10 Media Console Ideas for Small Property Renters

Some people cannot afford a large house. For this reason, they have to get by with a small apartment. Unfortunately, the small space does not allow them to have much furniture that boosts the style and comfort. Thus, they need to compromise.
The limited space also gets the apartment dwellers to ditch a TV stand. They think it is unnecessary. Well, the truth is it can anchor the TV and provide more storage. Are you not quite sure about that? Take a look at these 10 media console ideas for small property renters so that you know their value. For more valuable insight, follow the link provided for you inside the reference area. And also check the relevant information block or list you probably need right now.

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10. IKEA Besta Hack

10. IKEA Besta Hack by simphome.comA media console for a small property renter has to possess more storage. This way, you can hold the clutter at bay. If you are not good at using hammers, you can just tweak a piece of furniture a little bit. You can begin with IKEA Besta.
IKEA Besta is versatile. You can use it as a shelf, cube, or even cabinet. Now, with a little bit of elbow grease, you can make it useful and appealing, which fits in with your modern apartment.
To get this look, you need to get Besta frames. Install support legs underneath so that you can raise them a few inches off the floor. After that, screw the hinges and doors to them. Finally, add the knobs for the final touch.

9. TV Console with Open Shelving

9. TV Console with Open Shelving by simphome.comIf you have much time and feel like making a media console from scratch, you can try this project.
This media console is basically a shelving unit on which a TV can perch. The absence of doors allows you to store things without the hassle.
Since it is a DIY project, you can design the shelving as you pleased to meet your need. First, you need to make the frame. Next, install the shelves. You can simply crisscross the boards to form cubbies or create a zig-zag pattern for a more artistic look. Do not forget to stain and coat it with polyurethane to make it last longer.

8. Wooden Crate Media Console

8. Wooden Crate Media Console by simphome.comDo you like the idea of recycling? Why do you have to litter if you can reuse it?
Wooden crates are renowned for being extremely versatile. You can even make any piece of furniture from them. Thus, creating a media console from an unused crate is such a terrific idea.
Once you get the crate, you can remove two slats and replace them with a board for the tabletop. Use hex thru-bolts to assemble the pieces. Apply gel stain for a more rustic look. Install a 2×4 steel vertical TV mount at the back of the frame.

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7. Industrial TV Stand

7. Industrial TV Stand by simphome.comWhen it comes to limited space, investing in a movable piece of furniture would be nice, just like this media console. With galvanized pipes and wood boards, you get stylish yet functional shelving. As a bonus, it infuses industrial flair to your living room.
To make these industrial shelves, you need some boards, galvanized pipes, side outlet elbow, side outlet tee, male single swivel socket, and casters.

6. Corner Media Console with Shelves

6. Corner Media Console with Shelves by

Since you live in a small apartment, it is important to use every nook and cranny, including the corner. Do not let it lie dormant. In fact, it can be a perfect spot for your TV.
This easel-like TV stand allows you to optimize the most awkward spot. Its special design fits in with the corner of this living room. More importantly, it has plenty of shelves that help you organize not only your TV but also CDs and books.

5. Rustic and Modern Media console concept

5. Rustic and Modern Media console concept by simphome.comThe pallet is as versatile as a crate. You can even make any furniture from it, including a media console.
First, you need to get your pallet and sand it down with an electrical sander. Cut it to size. Next, stain it to produce a more rustic look.
Instead of using gel stain, you can use the mixture of coffee grounds, a piece of steel wool, and vinegar. Once it is dry, install the hairpin legs to add a bit of mid-century modern style.

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4. Floating TV Shelf

4. Floating TV Shelf by simphome.comBasically, this floating media console is like a shelf. In fact, it is a shelf. Even if you have no TV, it will still come in handy.
Making this floating TV shelf is merely a breeze. The primary materials you need are 2′ x 4′ x ¾” plywood and 2″x 4″ x 8′ or 2″x 6″ x 8′. You will also need wood glue, screws, and any finish of your choice, though.
Begin with cutting the plywood to size, and then assemble the frame. Use wood glue and clamp to attach the pieces. Next, reinforce the structure with screws. Do not forget to drill a hole dedicated to the power cords. Add the top and bottom. Finally, apply the finish as you desired.

3. Wooden Media Console Concept

3. Wooden Media Console Concept by simphome.comThis is another idea of making use of pallets. You can have both a media console and accent wall at the same time. To begin with, lay the planks onto the horizontal ones until they are finally packed. Next, it is time to harness your creativity.
You can add as many shelves as you want to display knick-knacks. Try installing cabinets to store CDs if you still have any or DVDs. For a more farmhouse look, use wrought-iron hinges.

2. Mid-Century Modern Media Console

2. Mid Century Modern Media Console by simphome.comAre you a big fan of mid-century modern style? If you are, you need to have this media console.
The hallmark of mid-century modern furniture is the simple and sleek design along with the pegged legs. Therefore, you can begin making cabinets for your media console.
Then, make the apron. Once it is ready, you can make the feet using 3″x6″ blocks of plywood. Measure an inch from two opposite corners, then draw a line to connect them. After that, cut along the line with a hand saw. Next, attach the feet to the apron, and assemble them with the cabinet base.
For the doors, you need to cut the plywood to length and install the hinges. You do not need to install doorknobs because your ultimate goal is to make them as sleek as possible.

Lastly Number 1. Minimalist Console Concept

1. Minimalist Console Concept by simphome.comThis is another simple yet attractive TV stand. This minimalist console will add style to your living room.
It consists of an open shelf and a cabinet with a cedar clapboard siding door. For the final touch, install hairpin legs under the base.
Now, you know that a TV stand is not merely a bulky box that gobbles up space. These 10 media console ideas for small property renters have shown you that they are flexible and can probably fit in perfectly with your apartment interior. More importantly, they not only add style but also incorporate more storage solutions.



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