10 Small Kitchens with No Pantry Improvement Ideas

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The kitchen is the most frequently visited place in a house. In that case, the kitchen should be comfortable and functional. Some people are lucky enough to be able to decorate their kitchen freely without worrying about space. Unfortunately, the others have a smaller kitchen that needs tricks to improve the room, such as squeezing in a pantry.

Nevertheless, even the smallest kitchen needs a place to stock up sugar, flour, or dry goods. You can make your kitchen more functional with a little creativity yet still maintain its well–organized look. Take a look at your kitchen before starting to makeover. Which part of the room that you need to improve? What do I have to do with it? If you are looking for some insight, here are 10 ideas for improving a small kitchen with no pantry. Completing 10 Ideas on how to turn a small kitchen cozier published last week, this list is brought to you by

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10. Maximize the wall10. Maximize the wall by

Don’t let your walls bare. You can transform them to store utensils or keep cooking essentials. You can maximize those empty walls by adding magnetic strips to hold your knives or other utensils too. Adding rods below the cabinets or shelves will give you more place to hang baskets for spices.
Better if you installed wall storage near the area where you prepare foods, so everything needed is within your reach. You can also insert a slim, open shelf between the countertop and upper cabinets to put some kitchen staples. Just remember to install additions that match your kitchen layout so they will blend with the decor seamlessly.

9. Hanging Pantry9. Hanging Pantry by

You can use the kitchen ceiling for storage or a makeshift pantry if your wall and counter are already full. Hanging baskets from the ceiling will give you the space you need. For example, this three-tiered hanging basket is suitable for storing lightweight staples. Moreover, it is easy to follow. You only need three-tiered baskets, rope, and hooks.
The first step is cutting the rope into three equal pieces. Then tie the biggest basket. Tying it from the sides and then make a knot underneath will make the basket hang securely. Next, loop and tie the sides of the smaller basket. Don’t forget to leave some space between each basket. When all three are safely tied, knot the end of the rope. Then hang your new storage from the ceiling with a hook. Lastly, fill it with fruits or pasta.

8. Behind Door Pantry Idea8. Behind Door Pantry by

Adding a cabinet behind a door is another clever solution for a tiny kitchen with no pantry. Using cheap materials and basic tools, you can easily make a pantry rack in your small kitchen. First, measure the width and length of the rack you are going to make. Mark and cut the board and plywood based on your measurement. Then drill pocket holes into either end of the boards. After that, you can assemble the parts. Lastly, add a metal rod across the front of each shelf to ensure the stuff you would store in it is safely tucked in.

7. Pull-out cabinet drawers idea7. Pull out cabinet drawers by

Maximize your tall cabinets by inserting pull-out drawers to save and organize your pantry items. It is a shallow drawer that glides for easy access. Actually, you can purchase it, but building it yourself is also a good option.
Start with measuring the size of the shelf you want. Then build the drawers. Cut the plywood for the bottom and the sides. Clamp the sidepieces to the bottom part, then drill pilot holes every 8 to 10 inches. Fasten them with glue and screws. Sand and coat the shelf with spray lacquer. The next is mounding the slides to the cabinet. It will be easier if you remove the cabinet door first. The last, carefully install the shelf to the sliding rail. Then put back the cabinet door.

6. Pegboard Pantry idea6. Pegboard Pantry by

Pegboard is not only used to store cooking tools but also to be a pantry solution. This stunning idea is the most versatile choice for your kitchen organization. While giving more storage, you can easily change the layout. You can hang baskets for fruits or add slim shelves for cans and jars.
If you like this idea, here are three tips you have to pay attention to. One, use a bunch of basket in random sizes to store pasta, seltzer, or spices. Two, you can hang something like a file holder to hold cutting boards. Three, add shelves for items that you couldn’t fit in the basket.

5. Deep Drawer Storage idea5. Deep Drawer Storage by

Deep drawers often need organization because they tend to look messy. Instead of using the drawers to keep utensils, you can turn them to be pantries using bins. Storage bins are perfect for deep drawers because they are easy to remove and clean. They are also perfect for organizing products that don’t have to be put in the refrigerator.
Before going to shop for the bins, measure the drawers’ width, length, and depth. So you can select the best bins to be fit in the drawer. After you have arranged them in the drawer, fill them with fruits, onions, potatoes, or food you frequently use to cook that don’t need to be refrigerated.

4. Turn your Cabinet Doors into a mini Pantry4. Turn the Cabinet Doors into Pantry by

A cabinet pantry can centralize your staples in one place. The great thing is everything you need for cooking is within arms reach. You can maximize the space by adding racks on the door for keeping slim things such as bottles, small jars, or bags of flour.
The pantry idea in the picture turns shelves into a cabinet. The sides are several inches wider than the shelves to give space for a door rack. It is high up to the ceiling, which makes it have lots of space for storing items. And when the cabinet is closed, the doors match well the kitchen design. It is like having a mini walking in the pantry.

3. Get Hook and Basket3. Hook and Basket by

Turn extra space in the corner or between shelves into a mini pantry using hooks and wire baskets. You can store loose items such as potatoes, garlic, or onions. It is nice vertical storage to be added to the kitchen. It frees up the shelves that you can use to display your favorite mugs. Since there are some unused spots in the wall, you can add as many baskets as you like. Just drill a hole, screw-in hook, and hang the basket. If you don’t like drilling holes in the wall, there are adhesive hooks you can use. It is a straightforward storage improvement alternative.

2. Basket on the wallBasket on the wall Idea via Simphome

Have a blank wall? This simple shelving and basket idea is another option you can take to improve your kitchen organization. It comes with storage for cooking essentials and appliances. It is an easy DIY for you to try. You only need to prepare some boards, baskets, and pines. The shelves could hold heavy utensils while you can use the basket to store lighter ones. With enough space, you can hang three or four baskets in each row to store your children’s snacks or toys. They can easily grab them, and another good thing is the rustic accent brings a unique color to the white wall.

Lastly, Number 1. Under Chair Pantry Idea

Under chair pantry Storage Idea via Simphome 1Some people choose a breakfast bench than a dining chair. Are you one of them? Well, you should try to make it a double-duty bench. Building a pull out drawer under the bench like this provides you with extra storage for your stuff.

Under chair pantry Storage Idea via Simphome 2First, if you want to build the nook by yourself, measure the length of space available first. Then cut wood for the frame and seating. Then measure the area for the drawer. Continue to cut the wood based on your measurement. After all the parts are ready, the next step is assembling the parts. The last, adorn the nook with plush or cushion.

Conclusion: Pantry is not only for storing foods or kitchen supplies but also to create a sense of flow in the room. Just take a peek around and take advantage of what you have and what you have learned from this video. There are many simple solutions you can experiment with. Still, considering? Follow 10 small kitchens with no pantry improvement link under the video and decide which one you want to apply to your kitchen. You’ll find more inspiration there.



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