10 Tips on How to Turn Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

Adding style in a small kitchen is a challenge. Though the options for remodeling are limited, there are ways to turn it more stylish and feel spacious. You have to apply simple tricks to make your small kitchen appear more prominent.
There is some ingenious space solution you can look up in the video or the post. I already collected ten tips to style your small kitchen to make it feel bigger.

The recommendations will enable you to maximize your kitchen space. To spice up your learning experience, follow the links inside the reference area.


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10. Paint Your Kitchen White

10.Paint Your Kitchen White via Simphome.comThe easiest and quickest way to make your kitchen appear bigger is by repainting. Avoid dark and bold color because it turns the room feel crowded.
Try a lighter color like white instead, which offers an airy feeling and a sense of openness. The room will appear larger because white reflects light and visually expand the wall. Using it on the walls, cabinets, ceiling, and countertops will soften the boundaries and edges—another trick to conquer your limited space.

If you don’t want it to become too washed out, you can use different hues of white. By doing this, you can highlight the crown molding or cabinets and create some contrast in your kitchen. You can also add texture with wallcovering or fabric. But remember to avoid a strong contrast between the shades or texture you choose to decorate your kitchen.

9. Bring in Natural Light

9.Bring in Natural Light via Simphome.comIf you have more budget for remodeling your kitchen, try adding extra windows or tube skylight to let sunlight in. Natural light turns the room brighter and visually opens up space, making it appear larger. One thing, the ambiance of light reflection, makes the room feel more spacious, cheerful, and airy too.
You can keep the window simple without curtains or blinds. But if you consider adding privacy and style, choose opaque blinds or curtains. They still let light in and dress up your kitchen windows. If you don’t have the budget to add extra windows, you should also consider adding a glass kitchen door or artificial lighting mimicking the natural light.

8. Install Taller Cabinets

8.Install Taller Cabinets via Simphome.comSlim and tall cabinets can turn your kitchen appear larger. They make the ceiling look higher by raising your eye level. Just make sure to keep their color light and make the design simple. Simple cabinets will not disturb the kitchen’s clean lines.
Painting the cabinets the same tone as the walls is also a wise choice. The color contrast between them defines clear boundaries and makes the cabinet look bulky. That will bring the cramped feeling. Therefore, choose a shade or two of the wall color for the paint. This time, less is better.

7. Opt for Mirrored Backsplash

7.Opt for Mirrored Backsplash via
Usually, a backsplash is intended to protect the kitchen wall from splash or stain. Why not change it into something which can make the room appear larger? Such as mirrors? Installing mirrors for backsplash could make your kitchen feel more spacious by reflecting the light. It gives the illusion of a large room while the striking look will add style to your kitchen.
If you don’t like mirrors for backsplash, you can try other shiny surfaces, such as glass tiles or high-gloss paint. Other parts of the kitchen can also do the job. Polished floors, stainless steel appliances, or glossy cabinets can reflect the light.

6. Keep your Floor Simple

6.Keep the Floor Simple via

The look of your kitchen can also be affected by the floor. The right visual illusion can bring your kitchen to its best. Stripes can make your floor appear longer or wider. Whether you use tiles, rugs, or wood, the effective way is to lay it lengthways. It will elongate the space by drawing the eye along the length of your kitchen.
If you want to try another pattern, use oversize diamonds or chevrons in a low contrast color. The prints draw the eyes from one side of the room to the other. Making the room appear more expansive than it is.

5. Shiny Cabinets and Countertop

5.Shiny Cabinets and Countertop via
A Nice Cabinet And Countertop Set @Simphome

Shiny surfaces will turn your kitchen look more prominent. They bounce the light, which makes the room brighter. The glossy countertop reflects under cabinet lighting, visually opening the transition between them. You can add a reflective backsplash to enhance this effect.
Another way is using glossy tiles for the floor. While doing its job to reflect the light, it also adds appeal to your kitchen. You can also use stainless steel appliances to complement your white cabinets. The sheen of the steel enhances the light reflection.

4. The Open Shelving idea

4.Open Shelving via Simphome.comOne of the old tricks of enhancing a small spaced kitchen is using open shelving. It will make your kitchen look more spacious. Simple shelving reduces visual weight caused by overhead cabinets.
Store bigger kitchenware in the cupboard and displays your most used ones. Open shelving works well if you can arrange them tidily. And it effectively adds style into your kitchen if you use white or pastel color for the wall and light-toned one for the shelving.

3. Invest in Glass-Front Cabinet Doors

3.Invest in Glass Front Cabinet Doors via Simphome.comIf you want to keep your cabinets, you can replace the doors with glass-doors. They will add visual depth to your kitchen. They trick your eyes and make the room feel more spacious by drawing your gaze through the door. Glass panels work well with white or light woodwork because it enhances the effect created.
These glass-door cabinets are practical if you keep the things inside neat and tidy. Otherwise, it will feel crowded. If you are hesitant to use clear glass for the panels, you can install an opaque one. It helps you conceal jumbled mugs inside.

2. Hide The Garbage Away

2.Hide the Garbage away via Simphome.comGarbage may take up your kitchen space. It is selling pull-out junk that can save you some space you need. You can make the new garbage solution yourself to save money. Here are the steps to do it.
First, remove your chosen cabinet door and hinges. Then assemble the pull-out trash. Once the slide and trash bin have been screwed and installed, attach the door in place again. There you have your new garbage hidden in the cabinet.

Lastly, Number 1. Hold the Clutter at Bay

1.Hold the Clutter at Bay via Simphome.comGo minimalist. Keep the cabinets, countertop, table, and chairs simple. The simple furniture gives a free and roomy feeling. The rule is making your kitchen surfaces clearer. Remove any item you rarely use. Use a hot water tap instead of a kettle. Integrating your garbage into the cabinet will also save space. Arrange your kitchenware in a concealed storage racks or pull out shelves. The fewer utensils are seen, the bigger your kitchen appears to be.


With a simple change, you can change your small kitchen and make it feel bigger. You can check out the ten tips above to make your small or petite kitchen appear larger in more detail in next reference area. Good luck with your choice, and always prioritize your primary needs and safety first.  And if you need larger improvement ideas for your kitchen area, you have 333 Small Kitchen Ideas, Organization, and Kitchen Designs to visit next.


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