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10 Small Bedroom Inspo

If you are sleeping inside a small space, it doesn’t mean that you have to compromise with the interior design of your bedroom. Certain tricks can turn your sleeping space into a cozy and chic place. Check out these suggestions on how to make the most of your tiny house with ten small bedroom inspo!

Just because of limited space, it doesn’t mean that a person cannot design a room like they have been dreaming of. Certain tricks are necessary to make tiny space, including your bedroom, cozier and more attractive.
If you are searching for some tricks and tips to overhaul your sleeping space, look no further. We have summed up 10 small bedroom inspo for you.

These little strategic styling and creative room organization will turn your small bedroom into a very incredible rest area at home. So let’s steal one of the designers’ tricks below, and you will know that size is not actually a problem. For more detail, follow the Simphome link inside the reference.

10 Small Bedroom Inspo via poster
10 Small Bedroom Inspo Poster

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10. All Over Color

You may have heard many things about the correlations between color schemes and small space. Many home designers will suggest painting the entire walls white to make the room more open. However, it is not always the case. An all-white room may work well, but it can be mundane sometimes.

Instead of sticking to white from the floor up to the ceiling, you can try bringing all-over color to your bedroom. In fact, it is the first good idea to create spaciousness within a small room.
You can also incorporate one darker color into the room to add boldness. Small spaces tend to be more successful with a darker color as an accent wall because it distracts the eye from the size.

However, for those who are less comfortable with the darker color, using complementary whites and a few lighter shades than the dark color is a good way of avoiding the feel of the lower ceiling.

Additional details:

  • No 1. Morning light from the window is the best time to check out the color of your bedroom.
  • No 2. When you choose a lighter shade, avoid too white ones because they will reflect a lot of light and cause a glare on your furnishings and walls.
  • No 3. The most crucial part is choosing the paint that will last for a long time without fading or cracking.
  • No 4. Striped Pattern
    The striped pattern can make any room more spacious and elegant, including small bedrooms and big ones (just like those of you who live in regular-sized homes.
  • No 5. Paint it in a bright color
    This suggestion is the best way to add bright and lively color to a small space. The bright color can easily brighten up your walls, so you do not need to over-decorate them. However, do not use any colors that are too bright or too loud to be considered uncomfortable and flattery.
  • No 6. Organize your room
    Aside from the color, the way you organize your bedroom can also make a room feel larger. Divide things into piles and then arrange them in one place. It will make the room look more spacious as well as tidier.

Additionally, do not forget that no matter how much you try to change the space, it will still look much better if you have a nice-looking bed and a cozy chair instead of an uncomfortable bed and a metal folding chair.

Final thoughts: It is unnecessary to choose a bold color scheme or intricate patterns for a small space, but sometimes it is all right to use these two things to give your small room some character.

9. Invest in Fitted Furniture

Having a small space can be very problematic when storage is also needed to include. You might want to add it, yet the room does not allow you to do that. This is when overhead wardrobes come into play.

The fitted wardrobes match the bed and provide lovely storage to hide away your clothes and accessories. Yes, the fitted furniture concept easily incorporates the hidden storage based on the design. More importantly, it takes no floor space around the bedroom.
A large storage wall is also one of the fitted pieces of furniture that provide a hidden desk for your working space. You can use it during the day and simply shove it away when you finish working.

Additional details:

  • No 1. One of the many examples of the fitted furniture concept is using a loft bed to create storage. With its combination of low ceilings, this bed can serve as both storage and a platform for your work desk. The sectional furniture concept will allow you to maximize the space available in your room.
  • No 2. The loft bed is also available in a smaller size than usual so that you can still get it into any little bedroom if you wish. The only issue with this type of space is that it might be hard to manage when cleaning or moving things around the room.
  • No 3. One more fit for small bedroom ideas is ensuring that your mattress fits perfectly into your loft bed’s storage area.
  • No 4. One of the many things that you can include in your fitted furniture concept is a drawer unit. It is perfect for organizing your clothes and, more importantly, it will take up no floor space.
  • No 5. A large piece of fitted furniture that you can use in your bedroom is the desk unit. It will give you desk use, storage and also function as an alternative place to put your phone, keys, etc.
  • No 6. One of the most popular fitted furniture concepts is creating storage with an under-bed space to hide away your clothes and accessories.
  • No 7. Another way to create storage in small spaces is by using bedside tables or nightstands for this purpose.
  • No 8. Another way to organize your bedroom is by using horizontal sections to create storage.
  • No 9. A storage solution for your clothes and accessories is by adding vertical sections.
  • No 10. For the ultimate hidden storage, consider the use of wall-hung storage units. These units, together with shelves, will house your things and provide seamless access at any time of the day.

8. Try a Multipurpose Bed

Another excellent way to deal with the small bedroom is to use a bed with storage. Like the previous idea, these types of beds provide you with hidden places to store your clothes, accessories, books, and all that jazz without taking up space.

The storage can be anything. It can be a headboard that acts as shelves or drawers as well. Another option will be a murphy bed with plenty of space underneath so that you can stash away clutter.

To build your multipurpose bed, your detail instructions are:

  • No 1. Purchase bunk bed.
    This action is by far the easiest way to make a small bedroom seem larger.
    All you have to do is purchase two beds to have one large bed by the window and one with drawers under it for storage of your clothes, toys, books, etc.
    And if you need more storage space, just buy a bunk bed.
  • No 2. Add drawers under the platform.
  • No 3. Put overhead storage on the final floor where you can stack boxes.
  • No 4. Add platforms for extra storage space to the side of the bed for your things you don’t want to see at first glance.
  • No 5. Adhere floating nightstands to the wall by adding brackets.
  • No 6. Attach the headboard to the wall with brackets at the back. Otherwise, you can create a space for storing things above the headboard.
  • No 7. Create two beds in one by building a bunk bed that pulls down from the ceiling when it’s time to climb into bed.
  • No 8. Add curtains for privacy and add a lamp to add light.

7. Trick your eyes with decorative Mirrors

The mirror is not an uncommon thing when it comes to styling a small space. Either a framed mirror or a piece of furniture with a mirror is always an excellent way of reflecting light, making any tiny bedroom feel much larger than it actually is.
In this regard, a stylish mirror is an excellent option to help you reflect the light for a spacious feeling and serve you the primary function of your dressing-up session.

There are some mirror styles to choose such as the floor-length styles or the small rounded ones that you can hang above the vanity tables. The more mirrors you display, the brighter the space will feel. Still, do not go overboard, though.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Measure the space you have. How big is the room? What kind of mirror would fit your dressing space?
  2. Choose mirrors that are long or wide, not high. If you hang a mirror that’s too low to the floor, it will reflect your feet, which doesn’t help you see your whole body anyway. Also, avoid using extra-long mirrors on top of dressers; they will just make the room feel even smaller than it is. A good rule of thumb is to use mirrors that are around the same size as the furniture they hang above
  3. Decorate the mirror with images of your favorite places or pictures of your friends. You can also draw or paint on them, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting the images later
  4. Add some extra furniture behind the mirror if you want to make more of a division between the area where you stand while applying makeup and where you live your everyday life. This idea will give your dressing space some privacy while still giving it all kinds of light
  5. If possible, hang mirrors that are on one wall instead of on just one spot on a wall
  6. If you want to see more of the room, hang the mirror on a door instead of on a wall. Or, if you’re going to make more of a statement with mirrors, go ahead and put them all over
  7. Don’t forget that you can use more than just one mirror in this room! Hang smaller ones on the shelves or hang one huge one on the wall for an even better reflective effect

6. Choose A Bold Bed

A bold bed is a perfect option to consider when adding a unique character to your small bedroom. According to some experts, a bit of boldness can add a special feeling to your sleeping space even if a neutral color palette has reigned the entire room.

Use textural and unique elements like pillows and a throw to enrich the look of your bedroom. If you install a headboard, you can paint it dark to contrast with the wall. Even better, you can upholster it to show some elegance.

Detailed Instructions:
1. Mix bold bedding with a firmer mattress
2. Make a pillow for the head of the bed
3. Add throw pillows
4. Upholster your headboard so you can enjoy its textural elements
5. Use block-printed textiles on your ceiling
6. Paint the wall in a darker color tone to contrast with your headboard
7. Dark wall paint colors are still neutral colors

5. Wield a new Murphy Bed

If the space in your bedroom is so limited that you cannot even walk comfortably to the door, consider making a murphy bed.

A murphy bed is one of the brilliant solutions for small space. You can pull it down when it is time to sleep and fold it back during the day so that you can have plenty of floor space to walk on.
You can find many Murphy bed kits in stores. You just need to read the instructions thoroughly and install the bed yourself. However, if you are into DIY projects, you can make one yourself from scratch.

Try to find a series of thorough steps in constructing a murphy bed on Google or Pinterest. Once the bed is ready, you can use your creativity to conceal it, just like this one.
When not used, this Murphy bed will look like a green wardrobe with handles and wrought-iron hinges. No one would think that it is actually a bed. That is why it becomes a smart way to conceal the bed while beefing up your small bedroom.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Buy the Murphy Bed kit. It will include wood panels, screws, tools, and instructions.
  2. First, unpack the parts of the kit in your bedroom. Be sure to keep them neat for you to maintain a neat aesthetic when building the murphy bed.
  3. Break open the wooden panels into smaller pieces by using a hammer and nail or even just your hands if you are an adept handyman. You do not need any power tools because Murphy bed panels are very light in weight, so you can just work with your hands to break them down into smaller pieces easily.
  4. Build up all panels with screws, fasten them together tightly with screws, and apply finishing touches with wood stain if desired.
  5. Attach the final product to the wall. The murphy bed does not need to be attached to the floor so that you can place it on the ground with concrete screws for now. But eventually, it will need to be connected to your wall to not pull out of the ground during use.
  6. Attach an old door underneath your murphy bed, or build up a small platform under the bed so that you can step over easily when entering and exiting your bedroom during use.
  7. From now on, if you want to sleep, just pull down your murphy bed and allow yourself to doze off for a few hours or even 8 hours, depending on how much time you have.

4. Opt For a Simple Layout

As a good rule of thumb, do not overcrowd your small bedroom. Implementing a simple layout would be a terrific idea. Here is what to do to make it tangible:
– Choose white for the room layout.
– Float the bed frame in the middle of the room or at an angle in the corner.
– Add a drawer and place a lamp on it.
– Hang some pictures on the wall just above or beside your bed.
– Lay a carpet for more comfort.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Paint the walls in white.
  2. Hook up the lamp in your drawer.
  3. Follow step 4 of our bedroom decorating tips by choosing some pictures for your wall in black and white.
  4. Hang the pictures onto the wall using nails or strong magnets, or attach them using duck tape or Blu-tack when they are not sticky enough for you to use screws on them.
    A few decorative touches are all you need to make your ceiling look more attractive under lights with a simple layout like this one!
  5. Add Some Flourish Elements
    – Use floor lamps to create a spotlight effect.
    – Build up a bookshelf beside your bed. Books are the best decor that can help you relax after a long day of work or school. Just watch out that it does not get in the way of your walk to the door if you are short on space!
  6. Go for an Edgy Lamp Shade
    If you want to create an edgy setting in your small bedroom, think about how you would like to conceal the lampshade while still making it look desirable.

3. Absorbs more light

Keep your bedroom away from a dark feeling by adding plenty of light without gobbling up more space. You can do it by mounting decorative chandeliers instead of a ceiling fan.
Further, you can change the ambiance by placing table lamps, floor lamps, and even reading sconces. These are the source of low lights.

To get more natural light into the bedroom, you could also:

  1. Add light via windows or skylights.
  2. Hang reflectors on the walls to bounce the light back in.
  3. Use blinds instead of curtains to let in more light.
  4. Pull down the curtains and turn on a light in your room.
  5. Install a ceiling fan and place it in the center of the bedroom.
  6. Position your bed so that you can see out when lying down in bed, but still keep it out of sight when you walk around the room.
  7. As an alternative, you could hang a lamp off of the ceiling.
  8. Add a chandelier to your bedroom, and place it in such a way that the light will fall on the bed when you are not using it.
  9. Hang decorative plants around your bed or even plants that you can wear in your hair.
  10. Perfection does not require air conditioning! Turn down the thermostat and forget about air conditioning! Your bedroom will still feel cool due to its location and insulation without having to use tons of electricity and appliances

2. Give your bedroom more “Space Illusions.”

When you cannot break down the walls to expand the room, you can always do some tricks to create a space illusion.
Believe it or not, space illusion is a simple way to make your small bedroom look more spacious. First, try hanging a drapery as close to the ceiling as possible. This way, you can trick the eyes and think that the room is taller.
Another option is to pick curtains that match the wall color. This is an excellent idea and a simple way of resolving smaller spaces as the eye won’t be annoyed by the contrasting colors.

Additional ideas to give your bedroom more illusion of spaciousness are:

  • No 1. Give Glow in the dark paint a try.
  • No 2. Hang decorative objects outside of your window.
  • No 3. Add a staggered arrangement of furniture inside the room; this will make you feel larger space.
  • No 4. Another tip is to lean large pillows against the wall; this gives you more illusion of space since there are no walls to fill up your sightline.
    You can achieve this if you have 2 or more people sharing one small bedroom; ways are simple, supporting each other through conversation or even making it an agreement to share one big bed to maximize your space. No matter how you look at it, just make sure that everyone is comfortable!
  • No 5. Hang wall shelves parallel to the walls to make the room look bigger.
  • No 6. Hang shelves or cabinets on the sides of your bedroom’s closet. Try to keep them parallel with the sides of the room; this will take advantage of every inch that you have!
  • No 7. Use vertical space by hanging baskets or racks above your bed or above that pile of clothes you refuse to put away!
  • No 8. Hanging grid wall panels above your bed can also help create a sense of spaciousness since it makes it appear as if there is no ceiling, so now all you have is white space above! Place lighting fixtures near them for added brightness.
  • No 9. You can hang curtains or curtains to let the light come in, instead of using blinds.
  • No 10. If you do not like the idea of hanging shelves, you can also place them against the wall near your bed.
  • No 11. Instead of a shelf, try a different type of installation; opt for a hanging coat rack or a bookshelf instead!

Lastly, Number 1. Make Use of Corner

If you have a tiny attic bedroom, use the awkward corners for storage by creating a built-in cupboard. This way, you can use every single inch of the valuable space in your small room, meaning you can prevent clutter from encroaching.
To make your attic room feel bigger, try camouflaging the cupboard by painting it the same color as the wall so that they look united.

Additional Ideas:

  • No 1. Install a brand new closet if you haven’t done it already. A pipe shelving closet will do
  • No 2. Install shelves or floating shelves on the wall; this will give you more space and make the room feel larger as it gives you two options to store your stuff (Why not use both to maximize space?)
  • No 3. Opt for a built-in desk that doubles as a desk chair, and place it in your corner! This way, you can work and use the desk as well!
  • No 4. Have a hanging clothes rack and swing clothes and hang them on it (behind) your bed to create more storage space in your small attic bedroom.
  • No 5. Install a sliding door behind your storage closet to hide it from view.
  • No 6. If you’re desperate for space, try hanging a coat rack from the ceiling! This trick will take up as much space as possible and be as functional as possible at the same time!
  • No 7. Try installing a small loft bed in your corner if you have room for it; it can function as a small sitting area and storage space for the unused parts of the day.


Give an Unused Room a New Purpose
If you have a large bedroom but do not need all of the space, why not give one of the rooms a new life? Maybe your kids don’t need a playroom anymore, or possibly your home office has been reduced to a pile of unused papers and books! Take this opportunity to transform this irrelevant room into something useful for you.

There are many tips to help you maximize space in your bedroom or give you a fresh start on redesigning your bedroom, but the bottom line is that it does not have to be perfect! All these tips might seem complicated at first, but they will become a routine and a habit once you try them out!

In the end, those are 10 small bedroom inspo ideas to help you make your sleeping space cozier and look more attractive. So, take your pick, roll up your sleeves, grab your tools, and start to overhaul your bedroom now.



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