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10 Small Comfortable House Ideas

If you’re living in a tiny, uncomfortable home because you cannot afford anything more spacious — like a studio apartment or a small mobile house — then it’s time to make your small space as comfortable as possible. Trust us; we know from experience that even the most essential areas can be made highly livable with some thoughtful design

Living in a big city is not as easy as it seems. Everything can be costly, including the properties. As a result, many people have to dwell in small houses or studio apartments that lack space.
Dwelling in a mobile home or studio apartment can be uncomfortable due to the limited space. However, you cannot afford a bigger house, either. Thus, making it as cozy as possible is your greatest bet.

Are you looking for some inspiration to make it tangible? Check out these 10 small comfortable house ideas. As always, Simphome presents you with the list. Now you’ll never have to go through another day in discomfort again!

10 Comfortable house ideas
10 Comfortable house Poster

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  • If you’re thinking about buying a new home, then this article is for you. Here are 10 small, comfortable house ideas that would help save your sanity. The list is completed with links to the original sources for each concept.

List Entries:

10. Go Vertical

A studio apartment tends to have limited floor space. You cannot even have a comfortable bedroom in it because everything is cramped.
Well, if proper space for a good night’s sleep is not available, you can always go vertical.
This studio apartment, for example, has made use the most of the available space. Instead of setting the bedroom on the floor, the homeowner makes it float over the kitchen and the dining room, allowing more space for the living room and foot traffic.
The bedroom features a railing that prevents you from getting any accidents. To maximize the space, the homeowner uses stairs with hidden storage. This way, he can hold the clutter at bay.

To get new vertical storage solutions, your instructions are:
  • No 1. Place your bed in the middle of the room.
    In this case, the bed is placed over the living room area; however, it could reside anywhere else. As long as it’s in the middle, that’s enough. You can use the rest of the room for other items or just for walking around!
  • No 2. Place your shelves in a square shape around them.
    It is preferable to get floating ones so that you can arrange them at any point you want.
    You could also go traditional by using wall shelves on one side of the bedroom and stack them with unexpected items!
  • No 3. Leave space between each shelf.
    This step is a must to allow you to pass by the room without tripping!
  • No 4. Decorate the space with small elements that are strategically placed.
    You can place lights, mirrors, and other accessories on the bed and shelves with the same color theme. If you want a minimalist look, then you could always use your decorations sparingly!
  • No 5. Place the drawers and cabinets near the bed.
    You would know where everything is. It will also prevent you from getting anything out of place!
    Drawer units are generally used to store clothing and other stuff, but you can use a similar one for storing big items, such as blankets and sheets. Once again, you could always place them in front of the bed!
  • No 6. Install a strip of lights above the ceiling.
    This idea will not only increase the room’s aesthetic value but can also double as a creative way to use your extra space!
  • No 7. Hang your items over the railing.
    If you have enough width, go ahead and hang things from the ceiling to save more floor space! Some people even place their furniture upside down!
  • No 8. Install an under-counter unit near the bed.
    A small recycling bin is probably one of those items that you are most likely to lose. Therefore, you should keep it tucked underneath so that you have easy access.
  • No 9. Install the closet near the bed.
    You would know where everything is if you have a closet right next to your sleeping area. You can place all of your clothes there, and you don’t have to move them around every night!
    The good thing about small spaces set up for maximum comfort is that you can replicate them in many configurations. You just need to remember these basic steps:
  • No 10. Make sure your walls are painted in light colors.
    Lighter paints will maximize potential light in your small living space.
    The same goes for the furniture. Make sure they are also painted in bright or warm colors to reflect a sense of freedom!

9. Stick to Light Colors

As a good rule of thumb, working on colors can make your home look visually larger and feel more comfortable.
Light colors like crisp white, beige, pastel and light gray are your top-notch choice. They are renowned for making small spaces look bigger. These hues will give you a more open and airier room when combined with plenty of natural light.

If you are into darker hues, like black, navy blue, or deep brown, you had better exclude them from the list. These types of colors will only make your house look more cramped. However, you can always use them as an accent wall or decorative items. You still need to keep them down to a minimum, though.

When changing bedroom’s wall colors, you also need to pay attention to:
  • No 1. Light colors make the bedroom feel bigger.
    The best way to get this feeling is by painting the walls in light colors. Combine whites and whites, and you can still get a balance of brightness without being too bright. For your wall color, opt for a color that is closest to your skin tone. It will give your bedroom an inviting look.
  • No 2. Darker colors make your bedroom feel smaller.
    When choosing colors, make sure to paint your bedroom walls in darker tones. You could also use a color that is one shade darker than your skin tone. This selection is essential because light colors will hit you with bright light, while dark ones will keep the room more relaxed and cozy.
    Darker shades create a more intimate look, so you can choose them if you want that sort of look. Just make sure that it isn’t too dark or heavy for the room!
  • No 3. Paint your bedroom in two shades of the same color.
    You can be creative by painting the walls in two colors, white and cream or gray and sand-colored paint. The trick is to use two different shades that are as similar as possible. For example, if you opt for white and cream, the two colors would have to be very close in tone.
  • No 4. Paint your walls in lighter tones near the ceiling.
    If you are not comfortable with your choice of colors, you can always give yourself an option by painting the walls in lighter hues above your bed area. You can also paint your bathroom walls a few shades lighter so that they will look clean and bright!
  • No 5. Change your bedroom flooring to light wood or hardwood flooring.
    This trick will give you a more welcoming look and make it feel more like “your” room. You can either use light wood-colored laminate or hardwood flooring. It looks great, and it is also a more in-trend choice for homeowners!
  • No 6. Hang some shelves on the wall.
    Depending on what you have planned for your home decorating project, you can hang them high or low. You can use floating shelves or wall ones, depending on how big the space you have to work with! If you want to maximize every inch of space, you could go with a combination of floating and wall shelves!
  • No 7. Add some spaces in between your shelves
    The reason is simple. If you put them too close, you will end up with a pile of books on the ground! You want to avoid unnecessary and time-consuming cleanups, so space them out.
    Everything matters in small spaces, and the smallest details can make the most significant difference. To maximize your small space’s comfortability and feel more inviting at home, you need to think about what to include, what not to include, and how to decorate it. By being practical and creative simultaneously, you could easily create your dream house in just a few steps!
  • No 8. Paint some accent walls black or red
    This simple trick can increase your sense of depth in a room. Black and red can intrigue your eyes and make your small living space look visually larger.
  • No 9. Have a large floor lamp or two
    Colorful lamps will help you save space by not putting the lampshades on them. It is also a cheaper choice since it would be easier to replace the lights if necessary!
  • No 10. Use an old-fashioned record player as a source of entertainment
    Playing records is the easiest way to drown out unpleasant noises and create a romantic atmosphere for relaxing at home.

8. Divide the Rooms Wisely

Walls are always great to separate one room from another. However, they can be a disaster when it comes to a small house. Instead of creating zones, they will make you feel boxed in.
Rather than using walls to separate rooms, you can use room dividers. You can find various kinds of room dividers that will suit your interior design well. One of the most common dividers is curtains.


Curtains are flexible and versatile. However, you can opt for shelves as a room divider instead. If you do this, you will not only get some sort of privacy without feeling boxed-in, but you will also have the chance to incorporate additional storage solutions.

However, it is not always a simple task. To start and finish the project correctly, you need to pay attention to:
  • No 1. Leave a small gap in between the shelves
    This idea is the first important tip. You want to leave a small gap between your shelves so that you can reach each item without having to move all the other ones around. If it would be too tight, you might find yourself emptying the whole shelf!
  • No 2. Put heavy items on lower shelves.
    You do not want your shelves and room dividers falling, right? So make sure that all the heavier items are put on lower shelves while lighter ones go up top. This way, your partitions will remain stable and safe!
  • No 3. Avoid placing everything on the top shelf
    Unless you are going for an over-the-top look, you would never want to put all your furniture pieces and other items on top of your room divider—the reason why is simple. If you do that, it will look cluttered and messy from afar!
  • No 4. Mirror your room dividers in the opposite room
    Here is an easy and cheaper way of making a small space feel open. By repeating the same design concept in another part of the house, you can avoid feeling boxed-in. This simple trick will also make your home appear larger!
  • No 5. Use your wall decor to divide rooms
    If you have a lot of space, you can always use your wall decor to create a more open-feeling atmosphere for your small living space. Wall decals, mirrors, and paintings are great designs that can make all the difference.
  • No 6. Use vertical dividers to separate rooms or open up a corner
    If you have limited space, vertical dividers are handy, and they provide the most visually appealing results in live areas. However, horizontal dividers also work well, and they become necessary if you need a long shelf. In such cases, horizontal dividers will save your space!
  • No 7. Use area rugs
    If you have limited space in your home but still want the room to feel very open and spacious, using area rugs is a great idea. The reason is simple. A rug is a neutral element that you can use to make a room look larger than it is!
  • No 8. Use blinds or curtains as room dividers
    You can use blinds or curtains as dividers in a couple of ways: by choosing different patterns, colors, and materials; or by using multiple arrangements to separate spaces. For example, you could have a thin white curtain or two overlapping ones that you would use for the top of the shelf.
  • No 9. Install a bookshelf instead of a curtain in small rooms
    A bookshelf is more versatile than curtains or blinds, and you can use it to divide several different areas at home. If you want to use your bookshelf as a room divider, choose the right type of top for it and ensure that the shelves are not in contact with the wall.
    You might also want to add some shelves under your curtains or blinds so that you can store some seasonal decorations, such as Christmas lights. This way, moving them around won’t be necessary at all!
  • No 10. Create another room for yourself
    If there is only one room in your small house, you can easily divide it into two areas. You could use one side as a bedroom and another as a living space with the right furniture. This way, you would be able to fit more than enough space for everything!

7. Opt for Multipurpose Furniture

Many people think that a house with limited space needs small pieces of furniture. Nothing could be further from the truth. Instead of investing much furniture, which can end up conquering the floor space, you had better opt for a high-quality one that serves more than one duty.
You can find many pieces of double-duty furniture. Instead of buying a mere coffee table, you can purchase – or even make – an ottoman with hidden storage.
For the bedroom, you can invest in a custom loft bed so that you can use the underneath space as your walk-in closet. Use shelves or drawers as the stairs and a dresser as the nightstand, and you will have your private office room.

The basic principle of choosing new multipurpose furniture are:
  • No 1. Choose furniture with hidden storage
    If you want to make the most out of a smaller room, choosing furniture with hidden storage is of great importance. You will need this kind of furniture if you want to save on space and keep things organized at the same time.
  • No 2. Consider getting a loft bed
    If there is enough space in your small house, you do not always have to settle for a simple platform bed or bunk bed. You can choose your favorite design and type of bed, but make sure that it is tucked away in some sort of closed-off area so that the guests don’t see it when they enter your bedroom.
  • No 3. Use every single inch of space
    If you find yourself struggling with your lack of storage space, you can always turn to DIY projects or furniture that can help you save some inches. You can, for example, install additional drawers under your bed or use the vertical wall space to hang some shelves.
  • No 4. Choose open sofas and armchairs
    Many people like having a sofa in their living room because it offers them a chance to sit and relax while watching TV or reading a book. However, many people forget that an open-plan living room means that they will need more storage space than in other house rooms.
  • No 5. Buy storage units
    Although they are not as multipurpose as furniture, you can store items in some storage units. Obviously, you should follow the same rules that apply to furniture units. If you are looking for a more effective solution than buildings and boxes, consider purchasing a storage unit.
  • No 6. Use the ceiling for storage
    If you want to divide the room vertically, consider using your ceiling space for an additional storage solution. Extend shelves or place a piece of furniture on top of it and you will keep all your essentials safely stored!
  • No 7. Find a better storage solution for your books
    A bookcase is one of the most versatile pieces of furniture you can have in a living room. If you have many books, it might be a good idea to purchase or build a customized one that fits your space, style, and needs. However, if you do not have much space in your home, it is best to hire an experienced professional to help you organize your books and pick some space-saving alternatives for your library.
  • No 8. Choose furniture with drawers
    When choosing furniture for your small apartment, you will need pieces that come with drawers and cabinets. You certainly don’t want to run out of storage options!
  • No 9. Pick Furniture That Can Be Stacked or Mounted
    Is there enough space for only one long shelf in your room, but do you want to have several small ones? If this is the case, choose furniture that can be stacked or mounted. This way, you will save a lot of space!
  • No 10. Another example, you can have a wardrobe that also serves as an entertainment center. You can always find excellent ideas by looking around at other people’s homes and adapting them to your needs!

6. Add more Countertop Smartly

A small house does not give you the chance of having a comfortably sized kitchen. As a result, you have to get by with a tiny cooking space.
The most significant problem that you may encounter in a small kitchen is the lack of counter space. Well, it is not necessarily a big deal, though. You can try adding more countertop without gobbling up the valuable space.
This kitchen island is your life savior. It provides ample counter space that helps you prepare the meal comfortably. You can also find an additional countertop that you can pull out when you need it and stash away when not used, so it will not take more space.
The countertop features a hollow that connects with a trash can underneath it. This way, you can shove the peel directly into the trash can.

Additional information related to the kitchen countertop:
  • No 1. Clean the surface
    You need to remove the paint, dust, and dirt from the surface on which you will apply the grout. This idea is a necessary step if you want your result to be of high quality. You can use a wax-based remover or try one of these homemade solutions:
    The mixture:
    Mix baking soda with dish soap and water in a 2:1:1 ratio. Use a damp cloth or sponge and apply it to the surface. Then, scrub with a stiff brush.
    The vinegar and salt solution:
    Mix 3 tablespoons of vinegar with 1 cup of water and one tablespoon of salt (table salt) in a spray bottle. Spray the solution on your surface twice for the best results.
  • No 2. Apply the grout
    When the surface is perfectly cleaned, you can use a grout float to spread it evenly over the entire area. You should apply the grout as soon as possible after mixing it with water because it starts hardening immediately. After that, wait for the grout to dry for 24 hours before proceeding with any additional step. Some people prefer to use a sponge and apply the grout themselves, but this is not recommended for beginners.
  • No 3. Clean up spills immediately
    You should clean up any spillage immediately and dry up your countertop regularly. This way, you will avoid staining!
  • No 4. Oil often
    You can help the grout to stay in place by applying a protective oil to it. You can use cooking oil, olive oil, or mineral oil. Just be careful not to use too much because you will ruin the surface with the excess!
  • No 5. Use a different type of grout
    If you want a cleaner grout on your countertop, you can use limestone from northern Italy instead of the traditional white variety. This option is more alluring and looks great too! It is one of the most popular decorative surfaces among homeowners and will surely gain popularity among them!
  • No 6. Use a finishing oil
    Many people prefer to use a finishing oil on the surface of their countertops to prevent them from getting sticky, especially in humid areas. You can also use one of these commercial products to extend the life of your grout and protect it:
  • No 7. Use bamboo
    Many homeowners love the look and feel of bamboo, so it is not surprising that they would instead use it for their countertops. You can experiment with it and create unique surfaces with natural patterns. Use an acrylic sealer for the best results (be sure to apply only a thin layer). These are only a few tips that will help you make your small kitchen design come alive!
  • No 8. Paint your countertop
    It is no secret that white is a ubiquitous choice when it comes to kitchen design. If you feel like adding another color to the mix, you can use one of these fantastic colors for kitchen counters:
  • No 9. Use edge accents
    If you require extra countertop space or want your cooking area to look more stylish, you can use edge accents. To make your DIY project more manageable, check out this tutorial:
    You need to install the wooden piece on the wall and then place the marble slab on top. You can add a few cabinets underneath it for additional storage space. If you have children at home, this will be a beneficial addition to your kitchen!
  • No 10. Use a glass countertop
    Glass is an excellent material for kitchen countertops because it is durable, easy to maintain, and desirable. There are different types of glass you can use on your small project:
  • No 11. Use a butcher block
    You can save yourself the time to clean up the countertop area after cooking if you use butcher blocks. You can mount them on top of one another to save space! All these tips will make your kitchen much more functional and convenient in the end! Using colorful tiles will also refresh your kitchen in addition to making it more spacious looking.

5. Create New Floating Storage Solutions

A tiny house is prone to clutter, especially the kitchen. You may think about making some cabinets to overcome this problem. However, they will just take up more space that is valuable.
Ditch the cabinets and swap them for some floating shelves mounted on the walls. These shelves do not take as much space as cabinets. Moreover, you can grab the bowl or plate you need without opening the doors.

You can also make additional storage space over the kitchen island by suspending an old ladder or crib from the ceiling. Then, install some hooks so that you can hang your kitchen utensil.

Detail instructions:

  • No 1: Install the ceiling pulley system
    To do this, you have first to install some ceiling hooks to hang the pull-down ladder or crib from the ceiling. Then, measure the distance between the ceiling and wall so that you can adjust the pulley properly. Tie a wire around a pipe and then attach it to the pulley.
  • No 2: Install rotating shelves
    Put an electrical outlet in one corner of the room and install a power cord behind it. Cut two pieces of wood for legs at least 7 inches long and screw them on each side of the outlet. Slide-out your wire from behind your outlet cover, wrap it around the pulley arm and hook it back in position using a claw anchor. You can use these methods for hanging shelves from any type of overhead area.
  • No 3: Hang a ladder on the ceiling
    To do the job, you have first to install a few ceiling hooks. Then, cut off the rungs of an old ladder and insert them in the wall studs using nails. Make sure that you leave about 8 to 10 inches from the top of the wall so that you can hang potted plants or a framed picture on it.
  • Then complete it with:
    No 3.1: Paint wooden planks
    You have to paint the wooden planks in any color or texture that you like. After finishing painting them, place them on top of your table island and screw them directly into the ceiling joists so that they are firmly attached to them. Leave about 2 to 3 inches between each plank for easy access when placing items on it.
    No 3.2: Build a floating bookshelf
    You can build a bookshelf using a simple wooden frame. Then, paint the frame in any suitable color. Also, make sure that you attach the shelves to the walls firmly not to make them fall easily. You may also stain or varnish them in a preferred way and then place all your favorite books on them!
    No 3.3: Build floating cubbies
    You can use these cubbies for keeping utensils, dishes, and other kitchen items when you do not need them at that moment. These drawers are perfect for keeping your table tidy and neat! All these tips will help you keep your kitchen area organized without cabinets!
    No 3.4: Hang some hooks on the wall or on the ladder itself
    To do the job safely, you have to measure a little bit of the ceiling space to attach the hooks properly. Make sure that you install them high enough so that you will be able to reach them without difficulty. You can install these hooks in different areas of your kitchen, such as on the wall, over the sink, on the tool shelf, or any other desired location!
  • No 4: Install a shelf on top of your table
    You can create additional storage space by installing an overhead shelf above your dining table. Then, place all your favorite kitchen items on it! This step will help you make sure that all your utensils are safely stored in one place.

4. Bring in Natural Elements

Nothing can be as calming as immersing yourself in nature. However, you cannot have your veritable forest in your backyard due to the limited space. Well, at least you can bring the vibes into your bathroom.
This bathroom might be small in size, yet it is big in style. Stone tiles cover the walls inside the shower chamber, adding more textural elements and patterns. To round out the natural vibes, you can place some greenery in containers.

Other alternatives to bring natural elements to your bathroom are:
  • No 1. Get a copper sink
    The copper material is one of the least common kitchen materials, which is also in trend among many homeowners. It will add an industrial look to your bathroom only if you have some other materials with a modern look around the sink area. It will look inappropriate in a traditional theme bathroom.
    On the other hand, the porcelain-enameled cast-iron sink uses a light gray color for its interior and dark brown for its exterior. To accentuate its natural look, you can place some fresh flowers in this metal bowl.
  • No 2. Use stone tiles
    Stone tiles are natural materials that are classy and go with any theme. You can use stone tiles for the walls, floor, or both. It will also give a feel of luxury to your bathroom.
  • No 3. Create a brick wall
    You may have enough space in your bathroom to develop a brick wall. Use this to decorate your room or create an extra storage area for towels or other items you use often. This natural brick wall is made from pallet wood. You can use anything you have in your shelter to build this beautiful decoration.
  • No 4: Use a real bamboo instead of the bamboo floor mat
    This floor mat is made from artificial materials which are not that sustainable. However, you can use natural bamboo, saving time and money while also being durable and sustainable.
  • No 5: Use a wooden tub instead of a traditional one
    A clawfoot tub makes your bathroom look more natural, and it also goes with many styles, such as industrial, rustic, or classic. This trick is one of the ways to bring more natural elements into your bathroom without sacrificing style or design.
  • No 6. Explore other types
    You may have seen how woods, stones, and metal materials are used in natural-themed bathrooms. What about using some other materials such as straws, branches, or bamboo? It will not only create a warm and cozy ambiance inside your bathroom but also help you escape the cold weather outside!
  • No 7: Create your green wall
    A green wall makes it look like you have a forest inside your bathroom. The plants in this green wall are placed on a mesh that is built on the wall. It acts as a screen for privacy as well as a decorative element. This type of green wall also creates humidity in the space to improve its air quality.
  • No 8. Install a wall-hanging plant
    If you are planning to install plants on the wall, do not forget that you need to place them away from the shower or bathtub, and don’t climb up towards it. Also, do not place any hanging plants near the windows; otherwise, they will make your bathroom look dirty.
  • No 9. Use a vase or basket for your towels
    A small vase or basket is excellent for displaying and storing your towels. This type of large container also creates enough sunlight so that you can keep them in bloom. You may also add natural elements to your bathrooms, such as wooden baskets and a vase to place your perfume bottles and other valuable items.
  • No 10. Try aquaponics
    Aquaponics is a great way to keep your plants around the bathroom. The primary purpose of this device is to filter water pumped into the tank from the tap. It also has a water circulation system, another essential element of any aquarium.
  • No 11: Install some wood shelves
    You can place a wooden shelf at various places, such as your mirror or sink area. This simple trick will give you more storage space without making it look bulky, like big cabinets and drawers.
  • No 12: Use some fake plants
    This idea is a great way to get the look of natural elements without buying an expensive plant or paying more for maintenance. You can use these plants in a bigger pot or a basket.
    You can also add some decorative items in your bathroom which will give you some natural vibes. For example, use a faux-wood floor mat instead of the regular type made from materials such as synthetic fiber.

3. Install Shelves on the Entire Walls

Colors and patterns can add a bit of nuance to space. They are also a convenient way to alter the look of the interior instantly. Unfortunately, they can only decorate the room. What you need is an embellishment that can also incorporate additional storage solutions.
Instead of covering the entire walls with wallpaper, you can just install shelves throughout the walls’ length, just like this bathroom. If you do this, you will not only decorate the space by displaying knick-knacks, but you will also have the opportunity to ditch the clutter.

The positive impact of having shelves on your walls are:
  • No 1. They will save you some of your precious floor space.
  • No 2. They also hold some of the funds for the bathroom remodeling.
  • No 3. They give the impression that your guest room becomes more spacious, which also enhances its attractiveness.
  • No 4. They provide an excellent place in which to stash towels and other bathroom essentials.
    Other Benefits of Having Shelves

You do not have to remove them after the renovation because they serve a purpose: they are helpful! You can use them as storage solutions for laundry items, gifts, and other things you need in a short time and then some! You can also put various items on tops of them, such as plants or candles.

2. Attach the Lighting

Lighting is indeed essential. Furthermore, it comes in a wide array of designs that will suit the interior design well.
Since the space is tiny, you need to pick the lighting wisely. Floor lamps can be stylish. However, they may take some space. Therefore, wall-mounted lights will be your greatest bet.

Other lightings that you can consider to produce a more comfortable space are:
  1. Wall-mounted lamps
    Wall-mounted lights are perfect for small spaces. They are designed to hang on walls without taking up much space. In addition, they will produce enough light for you to use at night.
  2. Floor lamps
    These can be placed on the floor or top of tables. They produce a soft light that can serve as great mood enhancers and also illuminate your area. Moreover, they can be a stylish choice for any interior design! In addition, wall-mounted lights and floor lamps are usually made of metal but not always!
  3. Chandeliers
    This type of light fixture is also known as pendants or chandelier bases.
  4. Table lamps
    These small lamps are also perfect for your small household. They are lampshades with a light source behind them that will produce ample light in any room. If you have limited space, this is one of the best ways to conserve floor area and maximize your furniture’s use.
  5. Pendant lights
    They hang from the ceiling and are designed to dangle like real lights! When you add lighting elements to your small living room decorating ideas, you can choose different color schemes for each type of lighting. You will decide whether you want the room to “shine” with warm or cool colors or both at the same time.
    In addition, you can also add some hanging pendants to instantly bring some style into the space without taking up too much floor area.
  6. Wall-mounted wall lights
    These are the best lighting for your small rooms. They can be placed on walls with ease. They work great on tables and floors as well, depending on how the lights are placed.
    You can also choose different styles to match your home’s interior design aesthetically. However, make sure that you pick those that will not look bulky as wall-mounted lights can take up more space if they are too large!
  7. Lamps with matching lampshades
    You can easily find these at your nearest department store. They are usually paired together.
  8. Use Hall Lamps for Extra Lighting
    In various circumstances, hall lamps can also add some light to your living room! You can use them as reading lamps or even for lighting up the area around your small kitchen table.
  9. Add a few light sources above the sofa.
    This idea will make it easier for you to see what’s above you while lying on the sofa or sitting on floor pillows!

Lastly, Number 1. Separate the Rooms with a Large Rug

Forgoing some walls is necessary when it comes to a small house. This way, you can expand the space and get a more spacious room.
Often, the kitchen and living room belongs to the same area, which blurs their functions. To distinguish them, you can lay a large rug under the coffee table and couch. This way, you can define the living room. Moreover, the rug is comfortable. It will soothe your bare feet well.

To detail the projects, your instructions are:
  • No 1. Choose the right rug
    You can find one in a carpet or fabric store. However, if you want to maximize the space, choose a rubber rug. It will not take much space and still be comfortable! Moreover, it can hide stains easily.
  • No 2. Place it under the coffee table and couch
    This step will define the place for each furniture design and keep them away from each other. As a result, your living room will look more spacious!
  • No 3. Match up with the rest of your home’s interior design
    When you walk on the rug, it is something that your guests will notice first! Make sure that it fits in with the rest of the color scheme in your living room.
  • No 4. Add more than one single rug
    Never choose to use only one carpet in there! Even though it is possible, it is not advisable. However, you should have at least two or three if you want to keep your living room looking more spacious and inviting.
  • No 5. Use an area rug in between the couch and coffee table.
    This trick will define a space and keep them apart from each other and in line with the rest of the room’s design!
  • No 6. Add a colorful border around the rug.
    A large rug takes up a lot of space; it will be even more challenging to walk on if you do not use borders on it. Separate the area rug from other areas by surrounding it with a colorful border. This way, you will create more space for your furniture while still retaining its look!
  • No 7. Place your furniture around the rug.
    When in front of the sofa or coffee table, place your armchair and other furniture around it. That way, you can use a wall as a display wall behind your sofa or coffee table and create some space between the area rug and the couch. If you want to curl up on them while watching TV or reading a book, it will be helpful for you!
  • No 8. Add decorative pillows to the living room’s floor
    You can match them with their colors to gain even more space! This way, they will become even more inviting.
  • No 9. Make the rug stand out
    If you would like to draw the attention of your guests to your area rug, choose colorful stuff in there. The more vibrant and bright, the better!
  • No 10. Place the furniture around it
    Sit on your couch, sofa, or armchair and place them near the area rug. Make sure that they are close to each other but not all too close. It will make you feel comfortable when you sit in your living room!


So to get a more comfortable house you don’t need to go far. You will see more improvement by just changing your furniture’s traditional style for something new!

For your living room, to make it more spacious, there are many things that you can do for it. However, the one thing that will give you the most room for expansion is taking out any walls between rooms. This way, you can make use of the space and increase your living room’s size instantly!

Lastly, despite the limited space, your house will always be a home sweet home. You just need to find its hidden potential that has been lying dormant. Tap into it with one of these 10 small comfortable house ideas and turn your house more welcoming, or just add some technology to it!



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