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10 Ways to Make Big Space In The Small Bedroom

You might have a tiny sleeping space, but it does not mean you cannot get a comfortable one. Stroll around to find 10 ways to make a big space in the small bedroom. These ideas will help you turn your mundane and cramped room into a cozy one.

Not all people have the privilege of sleeping in a spacious bedroom. They even have to get by with the minute space, which makes them feel frustrated sometimes.
You might have a tiny sleeping space, but it does not mean you cannot get a comfortable one. Stroll around to find 10 ways to make a big space in the small bedroom. These ideas will help you turn your mundane and cramped room into a cozy one. For more details and additional instructions, follow the Simphome sources links inside the references.


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10. Trick the Eyes with Colors

Maybe you have heard a lot about colors that can make a significant change in a small bedroom. If you think it is a total myth, you might start to take it seriously and consider applying it in your tiny sleeping space.
The truth is light colors are your best friend when it comes to a small bedroom. Even better, an all-white color scheme can trick the eyes and make your minute room appear to be larger.

However, if the super hygienic look of an all-white bedroom is not your thing, it is always okay to bring in the colors of your choice to the space. Still, you need to do it thoughtfully. Try tossing an orange pillow on your white bedding to add sufficient pop of color.
Another way to incorporate a splash of color without overwhelming your small bedroom is by painting the ceiling a bold hue. This way, you can persuade the eye to look upward, giving the illusion of extra height.

Details Instructions:
  • Step 1: Use a large area rug to add depth to your room.
    In other words, you can use a rug to create a sense of depth in your bedroom. Here’s the simple guide: the bigger the rug, the better. As a result, you can make your small bedroom look more prominent.
  • Step 2: Use a vibrant pillow in front of the bed for a pop of color.
    This advice will not only make your bedroom look wider, but it can also provide a cozy atmosphere for you.
    You can also use an area rug to soften the hard floor.
    The hard floor is not the best option for your small bedroom. If you want to make it comfortable, you can use an area rug instead to cover the coldness of the ground.
    Or use velvet drapes or sheers in front of a window that faces a busy street.
  • Step 3: Paint the ceiling in an eye-catching color for an optical illusion.
    One example, an all-white ceiling will make your small bedroom appear smaller. A bold color of your choice can help make it look larger.
    It is more than recommended to use a light color such as white or gray to make your room feel like a bigger space.
    For instance, if you plan to paint the ceiling, why not choose one of these covers that looks more sophisticated?
    Additionally, Hang vibrant artworks with large dimensions in a triangular format in an oblong area for a prominent focal point in the room.
  • Step 4: Divide the room into sections with bookshelves.
  • Step 5: Hang storage over the headboard of the bed.
  • Step 6: Hang storage on the wall to get an illusion of an extra window or door.
  • Step 7: Make more use of mirrors to make the room more spacious.
  • Step 8: Add more windows to get high light in your bedroom.
  • Step 9: Transform your small bedroom into a walk-in wardrobe.
  • Step 10: Use dark colors to make a small bedroom look bigger.
    Dark colors would also make your small space look larger when you add rich textures like leather and suede or hang artwork with bold coloring.
    In addition, you can turn your small bedroom into an upholstered entryway.
    Or you can create a walk-in closet that dwarfs your room.
    The options are endless when you know how to make a small space look bigger.

9. Create an Accent Wall

Your bedroom might be small, but it does not mean it has to be dull. Adding an accent wall can incorporate a spark of style to the space.
The accent wall can help you detract the sight by bringing the far wall forward. This way, you can make your narrow room look more expansive. The accent wall can be in the form of a bold color, a geometric pattern, or a patterned wallpaper.

The wallpaper is an effortless option that you can try. It comes in various colors and patterns. However, ensure that you pick a large-scale pattern rather than the small and busy one because the simpler, the better.

To do this, your instructions are:
  • Step 1: Choose a large-scale patterned wallpaper
    You do not need to worry about the cost of wallpaper. You can even place the wallpaper on your ceiling or apply it to a few walls.
  • Step 2: Apply the wallpaper to one side of the wall and paint the other three.
    It is recommended that you use a lighter color to make the accent wall look more pronounced.
  • Step 3: Add stripes or geometric patterns in simple colors to complement your accent wall.
  • Step 4: Apply a paint color that works with the pattern of your choice.
    It is highly recommended to use a coordinating paint color because it will give the accent wall added dimension and balance to the entire room.
  • Step 5: Use wallpaper in multiple shades and patterns to create fullness in space.
    While painting can bring an instant change in a small bedroom, adding stickers and paper cutouts can add intensity to the room too. For instance, you can use stickers and paper cutouts to help you illuminate your accent wall alight.

8. Use a Mirror to Double the Space

One of the most common problems you have if you sleep in a small bedroom is the lack of light, resulting in a more cramped look. You may think you need to expand the window or install more lamps, which may take a lot of money and energy.
Instead of adding more lamps, which can increase your electricity bill, you can invest in an oversized mirror and place it opposite the window or lights. This way, you can double the brightness, making the space look bigger and airier.

If there is not enough room for a full-length mirror, you can install mirrored closet doors to save some space.
Another way to double your bedroom brightness is by hanging an ornate mirror over the dresser or a starburst mirror over the bed. You can also try investing in mirrored or chrome-finished décor and furniture since they reflect the light well.

Your detailed instruction for the project are:
  • Step 1: Decide on the right mirror size
    The larger the mirror, the better. This way, it can double your room space. However, mirrors will make your small bedroom look less personal.
  • Step 2: Use antiqued floor lamps to bounce light around the room.
    To create a more open feel in your bedroom, you can use floor lamps to make it look larger and lighter at night.
  • Step 3: Use the decorative mirror as a large wall ornament.
    You can use a decorative mirror as a centerpiece in your living room, bathroom, or bedroom. You can also use it to create focal points in the room.
    For instance, you can place them over a fireplace mantle.
    This idea will create an animated image and a charming visual for your space.
  • Step 4: Use different mirrors to reflect light to other areas of your small bedroom.
    To have more areas of light, you can use multiple mirrors. You can hang a mirror on the wall over your dresser. Or on the opposite side of the room to create a focal point. You can also place it over your bed, so you have more light areas in the large bedroom.
  • Step 5: Hang mirrors to reflect light in your bedroom.
    You can hang mirrors on opposite walls to have multiple reflections on the walls, creating more light spaces for you. Alternatively, you can hang them in the ceiling or install mirrored closet doors.
  • Step 6: Use mirrors to double the lighting in your bedroom.
    You can use multiple mirrors to reflect light onto your bed. This way, it will look larger while creating a sense of tranquility and calmness in the room.
    The key is to fill up all remaining space with mirrors that are placed strategically to help you create an illusion of room for your small bedroom.

7. Let Your Bedroom Absorbs plenty of Lights

A heavy drapery may make your bedroom look more luxurious. However, it may block the natural light, resulting in the lack of light.
Natural light is always good for you and your bedroom. Therefore, you need to let it come into your sleeping space, which eventually makes it look more spacious and open. To realize this idea, consider keeping your window treatments to a minimum.

Forgoing drapery is a good idea.
Opt for sheer curtains or plain roller blinds to maintain your ultimate privacy.
Even better, you can try to go bare. If you do not dare to do it, investing in window film will be an excellent choice. If your windows are pretty small, you can always use artificial light to illuminate your bedroom.
Make sure it does not take up a lot of floor space, though.

Relevant instructions:
  • Step 1: Remove all heavy drapery or decorations
    If you have heavy curtains or other decorations in the room, remove them immediately. This way, you will have more natural light to brighten up your sleeping space.
  • Step 2: Install natural-colored blinds or roller shades.
    Since light comes in through the window, you need to block it up with natural-colored blinds or shades. Dark curtains are not recommended because they are usually hard to reach. They can also make your bedroom look gloomy and dirty.
  • Step 3: Use artificial lighting to illuminate your bedroom.
    You can use ceiling lights to illuminate your bed and create a feeling of spaciousness and openness. Adding accent lamps here and there will cast a warm glow across your bedroom, making it look more inviting and welcoming.
    Alternatively, you can use floor lamps and table lamps to cast a softer light on the space.
    Relevant advice: You can also use colored lighting as long-lasting accents in small bedrooms.
  • Step 4: Use light bulbs in warm tones.
    If you add artificial lighting in your bedroom, use incandescent light bulbs in warm tones. These will create a comfortable and relaxing environment that helps you relax after a long day.
    Reduce the size of your bed frame
    You can make every inch count when it comes to area rugs, window coverings, and other decorations. However, if there is a lot of empty space in your bedroom, try to improve it with furniture adjustments.
  • Step 5: Invest in the right furniture.
    Use a bed that is smaller than your space. However, it does not mean you have to sleep on the floor. For instance, you can choose a platform bed to have more freedom to walk around your bedroom.
    You can also use daybeds so you can maximize the floor space in its entirety. If you are lucky enough, you may have an entire bedroom just for storage and gathering purposes. This idea is not always possible in small bedrooms, but use every square inch available if possible.

6. Ditch the clutter

After painting the walls white and letting natural light come into the space, but you still think that your bedroom is still cramped, check whether you have eradicated clutter.

No matter how hard you try to expand the space visually, it will be useless if the clutter keeps conquering your bedroom. Therefore, you need to tidy up your room religiously. Stash away unused items and only keep the essentials.

You might think that your tiny bedroom needs small pieces of furniture. Well, the truth is they can worsen this problem. Try investing in some high-quality and large furniture. Remember! You still need to keep it down to a minimum.

Detailed Instructions:

5. Try to Make a Murphy Bed

“Now, you see it. Now, you don’t.”
That is how a murphy bed works. You can use it as a comfortable bed for a good night’s sleep. When you do not use it, you can stash away it and free up a lot of floor space.
You can get a murphy bed in stores, or you can make it yourself. First, you need to create the struts and assemble the sub-frame by placing the struts 20″ apart. After that, attach the head and the foot rails.

Next, attach the side rails and the panels. Then, assemble the header and the cabinet. If you plan to use veneer, this is the right time to attach it to the murphy bed. After that, mount the cabinet to the wall.
Then, you can attach the hardware and handles. Finally, install the mattress supports. If you think making a murphy bed from scratch is complicated, you can purchase a murphy bed kit and follow the instructions.

To minimize error, pay attention to these details:
  1. Attaching the struts 20″ apart. If you do not, the bed will be unstable.
  2. Make sure all panels are square with each other and attach them before attaching the rails. If you do not, they will not align properly.
  3. Carefully insert keyholes to avoid chipping or cracking veneer or paint finish when installing screws in original keyholes in panels.
  4. Use adhesive to prevent nicking or scratching of panels after attaching side rails.
    Voila, you have a modern-day murphy bed. You can also hang a curtain from it for extra privacy.
  5. Add a Sectional Sofa when necessary
    A sectional sofa is an excellent choice when you want to create a big sleep ambiance in your bedroom. It is spacious, comfortable, and stylish furniture that can fit in any bedroom without taking too much space in the room.

4. Consider a Loft Bed

makes you forgo the comfort of a personal home office or a walk-in closet. You have no space for a queen-sized bed, let alone a desk. Well, it is not impossible if you opt for a loft bed.

Having a loft bed means you can free up a lot of floor space. You can even have a walk-in closet or a home office right under the bed. This way, you can get two functional rooms at once without making it more cramped.

Instructions to build a simple loft bed are:
  • Step 1: Prepare the wood for your loft bed
    Prepare 2x4x8 and 2x4x12 pieces of wood as the base and the top. Also, prepare 3/8″ plywood for each side and 2 1/2″ plywood for your top.
  • Step 2: Assemble the frame of your loft bed
    You need to create a frame out of 2x4s to hold up your loft bed.
  • Step 3: Attach the boards and the other components
    After assembling your loft bed, you can install it on your floor. Then, attach the brackets and joiners to hold up your loft bed.
  • Step 4: Cover it with a fabric cover.
    You can use any fabric to cover your loft bed. You can use a canvas or cotton. You do not need to paint or stain it for this time, but you should thoroughly clean and wax each board after finishing them to prevent rusting and discoloration of fabric colors.

3. Make the Furniture Work Better

Your small bedroom does not require too much furniture. You even have to downsize it. Therefore, you need to invest in a few pieces of furniture that serve double duty.
Instead of placing a nightstand next to the table, you can just opt for a desk. It can be your private office when you add a stool. It can also be a dressing table if you hang a mirror. When you put a table lamp on it, it can be a perfect nightstand.
You can also make a bed frame with storage underneath. Another smart way to incorporate additional storage solutions is by using shelves as the headboard.

Detail Instructions:
  • Step 1: Measure up your bed frame
    Measure twice, cut once. This step will help you avoid errors when you want to cut the wood pieces.
  • Step 2: Create regular cuts
    You do not have to worry about the angle when you are cutting regular cuts. Place both hands on the table and use them to guide your saw for perfect cuts. You can also use a ruler to navigate the guide fence in between your hands.
  • Step 3: Create 45-degree cuts
    You can use a miter saw to make 45-degree cuts. Make sure your saw is at the right angle before you start cutting.
  • Step 4: Assemble the bed frame with storage underneath
    Once you have finished cutting all wood pieces, assemble them first. Do not attach them to your current bed frame. Then, mount the headboard of the bed to the wall first. Check whether it is level by placing a plumb line on top of the headboard when you install it.
  • Step 5: Add more storage under the bed
    You can add extra storage underneath the bed by installing more shelves. If you want to cut some wooden pieces for your desk, you can do that next.
  • Step 6: Paint or stain your unfinished wood
    You do not have to paint or stain your unfinished wood before attaching it to the wall. However, if you want it to be waterproofed, consider painting or staining it after installation. And pay attention not to use too dark colors because these will make your room look bigger than it is.

2. Get Creative with Prints and Solids

You may need to avoid busy patterns in your bedroom. However, it does not mean you cannot have them whatsoever. You can also play on textural elements to enrich the look. More importantly, it has to provide the ultimate comfort that you have always wanted.
Your bed is the largest item in your small bedroom. Therefore, you need to tap into it. Opting for a solid or mostly-solid comforter will give the space a significant impact. Make sure you still stick to light tone colors.

Another detail you need to know:
  1. Make big or bold prints
    When it comes to small spaces, most people will opt for sheer curtains, which require less cloth. However, you can also make big prints on your curtains if you want. Just make sure these details are not too busy.
  2. Opt for solid colors and patterns instead of busy fabrics
    Busy fabrics like floral patterns and stripes will take up a lot of space and make the room feel smaller. Therefore, try to avoid them as much as possible.
  3. Decorate with accessories and accessories
    Backsplash, mirrors, and sconces add a lot of aesthetics to the already limited space in your bedroom. You also need to add accessories like chests and boxes.
  4. Play on textural elements
    You can still play on texture in your bedroom if you want to do so. For example, you can have tufted bedding without taking too much space away from your bed. Similarly, you can use rugs to give your bedroom a more spacious feel.
  5. Opt for light tone colors
    You can also try to stick to light tone colors when it comes to your bedroom. For example, if you want a bright color, make sure it goes well with the rest of your room’s decoration. Otherwise, you will end up with an awkward color palette.
  6. Avoid busy features like mirrors and artwork
    There is no need to add too much art to your wall if you have a small bedroom because these will take up any wall space.
  7. Avoid busy details like accessories
    There is no need to add too many accessories to your wall. You can still have a few accessories, but keep them light.
  8. Choose the right furniture
    You cannot have too much furniture in your small bedroom, but you can still invest in the right pieces of furniture. L-shaped beds are great because they take up less space on your floor. You can also try having an accent chair or a bedside table next to the bed for accessing lamps and other items without touching the bed itself.
  9. Opt for wood-look flooring
    You can decorate with a wood-look carpet or vinyl flooring. They are easy to clean and can be easily maintained. These elements already make your bedroom look bigger without having to spend extra money on furniture.
  10. Opt for neutral hues
    Instead of using patterned colors, you can still opt for neutral hues, which could be a perfect choice for your small bedroom. You can also use accent colors if you want to play on texture in the room.

Lastly, Number 1. Free up the Floor Space

Storage is one of the common problems that you may have in your small bedroom. To overcome it, you just need to hang some hooks on the wall or behind the door. This way, you can hang your clothes, bags, or accessories.

Other storage alternatives for the small bedroom you can try are:
  1. Use a chest of drawers for more storage
    If you want to avoid storing things on your floor, you can use a chest of drawers. It is also a good option for your bedroom because it does not take up too much space.
  2. Use dressers or armoire as combining drawer for additional storage space
    Another essential piece of furniture you need to have besides the chest is the armoire or dresser.
  3. Use a cart for extra storage
    A cart is another good option for providing more storage space. You can use it to store magazines, books, or other items around your room.
  4. Use a bedside table as additional storage
    What you need a bedside table to do is provide extra storage space for the small bedroom. You can also use it as a lampstand.
  5. Use shelves as additional storage
    Another vital piece of furniture you need in the small bedroom is the wall-mounted shelf.
  6. Use door arrangement in your bedroom
    Although you can hang things up in your room, you should also have a door arrangement. This way, you can leave the room without having to go back over everything.
  7. Use post-and-rail shelves
    You can also use post-and-rail shelves by placing them behind the floor piece. These are ideal for small rooms because they are easy to install and have less space than other options.
  8. Use a coat rack/hooks to hang up your clothes
    You do not need to go out and purchase a new hanging rack. You can still improve your small bedroom by using hooks or coat racks. Just make sure you place them at the appropriate height for easier access.
  9. Use end tables with drawers
    Another critical piece of furniture you need is the end table with a drawer. This item is one of the most versatile elements available in any furniture store, and you can use it for storing items.
  10. Use a bedside cabinet as additional storage
    If you cannot put the chest of drawers on your floor, you can still use it as a bedside cabinet. The only difference is that the items will need to be stored under the bed.
  11. Use hanging shelves for more storage space
    You can also opt for hanging shelves instead of using racks or other options for additional storage space in your bedroom. However, make sure you use it at the right location because it will take up extra space.
  12. Use a cabinet as storage
    You can also have a more basic cabinet for your small bedroom to store things. However, make sure you do not place it near the bed so you can still have some space to walk around.
  13. Use a bed that has a storage option
    Another option is to use a mattress that has a storage option. For example, sliding beds are practical, and they allow you to push them up against the wall when not in use.
  14. Use the bed as storage
    Finally, you can also use the bed as storage by having a box under it to keep other things. Just make sure you do not put too much weight on top.
    The only thing that will stop you from decorating your small bedroom is your imagination. You should start looking for a furniture based on their size instead of the style. Make sure that you do not buy anything big to avoid wasting space. If possible, try to purchase foldable pieces of furniture that you can conceal when you are not using them.

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A small bedroom does not mean you cannot make it comfortable. If you live in a small room, push the small space bigger with some of these ideas.

A small bedroom is a reason many people will never see the completion of their dreams. But it doesn’t mean you can’t make a big space in the small bedroom. If you still feel uncleared, re-stroll around to find 10 ways to make ample space in the small bedroom to turn your mundane and cramped room into a cozy one or next reference sections.

Having a tiny room is not the end of the world. In fact, it can be an excellent opportunity for you to explore your creativity. And these 10 ways to make ample space in the small bedroom will help you out with that.



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