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10 Inexpensive Alternative Ideas to Renew A Bedroom

Are you looking for a way to renew your bedroom but don’t want to spend a lot of money?

A bedroom can be an easy room to update. Change pillows here, paint walls there, and you are good to go. You can have a completely different feeling space on the weekends. But how do you give your room a genuinely luxurious refresh on a budget? We have got all the solutions here.

Sometimes, a cheap bedroom makeover only requires fresh paint, a new candle, or a replacement pillow. Nothing will break the bank, yet they will make your bedroom feel fresh and instantly look more expensive. So keep on strolling along our 10 inexpensive alternative ideas to renew a bedroom. As usual, Simphome present you the list

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10. Switch Out Your Bed-linen

Pillows are the most indispensable items in any bedroom. That is why you often overlook them. They are not just the thing that provides you comfort when you sleep. Pillows can also make your bedroom look stylish.

Change up your pillows and bedding when you start to feel bored. You can try choosing different colors and patterns from the old ones, so you feel the difference.

Fill your pillows if you want to give them a luxurious hotel feel. Do this by ordering pillow stuffing and cram it into the pillow. Then do the chopping technique to make it look fuller and luxurious.

9. Freshen Up Your Bedroom with Paint

You can get cheap paint now to redecorate your bedroom. However, you might be wondering what color to choose. If going for bold isn’t an option, simply giving your walls a fresh coat of cream paint can instantly make them feel brighter and cleaner.

We love the soft and subtle vibes of this bedroom, but you can go bold in today’s trendy deep teal or dappled in some darker colors like charcoal gray and navy blue.

Be sure to order a tester so you can see what the colors look like in your space. They’re always very inexpensive and can be used for smaller DIY projects too.

8. Experiment with a new Bedside Table

This cheap bedroom idea can be totally free, yet it is practical to provide a fresh look. Clear your bedside table of all the used eye cream and mugs you’ve accumulated there and take the time to make it look like a feature of the room.

Add a cute lamp, a small stack of books you want to read, a plate of jewelry, and some fresh flowers or houseplants that will make all the difference.
At this price, it is one of the cheapest ideas on this list:

  • No 1. Choose a table and make sure it fits the area where you want to use it. Don’t worry about paint because you will shave off the top by sandpaper; sanding also helps remove any ugly marks.
    No 2. Take your time when sanding, and also be careful when you hang the new table because even a slight mark can ruin a room.
  • No 3. Then paint it with any color you want – you can select navy blue, but red or white is also lovely — depending on the look that appeals to you at this time.
  • No 4. Add pretty vases with gerberas or fresh roses to the table, as well as a lovely lamp that will give your bedroom an elegant look for this price.
  • No 5. Finally, add some new books from the bookstore or a stack of your favorite magazines and some pretty candles that you can light up when you want to reflect on life or simply enjoy the ambiance.

7. Update Your Curtain

Curtains and drapes are the kinds of things you see every day. It is the reason you stop paying attention to them. So change that! Switch out window treatments for something that will add to your space and make it feel more expensive.

Choose curtains from soft fabrics like linen. If your room lacks natural light, make sure the colors are light too. Hang them from ceiling to floor. If it is not possible, raise them a few inches above your window to add height for a lovely elegant feel.

6. Opt for New Lighting

Lighting is not just something that illuminates your bedroom. It can create a nuance, too. Therefore, picking up the right lights for your sleeping space is crucial.
You do not have to install new lamps, though. Replacing the lampshades with something that adds texture and interest to your room, such as a rattan shade or industrial-style metal numbers, will be enough.

If it’s just a direct trade-off, changing shadows is something you can do yourself in minutes. Always read the instructions thoroughly and if in doubt, hire an electrician (no point in saving money where electricity is involved).

5. Hang Budget-friendly Artwork

Prints are an excellent and cheap way to decorate a bedroom and switch a gloomy, empty wall into something creative and stylish. Plus, once you have the frame, you can change the print every few months for quick updates.

You can find very cheap art, but you also need to consider framing things you already own like postcards, wallpaper samples even wrapping paper can look cute!. Get things out of the magazines too. If you like a more relaxed atmosphere, you can go frameless, saving even more money.

4. Throw Down a Large Rug

A bitter truth that you have to deal with every day is to leave your warm, cozy bed in the morning and step out onto a floor that’s practically icing overnight. A comfortable rug under your bed will not only keep out cold feet in the morning, but it will also help drown out the sound and give the room an extra level of texture and color.

Area rugs can cover a lot of sins – stained carpet, yellowed vinyl, tired-looking floorboards, covering them with carpet, and no one needs to know what’s underneath.

This type of rug looks best with most of the furniture placed on them. Plus, it will make the room visually larger as well. Layer your rug if you have space. Adding smaller ones on either side of the bed for extra texture and comfort would be nice.

3. Add Some Houseplants

Simple houseplants can transform a room. Place a cute fiddle leaf fig in one corner or hang a string of pearls from your ceiling or your bed if it has four poles.

They add color, life, and texture to a bedroom, plus you can also choose pretty pots that add some decor. And if your finger doesn’t even have a green tinge, remember that you can always select a fake.

2. Conceal Your Closet with a Cute Drape

Super cute cheap bedroom hack – cover your open closet with curtains. Not only does it hide clutter, but it also carries color and pattern into the room, and you can change it up very cheaply when you want to create a new look.

To make one in your bedroom, all you need is an adjustable curtain rail, curtain rings with clips, and any fabric you like.

Lastly, Number 1. Hang a Simple Headboard Curtain Style

Add a curtain-style fabric sample to act as a decorative headboard behind the bed – to create a charming focal point.

For this easy DIY project, simply fasten an attractive curtain rod to the wall above the bed to hang a fabric headboard design. You can hang the panels like curtains which you can add blobs to the light panel mode will provide an element of padding.

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If your bedroom looks a little tired, wake up in a new style with these 10 inexpensive alternative ideas to renew a bedroom that takes more imagination than cash.
Whether your choice is to switch out space or change what’s in it, the simplest part is that the satisfaction of knowing that you simply did it yourself. Many of our favorite projects take less than a day to finish. So enjoy!



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