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10 Ideas to Renew and Restore a Bedroom Bed

It’s important to note that your bedroom reflects you and should not be neglected. That’s why we recommend implementing the following ideas to renew your bedroom bed. Just remember that the more time and effort you put into making your bedroom as perfect as possible, the better it will reflect on you.

A bedroom is one of the most important, comfortable, and relaxing places in your home. You spend most of your leisure time in your bedroom, so it’s essential to keep it in the best possible shape.

Over time, your bedroom can start to look worn, and you need to repair it. When you search for bedroom renewing ideas on Google, you will find endless ideas and designs but nothing that looks right for your bedroom.

You’ve come to the right place because we’re going to recommend 10 ideas to renew and restore a bedroom bed to revitalize your space. Without more ado, let’s scroll down to get inspired!

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The bedroom is the essential room of a house, and it is imperative to maintain its beauty. If you want to renew and restore your bed, here are the first 7 ways to do it.

  1. Paint the walls with colors that are restful to your eyesight
  2. Buy new fresh sheets, pillows, and blankets
  3. Create sachets with dried flowers or lavender for a calming aroma in the bedroom
  4. Keep a lamp next to the bedside table for lighting at night time only.
  5. You could place a plant in the corner of the room, which has an unwelcoming yet friendly vibe. It will help with the restlessness that comes with seeing a bare wall.
  6. You may want to add wallpaper to your walls. Paper can be expensive, but it is worth investing in an eye-pleasing pattern.
  7. As you consider other changes for your bedroom, think about how you want to use this room throughout the day. If you have young children, think about what they might like, and if they aren’t there right now but someday get married, consider some features for their bedroom.

10. Cut the Clutter

One of the quick ways to renew your bedroom without spending a fortune is to clean and tidy up the room. You can eradicate whatever is stressing you out in the closet.

It’s time to renovate your bedroom, and what better way to do it than getting rid of all the old knick-knacks and papers that have accumulated over the years?

We recommend getting a big black trash bag, maybe two or three, depending on the level of clutter, and starting filling them with stuff to go to the thrift store or trash can.

Other recommendations:
  • No 1. Remove the mirror from the ceiling. Once you do this, it’ll feel like a whole new room.
  • No 2. Add a trendy decor to match your existing bedroom bed design. You can simply make your DIY art on canvas or use an inspiration photo as a template to cut out shapes and paint over them.
  • No 3. Replace your bedroom bed frame with something modern and contemporary that will fit in well with the rest of your home decor and furniture, such as a rectangle-shaped wooden frame or wrought iron frames.
  • No 4. Change your bed covers, adding a splash of color or pattern to them. You can also use plain white sheets and bedding with colorful accessories.
  • No 5. You can also change the ceiling lights to give your bedroom a more modern look, especially if you have dark colors for the walls.
  • No 6. You can also change the curtains, door style, and anything else that requires updates that you want to do together with your bedroom bed design and style.
  • No 7. Add some extra storage shelves to the room, so you can easily find and keep all your cleaning supplies. Be creative with the shelves by incorporating things like mirrors or vases that you can fill with flowers.
  • No 8. Combine your bedroom bed style and length to create a unique bedding layout that complements its theme. For example, if you’re going for a retro look, try bringing in a vintage-style mattress cover or turning the room into a dance party by adding music and flashing lights synchronized to it.
  • No 9. Add a vanity with a mirror to your bedroom for a simple and modern look. You can add lighting to it, which will give you an instant lift without adding anything else to the room.
  • No 10. Add decor and accessories such as framed art prints, colorful lamps, cushions and throws, pictures of friends and family, or anything that makes you happy.

9. Changing out the bedding

Your bedroom bedding is a defining part of how your room will feel when you go out to relax at night. Maybe it’s time to consider a replacement. So why not invest in new bedding?
Go look for various designs, prints, and styles suitable for your personality or your partner.

Nobody wants to wake up uncomfortable and hot. With the right bedroom bedding, you can forget about the temperature and sleep soundly during the night.

For the idea, pay attention to:
  • No 1. Your bedding patterns and colors should coordinate with the other designs in your bedroom, like your wallpaper. Don’t use two different colors and patterns alongside each other.
  • No 2. You might want to add some decorative cushion covers or throws to the bed.
  • No 3. Your duvet cover must not be too heavy and bulky; it should not limit you when you’re trying to sleep or doze off during the night.
  • No 4. Consider purchasing sheets in different colors to keep your room from looking boring.
  • No 5. Decorate your bed with pillows, cushions, and throws of different shapes and sizes. It’ll create a cozy vibe for sleeping during the night.
  • No 6. Add a duvet cover that matches the bedding patterns in your room, or add some decorative pillows like this DIY pillow project on Pinterest.
  • No 7. Consider adding a glossy and polished nightstand next to your bed, so you can have a place to put your phone, watch, glasses, wallet, pens, pencils, and other things before going out for the day.
  • No 8. When purchasing a new bedroom bed frame or cover, buy one that’s sturdy and secure enough to hold all the stuff you store in it.
  • No 9. Add softness and comfort by including pillows and cushions of your favorite colors and shapes to accent your room design.
  • No 10. See if your bedroom bed design has been getting hot over the years, so investing in new fabric and designs for your bedding sets is an excellent investment to make.
  • No 11. Seize the day by adding color to different objects around the room. For example, you can add a pink lamp to your nightstand or paint a white table or dresser pink or any other color you like, and it will instantly enhance the look of your bedroom.
  • No 12. Add a throw or blanket over your bed to add extra warmth and softness.
  • No 13. Add extra floor space for leisure time with some thick and comfortable rugs like this one made from unused denim jeans.
  • No 14. Add a couple of extra pillows to your bedroom bed design to make it softer and more comfortable.
  • No 15. Add simple and decorative accessories around your bed like this one made from old chairs. You can also arrange it as a gallery-style display for your room.
  • No 16. To choose the right paint color for your bedroom, you have to first think about how you envision your next space to look and feel. Secondly, take into consideration how to match your bedding sets with the new paint colors.

8. Try to Mix Antique and Modern Piece

Luxury bedroom interior with carved wood bed, dresser, and nightstands

Most of us want our room to reflect a fresh and timeless style when it comes to renovation. It’s a fashionable space, but also a classic. It might seem too much trouble, but it could be possible! The secret is to use a mix of antiques and modern furniture.

Vintage and antique pieces will incorporate warmth, while sleeker furnishings will ensure the result isn’t too stuffy.

Your advice for this point:
  • No 1. You can completely change your bedroom by adding a vintage-style chair with a tufted back.
  • No 2. You can also combine the old and new, as in this example, where the floor is brick, and the headboard is made from aluminum.
  • No 3. If you like the corner TV stand in antique style, you can also switch out that piece for a newer model of similar style and size.
  • No 4. If you’re planning to add a storage closet or cabinet to your room, try to find an antique piece that matches the design you’re going for.
  • No 5. Don’t be shy of adding some color to your bedroom by choosing a vibrant red paint color for your bedroom floor.
  • No 6. Replace the old mirrors with antique mirrors and hang them over your bed, so they reflect light and create a soft glow around the room.
  • No 7. Hang modern lamps from the top of your headboard so you can read your favorite book or watch TV in bed.
  • No 8. Add some decorative accessories like a vase or bust to accent your bedroom and bring in a touch of antique design.
  • No 9. Adding an antique-style clock on top of your dresser or wardrobe will bring a sense of everlasting time that adds to the traditional feel.
  • No 10. Hang paintings of famous figures in the style of the antique era on your walls. You can also place them over your bed for a stunning effect.
  • No 11. If you have a glass-topped table, try placing an antique-style lamp over the top to add a little touch of class and elegance to this vital piece.
  • No 12. If you’re a minimalist, you can choose to add shelves and drawers for lots of storage space next to your bed and behind it.
  • No 13. You can purchase a bedside table that matches the color scheme of your bedroom.
  • No 14. If you’re planning to have a nightstand next to your bed, choose an antique-style side table and hang a lamp on it to give it more character.
  • No 15. You can also place a mirror with geometric patterns over the door to reflect the design of your bedroom.

7. Add a Seating Area

This type of seating area feels relaxed and like a lounge. It is a perfect idea for a space that can provide larger pieces of furniture.

This idea gives the perfect place to have a morning coffee, just relax in the sun, or read a book. It is excellent for couples who might want two different places to hang out, apart or together.

This one is also a good idea for a large bedroom layout. A seating area is part of the bedroom but also feels like a space in itself.

These are few ideas to create a bedroom sitting area:
  • No 1. You can add a full-on, separate sitting area. In this example, we have a small sofa and armchair with a side table. This place is the perfect area to read your favorite book in the evening with your partner.
  • No 2. Adding an armchair and some clever storage space along this wall would also make an intimate little reading nook for one or two people.
  • No 3. You can create a corner spot to hang out with a chair and bench combo that’s tucked into that corner of the room.
  • No 4. For a modern or rustic look, you can add some rustic-style storage pieces. It can be a small bench or futon to sit on with some books in front of you.
  • No 5. You can either add seating for two with a sofa and armchair combo or get a single chair to provide your little sitting area.
  • No 6. You can also complement the sofa with some rugs and pillows for extra comfort.
  • No 7. Add some neat wall shelves for book storage and a side wall table for your drink or book.
  • No 8. To create a warm and comfy area, choose a bright color like purple or yellow as the primary color of your seating area. You can also add some pillows to make it softer and cozier.
  • No 9. Add vintage-style chairs on either side of your bed to make it more stylish and comfortable to sit back and enjoy that morning coffee while still getting ready for the day ahead.
  • No 10. Large sofa and armchairs are a great place to lounge around and chat with your partner or watch a movie with your friends.
  • No 11. You can also add a small bench and table by the window so you can relax outside on warm summer evenings.
  • No 12. If you have an empty corner in your bedroom, you can add an armchair or loveseat here to create that intimate space for sitting back, relaxing, reading, or watching TV.
  • No 13. You can also add a vintage-style chair for extra seating in your seating area.
  • No 14. Create a reading nook by placing two chairs and a side table next to one another with a bright color like orange or yellow. This step is an excellent idea if you’re planning to have some guests over some time.
  • No 15. If you have space for more seating, you can add a bench or sofa by the window or window sill so you can enjoy the fresh air while relaxing with your partner.

6. Make the Bed Centerpiece

The bed is the most indispensable element of a bedroom, but it can also be a prominent part of the space. Play with the scales and find a bed that rules the room, no matter how big your area is.

Here you can opt for a canopy bed to make it the centerpiece. A canopy bed is thick, attractive, and almost impossible to ignore. So take the color of your bed frame carefully.
Since it will make the basis of your bedroom palette, you might want to choose a color you like and, ideally, a color that matches the furniture and linens you already have.

In detail,
  • No 1. Choose a bed that will dominate. It can be a large four-poster canopy bed with lots of space underneath to store your clothes and other items. A four-poster bed will give you the option of either making it the focal point of your bedroom or complementing it with other major pieces, like a sofa or armchair, to contribute to the dominant color scheme.
  • No 2. You can also get a smaller bed and place it in the corner of your bedroom. This arrangement gives you more freedom with furniture placement.
  • No 3. If you already have a large bed, place some extra storage pieces underneath. Complement your bed with a stylishly painted wall.
  • No 4. You can also create a niche in the corner of your bedroom and add a smaller canopy bed to make it look more cozy and intimate and draw attention away from the rest of the room.
  • No 5. You can add a small table next to the bed that will contain your nightstand or chair.
  • No 6. If you’re going for a more cozy, romantic look, try placing a bed with sheets in the color scheme of your bedroom. You can also add some lamps next to it for a little bit of light and warmth.
  • No 7. Add a nightstand or chest for extra storage.
  • No 8. If you’re going for a larger bed, you can opt for a canopy bed, so it dominates the room and emphasizes your bedroom layout.
  • No 9. You can add two beds together to create an even bigger space in your bedroom, especially if you’re getting a full-sized bed that is very wide.
  • No 10. You can also create a slightly more intimate bedroom by placing a smaller bed with a headboard that’s made out of the same wood as the rest of the furniture.
  • No 11. Install a bed platform to give you more space underneath, thus giving you more room for storage. Note that this is only recommended for smaller beds.
  • No 12. Instead of having one long bed from head to toe, create a “split” with a platform in between two twin beds, giving you more space for storage and display items.

5. Infuse Your Wall with Floral

Floral wall designs are like a breath of fresh air in recent modern interior design. With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, a glimpse of nature can help develop our emotional health.

Selecting a floral design for your wall beautifies your interior and helps the owner fight stress. Flowers or floral arrangements can produce happy thoughts and a pleasing disposition.
So, if you wish to wake up in a great and happy mood, placing floral wallpaper designs in your bedroom is a brilliant idea. It provides your bedroom a classic and welcoming appeal.

To complete the project, your instructions are:
  • No 1. Starting with the wall, clear out all clothing or items from the wall.
  • No 2. Make sure that you have good light that is directed into the wall.
  • No 3. You can place fabric over your window frame, but not too thick that it obscures it or is a distraction.
  • No 4. If you have a window, make sure that no curtains are hiding your flower bulbs from view.
  • No 5. You can also place a piece of long, thin wood below and into the wall if you have a window that does not have a frame. You can use this as an area to place your flowers.
  • No 6. You can then apply wallpaper over the wood and tiny vases in the pattern of your choice for your wall pieces.
  • No 7. Use floral accents on small furniture and accessories in the room, such as vases, lampshades, or decorative mirrors.
  • No 8. If you are choosing a light color floral wallpaper, place it near the bed. This way, you will be greeted with the sight of your floral arrangement when you enter the room in the morning.
  • No 9. You can also use a heavy pattern if your walls are painted with a bold color like black or navy blue to create an even more dramatic effect and an explosive visual appeal.
  • No 10. You may also want to use a floral stencil, which enables you to apply a single pattern in your bedroom wallpaper design.
  • No 11. There are many easy ways to create the same effect and look of an expensive floral wall that costs hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you’re on a budget.
  • No 12. However, if you are going for a contemporary look, use colorful paper or plastic blooms instead of actual flowers.

4. Add Big Closet

Perhaps the most exciting addition to renewing the bedroom is adding a walk-in closet. It allows owners to free up a bit more floor area in the main room, creating a good, airy space without adding to the square footage.

What people want in their walk-ins can vary, so talking about what is prudent, economical, or perhaps essential to help contractors arrive at a plan that makes sense for all involved.

Other ideas to organize your bedroom wardrobe closets:
  • No 1. First, you can paint your closet a color that will complement the color scheme of the room. If you have a minimalist bedroom, then stick to black or white for the walls. Have everything else in your bedroom that is painted in the same colors as well.
  • No 2. Group all clothing into separate closets with dividers so there’s a consistent look throughout and all clothes are easy to find.
  • No 3. Consider including an area for shoes and accessories.
  • No 4. Add some shelves in the closet to create a mini-office, extra room, or home decor area where you can keep your books and other items.
  • No 5. Add a lamp over your desk or bedside table to create more atmosphere and help you read in bed at night.
  • No 6. Add a small sitting area with an armchair or sofa where you can sit down to do some work on your favorite laptop while watching TV at the same time.
  • No 7. Add a small table next to the bed that will contain your nightstand or chair.
  • No 8. If you’re going for a more cozy, romantic look, try placing a bed with sheets in the color scheme of your bedroom. You can also add some lamps next to it for a little bit of light and warmth.
  • No 9. Add a nightstand or chest for extra storage.
  • No 10. Add a closet organizer that can be folded up for easy storage if you are not using it.
  • No 11. Add colorful art to your bedroom to create a bold and fun accent for the room.
  • No 12. Add pretty pillows on top of your chair, sofa, or bed to create an inviting and comfortable feeling in the room.
  • No 13. Finally, add plants on racks or bookshelves for a welcoming touch, a decorative touch, and natural light inside the room.

3. The Geometry Wall Idea

Nowadays, many people use an artistic and creative approach in interior design is very famous. One of the significant reasons for this popularity is that any room can look unique, appealing, and fresh by using this approach.

One of the areas in your bedroom where you can pour your artistic soul is the walls. As a large canvas, you can express and experiment with your taste of art here using brushes and paints.

Geometric wall paint is one of the concepts of a mural to create creative and artistic-style walls. There are no standard rules and limitations in painting walls with this geometric style. You can freely pour your personality on your walls.

Other ideas to improve your bedroom wall such as:
  • No 1. When choosing a color for your walls, you should select a color close to your bed frame’s color. For instance, if you have a brown bed, go with a brown or grey as your wall color.
  • No 2. You can use various patterns in the form of a design on your wall. You can also include additional decorative elements such as mirrors, pictures, wallpaper designs with removable images to create an artistic scene on your wall.
  • No 3. These can be created using a projector, or you can use a stencil to help guide you.
  • No 4. You can also add some wall shelves with decorative accents or accessories to your bedroom wall only if it blends nicely with the rest of the room. It should not stand out too much and affect the overall look of the room.
  • No 5. You can easily find geometric shapes and lines in nature, such as mountains and rocks, which you may want to incorporate into the design scheme of your bedroom walls.
  • No 6. If you feel like one area of your wall needs a little extra attention, you can add a few interesting pieces to that area to enhance it.
  • No 7. You can also create an attractive geometric wall design using furniture such as a dresser or desk. Place the furniture at an angle in the room and place a mirror on top of it to make the geometric wall design more dynamic and dramatic.
  • No 8. You can add some other decorative accessories to the room, such as sconces, which will complement your wall design.
  • No 9. You can also place a large mirror on the backside of your bed to reflect light inside the room during the daytime and create an elegant touch at night when the lights are dimmed.
  • No 10. Use furniture items with geometric shapes and designs like a chair with an exciting design or a shapely table lamp.
  • No 11. Try putting up a wall decoration that has geometric shapes or lines printed on it. You can put some attractive 3D wall stickers in your room as well.
  • No 12. You can also put a hanging basket for plants or flowers in a geometric design in the room to add some green and life to your walls.
  • No 13. Instead of going for one particular pattern or design, consider layering different patterns and designs on top of each other to achieve an exciting and artistic-looking effect on your walls.
  • No 14. To create a more three-dimensional effect, you can also use different types of materials in the form of wallpaper on top of each other.
  • No 15. You can also add a photo frame with interesting photographic work to help you and your guests connect and share your memories.
  • No 16. You can also place beautiful decorative items on your walls to serve as focal points around which you can arrange your room’s decor items to create a balanced look for the room overall.
  • No 17. You can also consider an exciting wall idea to build a gallery wall that contains many of your favorite photos.
  • No 18. You can also use geometric frames for your favorite photos to have a picture of yourself and your loved ones on the wall, which you can always enjoy looking at as some sort of sentimental reminder from time to time.
  • No 19. You can also make your bedroom more flexible by adding a curtain over the bed that has different patterns or designs being used in the same color range as your bedroom wall paint scheme.
  • No 20. You can also create a more serene setting in the room by adding some exciting accessories to the walls.
  • No 21. You can also use decorative items such as vases or even some ornamental plants like lilies or birds of paradise to add a touch of nature to the room.
  • No 22. You can also use wall sconces with different geometric designs to create a dynamic and artistic effect in your bedroom.
  • No 23. You can also add interesting decorative pieces like this beautiful dragon sculpture which you can place in your hallway or the corner of the room.
  • No 24. You can also create a more serene setting in the room by adding attractive accessories to the walls, such as bird feeders, birdcages, and other items with artistic styles and designs.
  • No 25. You can also add interesting decorative pieces like a hanging plant which you can place in your hallway or in the corner of the room to add some freshness to the room.

2. Big Quote Posters

Anyone can use some inspirational quotes for their studies. In this project, you will create fantastic wall art from the best quotes that speak to you.

You can even showcase the most meaningful pages of your dearest authors in style. If you search for designs on Google, it will present ready-to-print designs, but creating your own is also a brilliant idea if you are digital design-savvy.

Lastly, Number 1. Add New Electrical

Another idea to bring some lovely touches to your room without changing its basic layout is to redo some electrical connections.

It could include adding more outlets to shelter the increasing number of devices seen in homes nowadays, but it may also mean making connections for chandeliers and sconces that can help brighten up your room.

For a master bedroom that gets a little too hot in summer or cold in winter, adding a beautiful ceiling fan is a good idea. It does not only help keep occupants cozy but also helps them save on air conditioning and heating costs by distributing warm and cold air more effectively.

In detail, your instructions are:
  • No 1. Remove the standard lighting fixture from the ceiling, which may include a lot of different wires.
  • No 2. You can use a claw hammer to take apart the fixture and eliminate all the wiring inside it.
  • No 3. You can use an electric wire stripper to strip all the wiring on your new lights and then arrange them in a nice and symmetrical pattern on each side of your bedroom wall so that they match with each other in terms of color scheme and shape.
  • No 4. You can also use an electric drill to make holes in the wall where the new lights are placed.
  • No 5. You can then place the wiring from inside the wall into this hole and use some epoxy glue to hold each wire in place.
  • No 6. You can then place your new light bulbs and switches on each light, which will help you turn them on and off easily without disassembling the wiring every time you need to do that.
  • No 7. Lastly, you can paint the lights to match the color scheme of your bedroom.

Since every room and homeowner is different, collaborating to find a solution that works great is a must—being able to present these 10 ideas to renew and restore a bedroom bed simply and obviously can help the process go a lot smoother.

Bonus Idea, Give Your Bed A Comfy Update

The bed is a focal point in your master bedroom. It may not always be as obvious, but it is one of the first things people see when they come into the room.

If you are willing to spend a few hours on this project, having, a new and improved bed will be a great addition to your bedroom without having to do much decorating at all.

  1. Remove your bed frame and mattress and lay them flat on the floor.
  2. Gather all materials that you will need for this project. Including old blue denim, a blanket to make your bed cover, a blue painter’s tarp, a spool of twine to keep everything in place. Some glue gun material, some paintbrushes that come with paint in its container form (not the ones with character painting on it), and even a ruler.
  3. Make sure the tarp is clean, flat, and fixed to a hard surface that will not move around.
  4. Cut the tarp into a shape that you think is needed to cover your bed and its frame well.
  5. If you have long bedposts, you need to make sure that your new bed cover covers them to make them comfortable for laying on them.
  6. If you use your blankets instead of bedding, you can make sure the blanket is laid on top of the frame in a particular way that is perfect for your tastes.
  7. Attach the same twine to both ends of each blanket to create a long string that will allow you to hang your new bed cover up properly and keep it taut and straight.
  8. Once everything is set in place, start applying glue around the edges of your bed cover so that it becomes taut and straight across its width.
  9. Continue applying glue around the edges of the bed cover.
  10. Wrap the tarp around your bed cover and ensure it is securely attached to all sides.
  11. Next, you must apply glue on the edges of each blanket by using small paintbrushes and some blue paint.
  12. Use the ruler to make sure the different lengths of your bed cover are all equal and straight across its width.
  13. Use the blue painter’s tarp to cover your bed and its frame, ensuring that all sides are appropriately covered in solid, even lines.
  14. When you have gotten everything set in place, instead of hanging, start using a paintbrush to apply glue around the edges so that your cover will be taut and smooth in all directions.
  15. Next, start painting away from any excess glue.
  16. Once all the glue is applied and dried, start hanging your new bed cover to ensure it stays taut and straight for some time.
  17. You can remove your bed frame from the room once you are satisfied with the results of this project.
  18. Lastly, you can get to work on the bed platform and mattress by painting everything blue or even using a new blanket instead of your old spattered sheets.

The advantages of doing so are pretty straightforward, as a new bed cover will not only give your master bedroom a more refreshing look but will also provide you with an easy surface to lean on. Wrap yourself in, and even lay on—especially if you replace your old sheets with something more comfortable for you.



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