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10 Inspiring Bed Styling Ideas

You deserve to have a bedroom that is not only comfy but also stylish, wherever your location on earth. What the bedroom looks like will affect your mood and creativity in so many different ways. The 10 inspiring bed styling ideas below are what you need if you are looking for some fresh ideas to turn your bedroom space into one big oasis.

The bedroom is a private area where you can just be yourself and rejuvenate. This space also works hard to keep you happy by energizing you in the morning, so you wake up refreshed and helping you relax easily! So, it is crucial to style it in a way that suits your taste and needs.
Now, here comes the biggest question. How would you style your bedroom to improve its look and comfort? We have rounded up our best bedroom ideas to help inspire your space
and covered it all in these 10 inspiring bed styling ideas.

The list will be including modern bedroom ideas, DIY bedroom ideas, and more, so whatever your style or budget is, you will find a lot of inspiration here. Let’s get started! As always, your loyal list maker presents you with the list.

10 Inspiring Bed Styling
10 Inspiring Bed Styling Poster

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10. Layer up the texture

The main thing that you want from your bedroom decor is to create a cozy and comfortable space. It doesn’t matter what your style is. The easiest and simplest way to earn it is by layering the texture.

Stack pillows and blankets on the bed and keep them soft under the feet with a large and a small sheet layered on top. The bed is the main feature, so arranging it beautifully is essential, and which sheets, throws, or pillows we choose can change the look of a room.

Other Alternatives:

  • 1. Use a Duvet Cover
    Duvet covers have a textured surface, so they help to create a more luxurious feel. If you have a duvet cover with a design, this will also add a stylish element to the bedroom scene.
  • 2. Use Thick Mattress Pads
    A layered thick mattress pad underneath the sheets will add thick padding for extra comfort and warmth. If you need to add extra warmth to your space, this is an excellent way to add the feeling of coziness without overheating the room. Plus, these pads can be easily machine washed and dried if they get dirty.
  • 3. Center a Block of Wood
    Adding a block of wood to the center of the bed is a great way to make the space look vintage and cozy. This item can also be a centerpiece for your bedroom decor if you want to use it as a focal point for your home décor. The type of wood that you use is critical. It would be best to look for something that will accommodate your style, but be sure that it will not scratch the mattress or nearby surfaces.
  • 4. Put Some Flowers In The Mix
    Flowers are an inexpensive way to add color and texture to your bedroom décor without having to replace any materials or pillows. With these items, you can easily change the look and feel of your space without having to spend a lot of money. To tender indoor flowers, all you need to do is place a shallow dish of water on a flat surface and put your stems in. This step will give you the added beauty that any space needs without being too overwhelming.
  • 5. Create a Wall Art
    Wall art for the bedroom is rather vital as it creates a focal point and helps you remember something good every time you look at it. It adds some color to the room and spruces up the place considerably. You can choose from animals or anything you like.
  • 6. Add Some Scent To Your Bedroom Setting
    A lovely scent is always welcome whether you are alone or with someone else. It helps you make your environment more pleasant and relaxing. You may also bring some fresh flowers if the room smells like the outdoors without any scent.
  • 7. Buy a Decorative Pillow Cover
    Pillow covers may seem like an insignificant accessory, but they are significant for any bedroom, especially for those who want to stay in their beds as long as possible. These easy-to-assemble covers can create an outlet for creativity or work well with their colors and patterns.
  • 8. Add Some Accent Pillows
    A bright accent pillow can act as a focal point to your decorations in the room. Choosing accent pillows is simple; you need to pay attention to their style, color, and size. You can also use these as a decorative element around the bed and on the floor under the bed. Or
  • 9. Layer Your Pillows
    You can also create a similar look by putting two or three different types of pillows on the bed. These items include alternating soft and thick or textured and smooth pads for an exciting look easy to change up.
  • 10. Add a Soft Accent Chair
    An accent chair can be your best friend in your bedroom as it is functional and stylish. It is an excellent way to transition from one room to another without leaving the comfort of your bedroom or making you feel any less cozy.
    Select a chair with precisely the right pattern and color for your decor. Choose ones that will blend in nicely with what you have already put together in your room. If you have a small space, don’t choose a high-backed chair as it might overwhelm the look you are trying to create.
  • 11. Take Advantage Of Wall Space
    You can use wall art to create a focal point for the room and some fun splashes of color. It also makes an excellent statement piece if you look for something more permanent than flowers or throws that may not last as long.
  • 12. Choose your Pattern Wisely
    If you are looking for an elegant room style, you can opt for decorative patterns on the walls, window treatments, bedding, and other pieces in the bedroom without it feeling overly busy or tacky. You can also choose decorative pillows if you want a touch of color without any pattern.

9. Have Fun with Mixing Patterns

If minimalist is not your style, take inspiration from this great space with beautiful bedroom wallpaper ideas. Don’t be afraid to incorporate patterns or styles as long as it provides your bedroom personality and makes it feel unique to you.

This bedroom only proves how stylish it looks when you put different styles together. You can also find the juxtaposition of various styles, such as traditional, boho textures, and even industrial elements with the lighting.

Instead of resulting in a haphazard look, it creates a relaxing, deliberately messy atmosphere that’s perfect for the bedroom.

Additional details:

  1. You can paint the overhead rail in two tones to create the illusion of dimension in the room.
  2. You can change the carpet in your bedroom in color if you want a colorful look.
  3. Flooring in your bedroom can be made out of tile or vinyl, or carpet.
  4. The plastic covering you put on the headboard is there to hide the hardware that’s attached to it. It’s truly functional and helpful if you’re worried about damaging it when trying to remove it too quickly without care or caution. Still, it also creates an interesting texture on these surfaces that makes the space feel fresh and new when you’ve added this extra touch.
  5. The cushions you choose for the bed are critical to consider as they will determine how comfortable your seating area will be.
  6. The lampshade is a practical way of making the room feel more modern and polished. It also adds texture to the space, making it appear more lived in and personal.
  7. An alternative to large pillows is placing them underneath small pillows that you’ve created or using large decorative cushions that you’ve placed on top of small ones. This one looks super stylish, and it can easily be changed whenever you want to change your look at any time!
  8. A modern bedroom design can have a smaller bed, so you don’t feel restricted in the room.
  9. A minimalist bedroom style can work in various sizes and requires a lot of creativity and inspiration to look great.
  10. The color scheme can be super versatile and can be made up of primary colors or black, white, gray, cream, gold, or any infinite possibilities these colors have in terms of mixed matching options.
  11. A black and white look is excellent for creating a calm atmosphere that’s also very stylish at the same time!
  12. Adding a little bit of pattern to the duvet cover is a great idea that can bring a lot of life into the room and provide a simple and effective focal point.
  13. The accessories you have in your bedroom can include decorative items such as lamps, mirrors, decor items, and more.
  14. You can create a look similar to this by putting two or three different types of pillows on the bed.
  15. The accent chair is also great for making your bedroom feel style-conscious and stylish, even if it’s minimalistic!
  16. You can use wall art to create a focal point for the room and some fun splashes of color.
  17. You can make the patterns out of different shapes and sizes used in the wall paint and the roller blinds while maintaining a monochromatic look to the space.
  18. Some people like to add decorative accessories and pieces to make their bedroom feel more exciting and unique.
  19. You can do this by layering pillows or alternating smooth with textured ones, all while keeping contrasting textures from touching each other on the bed to avoid unwanted wrinkles.

8. Add pattern with a Rug to Your Bedroom Floor

When your bedroom floor looks dull, or if you stay in a rented house and want to add some personality, rugs are one of the simplest ways to change the design of your bedroom without spending a fortune!

If your current floor spoils the whole mood of your room, we recommend laying out a large area rug in neutral colors and materials, something like perfect burlap and then adding a patterned rug on top.

Relevant details:

  • 1. Patterned bedroom rugs
    Bedroom rugs are a must-have item in every girl’s room! It gives you a comfy place to sit, relax, or even an extension for your bed. Rugs also provide fabulous color to your room and border your space, making it cozier. Be sure to get a sturdy rug so it doesn’t move around when you walk over it.
  • 2. Bedroom rugs for decoration
    Most people buy a rug because they need one, but if you want something more decorative, there are tons of great options, especially when it comes to wood flooring. Wood flooring makes for a great rug because it provides warmth, texture, and style.
  • 3. Great tips for choosing the best bedroom rug patterns
    When deciding what you want, remember to think about your style, your space size, and any other factors that will help you determine the best look for your room.

Here are some other things to consider when looking at rugs:

  • 3.1. Consider the size of your rug
    Generally speaking, a smaller rug is likely to be more effective as a functional addition to the bedroom because it doesn’t take up as much space. You can focus on decorating your bedroom instead of worrying about keeping the rug.
  • 3.2. Choose patterns that complement your space’s color scheme
    One of the most important things to consider when choosing which design you want is the color scheme of your room. The best way to determine if a particular design will look best in your bedroom is by seeing if it complements or complements the rest of the colors in your room.
  • 3.3. The size of your room will also dictate what design you choose
    The size of a room will determine several things, including the size and shape of your rug. The larger the space, the bigger the rug should be.
  • 3.4. Consider personality
    Try to choose a pattern that complements your personality, and that will enhance your bedroom décor. You don’t want to feel that you’re stuck in a room with a rug from last year!
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7. Consider New Color Scheme

If you want a brand new look, a different bedroom color scheme can be a great start. You may also not need to change too much, especially if you have painted your walls a fairly neutral color.

Create a mood board, use Pinterest to come up with colors you love, and even check out paint samples to see how it all works together. Then start bringing in all those new colors with bedding, pillows, rugs, and once you know you’re pleased with the new color, you can probably go a little bolder with paint, wallpaper, and furniture.

Uber fresh, light, and airy, this bright scheme might be the winner for lighting up and brightening dark rooms and creating the illusion of space.

Other details you need to know:

  1. White is a good color if your room is already white or it will be shortly. It’s a neutral color, so it works in decorating any style of the house.
  2. Bolder colors will work better against neutral tones rather than contrasting them directly.
  3. For a crisp and calming effect, try pastel colors to brighten up the room and add color to dull walls, or go for soft-toned ones, especially if your walls are white or grey!
  4. If you have a while away from your bedroom, try going for a big scale print with neutral colors to make it feel presentable while you’re away!
  5. To create a cozy living space, splash hues of green over your walls. It brings out the warmth in the area without overwhelming the space with colors.
  6. The best patterns are simple patterns or just one single color.
  7. The best white bedroom ideas are colorful artwork and decorating accents rather than paint on the walls!
  8. Room dividers with a pastel canvas is a great way to use a bold color but keep it understated and calm in a room with no windows
  9. If you want to create a statement, choose colors that complement each other and stick with them throughout your bedroom!
  10. Lastly, the most important thing to remember is that if your bedroom is small and you want to create a cozy space, you don’t need to go too bold with the colors because it will just be overwhelming.

6. Add pattern with an Upholstered Headboard

Choosing a specific pattern can help soften this often seemingly impractical object! If yours is old-fashioned, a solid headboard can often dominate the entire space. A very easy bedroom idea is to cover it with a piece of cute patterned fabric.

All you need is any fabric of your choice – enough to cover the head of your bed – and a stapler. Lay the cloth flat on the floor, then remove the headrest and place it on the cloth.

You can ask somebody to help you stretch the material at the front of your headboard, then secure it with a stapler to the rear. It doesn’t matter if it looks a little messy at the back of the headboard because no one will see it.

Before upholstering your headboard, you also need to pay attention to:

  1. The distance between the headboard and wall. If the headboard is too close to your bed, it will be hard to sleep in.
  2. You may need to lower or raise your mattress slightly, depending on the height of the headboard.
  3. Take care not to hide your bed skirt under your headboard!
  4. Most headboards that come with your bed can be reupholstered.

You can Use Your Headboard as a Reading Nook
The longer and taller your bed is, the easier it is to transform it into a reading nook so you can enjoy your books in comfort! You can also do this if you don’t have a headboard because all you need to do is find the right place and go from there.

Additional details:

  • No 1. Use storage boxes or baskets to store your books
    Use your headboard as a wall with storage boxes or baskets. You may want to opt for simple, wooden storage boxes that can blend in with your bedroom decor. Then place them on top of the headboard and stack them up like books!
  • No 2. Add some extra lighting
    Of course, you don’t want to read in the dark, so choose some lighting that works for you! You can use rope lights, pendant lights, lamps, etc. It will also create a more comfortable reading experience.
  • No 3. Make a reading nook on a budget
    All you need is a cozy blanket to cover the head of your bed and some pillows to give you comfort! You can also add a little side table if you want to store your books. It’s also the perfect place to put down your mug of coffee, magazine, or book!
    A Cozy Reading Nook can be an L-shape or an alcove where you can curl up with your book and some healthy juices (or coffee if that’s more your style). The cozy reading nook is ideal for kids who go to bed early and want to read before falling asleep.
  • No 4. Don’t hang anything from the ceiling
    If you want to keep things simple, then don’t hang anything from the ceiling. If you have a chandelier or other accessories in your bedroom, make sure they aren’t hanging too close to where you’ll be sitting for them not to cast shadows on your reading material.
  • No 5. Add footstools
    Just like in the living room, you can place a footstool where your feet will be when you’re reading. This addition will allow you to relax and keep your legs under the blanket without putting too much strain on them.
  • No 6. Use it to decorate your bedroom
    Now that you’ve made a seating area out of the headboard use it to decorate your bedroom! Hang some photo frames around the area so that it creates a cozy reading nook!

5. Set a Mini Living Room in Your Bedroom

A bedroom chair is essential! A place to sit and read, spend an afternoon working, or just bring a relaxed feel to the bedroom.

Set up almost a mini living room in the corner with a small table and table lamp too. Add a pillow to make it cozier. This styling idea is one of the most effective bedroom decorating designs to help distinguish the space. This way, it will feel like you have separate areas for different activities.

Additional Instructions:

  1. Start with a small table that is tall enough that you can place it beside your tall bed. It doesn’t have to be large since it is just for decoration purposes.
  2. Decorate the table with a table lamp or candles, or both! Add a few books or magazines, and you have an instant reading nook!
  3. Lastly, add a comfy chair to create a nice lounging area! It’s best to do this in the corner, so it doesn’t take up much space.

4. Expose Bare Floorboards

Floorboards are a practical choice for your bedroom, easy to wash, match any style, and obviously, look beautiful.

If you are worried about keeping the room warm, then the carpet is the answer. Invest in a larger rug to retain heat and prevent it from becoming too noisy underfoot, then add a smaller rug on top.

To make the floorboards look more attractive, of course, you can paint floorboards too if it is necessary.

Additional Instructions:

  1. Start by painting your floorboards one color.
  2. Leave the skirting boards where they are, but paint them a different color if you want to break up the monotony.
  3. If you don’t like the color of your skirting, then paint it too!
  4. To make your floorboards stand out, paint the skirting boards a more contrasting color.
  5. Exposed bricks look great in any room—just make sure that they are adequately maintained, so they aren’t contaminated or damaged by water or paint.
  6. Finally, choose a rug of the same color as the wall paint for your bedroom to make it stay warmer and less noisy underneath.

Bonus: Add Color to Your Bedroom with Painted Luggage
Painted luggage is so cute and easy to achieve! You can buy several suitcases and paint them different colors, or just one and rotate them now and again. It is an excellent way to add color to your bedroom decor without investing too much money because all you need is a couple of paints, brushes, and the luggage itself! Think outside of the box by painting your luggage red or blue.

3. Keep Things Cozy with a Carpet

Carpets are often an underrated bedroom decor option. But, choose wisely, and you will see how great it is to add warmth and comfort. Choose something relatively neutral on your bedroom floor so that it is not the focus of your room and can overcome any style you add to your space.

To get the best Carpet fitting for your bedroom interior and space, you need to pay attention to:

  1. Opt for a thick pile carpet that will stay warm and cozy underfoot.
  2. Choose a simple pattern to doesn’t compete with your other furniture, artwork, and accessories.
  3. You can choose carpet tiles or planks (that can be easily removed if necessary).
  4. Carpet wall-to-wall is an excellent idea to ensure comfort and warmth throughout the room – especially in places where you usually sit down. If you only want to do this in one area, make sure that the carpet can easily cover such locations as your bed or sofa (or both). You will never need to worry about temporarily covering them until your carpet is fitted!
  5. Choose a carpet that is easy to clean and maintain.

Additionally, Add a Soft Rug

A rug instantly gives the bedroom a more comfortable feel and makes it seem warmer. Find an area where you want to add a rug and then temporarily lay it there until the carpet is fitted. It’s best to choose one that is soft so that, even though it might be too small, it will still feel comfortable under your feet. Choose a plain design, so it doesn’t compete with your other furniture, artwork, and accessories.

2. Incorporate a Small Stylish Workspace

Most of us have been working more from home these days, and for some of us, it may be a full-time job. If the space is limited or you are renting a room and need to create a home workspace, the bedroom might be the right place to do it.

You want a small workspace to match your bedroom decor, so choose furniture and accessories that fit the style of the room.

Let’s be honest. You don’t want bulky, ergonomic office chairs and cumbersome desks, do you? So opt for sleek and stylish office furniture that can even double as a dressing table.

Additional Instructions:

  1. Choose a space that can be used as a dressing station.
  2. A small table with a round top is the best choice for your workspace.
  3. If possible, if your room includes an ensuite, use it as your office/dressing station.
  4. It’s all about creating the perfect balance between style and function, so use accessories to separate your office space from the rest of the bedroom. They don’t need to match, but they should sit comfortably within the decor of your bedroom.
  5. Display your treasured photos on a wall rather than a desk.

Lastly, No 1. Add Energy with Colored-Canary Shutters

Are you interested in colorful bedroom ideas but not sure where to start? Shutters always look beautiful in a rainbow of colors, plus they’re excellent if you just want a burst of brightness as opening it won’t look dramatic.

Besides controlling the number of sunlight you let into your room, shutters give better privacy than most window treatments. You can also enjoy the advantages of indoor ventilation without having to worry about people looking in when the windows are open.

This bright blue is super cool and goes well with the other blues scattered throughout the room.

Relevant Details:

  1. Choose a thick colorful fabric that will last for years.
  2. If your window length allows it, try to use the same fabric for the panels.
  3. The best way to see how colors look in your home is to make up a swatch – you can find old sheets or fabrics in charity shops or vintage stores to do this cheaply.
  4. After deciding on the color, pick the most efficient way to use your window space.
  5. The best shutters are wooden because they don’t heat the room and are energy-efficient.
  6. You can also use glass or beaded curtains instead of bulky metal or wooden ones.


So to re-style your bedroom, whether it is large, regular, or tiny, you are only required to consider what you can offer for your lifestyle and needs. So, apply the best bedroom ideas to make your home look better and more enjoyable!
Since styling a bedroom might not be accessible for some, we hope these 10 inspiring bed styling ideas can get all the help you need. Feel free to share it with others! Any tips you think are missing? Let us know in the comments below!



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