netflix shows.

7. A Storage Bench Idea

7.Storage Bench with Crate via
A storage bench for a small living room is always possible to provide you with the seating as well as convenient storage. Look at the cushion on top, offering you a comfortable place to sit while the drawers below can be used to stash away books or your kid’s toys and any other crafts supplies. 7.Storage Bench Idea via Simphome.comChoose the soft colors in line with the wall layout so that you’ll have not only the most convenient storage bench but also the nice furniture to match well with the entire space.

6. Construct Ceiling Shelves

6.Ceiling Shelves for Decor via Simphome.comIf you have a bare wall with no decoration yet, ceiling shelves are also the perfect options. 6.Ceiling BookShelf Inspiration via Simphome.comCeiling shelves come not only to provide you with the most functional storages but also to fill your empty walls with the decorative elements you can locate below the shelves. Also read next relevant idea title simple ideas How to Build A Window Seat Made FROM IKEA STOLMEN

5. Tap Your Corner

5.Shelving Corner space Idea via Simphome.comOther storage and cabinet idea to adopt in your small living room are to tap the corner.
Start by preparing the supplies, which include door, circular saw, screwdriver, 13-90 degree metal L brackets, sandpaper, and doorknob.
Later, cut the door into two pieces and secure them at a 90 degree using the clamps and a helper.
Screw the metal brackets to hold the two pieces of the door.
Cut four shelves from the particle board to match with your measurements and secure them using the metal brackets. Sand all the rough edges using the sandpaper.
Afterward, change the doorknob as you want. Last step, paint and distress the door as you want, too.
Finally, you have a new functional storage only from re-using the abandoned doors.
Place your favorite things confidently on the storage without even ruining your small spaces in the living room.

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4. The Spool Coffee Table Idea

4.Spool Coffee Table Idea via Simphome.comLook at how cool the spool coffee table to offer you more spaces for storing your book collection. Make it right by sanding down the spool as the first step. Next, give the table a primer and paint the table. 4.Spool Coffee Table with Wheels via Simphome.comTo provide your product with more storage solutions, add wooden dowels for shelving. Don’t forget to add a caster to let the table move.

3. Corner Floating Shelves Idea

3.Corner Floating Shelves with Lights via Simphome.comCorners are usually useless. Now you can pick up the idea of locating floating shelves there and make use of them nicely to store books, photo frames, a vase of flowers, and other decorative subjects. Having these shelves in the small living room is much of an advantage. You are able not only to function as storages but also to make up your living room decoratively.
3.Corner Floating Shelves with seating via Simphome.comFloating shelves are just ideal for small spaces you may have in the living room. You can craft it easily by yourself. Well, try and make it real.

2. Try The Ottoman Project with Storage Idea

2.Try DIY Ottoman with Storage via Simphome.comOttoman is a great idea to consider if you want to provide an additional seat as well as to provide extra storage. It is one of the multi-functional furniture that everyone can use excellently. As always, it comes with the double functions that everyone can optimize.
2.Try a wooden Ottoman with Storage via
Make it by firstly cutting the pieces with the black+decker 15Amp 7-1/4 in using the circular saw.
Upholster the ottoman cushion and craft the ottoman frame.
Later, you can add base and legs to the frame and attach the lid.
Finish your ottoman with 120-grit sandpaper just before you apply the paint or stain.
You can leave your storage ottoman untreated, but you need to fill in the screw holes with the proper color of wood filler for the smooth finish.
Next, attach the upholstered seat and style as well as store your ottoman finally in the living room.
Now that it ready there, you can keep your favorite books in it.
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Lastly, Number 1. A Side Table Project Idea with Storage

1.Side Table with Storage Solutions via Simphome.comA side table is usually considered the best pair for people’s favorite movies, snacks, and drink. However, a side table with storage has a more beneficially functioned. This item is the furniture that everyone can set up in the living room though there is only limited space available. It commonly comes with double convenience as a side table as well as a storage to store some books and toys of your children. Special for you, if you follow the link under the video, you’ll find 30 ideas on how to craft your side table or tweak your current side table to a new level.

Those are ten small living room storage and cabinet ideas. Try one or some, and if you succeed, I hope it would give you a strong reason to be a new loyal fan of the blog for years to come.



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