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12 Small Bedroom Dresser ideas and Styling

The most challenging aspect of any room is styling it with a sense of cohesiveness, but if you’ve got a small bedroom dresser to work with, the process becomes much more manageable. Here are 12 different ideas for your small bedroom dresser that will give your bedroom a new look and feel!

Besides a closet, you will probably need a dresser since it can organize your underwear, socks, pajamas, T-shirts, and accessories. You may think that tossing these items in your wardrobe will work. Unfortunately, this small stuff is prone to clutter.
Like a closet, a dresser can be dull over time. When it happens, you need to consider these 12 Small Bedroom Dresser ideas and Styling to make it look appealing without splurging out on a new one. As usual, Simphome presents you the list video

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12. Tips For Styling A Dresser

The dresser is an ideal home for your clothes. Although it offers storage solutions for you, it does not mean you can overlook your dresser. Instead of letting it be bland, you can try styling it with some accessories.
You can begin with layering your dresser with a mirror and art. It would be better if you take a hint from the hardware. For instance, if it comes in a copper finish, the mirror frame must be the same color. This way, you can bring harmony to space.

After that, you can lean an artwork over the mirror. You had better choose a different frame to enrich the look. If you are wondering what kind of art that you should display, it is up to you. Let your imagination and creativity guide you.

Next, you need to use something taller to add height and balance the look. It can be in the form of a vase or lamp or even both.
After adding some height, you will notice that you are missing something. Yes! It is the horizontal space. Therefore, you need to consider laying books or different-sized boxes in between. Finally, use greenery and a structural element to round out the look.

11. Simply Adding new vibes

The dresser top is a perfect place to put down anything. As a result, it tends to collect clutter over time.
Instead of topping your dresser with clutter, it would be better if you style it with your creativity.
As a good rule of thumb, styling a dresser requires various heights. You can begin with stacking some different-sized boxes to create a veritable tower.
Next, try laying a square tray to anchor some decorative items, like vases and sculptures. You can also lay another smaller tray to hold tiny knick-knacks in place.

10. Turning Store Bought Dressers Into Bedroom Built โ€“ Ins

Built-in storage can give a more cohesive look to your bedroom. However, it can be a bit challenging to make it. Instead of creating it from scratch, you can just buy it at a store and tweak it a little bit.
This dresser, for example, is a freestanding IKEA dresser. Yet, you can turn it into a built-in dresser or even a bookshelf combo. All you need to do is adding a twist to what already exists.
Begin with placing the dresser in the corner. You will notice that there is a gap between it and the wall. It is not a big deal. You can just cut your baseboard trim so that the bottom can stay flush with the walls.
Then, you will find that the top of the dresser is way bigger than the bottom, creating another awkward gap. Therefore, you need to cut it a bit.
You will find another gap in the middle. Fortunately, it is not a big deal because you can fill in it by slipping a 1ร—2โ€ณ piece of scrap wood. Finally, you can assemble the pieces.
Do not forget to secure them in place. You do not want your built-in dresser to move even an inch after what you have been through, do you? Then, you can apply any finish you desire.

9. Dollar store Dowel Idea to makeover old dresser By OurAsthetic_Above

This one is another IKEA dresser hack that you can try. The first thing to do is removing all the pulls from the dresser front. Then, go grab some wooden dowels from a dollar store.
Next, align the dowels and glue them down onto the drawer fronts. After that, trim the excess dowels that overlap the dresser.

Then, apply any color you like and replace the hardware. Thatโ€™s it! You now add some textural elements to your dresser.

8. Ave Home Campaign Dresser Idea

If you think your dresser is getting dull, it is time for you to give it a facelift. An effortless way to do it is by repainting it.
Before applying the spray paint, you have to remove all the hardware. Then, you can begin to paint. It is easy, right? Once you are done painting, you can install the hardware back to its initial place.
Your new dresser looks prettier now. Although it is stunning on its own, you can still style it to make it fabulous. The accessories to style it includes a lamp, artwork and framed photo, a candle, stacked books, a decorative object, a tray or trinket box, and greenery.

7. How to produce The Twotone Effect for your dresser

Paints can always do their magic when it comes to giving a facelift to any piece of furniture, including your dresser.
This two-toned dresser can be your inspiration. Begin with removing all the hardware, use Fusion TSP to wipe down all the pieces. Sand the drawers using an orbital sander so that you can remove the previous finish. This way, the stain can penetrate well later.

After that, apply the stain using a natural bristle brush, and wait for 9 hours between coats. While drying, you can apply Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash using a Micro Fiber Roller and a tray. Perfect the cracks and moldings with a detail brush.
If you want to get a super slick finish, try sanding the painted drawers with 400-grit paper. After that, apply Fusionโ€™s Beeswax finish. Leave it for 20 minutes before buffing off the excess using a clean rag.

6. How to Paint an Ombre Dresser from IKEA via the Hanashappyhome

Looking at the same dresser over and over again can make you bored of it. You indeed have to do something with it.
Instead of repainting your dresser one color, you can try various hues to create an ombre effect. You just need to paint the bottom drawer green. After that, mix in some Old White Chalk Paint to get softer shades of green. The more chalk paint you add, the lighter hue you will get.

5. The IKEA Tarva Dresser Hack with Paintable Wallpaper and Copper Pipes via ChampagneChaos

Do you have an Ikea Tarva dresser at home? Try this idea to make it look striking.
First, remove all the pulls. After that, cut paintable wallpaper to length, and attach the pieces to each drawer. Then, glue some trims on each drawer front.
Next, paint each drawer a deep green to get a bit of a vintage look. Then, get some leather to create the new pulls.
You also need to rub and buff some copper pipes. After that, slide each pipe through the leather pulls, and you finally have a brand new dresser.

4. The IKEA MALM dresser hack by AngelaMarie

Ikea MALM dresser features sleek drawer fronts that will be suitable for your modern bedroom. If you are bored of this look, you can turn them into shaker style.
To make shaker drawer fronts, you just need to glue some trims onto them. After that, you just paint them crisp white and screw in black pulls. It is easy, right? The new look will be suitable for a contemporary or modern farmhouse style.

3. How to Breath new life into your dated dresser

Getting a dresser at an auction can help you save a lot of money. However, you have to be ready with the worn look. If you do not like it, you can just stain it.
To stain an old dresser, you need to sand it with 150-grit paper. After that, clean the entire surface thoroughly. After that, paint it with chalk paint.
Next, lightly sand the surface between each coat using 320-grit paper. While the paint is drying, you can begin to stain the dresser.

2. The Boho Rattan Dresser Makeover

Creating a new look to your existing dresser is as simple as trimming the bottom so that you can install legs, allowing it to rise a few inches off the floor. Then, replace the hardware with rattan pulls to carve out a Boho style in your bedroom.
To give an additional flair of awesomeness, you can paint a Boho-inspired pattern on the handles. You can also proceed further with some cute accessories like a lamp, colorful pot, and tray if you love it. Then, your dresser will turn out to be the most fantastic piece of furniture in your room!

1. The IKEA Hemnes Dresser Hack by Jessicabelteau

Are you bored with your all-white dresser? Try adding a frame on each drawer face. Next, align and glue wooden dowels on each front. After that, prime the drawers and dresser. Finally, paint it and add new hardware.
The project is an easy DIY that will help you add some texture to your dresser and make it look more stylish.

The IKEA Hemnes dresser is another excellent option to consider. It has flat fronts and heavy drawers. You can paint the entire bed with Rustoleumโ€™s Designer White High Gloss to make it look more updated. Put a picture frame on a drawer to make the whole piece look great with your bedroom decor.

So, if you think your dresser is getting dull, do not give up hope. These 12 small bedroom dresser ideas and Styling will add a facelift and give it a second life.



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